L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                                HAPPY DREAMS   

     Taking Infinity into account... you do not really exist.

           Prove it to yourself...
                    - Just divide your Age by Infinity -
                                             Well... how much is that?

                    All Mathematicians will prove to you
                     that your Age divided by Infinity

               Well... how do you explain that you are here?

                     How do you know that you exist?

                               Are you Real?

       Well... maybe you are Real... because you think you are Real.

                    Could this Realness be a Dream only?

     Are you your Name?                             Are you your Body?
     Are you your Face?                             Are you your Soul?
                              ? Are you God ?   
     Are you what you wear?                    Are you what you drive?
     Are you what you eat?                       Are you your Address?

          Well... if all these Questions are answered by a flat NO
                             Who Are You then?

             Could you prove to yourself that you are dreaming?

              Yes... you could... if you knew how to wake up.
        Living Life as a Human Being... is the Process of Awakening.
                  Being Totally Awakened is Enlightenment.

                       In the State of Enlightenment
             you will know that all your Lives were but Dreams.
             In that State... you can do... so called Miracles.

     In the State of Enlightenment you will know
         that Time... Space... and Matter are Aspects of your Mind.

                 Your Mind or Consciousness is All Things.

     The Consciousness You Are is dreaming and your Dream is Creation.
             Creation is awfully Real... but only in your Dream.

                      Since all things are Real to you
                           that you are dreaming.
              For you are... the Creator dreaming... Creation.

     This Creator has no Name...
                          no Face... no Address...
                      it Plays Tricks on its own Mind.

     Very well known Scientists...
           have proven to themselves... and to other Scientists
                                            that the World is a Dream.
                    We have dreamed the World they say.
     If this is so... we must be dreaming that we exist on this World.

                    What difference does it really make
                           whether we are Real...
                or whether we are dreaming that we are Real?

     Here are some other Questions...

             Suppose we are not dreaming... that we are living
                        what else would we be doing?

              Is it possible to be Dead... and know about it?

          If Time and Space are Constructions of our Consciousness
              how do we convince ourselves that they are Real?
                               Are they Real?


         The Universe and all that is in it... is actually our Mind
         dreaming that it is all Things it dreams about. This Dream
         is so Powerful that the Personalities  and other Beings in
         the Dream assume that they are awake and conscious.

         This is an Illusion because all People and other Beings in
         the Dream are the very Dreamer itself.  To prove that this
         is so... means that the Dreamer in all of us has to awaken
         simultaneously  so that we all realize the Truth together.

         If we assume that Creation is indeed Real in and by itself
         does this mean that if the Dreamer in all of us would wake
         up.... the Whole of Creation would collapse and disappear?

                               HAPPY DREAMS   

                               o o o o o o o

                               AND SO DO YOU   

     I am a Consciousness.
             I am a Consciousness... and I live Forever.
                      The Consciousness I am... lives in a Human Body.

                 Although I as a Consciousness live forever
         the Human Body I live in... is but good for one Lifetime.

     Each Human Body I live in... teaches me a certain Lesson.
               By living in enough of them... I have become what I am.

                         The Lessons I have learned         
                 have been difficult for the Human Bodies.  

     Each of them thought
                that they were something in and by themselves.
                                                       This is not so.

                           I as the Consciousness
                 live and move the Human Bodies I live in.

                           I am the Vital Force.

     I as a Consciousness have a certain Individuality.

                     This Individuality has been formed
                 by means of all the Experiences I have had
                        in the Bodies I left behind.

     I lived in many different Times
                        and at many different Places
             in all kinds of Bodies... Human as well as Others.

       All the Experiences I have had... have made me what I am Now.

                   I am a Consciousness and Live forever.
            Since I live forever... I will outlive the Universe.

     Nothing to me...
                 is either old or new... for I am Timeless.

                                           I am beyond Space and Time.

     Since I am Timeless and Spaceless
                I live in many Human Bodies simultaneously.

           I as a Consciousness... am a Multi Dimensional Being.

     Many of the Humans I live in...
                   that their Brain creates Consciousness.

          Some other Humans I live in... know that this is not so.

     The Human I use to write with...
                is an Extension of me in the Physical Plane.
                                                   The Plane of Earth.
                         Whatever this Human writes        
                   is dictated by the Consciousness I am.  

     I as a Consciousness have good control
            over the Human Body and Brain that does the Writing.

                       The Human writes what I want.

     Sometimes however...
               the Human I use for writing... does not write.
                       It makes the Human feel lousy.

                 Other times.... the Human writes too much.
                  The Human Instrument then becomes tired.

           I never get tired.
                       Neither do I ever feel Lousy.
                                                I am Happiness.

