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This article touches upon the basic philosophies of the author
and should not be accepted as the absolute truth by either human or alien.
It is neither written to belittle any human or alien force or judge them in any way.
The author knows that all things are exactly as they should be and this includes this article.
This article therefore is a report not a judgment.


This is a humble attempt to give the reader a closer understanding of the UFO forces that visit our planet. However, the following does not deal with so called UFO phenomena. Meaning, the scores of people who have seen UFOs, or the amount of people who have had missing time periods, or the women who might have been impregnated by these forces and/or how many new cattle mutilation we have had this year or last year. No details will be discussed in this article. It only deals with the how and why the UFO forces come to our planet.

There is a certain amount of repetition used in this material since the concepts discussed are difficult to understand. It will help to give the reader a quicker grasp of things, without leafing back to: where was it now that I read about that again. I hope that I have expressed this subject plainly enough so that most readers get a clear picture of how things are in the times we're living. I have tried to express the "Truth of Things" with the patience of an old fashioned angel and with the determination of a modern saint. Pun intended! The following also contains some far sighted metaphysical philosophies for they belong to the far reaching realities about UFOs. Please be patient if you are not interested in all of it, other readers might be.

Pleasant reading!


Before we can explain what UFOs are, we first of all have to understand what the basic medium of the universe really is. The entire universe is a free and flowing vibration of energy that is infinite in its variety and diversity. Also, the universe is full! There are no open spaces or areas where nothing is happening. All visible and invisible aspects of the universe are our very own mind or consciousness, engaged in the process of creation. This process is of a Holographic Nature! It is also necessary to have some understanding of Time and Space before the puzzling phenomena of UFOs can be understood. We begin therefore with a discussion about Time/Space and Matter.


We experience time and space when we are awake. And even then, depending on our activity, time and space are quite flexible. The duration of time and the volume of space depend on our attention or focus. The more we focus on either, the more pronounced they become! This suggests that time and space are actually created by us and when we are unconscious or asleep we stop creating them. Time and space are the center-poles of our physical world. They form the psycho-physical background of our day to day existence. They are flexible components or conditions. Time and Space are created by our mind, our brain and our senses, working in a synchronizing energy field. The reality of time and space are generated by this special energy field to which we are subjected as long as we live in a physical body. Time and space, in and by themselves, do not exist, yet we become more and more aware of them when we focus upon them and thus co-create them. Time and space are each other's opposite. Time is the result of movement and space is the distance traveled during this movement. Time and space are also each other's mirror images. There is no time without space and no space without time. Time and space are a continuum!


The universe around us is like an ocean full of vibrating energy in which we swim. Different energies in this ocean vibrate in different patterns and frequencies and these differences create different kinds of matter or substances. Certain patterns and frequencies of vibration are registered by our sensory system and the surroundings we see and experience are the energy vibrations that form our physical world and universe. The majority of the vibrations that take place in our environment however, are beyond our grasp. We experience only a small aspect of the total activity. This total activity IS the universal mind or the entire ocean of vibrations! Aspects of this mind that are not noticed by us, leave openings and this gives us a false or illusionary impression that these openings are empty spaces.


We do not notice the energies that occupy these many openings because the energies or objects that are there, are created by vibrating energies with frequencies we cannot sense and therefore belong to another dimension. We as human beings are not made to experience these other energy densities of the Universal Mind. They belong to other realities or higher dimensions. The energy bodies of our deceased relatives could be standing right beside us, but we would never notice them because we are not attuned to the frequencies of their dimension. However they are able to notice us! All realities, activities, objects or things are consciousness or mind in vibration. The aspects we see or experience of this ocean of vibrating mind; we call our surroundings. The things we do not sense or experience are dismissed by us. However, they are still aspects of our surroundings. Our invisible surroundings! We just do not notice these invisible energy vibrations, but they occupy the openings or room we call space. We look right through these energies and thus; we create space by default!


