It Is A Unique Treasure

GERARDUS EVERARDUS TROS - 30 Dec 1994 writes:

The bodies we live in - are containers. Containers for souls to live in. The soul and the body are two different aspects of creation and the two are matched for a lifetime. Bodies however, have been known to exchange souls for shorter or longer periods (possession). Most souls though, stay with the same body. It's easier on the human mind, as well as on the family. Split-personalities therefore are rare.

The human mind and the soul mind are also two different aspects of our creation and when the soul enters the body, these two minds unite. It is a temporary coupling however for upon the death of the body the soul mind leaves and takes with it the experiences from that specific human body with that particular human mind. The human genes and mind contain and project most of our inherited characteristics. The older the soul mind is however, the more the soul mind is able to overcome negative or unwelcome characteristics. In all cases, the human mind has influence upon the soul mind and this could be considerable if we are not careful in selecting the proper body and body mind, before we settle in for a lifetime. In some cases we change our soul mind and leave when we are still very young. The parents and doctors are baffled naturally. It is usually called a crib death or SIDS. When the soul mind returns to the spirit world undesired human influences are healed. However, all human lives leave their characteristics upon the soul mind and this gives us a distinct individuality as a soul. The amount and type of experiences we encounter in a body makes us what we are. Wise souls live in equal amounts of male and female bodies in order to balance the effect of the gender upon the Soul. Too much of an unbalance is difficult to adjust later on. Naturally the soul itself is androgynous.

The question arises; who is the creator of the body we live in and who is the creator of our soul? First of all, we have to understand that living in bodies for spirit entities is an additional experience for the Universal Creator and this particular enjoyment has been existing for an undetermined length of time, or no time; for the Creator exists beyond time and space as well. The Creator loves to live in bodies. Just in case you missed this - the Creator is nobody else but YOU!

When the Spirit of the Creator lives in a body it slowly becomes aware of itself as an "entity with self awareness" and eventually it will become aware that it is a human soul. And then, after many lifetimes, it will become aware that it is the very Creator itself! An important entity said - The Father and I are One (Jesus). A lot of religions are based on what this person said. Religions however are systems of belief and as long as one believes - one does not know.

Sometimes the human spirit lives in a body and other times it lives out of the body in what we call the spirit world. The spirit world is a different density. Life in the spirit world is more fun, but most of the learning is done on earth. Spirits who live in human bodies become human souls. All souls are collectors of the knowledge and wisdom that is gained by living in bodies. We as man have been doing this for ages, but very few of us know it. Actually the soul is similar to a hard drive in a computer. It's the memory/knowing of our infinite existence. Yes, sometimes some of it is erased as well.

Living in bodies possibly started out as a fad and we know now, that it has become a tremendous addiction! This addiction however is a healthy one, for the "Creative Force We All Are" experiences more of itself by living in myriads of physical bodies. For we as souls gain an enormous amount of experience by living in matter. By doing this many times, we eventually become a master and a co-creator within the infinite fun of our own creation. Sometimes these masters come back to earth and show us what they can do. It's really amazing!

There is no ONE or "specific universal creator" responsible for the entire creation, for whatever is created is the work of co-creators. Needless to say that many of them have reached very high levels of awareness and function as the creators of solar systems and galaxies and all the things that go with it. The Light or Force within all of us however, is the ONE and "specific universal creator" and we could see this Force as The Infinite Light, that lives within, and is all things. This Infinite Light, appears by means of its representatives, which are all the beings and things that exist universally. Creation in its Totality IS the Universal Creator in Action! But no one being or thing is the Creator as Such.

The entire universe then is a company without a director and all of us are our own boss. This is so, because all of us are, this "specific universal creator" just the way we are. Naturally, there are so called higher and lower forces within creation, but all forces on all levels are the One Energy. All entities or beings have free will. After all, all of us are the universal Creator in all its forms. It's the only Force that does the living in the first place. The One Energy appears as an infinite amount of holographic images and each holographic image seems to be an independent free entity that becomes real to itself as well as real to other images or aspects of this Energy. Each holographic image or aspect has free range within the entire creation, once it has reached a level of evolvement that supplies it with the abilities to do so. All holographic images have the same creative nature as any co-creaor and this may be used according to their own volition and skill. So, the One Energy functions as the Many and the Many are the One Energy. At the same time all images or aspects are whole within themselves for all characteristics of the One Energy are holographically present within each and all aspects. These characteristics need to evolve, or be developed by each aspect as desired by each aspect. This is done naturally in the diversity of our own creation. All this is somewhat difficult to become aware of by studying the old scriptures for most understanding must be done by radical knowing of what is. It is a matter of intuition! Sooner or later, all of us will be able to obtain this direct knowing and all of us will be able to enjoy our creation to the fullest.