     I as a Consciousness am one of a kind.
             I am an Individual and Unique Consciousness.
                                No other Consciousness in the Universe
                                         is the same as I am.

      The Power and Knowledge that are available to me are limitless.

          Although all the Power and Knowledge are available to me
                     it will take a lot of learning yet
         before I will know... how to use what is available to me.

                    To know how to use what is available   
                    is having attained the Wisdom of God   

                Since I live forever... I am not in a Hurry.

                      I take my Time... for I am Time.

     The Human I use to write this with...
                         is in a terrible Hurry sometimes.
                                             It almost kills his Body.

            The Writer thinks... that the World has to be saved.
                        He could not be more wrong.

              All my whispering to the Writer... not to Hurry
                        do not make any Impressions.

                    I have been trying to tell him this
                            for a long time now.

           Sooner or later... this Hurry will kill him for sure.

     To me... it does not matter one bit.

                                 I am Life.
                    I never die... for I was never born.

                            The Writer thinks
                       that he knows me pretty well.

              However... I am much more than he can think of.

                     If it was possible for the Writer
          to think of what I really am... it would blow his Mind.

        Human Minds are not capable of grasping the Greatness I am.

     In actuality... I am a Godseed.
             This Godseed... holds within itself
                   all Qualities and Quantities of what Life is about.

     The Godseed I am...
        will grow towards the Perfect Fulfillment of my True Nature.
                      Which is the God Consciousness.

           Every Christ or Buddha is... this Perfect Fulfillment.

     In order to reach this State however...
               I need the Writer and many other Human Beings.

        I become more and more Consciously Aware of what I really am
             by means of the Human Beings... I associate with.

                       It would be next to impossible
                to do this... without my Human Instruments.
             Human Beings and the Experiences they encounter   
                     are the means to my Enlightenment.        

     All Human Instruments I live in
              are invited to become aware of what I really am.

               The Awareness of what I am as a Consciousness
                       comes about within the Writer
                               by Intuition.
                Intuition is the Key to Spiritual Knowledge.   
     Many Human Beings I live in
          are not interested at all... in who or what I really am.

                       These Instruments or Vehicles
                are working on mastering the Physical Plane.

                     A few of my Instruments however
      are becoming Aware of a Force... that is way beyond themselves.
                         They are awfully Curious.

            Some of these Human Beings are somewhat disappointed
              when they discover that they are my Instruments.

                     They are but Tools... they think.
               Because I as a Consciousness live their Lives.

     Sooner or later though... they find out
         that they are equal to me... and that I am equal to them.

                   Then... they see Me... as Themselves.

       They even start to like Me then and see what I am up against.

          They see then... that I work from a different Dimension
                 and yet... I am them... at the same time.

                             They become aware
                       that the Consciousness We Are
              is trying to raise an Animal and produce a God.

                They are the Animal and I am their Trainer.

                         It sure makes them think.

     The Fact is... that before I started to train this Animal
         I had no Clue myself... what this training was all about.

                    Because the Trainer and the Trainee
                   are the same Being as a Consciousness.

           A specific Aspect of our Consciousness lives on Earth   
                    and thinks that it is a Human Being            
               while other Aspects live in another Dimension       
            and are quite Ignorant of what it means to be Human.   

              All of us together make up a Group Consciousness.

     By living together... the One raises the Other
         and All of Us gain Experience by listening to each other.

           Since I as a Consciousness exist beyond Time and Space
       I can associate and communicate with more than One Human Being
                              at any one Time
                for I have learned to manage Time and Space.

                In other words... my Human Instruments and I
         form a Multi-Pair-Relationship in which We All participate
                   in sharing our Experience and Wisdom.

           Some Humans however... are better at this than Others.

                  So... by living in the Physical Universe         
               in association with many... many Human Beings       
            I finally have managed... to inspire a Human Writer    
             who notwithstanding his Efforts to save the World     
                       is awfully good and reliable.               

     Naturally... all my Human Beings
                have different Occupations and Personalities
           but I as a Consciousness have a hand in selecting them.

                     To me... all my Humans are Myself.

          They are the Reality of my Creativity as a Consciousness
               and the Instruments of Love that work and work
          to bring about the Maturity of the Consciousness We Are.

                         I Love them and Owe Them.       
                      They cannot be rewarded however    
                      until they are ready to receive.   

     The Writer and I... act and react... as a Single Unit.
              We as this Single Unit...
                                work together pretty smoothly.

             Actually... we cannot really speak of Togetherness
                            because we are One.

     Sometimes... the Writer thinks... that he is that One.
                                        Well.. he is... and he is not.

                   The Writer is like a Leaf on a Tree...
                while I am the Leaf... the Tree... the Earth
                     and all the Rest of the Universe.

              However... the Writer in his turn...
                        is just as much the Universe as I am.