In other words: space is not nothingness or empty! It is full of energy vibrations that are not noticed or sensed by us. When we live in a human body, physical reality is the main vibration of the universal mind we are able to experience. This vibration or reality includes time and space for they are the most important aspects of the scenery or stage we perform on. Since we as human beings have our existence in a physical reality at this particular time, does not mean, that our reality is the only one. Physical reality is a minuscule aspect of the infinite spectrum of energy vibrations we call the universal mind. Naturally, there are many realities. It's up to us to discover them! The UFOs and their occupants emerge from the invisible realities that surround us at all times.


Matter in and by itself as a solid substance, does not exist! We have given names to all material objects, but the objects are not their names and neither are they a substance called matter. Matter is an energy vibration of a specific type and frequency within a certain range of the consciousness energy spectrum. This frequency range contains all known physical phenomena that take place in our physical universe. Some scientists think that 90% of the universe is missing. They probably come to this conclusion because they are only using 10% of their brain. Which is not all that bad, for most people use only 5% of what is available. Maybe the reason why all of us return to this earth repeatedly, is to learn to use the rest of our brain. The universe is complete and not a thing is left out, except full understanding for Mankind at this period of our endeavor. Since mind or consciousness is all there is in the universe, the seemingly expansion of the physical universe is the expansion of our awareness expressed in physical phenomena.


When we are able to experience all energy vibrations or dimensions of the universal mind, we will soon discover that the visible and the invisible universes have merged. All universes are really one! Since we as human beings experience certain vibrations only, we therefore experience certain aspects of the universe only! The aspects we experience form the physical reality or the Plane of Separation. All things seem to be separated from each other. However, physical reality is basically an illusion! What we think we see is not really there as a solid substance. We have chosen to experience this illusionary reality by living in it as human beings.

Life as a human being therefore is a celebration! We are the Essence of the universe and we have succeeded in creating a "vehicle" for our Mind/Soul that allows us to experience specific aspects of our creation only. It's an absolutely astounding achievement!


However, when Godbeings separate themselves from their Wholeness, they invariably get lost in their creation or dream. This is what has happened to mankind! We are aspects of our own universal mind and at this moment we dream that we are separate entities living in a body that is subjected to time and space. In order for us to return to our Wholeness, we must awaken and attain; the Christ Consciousness. We are one with this Consciousness, but do not know it! Eventually all human beings will attain the levels of awareness necessary to promote themselves to these higher levels of Consciousness. Yes, by all means, please remember that we're not here because we have sinned and have been kicked out of paradise. We are here to experience our physical reality!


Since we are consciousness or mind and all things are different vibrations of mind; we should be able to travel from vibration to vibration - or from thought to thought. This will show us that time and space are psycho physical conditions and are created by the vehicles we live in! Traveling from thought to thought has been mastered by the UFO Intelligences. Their crafts enable them to go any place in the universe they can think of. They are the free Godbeings of the universe and the highest among them, do not even need a vehicle or craft to go anywhere. Their thought will place them wherever they are needed. They do not really travel!


We live in a universe; that has at least seven dimensions or densities. At this moment we live in the third dimension and transcendence to the fourth/fifth is just around the corner for many of us. Most UFO forces occupy the fifth and sixth density and the highest levels or densities are occupied by the Great Consciousnesses who are in command or control of specific areas of the universe or Universal Mind in Action. The highest level of all is the very Source of All That Is.


All during the ages of human existence the UFO phenomena have been a part of our life. They are also mentioned in the Bible where they are called flaming chariots. Some people might have heard the stories about Ezekiel and his journeys. Many of us haven't always been aware of their existence, however. And what they really are was so far beyond our understanding that our wildest guess would still be miles off target. Most likely UFO lights or happenings were taken for lightning, acts of the Gods or for some other simple minded explanations. Nowadays however, a few people in the world are coming very close to understanding who and what UFOs and their occupants truly are. The occupants or intelligences are the keepers or guardians of the world and they have been instrumental in its creation. Some of them also are the genetic engineers of the bodies we as mankind live in. For ages, we as spiritual or mental entities have come to many planets to have physical experiences. There are also other UFO beings, who in their turn have influence over the population of the earth by trying to dominate them and trying to make the whole earth their dominion of slavery! There are thus basically two different forces that have direct influence on the population of the earth at this time. However, more than two different kinds of UFO forces visit or have been encountered on our planet.


