L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind


     Our Life... is the Experience
                      of our Mind in Action.

             For we always experience
                         the Result of our Thoughts.

                            Our Thoughts are the Bricks of Reality.

                                  Good... Bad or Indifferent.

                          Our Mind.... is the Creator of our Reality.

     Our Mind however
            is not just our Mind.

                   Our Mind really is the Universal Mind.

                             Since we only know
                     our own small Aspect of this Mind
                   we have assumed that this small Aspect
                             our Personal Mind.

                              This is not so.

     In actuality... we as Human Beings
            are only using a very small Aspect
                 of the Total Mind that is available to us.

                  This Total Mind.... this Universal Mind
                    is the very Creator of the Universe.

            This Universal Mind is the Bricklayer of the Cosmos.

                    This Universal Mind... is Our Mind.
                          There is only One Mind.
           We as Human Beings... and the Thoughts we entertain
         are the Creators of the World and the Life we experience.

                    We are the very Force... called God.

     Our Personal Human Mind
              is not some separate or isolated
                                mysterious piece of Equipment.

              Our Personal Human Mind
                      is that Aspect of the Universal Mind
                                         we have accepted as our Mind.
                 Most of what we call our own Personal Mind         
            is the Universal Mind in a State of Unconsciousness.
            To Awaken this Unconscious Aspect of our Cosmic Mind
                         our Purpose on this Earth.

     To grow in Consciousness
               and to become fully Aware
                           of The Greatness We Really Are
                      is the very Purpose of all Human Endeavour.

     To grow in Consciousness
              or to become Aware of our True Self
                                 is what we are working on
                                              Lifetime after Lifetime.

         This very Earth is the Classroom or School of Human Gods    
                  And each Lifetime is but another Grade.            

     Our Universal Mind... basically has two Aspects...

                                - The Conscious... or Awake Aspect
                                - The Unconscious... or Asleep Aspect.

             The Conscious Aspect of our Mind... in combination
                  with the Unconscious Aspect of our Mind
       continually... cast themselves into new Ideas and Expressions.

                      These New Ideas and Expressions
                              or New Creations
                     are basically Unconscious Energies
            that by means of the Awakening Nature of Mind itself
     eventually accept self-responsibility and become fully Conscious.

                This might well take millions of Lifetimes.

       Time however is only a relative Aspect of the Human Condition
                       for we all live in Mind only.

     The Creation of our Human Existence
               is an additional Aspect of Our Universal Mind
        which previously was Unconscious or Asleep within this Mind.

     In other words.... We as the Universal Mind
                                   desired to cast from this Mind
                                       Ideas and Expressions
                              that blossomed into Mankind's Existence.

                  We as the Creator... are the First Cause   
                        of the Human Beings we are.          

                      Our Creation naturally includes
                the Solar System and all that goes with it.

             Human Life then... or the Human Endeavour on Earth
                    is an Opening-Up... or an Expansion
                 of the very Universal Mind We Really Are.

     We as the Universal Mind... or We as the Creator
                           have expanded and created Human Beings
                                 who are now in the Process
                       of discovering.... Who or What They Really Are.

          Since most Human Beings are still Unconscious or Asleep
                          but are Creators anyway
                  the World of Man reflects their Ability.

                !  CONFUSION... CHAOS... AND DESTRUCTION  !

         We as Man.... are the Creators of the World we experience.
                     Not until the Majority of Mankind              
          awakens to the Truth of its own Condition and Greatness   
            can and will the World of Man change for the better.    

        Human Life is the Creation and Result of our Mind in Action.

                    Thought by Thought... Brick by Brick
     we create our World and our Environments in which we live or die.

       This is so... because the Creator we are... is still learning.

               We are in the Process of Awakening to full...
                               o o o o o o o

                            THE EYE OF EXISTENCE   

     The Earth is a School for Mankind.
             We are here to learn the Secrets of the Universe.

             These Secrets are hidden within ourselves
                                         and in every life we live
                                             we teach ourselves
                                      to awaken to the Secrets Within.

               Since we are programmed by the World around us   
                   we have a tendency to reject awakening.      
                          We'd rather stay asleep.              

     One of these Secrets is...
             that we are the Eye of Existence.

