L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                             THE DANCE OF LIFE

             The Universe... High and Low... is Consciousness.

                       Consciousness expresses Itself
                          Vibrating Cosmic Energy.

        The Frequency Range of Vibrating Cosmic Energy is Unlimited
            and the Variety of Vibrations are Infinite in kind.

              Matter... as it appears in the Physical Universe
           is Expressed Consciousness or Vibrating Cosmic Energy
        with a certain Frequency and a certain Pattern or Movement.

            In scientific circles... Matter is sometimes called
                        Gravitational Trapped Light.

               The Physical Universe is created and sustained
        by the Activity of Consciousness or Vibrating Cosmic Energy.

                      The very Nature of Consciousness
                             to express Itself
                in an infinite Variety of Forms or Entities.

            The intrinsic Nature of Consciousness never changes.

                            The Absolute Reality.

              The Power of Consciousness is like  Electricity.
                       It is Neutral and Unemotional.

                 Consciousness is the Original Crystal Ball    

                         The Original Crystal Ball
                             The Universal Mind.

                   The Universal Mind is a Dreaming Mind
                       and all Dreams become Reality
                     by manifesting themselves in Form.

                   Higher Forms are capable of creating.

             All Forms... High and Low... Visible and Invisible
                             make up Creation.
      The Original Source or Mind however.... is nowhere to be found.

                         Consciousness in actuality
                  the Universe experimenting with itself.

                   Consciousness is able to divide Itself
                 into seemingly different Aspects of Itself
            which are capable of acting on their own Initiative.

              The seemingly Separate Aspects of Consciousness
          have their own Vibrational Characteristics and Free Will
        and form Units or Contractions with self acquired Qualities.

                         Some Units or Contractions
            tend to pick up or join others of a similar Quality
                            and become Entities
                     with a greater Wholeness of Being.

                         Over the billions of years
                our Original Crystal Ball or Universal Mind
        has produced or created the Galaxies...  Stars and Planets.

            Since the Imagination of Consciousness is Unlimited
        it experiments with seeding Itself upon its created Planets.

                     So... Consciousness seeded Itself              
               from a Higher Dimension into a Lower Dimension        
           and being there... in the Form of a Conscious Creature    
                         slowly awakens to Itself.                   

                       All Creatures in the Universe
              that dwell on Planets and other heavenly Bodies
        are the very Creator Itself in all its Beauty and Splendor.

        Naturally... the Complexity of the Vibrating Cosmic Energies
                  that represent Life in all its Varieties
                           Enormous and Awesome.

          The Universe... with all its Dimensions and many Worlds
       is an Eternal Living Activity of Consciousness in Expression.

            It is self-correcting... as well as self-improving
                    since the Awareness of Consciousness
                        present within its Creations.

                          Each Aspect of Creation
                        however Big... however Small
             the very Creator or Consciousness Itself in Form.

                           The Physical Universe
                      the Dimension of Time and Space
                 is subjected to an Illusive Reality System
          because its Boundaries are within the whole of Creation.

                      This Reality System is Illusive
             for the Reality of our Environment is constructed
                   by the Human Mind and the Human Brain.

                    When we leave our Body at Transition
            our Mind or Soul continues... beyond Time and Space.

                   Physical Reality creates the Illusion
                       that we live in an Environment
         that consists of different Things... Times... and Places.

             All Things however are Vibrations of Cosmic Energy
                         Interlocking Force Fields.

        Our Human Senses are only sensitive to certain Force Fields.

             Much of what goes on around us is invisible to us.
                      We live in a World of Deception.

       In Actuality All Things Are Interconnected And Interdependent.

                     All Things... Times... and Places
              are the Phenomena of the Original Crystal Ball.

                         This Original Crystal Ball
                        the Dreaming Universal Mind.

                      We as Human Beings are Witnesses
              to this Dreaming Process... we call it Creation.

             Creation is the Dynamic Activity of Cosmic Energy
        upon which all Things are Interdependent and Interconnected.

                             In other Words...                        
                       The Plane of Physical Reality                  
        is like a Giant Puppet Show connected by Invisible Strings.   