Many governments have known for about 50 years what the UFO phenomena and their forces are all about. These institutions however keep many many things hidden from the people. So, the masses of man are completely in the dark as to who or what these "things" are and what they are doing. The most popular rumor suggests, that they are beings from other planetary systems that visit here. Space travelers. The UFO phenomena are the activities of aliens who live in our environment, but are not aspects of our reality. The alien presence is two fold! There are beings who serve and love mankind and there are beings who dominate and exploit humanity. These exploiters are the beings who live off the energies of our fears. These two forces are in competition for the attention and/or energies of mankind. It's either Love or Fear and mankind is the target! The Bible speaks about Armageddon and that time is right now.


However, Armageddon is not about our country, properties, bodies or any other material value or possession. The battle is about the nature of our Inner-Self and the values we practice. Are we servants or lovers of Humanity or are we brain washed egos who could not care less about others? The very nature of our Soul, that is what the real battle is all about! The many religions in their teachings and dogmas have similar views of things but their understanding of what really is going on is misleading. They have indeed some of the truth, but the real truth of things, will put them out of business. This is not to say that Cooperation, Sharing, Understanding and Love will disappear. On the contrary; these are the four corner stones the New Age of Mankind will be based on!


When we are engaged in serving mankind there is very little that will stop us. But when we are busy serving ourselves, most likely we fall victim to the forces that try to seduce us to a level of interest, that is so far below human capability, that it would scare any person who is still capable of thinking. The secrecy that is perpetrated by our governments, is the very same type of delusion and/or seduction our governments have fallen victims to themselves. At the present, the world is in the grip of what could be considered a negative force. At one time there were negotiations between the USA government and this force that stressed technology over honesty and/or peace. Advanced technological information was traded for the allowance of abductions of human beings to further the alien force's experiments. The result was that the government was deceived. The trouble also is, that the more technological we become, the more we wander away from our Source. It is assumed that a considerable amount of aliens are/were present at underground locations all over the world. The question arises, do they have more right to the earth than we have? I do not know. In any case, the whole world becomes upset, when people are abducted, the farmer's cows are stolen and are cut to pieces by very sophisticated means. We do the same thing the aliens do when we take milk from the cows and honey from the bees. We also eat cows and kill the bees when we are finished with them. The aliens probably only use us and do not kill. Besides, who is going to stop them from doing what they want or need? Most aliens are far superior in certain aspects than we are. In the mean time, the entire world has been taken for a ride!


What to do now? Apparently the late president JFK wanted to enlighten the people of the United States and the world, but never got that far. It is assumed that the real government of the world stopped him in his tracks! The entire world is suffering from the results. The deals that were made favor the almighty dollar and warlike policies over peace. There is some evidence that the same government was also approached by the forces that serve us. They promised that help would be available if all nuclear weapons would be abandoned. These weapons would be made inoperable by them in case of a nuclear war. However, they never said so, naturally! There is no way that they would let the Earth School be destroyed by a group of people that happen to be in control of our little world. The things that happened in the past are almost beyond belief, but here we are; the UFO situation still has to be dealt with and the people are getting very restless. They know that they have been lied to and they would like to hear the truth for a change. They are entitled to it, enough is enough!


Well, the Force of Service to Others is the force that millions of years ago, engineered the species that now is known as mankind. Yes, you and I! (Our bodies that is) These Beings are not our Heavenly Gods, but they are to us; what a modern genetic engineer is to the creatures he or she experiments on, or what the zoo keepers are to the animals, or what a modern farmer is to his cattle. In other words; they are our guardians and/or benefactors since the very dawn of mankind and our endeavors upon this earth. We ought to see them as God's helpers if you like or as co-creators. God like decisions are made by human beings day in day out. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that all of us are God.

In the mean time, it is well possible that the Service to Self Forces have changed our DNA structure and lowered it for example. This would mean that our awareness is lowered as well. There are many teachings who proclaim that this is the case. More investigation must be done in order for us to know the truth. This to all of us is an individual job...