                     However... the Eye of Existence we are
                                          is almost completely closed.

             We are the Eye of Existence
                                     looking at ourselves
                                  in Innocence and Ignorance.

     To awaken to the Fact
             that we are the Eye of Existence or the Eye of God
                      is the Task we have accepted by living on Earth.

             Living on Earth
                     is living in our own Creation
                               for we are the Creator of the Universe.

               To awaken to the Truth is extremely difficult     
            for we as Man are conditioned to Nonsense and Lies.  

     Once we awaken however... to the Greatness we are
             we will know that the Universe and all it contains
                        is the Creation of our Mind.

                     We are The Living God and Creator.
                           - Dreaming Creation -

     In order to awaken...
             each of us has chosen a different Path
                     while yet... all of us are the same Being...
                                                        God in Hiding.

             As Human Beings on Earth
                     we seemingly live different Lifetimes
                              at different Times and different Places.

                     In actuality however... there is but One Life.

                            The Life of the Creator we are.

     Lifetime after Lifetime
             we awaken more and more
                    to the very Being we are.

                      We are the Light of the Universe
                             peeping through...
                           THE EYE OF EXISTENCE    

                              o o o o o o o

                             GREAT MIND WE ARE            
                        GUIDE US THROUGH OUR DREAM         
                          IN COMFORT AND PLEASURE           
                      IN CELEBRATION AND PLAYFULNESS.       

                                ARE WE REAL

     In our Three Dimensional Universe
                  is a Visible Vibration of Cosmic Energy.

             Different kinds of Vibrations
                             produce different kinds of Matter.
                            A Living Human Being       
                                in actuality           
                        is nothing but its own Song.   
               While even a simple Rock is a Beautiful Tune.

     Since the Human Eye
               is only sensitive to certain Vibrations
                              we can only see certain kinds of Matter.

          Many kinds of Vibrations are invisible to the Human Eye
             thus many Beings and Things are beyond our Vision.

     The Visible Universe is only a small Part of the Total Phenomena.

              Time and Space are part of the Visible Universe
                      and both of them are very real.
                  Yet... we cannot hold them in our Hands
                             or even see them.

     The deeper we look into the Visible Universe
                     the more we seem to see out there.

                            Yet... all we see...
                    are but Vibrations of Cosmic Energy.
                  What we see... is not really out there.     
                What we perceive... is created in our Mind.   
                    Are All Things Created In Our Mind?

     Could it be...
             that the Visible and Invisible Universe
                  are really Projections or Ideas of our Mind
                                           which we accept as Reality?

                   Are Ideas or Projections of Mind real?
                     Is an Idea more real than a Dream?

                 Is Reality a Process... in Time and Space?
          Is the Universe a Gigantic Thought we accept as Reality?
                                ARE WE REAL

                               o o o o o o o

                           THE SHOW IS A MIRACLE   

     Mankind in general...
            - The Mass Consciousness -
                         in Ritualized Ignorance.

                                 And he who questions...
                                               is declared Insane.

         The Mass Consciousness will never admit that it is asleep.  
                   This would confirm that you are awake.            

     So I suggest...
            - just sit there -
                      and enjoy the Game.

                             The Game of God...
                                    played by the World of Man...
                                          wearing a Mask of Ignorance.

                      The World of Man... is like You.

                            The Creator at Play.

              Some Play the Game... and think that it is real.

                     Others watch... and know it isn't.

                                   To Me...
                           THE SHOW IS A MIRACLE

                               o o o o o o o

                              AND ALL IS WELL

     In Man... God becomes aware of Matter.

             In Man... God becomes aware of Creation.

                     In Man... God becomes aware of Itself.

            Reflecting upon this...
                              I ask myself...
                       Let the God I am step forward.  

             Then I close my Eyes...
                     and look into the Mirror of my Soul.

                             and behold...

                                     I see the God I am.

     Then I look at the River...
                    I look at the Mountains...
                                    I look at the Earth and the Sky...
                                             and then I know.

                                                 I know...
                                             that I am looking
                                           at the Miracles I am.

             Then... I think about Man.

                     I see the School... and the Lesson.
                             I see the Teacher... and the Student.

