L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                         THE PERFECT STATE OF GRACE   

     The Life Force... or The Light... permeates all Existence.
                The Life Force... The Light... or God... is Existence.

                The Life Force.... or God itself however...
     is above and beyond all Existence or Activity in all Dimensions.

              Within all Dimensions... Realities... or Realms
       The Life Force... or The Light... acts... as an Individuality
          and experiences all Activities... Movements... or Plays
                             as an Individual.

             The Life Force then... or The Light... as a Whole
                 is Above and Beyond all Action in Creation
        but experiences each Activity in Creation as an Individual.

     All Beings in the Universe... Visible and Invisible
                are The Life Force... or The Light... or God
                       - stepped outside of itself -
        participating as Individual Forms or Creatures in Creation.

                You and I then... are Individuated Godbeings
                   and have stepped outside of ourselves
                    in order to experience our Creation.
              You and I... are Designated Individual Godbeings   
               who are experiencing Creation on God's behalf.
     Well... as soon as You and I... become aware...
             that we are living Life as Individuated Godbeings
                        we know Who or What We Are.

          So... in order to return to our Original State of Being
                   - with the Wisdom of our Experiences -
               all we have to do... is step through ourselves
                            and we have arrived.

      This Returning to Ourselves  is  what You and I are working on.
                            Life in... Life out.

          Somehow it seems.... that stepping outside of ourselves
            was a lot easier... than stepping through ourselves
                            in order to return.

     This without a Doubt... is so...
                 because from the Marble of Unconsciousness
                             we are sculpturing
            our own Individual State of Universal Consciousness.
                                Which is...

                        THE PERFECT STATE OF GRACE   

                               o o o o o o o

                               THE PAIN OF IT   

     Living in a Body is Tough.

             It's Tough on the Body... and it is Tough on you.

                  For the Body however... it is too Tough.

                 That's why the Body dies... and you don't.

     While the Body is still alive...
             you are supposed to take care of it.

                             You are the one to feed it...
                   to clothe it... and give it something to drink.

                                                The Body is a Guzzler.

                     The Body is an Expensive Machine.

       In order to keep it in good shape... it makes you work all Day
               and sometimes you have to work Nights as well.

                   All in all... the Body is a Nuisance.

     The Body is too demanding... and it even thinks it is the Boss.
                            Naturally it is not.

                  When you find out that you are the Boss          
           the Body laughs at you... and says... prove it to me.

    To prove to the Body that you are the Boss...
          is what Earth living is all about... it's awfully Tough.

           Until you can prove to the Body that you are the Boss
                       you will live again and again
                in some kind of Body... that laughs at you.

                    It even laughs... when it is dying.

                           You however... feel...
                               THE PAIN OF IT   

                               o o o o o o o

           This is the beginning of:
                                GOD SPEAKS

                                GOD SPEAKS

                      This is the end of God Speaks.

                               o o o o o o o

                          THE PLAY OF GOD AND MAN   

     Life... all Life...
                 all throughout the Universe...
                                       is the Play of God.

                                                The Play of God
                                          is the Play of the Universe.

          The Play runs forever... but it changes from Day to Day.
             The World of Man on Earth... is part of this Play.

     The Physical Universe...
                     is the Three Dimensional Stage...
                              upon which the Play of God is performed.

                 The Play of God is really the Play of Man.

            Mankind includes any Being within the Total Universe
                         Physical and Non Physical.

        Each Man-Being is a Holographic Projection of the Universe.   

                               This means...
                         that within each Man-Being
                    the Universe is Present in Totality.

     Mankind... is ... the Universe... or God at Play.

         The Total Universe... is ... the Player... and the Stage.

               Being alive forever... means ... being at Play forever.

              In the Universe... there is nothing else to do.
                        Most People don't know this.

     We are the Players and we give a Live Performance.
                             There are no Re-takes... or Screen Tests.

                    We are the Universe in Live Action.
              To be either Happy or Sad is up to the Players.
                    It's not up to the Universe or God.
                    Most People don't know this either.

     In the Play on Mother Earth...
                       each Player appears only once.
                This One Appearance constitutes a Lifetime.

                    The Individual Play for each Player
                 is highlighted by the Death of the Player.

     All Players finish their Act...
                             by dying on Stage
                                 but yet...
                    each Player appears again and again
                          for another Performance
                and plays different Roles and Scenes again.