And then, there are the forces who are instrumental in creating fear and divisions among mankind and influence us to become more interested in weapons and war than in peace. They are the 'service to self aliens' and their earth representatives who have intentions of complete domination via our systems of governments and institutions. These alien forces have been successful in contacting many government bureaucrats of the world and the domination processes are well on their way. This is noticeable by the uniting and standardizing efforts of the trades and banking systems of our world by the real forces that govern. A united world kept in the dark is a lot easier to dominate than hundreds of different systems and people. The modern media of communication is the very means of enchanting our great diversity into one dull type of human being more robot than preliminary God! Basically, one could call these two forces Good and Evil, however it should be remembered that all the entities involved in any of the two groups, are but temporary manifestations of the One Infinite Force or Infinite Creator. All this Creator does is: play the Game of God as Man. Mankind and all other species in the universe, including the UFO intelligences are actors on the stage of creation. In other words, it makes no difference on which side of the ledger one is scripted or engaged for all of us are ONE!


In order to have a universe or a world at all, certain scenarios or games have to be created by opposing polarities. The Creator or God is both! This does not mean however, that we have to create a reality of slavery and other conditions far below our capabilities. We are able to create a far better reality for ourselves, by means of diversified and plain old fashioned individual ingenuity and individual freedom! The old fashioned American Dream can still be brought to fruition, but not with a united world of slaves indoctrinated by the nonsense they are being told today. However not to worry, our real benefactors are forever watchful and all will be well in the end. This does not mean however that our present system of government will be maintained. No doubt in the future we will be able to govern ourselves, without the influence of the almighty buck! It's high time for a more realistic democratic government to replace the shambles of the present day manipulation.


So, specific UFO forces are man's benefactors and others are a group of very smart entities, who are trying to dominate and exploit mankind via "Secret Government Organizations and a Banking System" that the ordinary masses have not the slightest notion of. Most likely there is a movement afoot to condition the entire population of the world into some kind of robot like existence by means of TV and other media. The masses of this world are totally ignorant of these procedures because they are busy consuming and watching their TVs. Questions: Are all TV signals laced with subliminal instructions to consume and stay dumb amidst the pretensions of happiness? Are the masses put to sleep? In the future we might end up with 3 billion robots and the rest of the people dead from aids related diseases. There might even be some kind of evidence suggesting that the aids virus was created by the you know WHO. Who knows? Are these forces also the brains behind the drug smuggling? Well, it's awful hard to believe, but so are UFOs and their phenomena. Please remember that I have a lively imagination and all this might be private nonsense. Truth is an individual Thing!

Two big questions now are:
1) How long are our Benefactors staying in the background.
2) How can we help our brothers from becoming slaves or robots?

On the other hand, maybe the changes in the world in the future will unite mankind and their governments and we'll sail into the next age on a bed of roses in the moonlight as reborn lovers. That would really be nice. However, things might be a bit rougher than that. One thing is for sure, we are able to create what we can think of. So, let's become aware of our power.


The UFO Intelligences like the people on earth consist of two main groups: "The Service to Others Group" & "The Service to Self Group". Both groups are just as valuable, because it is the very friction or potential between these two groups that needs to be transcended by all entities in order to grow in awareness and reach the ultimate level of Love and/or Consciousness. The religions call these two groups good and evil. Positive and Negative Polarizations might be a better terminology.


The Service to Others Group has been with us from the very beginning and we should consider them as our benefactors or friends. For millions if not billions of years they have been there to help us and protect us from the rest of the interested forces in the universe. In the mean time, it is well possible that the protective network of electronic/magnetic forces around the world has been split by our atomic explosions in the past. Atomic explosions do more than make a mess of the physical reality we live in. These explosions could affect other realities and therefore expose us to negative forces of all kinds. Not one iota about this is known by our sciences. The physical universe is not a separate thing!