                                         For I am Him... and He is Me.

     The Writer knows...
         that the Universe is not measured by its Separate Aspects
                           or how Great One is.
                          The Universe is measured                  
           by the Personal Appreciation one has for other Aspects   
              and the Enjoyment of the Universal Relationship.      
     The Writer and I... are an Expanding Consciousness
          that still has to learn from living in the Physical Reality.

             We still need the Physical Body
                     and the Physical Environment
                             in order to become more Conscious.
                                  More Aware... more Awake.

                           The Human Body is like
          a Consciousness Incubator... or a Consciousness Breeder.

           All Physical Worlds... are Gardens for Consciousness.

     At the same time however...
            all Physical Worlds are Creations of Consciousness.

                       We become more Aware and Awake
            by the creating we do and by living in our Creations.

     The Writer and I...
                 dream and live... create and experience...
                             our own Creations.

              These naturally are Mental as well as Physical.

                           Once we have attained
           the State of Maturity to live without a Physical Body
              we will have attained the State of Eternal Life.

                   Which means that we as a Consciousness
             do not ever have to be born again as a Human Being
               because we have finished our Biological Path.

     We as a Consciousness then...
             will be Free of the Wheel of Birth...
                        because we have attained the Wisdom...
                                      to stay clear of it... for ever.

             This is what many Great Beings have accomplished.      
          They are The Sons of God... the Forerunners of Mankind.

     For now however... we as a Human Consciousness...
                   still live and die... and are born again
                                                in the Physical World.

                         So... my Human Instruments
                   like the Writer and many other People
            are extremely important to the Consciousness We Are.

          That's why the Writer should take good care of his Body
               and neither write too much... nor too little.

               But write he must...
                        because that is our Way of Learning.

     To the Writer...
             the Consciousness we are... appears limited.

                He also thinks that whatever he understands
                      does not really make him any Greater or Smaller.

                                 This however is not true.

     For what he understands... about me
                           and about the Universe...
                                             I am... to Him.

                                  .... and he is Me... for We Are One.

     We as a Consciousness...
                have to become enlightened...
                               by means of... and through...
                                          the Human Beings we live in.

            We depend on Physical Forms to reach Enlightenment.  

     Within the Writer...
              and his Masculine Body...
                             I behave as a Masculine Entity.

                    In Female Bodies...
                                I behave as a Feminine Entity.

       Sometimes however... because of neglect... I reverse the two.

              Then... I live with my Masculine Characteristics
                             in a Female Body.

         And other times... I live with my Feminine Characteristics
                            in a Masculine Body.

     Because of my neglect or stubbornness...
          I'd rather identify with one Gender than with the other
                 and this gives me trouble when I have to switch back.

     In other words...
                I live in a Feminine or Masculine Human Body
                     for too many Incarnations in a row
          and have trouble acting my Gender when I finally change.

     In the Beginning... in my Stages of Unconsciousness
                         I had no control at all over my Incarnations.

         In my Stages of Unconsciousness... I took Anybody's Body.
              I found out... that it was Dangerous to be born.
                  I was born in devastating Circumstances.

                  Soon however... I learned by meditating
                     to find the most suitable Parents.

                   By thinking and meditating I determine
           what is going to happen to me... for I am the Creator.

     As a Consciousness I do not really have a Gender.
                                          I am Male as well as Female.

         Male or Female is a Characteristic of the Physical Plane.

       Since I have had the Experiences of living all kinds of Lives
                I am an All Around or Seasoned Consciousness.

       Many and many Experiences are needed in order to gain Wisdom.

                     Some Lives are nothing but trouble
                     and others are Moonlight and Roses.

                      Many Lives are preparation Lives
             and prepare me... for a tough one that comes next.

           For me as a Consciousness... on this side of the Veil
                     all my Lives happen Simultaneously.
          But in the Physical Time Frame... they are in sequence.

     So... if I would look at myself...
              a thousand Lifetimes ago in the Earth Time Frame
                            I was but a Rookie.

              While right now... in association with my Writer
                    well... I definitely learned a lot.

           To all my Human Instruments... I would like to say...
                        You have already arrived...    
                      so... please enjoy the journey. 
           Very few however... would understand what I am saying.

     The Concept of Time and Space...
                     is so lodged into the Human Brain
          that all References about Timelessness and Spacelessness
                           are but Words to them.

         Yet... in their Dreams... they experience it every Night.

     The Writer tells me...
                  that I should not become too long winded
                                ... finish it... he says... finish it.

              I as his Consciousness... feel that he is right.

     Please remember...
         I am a Consciousness... and live forever.
              Since I live forever... I outlive the Universe.
                               AND SO DO YOU

                               o o o o o o o

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