                           The Invisible Strings
                the Interconnecting and Interlocking Forces
        of the Dynamic and Eternal Activities of the Universal Mind.
                   This Universal Mind includes our Mind.
                       Mind or Consciousness is One.

         To the un-initiated... the Manifestations of Consciousness
                             in all their Forms
               seem independent and self-contained Entities.

     This is nonsense naturally for Consciousness and its Alive Energy
                           permeates and sustains
                     each and every Entity in Creation.

                             that very Entity.
                          It has taken that Form.

               Each Entity... Unit... or Contraction however
            conducts its own Experiment in the Play of Creation
                   for it is aware of itself... as itself.
           Consciousness or the Creator has endowed its Creations   
             with the Awareness needed for its own Development.     
                             In other words...
                    An Atom is aware that it is an Atom
                     and it knows how to stay an Atom.

            Only the similarities in Vibration of certain Atoms
      will bring these Atoms together to form a Molecule or Particle.

                While Molecules and or Particles eventually
                      form Matter or other Substances
                 in order to make up the Whole of Creation.

             All Things however are Vibrations of Cosmic Energy
               under the Commands of Thought or Consciousness.

                That's why certain Combinations of Chemicals
                     form new and different Substances
                          or... reject each other.
                 While others just don't mix... or care to.

             All this comes about because each Atom or Molecule
                 has its own Pattern and Rate of Vibration.

          Atoms... Molecules... Chemicals... Animals... or People
                    we all follow the Law of Vibrations.

            Some of us jive... others don't... many are neutral
                          and the rest just fight.

              Chemicals are governed by Patterns of Vibrations
       and People are governed by Race... Religion... and Evolvement
                       which are Vibrations as well.

                   All this... is exactly as it should be
        for we can only behave according to our Level of Vibration.

          The Physical Creation as well as the Spiritual Creation
           are the Fulfillment of Consciousness and its Desires.

                         These Desires are present
             within the Creations or Entities of Consciousness.

                    Each Aspect of Creation... or Entity
                           is its own Experiment
              and depending on the focusing of its Attention
                      each Aspect fulfills its Desires
         to eventually arrive... at the highest Level of Vibration.
           For Mankind... this is the Christ Consciousness Level.

           Naturally all Aspects of the Creator or Consciousness
                      have different Desires or Goals
                 for all Aspects are different Expressions.

                         That's why judging Others          
                       or making them behave like Us        
                 is a Lack of Understanding Universal Law.  

                   Since in this Period of our Evolvement
             the Planet Earth is inhabited by many young Souls
                 who are conditioned by Race and Religions
                      and still suffer from Immaturity
         the Situation on Earth is rather Chaotic and Disastrous.

                           Consciousness then...
           expresses itself into seemingly independent Entities
      and these Entities have the Freedom to attain Self-Fulfillment.

                      This works out wonderfully well
                for the Animals... and the World of Plants.

              For Mankind however... it is somewhat different.

                  What Freedom and Self-Fulfillment means
            to the different Races and Populations of the Earth
                              usually becomes
         a Grab Bag of Fighting Religions and Political Domination.
                 It's like a Kindergarten full of Bullies.  
              Man with his keen Sense of Self... or Me-ness
                    only follows his own Ego Viewpoint.

         This is natural... for this is the only Viewpoint he has.
                     Most young Souls are very limited.

               The Earth is a School for Human Consciousness
                               and to behave
                     according to a Universal Viewpoint
                      is what we still have to learn.

        Eventually however... all the Created... become the Creator
       they are the Consciousness of the Creator in the first place.

           Over the many Billions of Years of the Human Evolution
                    certain Life Forms have become Aware
                        many have become Self-Aware
                  and a few have become... Totally Aware.

                           The Totally Aware Ones
                      are the Buddhas and the Christs.

           The Buddhas and the Christs are the Super Human Beings
     who after many Lifetimes have attained the Christ Consciousness.

         These God-Beings are the Graduates of the School of Earth.
                    The School for Human Consciousness.

                  Ordinary Human Beings... like You and I
     are in the Process of Evolving towards the Christ Consciousness.

              All of Us... including the Ignorant and the Wise   
                        will eventually be a Buddha.             

                          We are already anyway...
               for Time is part of our Illusionary Existence.