We also need to remember that most of the UFO activities are from the Service to Self Group. They apparently are quite busy trying to get something from mankind that will make them more like us. They might be more electrical than psychological? They might be without emotions and a Soul like Mankind has, might be the most desirable treasure. Who knows? Maybe all they have is their body-mind. To become immortal, like our Soul, must be quite alluring. Another thing that we should remember is, that what we call morality, could be missing entirely in the Service to Self Group. Morale is a strange thing anyway. It depends how we have been raised or conditioned. Maybe morale and survival are the same thing to them. On the other hand, they are not as cruel and careless with us as we are with the animals. Some of the things we do to the animals for the sake of fashion is below our dignity.


The UFO Intelligences live or dwell in the higher dimensions or densities and do not necessarily have a home planet. Possibly they might live on huge satellites. They have direct command/control over energy and they are able to "emerge" into our dimension. Naturally they create quite a stir among the nut and bolt philosophies of our scientific world and its many followers. There might well be as many as fifty to sixty different kinds or groups of alien entities who visit planet earth. Most likely they all use different means and/or vehicles to do so. At least one group of UFO beings strive to have influence over the people of our world and the result seems to appear as if there is a battle going on over the inhabitants of the earth. The real battle however takes place within each individual, who in its struggles to find the Truth of Things* sometimes unknowingly aligns with the one group and then with the other.

* Eventually the Truth of Things will show that all Realities are Virtual Realities and that the One and Only Reality that is Real is the Reality of the Absolute Consciousness or the Reality of the Universal Mind. Which All of Us Are! Creation therefore is the result of the Actions of all Individual Aspects of this Universal Mind and varies according to their individual or group desires and their particular Creative Abilities.


Our world and its creation is the manifestation of our thoughts since the very beginning of this solar system and every human being is an active aspect of the creative force and is co-responsible for the earth and its ecological state. In the mean time all of us, as aspects or Souls of this universal force, take turns to incarnate into the earth plane and try to make sense of what seems to be going on. Very, very few people really know or even suspect that we are the "Initiating Force" or Creator of our system. Mankind is in the beginning stages of awakening, which means that most people are still fast asleep and are not aware of what this world is really all about or who is in control. For many people God the Father is the Creator and his Son is the only one who can be relied upon. (This is not meant to diminish the entity called Jesus or Sananda, who could well be, one of the oldest Masters involved with planet earth). In any case, the truth about the UFOs will play greater havoc with the religions than the fact that the sun does not turn around the earth anymore. What to do is indeed a problem, for the suppressed press and the books in the book stores are not read by the masses. It's one way of telling the Truth of Things to people one at the time. Very few people read books for it is easier to watch TV. Who knows though, maybe the TV shows Unsolved Mysteries or Sixty Minutes will tell the world one of these days. Let's hope they finally catch on.


The world is a school and it is still good for another three/four billion years in order to raise the level of awareness of a myriad of individual entities. In the mean time, a transcendence of higher frequency levels will promote our earth to make it suitable for a different kind of being to live here. It will become Fourth/Fifth Dimensional. Which means that there will be an End of Time! For Time and Space will be transcended by these entities. Maybe only a few million people will reach this higher grade. Who knows? It's not up to us to either judge or promote anybody. The required standards most likely are measured by the awareness/love levels combined over many lifetimes. The people who don't make the higher grade, no doubt will incarnate upon the earth or some other planet again, for there are plenty around. We're all in good hands. Our own!


Certain UFO intelligences look after man and his world, like we look after a zoo full of expensive animals. As you know; we do this with dedication, love, understanding and gratitude. We learn from looking after the animals and the higher beings learn from looking after us. There is an eternal law in the universe that the higher planes look after the lower. There also is a force, as in any zoo, that destroys the scenery, tries to upset the animals by throwing rocks, and in general has a good time doing what they like best. We all have different inclinations and we all live in a free universe with an unlimited amount of free worlds.


Many people have had experiences with UFOs and their Intelligences. Most often they come to the conclusion that there is a "missing time lapse" in what they have been doing. They also have strong feelings that something very unusual has happened to them. If they do remember what happened, they have great trouble convincing others! By no means is it a pleasure to be picked up and examined, for it is a traumatic and soul searching experience indeed. Especially if you have to go through it two or three times because you are curious enough to utilize your Soul's memory via hypnosis in order to remember. The greatest percentage of UFO encounters are between the negative polarized entities and mankind. In some kind of fashion, the positive polarized entities use the others to do some of their bidding. At least that is the way all sophisticated forces in the world work and no doubt the same technic is used in the higher planes.