                     Once a Player... always a Player.

     Naturally... for different Roles and Scenes
        all Players have different Costumes and wear different Masks.

                    Leaving the Three Dimensional Stage
                                  or dying
                   is only returning to the Dressing Room
                         to change into a new Suit.

            So... when the Players are not present on the Stage
         they are resting or preparing themselves for the next Act.

            The Dressing Room is often referred to as Home Base.

     The People at Home Base assign new Roles and Parts
            to the Players who are ready to return to the Stage.

                     Many Players never listen however
           and upon entering the Stage they play the wrong Role.

                   This makes it a very interesting Play
              as the Performance is always Fresh and Original.

                             Doing it this way
                the Play is a complete Surprise to Everybody
                     including the People at Home Base.

          The People at Home Base have lots of Laughs and Giggles
                  for some Developments are quite comical.
                             Sometimes however            
                           they have to intervene         
                     in order to straighten things out.   
          They don't want the Stage spoiled or ruined completely.

     The Majority of Players
                are totally ignorant of their true Nature
                               and play rather wild and irresponsible.

                 Many Players perform in their own Ego-Show
            and they are very conscious of their own Importance.

               They don't really know... how to act properly
                 and they identify with their Role so much
                          that they become deluded
                                 and think
                         that the Play is for Real.

     Within this Universal Play of God as Man
                        each Player forms the Center
                                   of his own Three Dimensional Stage.

                            Many Players search
           for Recognition and Rewards for their own Performance.

                         Most of them... also think
        that they are Separate and Independent from the Play of God.
                      Naturally... no Player or Actor          
                  is either Separate or Independent at all     
                              for All of Them                  
                God playing three Dimensional Hide and Seek.   
        No Player or Actor is an Authentic Reality in and by itself.

      All Players are Aspects of the Universal Action or Play of God.

          The Play of God is also referred to as the Game of God.

               Many PLayers are fooled by their own Delusions
                                 and perform
              as if they are Separate and Independent Players
                        because they have Free Will.

         Naturally... they have Free Will... they are God at Play.

     The Value or Purpose of the Play
                          is....  THE PLAY  itself
                      and not some independent Desire
            to be either Rich... Good Looking... Smart... Single
              or some other insignificant Man Made Bagatelle.

                                  The Game
                                   - is -
                         to equal the Wisdom of God
                     without interfering with the play.

     Many Players do not know this however...
                        because they pursue Goals of their own making.

               Most Goals are beyond the Scope of Existence.
                     One of them is... to become Happy.

                               Well... nobody can  become  Happy.
                                           One either is... or is not.

                      Happiness... is a State of Mind     
                     that is inherent... in being born.   

     Mankind on Earth however...
             has been conditioned into believing...
                   that Life is working yourself into a Sweat
                              while you struggle in a Valley of Tears.

            Since Mankind believes this... it all has come true.
                       We create what we believe in.

            Also... many Players... from their very Childhood on
                    are conditioned by Religious Beliefs
                   that they will meet Happiness or Bliss
              in some other Life... or in the Life hereafter.

               This Happiness or Bliss will never be realized
       because off Stage... all one can do... is rehash the old Play
         or... if you're capable... prepare yourself for a new one.

                       Whatever Conditions Man lives in
                 are the Conditions that are created by Man
              and these Conditions are what he brings with him
                          into the Dressing Room.

            These Conditions are his own Mind in Manifestation.
               Man is the Creator of his own Heaven and Hell.

     It's also useless for Anyone....
               to wait for a Sign... or Clue from the Heavens
                         that tells you to stand up
              and either be saved... or receive a Revelation.

            No Signs or Saviours... will ever fall from the Sky.
                 Every Player has his own built-in Saviour.

         Salvation is Self Elevation via Conscious Self Development.  

     Also.... no Player by whatever Name... can save any other Player.

     The Rules of the Game are... that each Player
                      discovers the Rules for himself
              by means of the Experiences and Wisdom gathered
                          while he plays the Game.

       Naturally... the Game is supposed to be played Fair and Square
               because all Players are really the same Being.

                               This One Being
            happens to live in a Multitude of different Bodies.

                 The Game is a forever changing Celebration
            and is hosted by the Elder Children of the One Mind.

                    An Attitude of Patience is required
                          towards this Celebration
     for each Player learns to see the Miracle of it at his own Speed.

