The Source and Infinity
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Excerpt of a post in alt.paranormal.channeling by Gerardus:

The Source of the Universe in all its Splendor and Infinite Greatness is like the Air that surrounds us. Suppose now, that we are the different kinds of winds in the world; like storms, summer breezes, gales, blizzards, Santa Anna Winds, Sandstorm, Rocky Mountain Misery Mist, etc, etc. So, we are these winds and we say to each other: There's got to be an almighty, and in fact a series of greater and greater almighties, as each of us is a disciple to something greater, etc, etc., for how can all this be and where do we come from?

All types of winds are the Air in different forms, forces and functions! The source of the winds IS the Air. And the Source of the Universe is an "underlying-base" or an "above standing" Infinite Force that is able to spontaneously manifests itself into an infinite amount of Finite Beings. And these Finite Beings, or all of us, eventually return to the "underlying" or "above-standing" Infinite Source after we have played out our tunes or Finite Existences.

So in a sense then: There is an infinite amount of Invisible Dough that knows how to spontaneously generates all Things and Beings in what we call the Universe, high and low, visible and invisible. This naturally includes Bakers and Cookies! In the mean time all Things, Beings, Bakers and Cookies are the very Invisible Source (that became manifested and activates the Universe) and are the very Energy the Source really is in manifested form.

When all Things and Beings come to the eventual end of their FINITE existence in which they grow from "next to nothing" to "Next to Infinite", the last thing they do in their Finite Existence is fall back into the Infinite Source or into the Invisible Dough! By doing that, they surrender their Individuality and start all over again as a "subatomic next to nothingness" and make up the Manifested Universe again!

These, in my view, (however small) are the Infinite Cycles the Infinite Source goes through in its spontaneous Creation of which we in this present moment are and play the aspect of we call Human Beings or Man. Creation then is the Creator manifested and this Creative Force is, maintains and evolves back to its own Invisible and Unknowable Source.

Needless to say, that on our Path we find greater and greater Beings or Powers, but none is more almighty than the other! We are all Equal but have different functions. This knowledge is common knowledge to all Entities beyond the Human Stage, for they know that we are all One! They also know; that it is a privilege to participate according to their wishes (for the Good of all) in this Spontaneous and Infinite Play of TIL. (The Infinite Light)

In which many of us have Free Will for our Will is the Will of the Creator! However, this free will has to be *realized* by the Entity, which means that a certain State of Awareness has to be reached before this Free Will can be exercised and enjoyed. For the Entities, who have not reached this State of Awareness (or Evolution), the Law of Karma is valid. The Free Will is an aspect of the Law of Grace. Or jolly Joyfulness until you feel exhausted and tired because you are drunk on Cosmic Energy. Or similar States of Delightfulnesses!

The Entire Creation is Consciousness in Evolution. This also means that the Invisible Source or the Invisible Dough is unconscious or asleep and that The Creator or Source becomes conscious in its Creation within each Entity and/or Being according to their capacity, function and responsibility.

We could also say that the Baker and his Cookies are both conscious of their positions, as well as that they are conscious of the fact that the "Progression in Consciousness" is unavoidable for that is the way the Cookies crumble! The entire cycle might be a billion times a billions years! However, who counts but the people who live in the past and/or in the future. That's not where it is at! It is right here and now...