First of all we must remember that all things in the universe are energy vibrations. All these energy vibrations have different frequencies and all vibrations have different patterns or complexes. Also we need to understand that these energy vibrations take up no actual space. And therefore many different patterns of vibrations can take place within the same locale or environment. Space thus, is not something that is empty. Space is full of vibrating energy! Most of these vibrations are beyond our range of detection. The activity or vibration we are aware of, in what we call space, is the activity that forms the physical universe as we know it. However, the entire physical universe could well be less than 1% of the total universe, although size or volume of an invisible universe are not measurable properties. Whenever UFOs and their operators enter our energy fields or our physical reality system, they emerge from the invisible into the visible regions of our mind. They do this, by lowering their vibration. They enter our specific physical plane of energies by changing their time phase and density. They were present at all times, but now they have become visible. Normally we look right through them! That is why, in many cases, these vehicles seem to appear from nowhere.


These beings have control over their energy and can appear to us as almost anything. This includes merging balls of light, beautiful spaceships and possibly even lovely virgins. In an instant they change form and appear as physical beings. It is certain, that all UFO beings have x-ray vision and see through brick walls or bathroom doors. They know our whereabouts at all times. They could even touch our valuables in a steel safe for they go right through walls of steel or concrete. They see right through physical matter, for as you know, what is really there, is but a fine mist of vibrating energies without resistance, that we experience or see as solid matter. We are only equipped with surface vision and a brick wall or a steel safe are solid to us.


UFOs and their operators actually move from thought to thought since all things in the entire universe are only manifested thought forms or mind. The visible and invisible universes really are our mind or consciousness! We share this mind or consciousness with all creatures and things in the universe. All creatures and things are Cosmic Energy Vibrations and certain aspects of these vibrations make up our day to day environment. We live in worlds within worlds and none of these worlds are really physical. Our beloved senses are the greatest liars we can think of! All this naturally is done to make it possible to live in a physical reality. As we know; it works perfectly.


The human population is the result of a gigantic cosmic experiment. It is their experiment as well as ours! Our bodies are the offspring of this experiment and our souls living in these bodies, have been evolving from the beginning of time. In many ways our guardians or older brothers are responsible for our welfare. As soon as we become self-aware however, we become more independent and responsible for our actions and progress. Often this is a very critical stage. In the present stage a few of us have reached self responsibility, while others still like to be told what to do. These people will be dominated by those who like to show off their political or religious belief systems. In the future however, the world of mankind will slowly enter a phase of government without exploitation and a state of mind in which religions will be redundant. This will be a phase of love, trust and cooperation. The ages of aggression, competition and belief systems have almost passed.


All UFO visits of our guardians are required to supervise the race of man and conduct the necessary experiments. In the near future a more direct contact with our guardians will take place. The old stages of isolation are over. Meanwhile, many different kinds of UFOs visit our planet and it is possible that many space brothers know a lot more about us than we know about ourselves. In any case, just because you have seen a UFO, there is no guarantee that you have seen a unit belonging to our guardians. It is possibly only a visitor or a species of beings experimenting with future bodies they are trying to create either for themselves or others. There is an eternal process going on to create new or better vehicles. The same methods were used to create the vehicles we as souls live in at this time. That's why there are so many missing links in our human development.


The relationship between our guardians and ourselves is similar to the relationship between ourselves and the animal world. We all are "The Universal Creator in Manifestation" and neither of us is any greater or better than any other. All of us are the Creator in different form! Naturally, this also means; that an ordinary virus, however nasty, is as much the universal Creator as the most powerful spiritual entity in all its glory! However, there is such a thing as "Value to the Whole" and by this is meant, that a finger is less important than the head. Both of them however, serve the infinite Creator in their own perspective values, for there are many things a finger can do, a head cannot. An ant is not less than an elephant and an ordinary bloke is not less than a Son of God or someone who has attained Buddhahood. Our universe is a relationship of equals that contains and embraces an infinite variety of differences for unlimited diversity is its goal.