     We as Consciousness.... we as the Creator.... we as Human Spirits
        have created a Reality System... called... the Matter World.

                We as Consciousness.... we as the Creator
                                Live... Now
                    in our own Creation or Matter World.

     Now that we live here... we think that this World is the only One
                       and that it is Solid and Real.
                  We as Consciousness... we as the Creator      
                      are lost within our own Creation          
                what we have created... is so damn realistic    
                    that we are completely fooled by it.        

             Since our Self Awareness lives within our Creation
                   we have forgotten Who or What we are.

                   We have nothing to worry about however
             for we live in our own Mind... fooling ourselves.
                   Sooner or later we will all know this.

             The State of the World and its Beauty or Ugliness
                           will help to remind us
        of our Creatorship and the Responsibilities that go with it.

       We are the Creator of our Environment and have to live in it.

             It will awaken Man out of its Sleep of Ignorance.

                 Man is fast asleep and almost Unconscious.

                The Masses and Masses of People in the World
                     are still looking towards the Sky
           and expect to be saved by a Saviour and his Miracles.

                Until we overcome this Immature Expectation
                 and are ready to face Self Responsibility
           the World always will be a Mess and a Valley of Tears.

       Consciousness in Evolution is what the Universe is all about.

                  The Solar System including Life on Earth
         is the Hobby-Creation of the Human Spirit or Consciousness.

                 We are the Hobby of our own Consciousness.
        We are our own Sport within the Evolution of Consciousness.

                         This Hobby-Creation of ours
                    is the breeding Place of Human Gods.

                    To be Human is a specific Experience
            for it is the Experience of being completely fooled
                 by our own Creation and by the God we are.

               This Hobby-Creation of the Human Consciousness
            the Solar System and all the Planets that go with it
              is not something that could have been left out.

                             For Consciousness
      the Forever Capricious and Frolicking Creator that is Unlimited.

                     To forget... or not create Mankind
               would suggest that the Creator is an Amateur.
                        This naturally is Poppycock.

       Mankind belongs to Creation... as much as any other Creature.
                        It has the right to be here.
                 Consciousness is ALL... including Mankind.

                   The World then.... and Mankind upon it
                    is a Breeding Place of Consciousness
         and once in a while it brings forth a Buddha or a Christ.
                          The True Sons of God.

                 Naturally... All of Us... are Sons of God
          but at this particular Stage of the Dream of the Creator
             we are still working towards this State of Being.

           It is Impossible to miss... for it is our Birthright.

                  A Great Being like a Buddha or a Christ
                          realizes to the fullest
               that the Physical Reality is a Dream-Reality.

              It is a Dream-Reality of Self Aware Human Beings
        who are learning Creators but still suffer from Immaturity.

             A Buddha or a Christ can enter this Dream-Reality
                  and can change the Reality of the Dream.

                             In other words...            
                    they can make ordinary People dream   
                     whatever they want them to dream.

                       They do appear to do Miracles.
                They change our Reality System temporarily.

                      They could... if they wished to
            start their own Solar Systems and Physical Creations.

                   However... this would be overdoing it
     because Creation... as it is... already... is ... their Creation.
             They... and the Father... and Creation... are One.

         To a Buddha... or a Christ... or a Lao-tse... or a Krishna
                           the Whole of Creation
                        is what they are all about.
                                They are IT.

       A Buddha... or a Christ.... experiences the Whole of Creation
                       as their Whole Body or Being.

               So... the World... and all the People upon it
          are seen... felt and experienced by the Enlightened Ones
                     as if these People are Themselves.

                                And We Are.
                         For Consciousness is One.
                  That's what Enlightenment is all about.

                        Enlightenment is about You    
                          about You... being All.

                            To the un-initiated
            the many Manifestations of Consciousness in Creation
       are separate Parts... floating in an Environment called Space.

                          They neglect to realize
              that Consciousness or Cosmic Energy is Invisible.

                             In other words...
                    the un-initiated see what is Visible
                  but they do not realize that all Things
                               are suspended
            within the Invisible Crystal Ball of Consciousness.

                        The Whole Physical Universe
                     and all Life upon its many Worlds
             within the Invisible Electromagnetic Cosmic Energy
                    The Universal Mind or Consciousness.