                     I see the Beauty... and the Poverty.
                             I see the Splendor... and the Ugliness.

                     I see the Wise... and the Ignorant.
                                     I see that all my Children
                                          are the One I am.

     .... And then I know...
             that the Creation I am...
                     is learning... and is struggling...
                  to become aware of the Greatness We Are.

                              AND ALL IS WELL

                               o o o o o o o

                        FOR ALL WHO THINK... CREATE

     When you analyze Matter... or Life... or a Dream
                  you will find nothing more substantial than
                                   the Conclusion that they were Real.

                 This Realness however... is but Relative.
                   For no Thing in and by itself is Real.
                         Only the Absolute is Real.

     The Absolute in our Universe
                  is the Presence of Undefined Cosmic Energy
                                                or Free Consciousness.

               Undefined Cosmic Energy or Free Consciousness
                       is the Essence of the Universe
               and it assumes an infinite variety of activity
          that manifests itself in an infinite Diversity of Forms.

     These Manifestations...
                 in physical as well as non-physical Forms
                                are created
                      by an infinite variety of Ideas
                               that act upon
                        the Undefined Cosmic Energy
          and produce the actual Manifestations as Power Postures.

     In other words....
            the Idea of a Flower... or the Idea of a Human Being
                                  act upon
                        the Undefined Cosmic Energy
            which then manifests itself as Complex Energy Fields
        in the Form of a Flower... or in the Form of a Human Being.

                            The idea or the Word    
                                The Reality.        

     All Manifestations in our Universe
               are Cosmic Energy Fields of specific Activity
             that present themselves to the Human Consciousness
                                - whatever -
                             we become aware of.

     The Flower... or the Human Being
                   or the Specific Energy Field they are
                    with any other Specific Energy Field
                       all interacting Energy Fields
                these Cosmic Interactions in their own way.

     Whatever a Human Being becomes aware of
                           is nothing but another Cosmic Energy Field.

                              In other Words...      
                          Self... recognizes Self.

     Since Thought is the Creator of the Universe
           and since all Energy Fields or Entities learn to think
                       the Total Universe or Creation
                          Undefined Cosmic Energy
                 according to the latest Ideas or Concepts.

     The underlying Cosmic Energy
                           never changes however
                              but only assumes
                         a forever changing variety
                    of Power Postures or Manifestations
             which together form the Universe as we observe it.

     Creation is brought about
                  by the Thinking Members of our Universe
           who modify Undefined Cosmic Energy into Power Postures
                   that reflect their Thoughts and Ideas.

     Our Universe evolves and expands
                   according to the Thoughts and Ideas
                                     of all its Thinking Participants.

                   All Parts or Entities of the Universe
                                are Aspects
                 of the One Universal Mind or Consciousness
                    and their Participation in Creation
           depends upon their Sensitivity and Ability to create.

                         Mankind is a Co-Creator...
                        FOR ALL WHO THINK... CREATE

                               o o o o o o o

                        WE ARE ONE MIND... DREAMING    

     Few People understand that the World is a Stage.
             Every Being plays a Role and no Role is the same.
                              Also... no Role is Inferior or Superior.

                                      Roles are only different.

       The Idea that your Role is Inferior or Superior is your Idea.

                     All Roles are equal in Importance
                for all of us are  One  expressed as  Many.

     All of us are the Universal Creator
                       and we play our Play according to Capabilities.

                                    We are God at Play.

     Sooner or later...
             any Role you want to play will be available
                          for we are the Writers of the Roles we play.

             We are the Writers and Creators of a Cosmic Play.  
                  This Cosmic Play... is ... the Universe.

     The Conscious Mind or Ego we think we are
                    is the Dynamic Memory of our Actions and Feelings.

       It gives us the Idea that we are a Separate Individual Being.
                            This is an Illusion.

     The Intuition of the Heart is the Almighty Voice of the Universe.

            The Lifetimes we live are the Lessons in Listening.

                             In order to listen
                         we must pause long enough
                               to understand
                         that the World is a Stage.

     We must understand... that all Roles...
                              are but Dreams... of the Creator We Are.

                   We are not Separate Individual Beings.
                        WE ARE ONE MIND... DREAMING

                               o o o o o o o

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