In no way therefore, should we as humans be ashamed of our relatively low level of awareness compared to our older brothers or any other entity. We are all equal "mind-energy-aspects" of each other. All beings or entities in the universe are children of the Infinite Source or of the One and Infinite Creator. The Infinite Light. TIL. This very Essence is the infinite medium in which all things, creatures, beings or entities relate and are specific vibrations of consciousness or mind. All things are this very Essence. There is nothing else in the universe!


There are many different kinds of UFOs and anybody who is anybody in the UFO business, naturally visits their neighbors or distant relatives. After all, it only takes a second to think of them and you're there! UFO visits are common phenomena in our world and all visitors are aspects of a cosmic relationship. We all learn from these visits, and this includes the UFO beings. Many of them do not have the faintest idea what it is like to be human, or what it is like to be taken aboard. The people who are taken aboard naturally are examined and they possibly might be experimented on in order to assure that the proper vehicles are available for the human soul in the future stages of human evolution. We all are the Creator and we all play the Game of God... because We Are God! The universe and all that is in it, is an infinite ocean of free universal energy in continuous vibration. This vibrating universal energy permeates all that exists and is all that exists. This vibrating universal energy is our consciousness or mind and this includes the UFO Intelligences. If they were not an aspect of our own consciousness, we would never be able to experience them, for they would be "outside" of us!


To look after a world like ours with close to seven billion people takes an enormous amount of guardians with all kind of expertise. Each and every one of us might have from four to seven guides or helpers. This adds up to about thirty-five billion entities, just for this world alone. Then multiply this by 10,000 for this galaxy and then again with another factor of let's say a trillion for the entire universe. The figures are staggering indeed! Then there are the billions and billions of animals, insects, plants, bacteria and viruses with their Group Souls, Devas, Elves, etc. etc. The infinite Creative Force is an infinite amount of entities and all of them are the co-creators of our shared realities.


Another thing to consider is that the energy resources of our world, like oil and gas or any other resources or minerals, have all been put there by a very carefully planned activity we call the Processes of Creation. We have been here from the very beginning and even then there were UFOs. We might even have been the occupants! For Time and Space are the most illusionary conditions we could think of. They are aspects of the dream we're dreaming and all the fixtures or figments in our dream are only relatively real. So whatever reality we live in, they are but realities we create. It would be wise to learn to enjoy them. If we cannot, our entire creation is useless!


How do some people know all this? And what proof do they have? To the first question they answer: How come you do not know this? And to the second: The proof is in the pudding! Some of us are more mystical than others, however this does not imply that mystical people are better than others. We're all the same Force or Entity. In order to pass the infinite amount of time and space that is available to The Force We Are, we engage ourselves in the enjoyment and/or endurement of the unlimited diversities of creation and its dimensional possibilities and differences. We do this, until all of us return Home again and take another Eternal Breath. It's quite the game for it has a built in Win-Win outcome! In the ultimate beginning or end we start or finish as the same Illustrious Creative Force and in between, we chose our own individual forms and our individual functions to play the game of Hide and Seek. My function includes writing and I am the one who determines that.


Life is the greatest and most important celebration we are an aspect of. There isn't one thing around that is superior! Life in all its diversity and variety is the opportunity to appreciate Life. This is the most important lesson for all of us to learn and remember. The purpose of life is to have fun by whatever we are doing. The Creator in all its glory, living within all of us, does not require anything of us but to have fun. Its very existence and/or bliss is realized by living within its own manifestations. The Creator's motto is: Live and be Happy!


The Creative Force is a neutral but uplifting force and its satisfaction is guaranteed when we are satisfied and fulfilled, however small our desires or wishes might seem to be! The one and only infinite Creator is present in each and every wavicle of its own manifestations, without appearing on the scene but once in its own full Entirety so to speak. Naturally, to say, that each and every one of us is this Creator might sound absurd indeed. However, there is no other way to utter or express it. There is nothing else in the universe...