             The Miracle... is the Activity of Matter in Motion.

                      It moves... by means of Thought.

                        The Play of God in our World     
                      the Miracle of Matter in Motion.

     Now... what really is Matter in Motion?

                              Matter in Motion   
               Mind or Consciousness compacted into a Stance
                    originated and produced by Thoughts
            creating Realities according to the Thoughts issued.

            Mind or Consciousness... is ... The Light... or God.

                        The Play or Game of God then
                           Mind or Consciousness
            manifesting... its Thoughts... Wishes... or Desires
                         into a tangible Substance.

                         The World of Man on Earth
                           is produced or created
                    by the Thoughts... of Man on Earth.

                          These Thoughts activate
              The Light... or God... into Vibrational Patterns
                        creating Energy Force Fields
                    that form Standing Waves or Postures
                         according to our Thoughts.

           These Energy Force Fields are perceived by our Senses
                 as the Matter World of Sticks and Stones.

                  The Light... or God... or Consciousness
                           - A Neutral Essence -
                        that is activated by Thought
           and creates the tangible World and all that is in it.

       We create our World by our Thoughts... Desires... and Wishes.

                  Modified Consciousness or Trapped Light
         that takes on Forms and Shapes according to our Thoughts.

               Matter then... in and by itself does not exist
       for Material Objects... are ... Interlocking Fields of Energy.

       The Energy... we perceive as matter forms... things or people  
                             The Images of God.                       

                             Our Material World
                 is a Modification of The Light... or God.

          This naturally includes every Atom and Cell in our Body
          as well as the Non Physical Essence of our Mind or Soul.

     The Light... or God as Such...
                         as the Medium of Creation
               the very Vibration or Movement of this Medium
       producing the Totality of Creation and all its Possibilities.

                            The Light... or God
                               All There Is.

               In whatever Form... Shape... or Modification.

     A certain Spectrum of the Vibrating Essence
          forms ordinary Light... another Spirit... another Mind...
               another Gravity... another Matter... etc. etc.

         However... although specific Frequency Ranges of Vibration
           are designated for different Phenomena in the Universe
                       all Ranges are the One Thing.
                           God in Action or Play.   

         Universal Energy can never be destroyed or done away with.

             We can only change it from one Form into another.

           Universal Energy is like an Invisible Pliable Plastic.

      During our Life we change Energy from State to State constantly.

             All Changes in the Universe are changes of Energy.

                        By every Thought we produce
                   we change Energy from State to State.

                                God and Man
                 are the Universal Energy rolled into One.

                The most fascinating Aspects of the Universe
              neither Man nor God is more Real than the Other.
                          We are Both One Enigma.

     Most Members of Mankind on Earth
                                are unaware
                   what the Universe really is all about.

                   Mankind... all throughout the Universe
                      is the Conscious Representation
             of the Unconscious Instinctive Force we call God.

           All That Exist... in whatever Form... is God Modified.

                     God is Creation... Creation is God.

                         God is Man... Man is God.

     Although God is an Unconscious Force
                      God is not mere Unconsciousness.

             And although Man is a Conscious Force
                                        Man is not mere Consciousness.
                    God is the Instinct of the Universe      
                  and Man is the Reality of this Instinct.   

     Most Actors in the Play of God
                              do not discover
                     that God is Man... and Man is God
         until they have played many Performances as Human Actors.

            Every Actor on Earth will eventually discover this.

               All we need is the Persistence and Imagination
                             of a Free Thinker
                      and Intuition will do the Rest.

                 Intuition is the Voice of our Christ-Self.
                          It's Impossible to Miss.

     The Universal Mind or Consciousness
            allows all Players to discover their own Greatness.

                   At this Period of Man on Earth however
            many of us suffer... from the Darkness of Ignorance.

                     Many Actors perform in shady Plays
              and pursue Ego Endeavours... Money... and Power.

         However... they are entitled to play their own Performance.

          It produces... the necessary Variety a Great Show needs.

              Sooner or later however... we will all discover
                       the Reality behind our Stage.

              The Reality behind the Stage of our Celebration
            is the Light... the Love... or God... within us all.

                         To move towards this Light
                         To Equal The Wisdom Of God
                                 by playing

                          THE PLAY OF GOD AND MAN.   

                               o o o o o o o

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