Who were/are the creators of the bodies we live in? In the far past the animal world was created by certain "Off Planet Forces" and within the frameworks of creation, special energies were assigned to these bodies. The bodies we live in, at the present, are genetic mutations of specific animals. And whenever this is necessary, our genetic make up is changed or modified, so that we are able to experience a variety of physical experiences. We have often risen and fallen in awareness levels and in the future we will be climbing very steeply again. Not all of us however, might be able to cope with the times ahead and enjoy the upcoming transformations. Many people will leave their bodies and will incarnate on other planets.

In other words, the bodies we live in, might have been changed and modified many times. This means naturally that some forces must be very smart genetic engineers. When we investigate all this, we will find, that among the many UFO forces that visit our planet, some of them are responsible for the genetic changes. All this genetic engineering and the necessary changes that need to be made, means that some of us are "abducted" and certain necessary checkups take place. This is not always welcomed by the humans involved. Also, a certain amount of abductions are done by Negative Aliens. Not all Aliens are friendly towards human kind.

The bible speaks about Ezekiel and his trips in flaming chariots, he also gave a description of them. It sounds as if he is describing UFOs or similar phenomena. Naturally, there might have been many cases of joy-flights that were not reported in the bible. It's not a religious or very popular subject. There are many Ezekiels nowadays, for there are thousands of people all over the world who have been picked up and returned. It's almost common place. Ezekiel was lucky, he was declared a prophet. Many people who are picked up nowadays, and speak about it, are looked at as if they are lunatics. Things sure change, don't they? Whoever is picked up and returned has little to say about it before it happens. We are quite powerless to stop what is happening to us. The animals we experiment on, have no say either. We also do what we feel necessary for the best of all. We all play God our own way.

So bodies then, were genetically created from specific species of the animal kingdom by beings who are superior to humans. In a sense, we could say that our bodies are owned by these beings, like farmers own the cattle they have on his land. Whatever the case might be, we as spirits or soul-beings live in whatever bodies are available. In the mean time, there are also other reasons for the abductions. Certain Off Planet Forces seem to have weakened, because their reproduction of bodies might be done by the means of cloning. In order to revive or strengthen their species, they may be introducing human hybrids into their cloning system, in order to breed stronger bodies. In any case, inter-dimensional breeding has been going on for a very long time. This was never known before, because of the secrecy that was maintained. Nowadays, many people come to startling conclusions, for they subject themselves to hypnotic sessions. Missing time periods, or extremely scary dreams, drive these people to the couch of the hypnotists. Cattle mutilations seem to be on the increase as well. These might be committed by On Planet Forces however. Apparently they have underground bases right upon our earth. Who can blame them, it is a nice place to live. This has been known to our governments for a long time, but naturally this has been suppressed for many reasons.

Governments like to keep their people uninformed and robot like. It's a lot easier to stay in power when you have control over the majority. Most of what these On Planet Forces do on our planet is addressed as UFO phenomena. Indeed, the world is a wondrous place. Most likely the masses will be introduced to these beings in the next decade or so. Dan Rather and his colleagues are practicing to keep straight faced for the occasion. This earth of ours isn't only a wondrous place, it's also a funny place. Maybe Connie Chung is going to tell us, we'll see. Boy oh boy, what a surprise this one is!


We have come to the question who are the creators of our souls and how is this really done. Is God doing all this? And if not, what does God really do?

The highly advanced souls/masters/co-creators of the universe think and contemplate and by means of their mental-spiritual-powers create soul-beings of different kinds. Our Soul or EnBe is a Thought (An EnBe is an Energy Being). Naturally, in an orderly universe there are certain patterns and types of newly created EnBes/Souls and this becomes more and more apparent, when these Souls diversify by living in human bodies. Some of us are philosophers, artists, politicians, bookkeepers, workers, writers, scholars and lurkers. etc. etc. The innate direction or type of Enbe is determined by the co-creators in charge and we will never see too many bookkeepers and not enough musicians. All is done according to the Book of God. The beginning human Soul or EnBe is a tiny luminous but blank "wavicle of light" with a very specific innate drive and character. By means of its chosen experiences, it makes of itself whatever it sees fit. Whatever we experience in or out of our bodies is recorded upon the energy that is collected by our wavicle of light. Our soul then, is a self-created entity, except for the beginning spark or wavicle of light that carries within itself a holographic image of the entire creation. That's why, if you want to know something, all you have to do is look inside. It's down there! If you behave too badly in a lifetime, certain aspects of your recordings are healed or modified when you have returned to the spirit world. After that, you may start out with a blank slate again. We are well looked after in the spirit world. It's almost like Heaven.