                                The Universe               
                           Visible and Invisible           
                                   - is -                  
                    The Universal Mind or Consciousness.   

                        Each object in our Universe
       including every virus... bacterium... animal... or human being
                      a thought of the Universal Mind
      and hangs like a tiny spider within this cosmic web of creation
                     interconnected and interdependent
                           the almighty dreamer.

           This Dreamer... is the unawakened Crist... within us.

                             The Whole Universe
                       Physical as well as Spiritual
                              a Gigantic Dream.

                       However... the Dream is Real.

                            All Dreams are Real                 
               because Dreams are the Only Things that exist.   

                           There is Nothing Else.

              Only Consciousness or Mind and its Dreams exist.
                 And we are this Consciousness... dreaming.
                            Our Dream is so real                
               that we even suffer and die... and live again.   

                     Sure... We Do... but only in Mind.

       We feel that we are Physically Alive... but how Alive are we?

                         How Alive are the Masses?

                       We are hypnotized and deluded
                   and we are hexed by a Cosmic Illusion.
                This Cosmic Illusion... is ... our Creation.

                    Physical Reality is a State of Mind.

             As Man we live in it... we love it... we curse it
                        and we go to the Moon in it.

                    While all we really do... is dream.

                              How can This Be?
                 Science has proven that Matter is Energy.           
           So... How Solid is the World... How Empty is our Head?    

                    The Manifestations of Consciousness
         the Galaxies... the Stars... the Planets... the People...
                       and all the Things in Creation
                           Standing Wave Patterns
                Interlocking Electromagnetic Cosmic Energy.

       These Standing Wave Patterns are the Actual Thoughts and Ideas
                  of our Universal Mind or Consciousness.

                Every Human Being is the Actual Wave Pattern
                               His Own Mind.

                        Which is the Universal Mind.

     The Person... or the Body.... is the Visible Aspect of this Mind
          the Spiritual Being... or the Soul... is the Invisible.

              The Invisible... is the Creator of the Visible.

         We as Consciousness... We as The Creator of All That Exists   
            live in Bodies and play Hide and Seek with Ourselves      
                    a gigantic Mind... we call Creation.              

            We do this... in order to get to know... Personally
                  what our Dream or Creation is all about.

                      We experience it... first hand.

             We as Consciousness... just by itself... as itself
                           can never become aware
                       of the dream we are dreaming.
                   In order to become aware of our Creation       
                     we have to step outside of Ourselves         
              in an Individual Manner in the Dream of Creation.   

           While we are doing this... we get lost in our Creation
                        because we become enchanted
              by the Beauty of the Dream in all its Splendor.

                           When we finally awaken
                      we know that we were dreaming...
                             THE DANCE OF LIFE   

                               o o o o o o o

                               COSMIC DESSERT   

     If you have understood
                    what has been written on these Pages
                                   we must say... Congratulations.

     You have broken the Solid Connections
                      with the Mass-Consciousness
                                    and you have entered
                           into the Inquisitive Mind of the Loner.

     A Gigantic Expansion of Awareness in Mankind
           is just around the Corner of our Evolutionary Process.
                  It will be Fantastic and Indescribable.

             Many People will become Aware
                           of their Universal Oneness in Consciousness
                                 and its Universal Possibilities.

     For Millions and Millions of Years
                under the Guidance of our Elder Brothers
                                  Mankind has been struggling to enter
                                      the final Phase of Evolution.
                                          The Oneness of Being.

     The next ten to twenty Years
              will be most crucial to the Race of Man on Earth
                       and many of our Contemporaries
                  will greatly suffer and leave the Body.

                               In not too long a time however
                       they will be here again... for Life is Forever.

     Body in... Body out...
                we have been marching through Time and Space
                                    and not until.... All of Us
                              have attained the Final Stage of Godness
                                  can Any of Us... afford to rest.

                      Happiness... can only be enjoyed
            when we know that all our Brothers in Consciousness
                              are safely Home.

                    May the Expansion of your Awareness       
                     be directly helpful to all Mankind       
                 in understanding the Laws of the Universe.

     I thank herewith all my Friends... Helpers... Guides... Teachers
     and all the People who assisted me in writing these Compositions.

                               o o o o o o o

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