Our Soul or EnBe is a holographic spark or wavicle of light with the "Image of the Universe". Which is set in motion by the sacred nudges of the wise co-creators of Souls. The EnBe continues returning to the earth at its own discretion until it is finished with the earth plane. All souls have guides who assist them in their choices of birth and also when they stay in the spirit world. In the spirit world we are never alone for we are aspects of soul-groups that were formed when we started as a soul. We dwell in our own mansion and our guides visit back and forth whenever we need them. Many guides are older souls and some of them do not reincarnate anymore. The older the soul, the wiser the guide naturally. Some older souls have a master as a guide. It all works according to need. The spirit world in a sense is a simple place, for our egos do not complicate matters like they do on earth. On earth we complicate things, by the input of our own will and possible inadequacies in order to personalize things. It gives us the idea of power. Often we do things the hard way unconsciously. The ego has a will of its own. In a sense, it needs the satisfaction of solving a self created problem. If it becomes too big for us, our guides give us a clue when we're asleep. Some guides help sooner than others, but apparently we need to get stuck once in a while. It forces us to face up to our shortcomings or inabilities. We certainly learn from it, but it is sure hard to figure out sometimes.

It takes time to live in bodies, but nobody is really in a hurry, for life is an infinite affair of self development. There are very few fully matured human beings on earth. About thirty percent of us are baby souls, thirty percent are toddlers, thirty percent are younger souls and the rest make up the mature and the older souls. Old souls are rare and a master appears very seldom. Masters only appear when it is necessary to correct or change the direction of Humanity. Some of them do not even bother to be born. They appear on the spot wherever they are needed and nobody sees them appear or disappear. Naturally, they do this in seclusion and work among us, disguised as an ordinary person. Pretty soon everybody knows that this person is most aware, wise and knowledgeable. These are the ingredients of Understanding and/or Love.

When a master lives his/her last lifetime and teaches when in the body, no doubt he has followers. As soon as the master leaves for good, the followers quibble a lot and eventually scatter in a thousand different directions. After a while none really remembers what the master was all about. It's a true scene of the blind leading the blind. Most of them get lost in the interpretations of the scriptures or in the logic of logos. It creates a perfect way to diversify the experiences of mankind and it looks as if it was meant to be this way in the first place. Some people become scholars in the old scriptures of the world. All of them have been written by other scholars naturally, and there is no end to the games you can play with these old words and their interpretations. All is meant for the good of mankind. It's all very well, but not very effective. We need simplicity and an entirely new way of thinking. The resurrection of the old scriptures is delaying the investigation of the new. There are dozens of new prophets presently. They channel New Age Thought that contain the sincerity of valuable truth and pure unselfish guide lines. Some of it might sound like a strange philosophy, but upon closer examination it contains truths that are most astounding. The old prophets would be envious if they'd hear about it. However, they might be the very ones who are inspiring the channelers. As we already know, no EnBe ever dies and many advanced ones are trying to help us progress.

When we are in spirit we all know this, and we have a good laugh about the fools we were on earth sometimes. Many of us were way too serious on earth and this created a lot more trouble than expected. Especially when this seriousness becomes a part of the so called religious systems and they start to either convert or kill. It's about as bad as being a terrorist! It's an awful business, especially in the name of a God who never appears on the scene even once! A lot of karma is created and no doubt somebody will have to come back more often than really necessary in order to smooth out their universal balance of give and take. Some people call this Karma. Karma really means action. The universe is not based on punishments or rewards. It's a neutral system with Knowledge and Love as it impetus and goal.

So bodies then, are the responsibility of inter-dimensional Forces and their Intelligences, while spirits slated to become human souls are created by other creative forces. Beginning human souls are literally "thought" into existence, in the same fashion as we are able to create our thought forms and ideas. Many of our thoughts and ideas become reality as well. We as human beings are the creators of most of the circumstances we experience on earth. It is supposed to teach us, that our thought processes create our reality. Not too many people have caught on yet!

It is well possible that we as individual entities live for billions of years within creation and perform different functions. There are many positions and responsibilities that are completely beyond our ken. Some duties might include the creation of certain solar systems and all the life upon it with the assistance of others. Certain life forms may have to be imported from other solar systems. The Universe is a continuum and it is ran by a Company of Co-Creators with Knowledge and Love as their passwords and energies. The creation of the earth for example, might have started with a thousand co-creators and look at us now; we are in the many billions. All of us naturally are aspects of each other and within the framework of creation all of us are equal and form All That Is. In turn, all of us, will reach the Ultimate Source and then be scattered once again, all over the infinite and boundless creation as holographic images of this Creative Force.

This Creative Force, is the only Force that lives within our bodies as well as within the spirits or souls we are. In the end, all our lives and experiences are accumulated and assimilated by this Force and the Universe as Such is the only Force that lives forever and grows. It is the only Force that evolves, for all beings eventually unite with this Force.


Oh yes, there never was a beginning from where I am looking. The entire scheme of creation is a repetition and/or re-creation of diversified universal events, solar system by solar system. The big bang never happened either. The only bang that is ever heard, is the Explosion of Light in your head when you finally perceive the scope of things. It is a mental shock for sure. Remember, the eureka-sound comes from the inside and earplugs are not very effective. Yes, by all means, please celebrate the occasion of your Conscious Realization. It is a rare happening among human beings.

Light... Love... and Laughter!      *!* Gerardus