L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                           I AM AN INFINITE SOUL   

     Dying could be Painful... but Death is Beautiful.
                            Death is the most Amazing Experience.
                        For Death is a Joke.... a Fiction of the Mind.

            There is no Death.

                            There is only Life.

            To die is to enter into a different State of Being.
              We continue to live... but in a different Mode.

     We live in a Physical Body...
                       for a certain time or duration
                    and after our Physical Body expires
         we continue to live as the same Person in an Energy Body.

     In that Stage of our Existence...
                     we review our life in the Physical
            with the help of our Friends... Guides and Teachers.
               Everybody in the World has Guides and Teachers.  
                  They look after us in a Spiritual manner      
                           and try to assist us.                
      Guides and Teachers are ordinary People living in Energy Bodies
                    who are familiar with Life on Earth
         because they have gone through similar Stages of Growth.

          Sometimes they live on Earth at the same time as we do.

            We meet them as Friends... Neighbours... Parents...
                    Sons... Daughters... or as Spouses.

           Naturally very few of us on Earth are precisely aware
         of the Roles and Positions we occupy among our Soul Mates.

                  The Trick is to learn from all of them.
                    All of us are Teachers and Students.
     The Earth is a Gigantic School for Learning Gods
                   and in our many Returns to this Planet
            we quite often meet the same People again and again.

           Naturally every time around they wear different Masks
               for the Earth is a Continuous Halloween Party.

            Sometimes we come back to reverse our Relationships
       so that each of us is able to see things from the other side.

        Could that be the Reason why Life seems so unfair sometimes.

            Could that be... why some People experience Ordeals
                         that seem totally unjust?

             Is that the Way we balance our Scales of Justice?

                   Are we born crippled in some Lifetimes
         in order to learn what it is like to be totally dependent.

           Is that why we are born Poor or Rich... Tall or Short
                        Gifted or just plain Stupid?

                    Is that the Way the Universe works?

               Are we searching for Parents and Circumstances
                             between Lifetimes
           in order to find the Experiences we need to grow from?

               Is that what our Guides and Teachers are for?

            Does our High Self or God Self select and coordinate
         all the Lifetimes it needs in order to reach Enlightenment?

                  Are the Lessons our God Self experiences
                by means of its Incarnations in Human Bodies
                           chosen by our God Self?
              If we experience all these Lessons and Lifetimes   
                does that mean... that We Are This God Self?     
                    Please answer Yes to all Questions.

     The Earth is like a Hospital...
                 many People are born here... and die here.
           Everybody keeps coming back however... again and again
                   because there is always more to learn.

     When our Mind or Soul arrives on Earth
                    - snuggled up in a Brand New Body -
       we can't remember where we came from or what we came to do.
            Bit by bit however we take up our Task of Learning.

           Eventually... all Teachers and Students leave for good
                   with a Cosmic Smile on their God Face
                                that says...
                           I AM AN INFINITE SOUL   

                               o o o o o o o

                          CONSCIOUSNESS A LA MODE   

     Time and Space... are Aspects of our Consciousness.

            Mind and Matter... are Aspects of our Consciousness.

         Awareness and Consciousness... are Aspects of Each Other.

     Time and Space... are a Continuum.

                    Mind and Matter... are a Continuum.

              Awareness and Consciousness... are a Continuum.

                 When we put these three Continua together
                              we have combined
                many different Aspects of our Consciousness
                              that constitute
            a World of Time... Space... Matter... and Awareness.

     Consciousness however...
            with all its Expressions in Vibrations and Movements
                          is the Source of Being.

                             In other words...
               without Consciousness... nothing could exist.

                  Consciousness... IS ... what we all are       
             and what the Totality of Creation is made out of.   

         Different Combinations of the Expressions of Consciousness
               produce the Diversity and Variety of Creation.

               A Mountain naturally is a different Expression
                             - Consciousness -
     than a Plant... an Animal... a Human Being.... or a Spirit Being.

                           The Whole of Creation
       Different Vibrational Combinations of Expressed Consciousness
             Consciousness in Different States of Being Itself
              Consciousness in Different States of Awareness.

                 Pure Consciousness... is ... Consciousness
                that has not expressed or diversified itself
                    into different states of awareness.

                            Since Consciousness
                                 - common -
                                 all things
                     it is therefore possible to become

                   What we have to detach ourselves from   
                        all the Things that are not        

                   Pure Consciousness is a State of Being
                         which is beyond creation.

           Creation and all the Creatures and Things it contains
       are the Expressions of Consciousness in all their Diversities.

                 We are this Consciousness expressed as Man.  


                 All Beings... Creatures... and all Things
              different States or Expressions of Consciousness
                            States of Awareness
                               which together
          form the Totality of the Universe... Known and Unknown.

                           Consciousness or Mind
              The Self Organizing Neutral Source or Originator
          of All That ever existed... exists... or ever will exist.

         The Totality of Existence is Ourselves in Different Forms
                          CONSCIOUSNESS A LA MODE
                               o o o o o o o


     All Physical Events are Vibrations or Movements of Consciousness
                     Interlocking Energy Force Fields.

          These Movements of Consciousness or Energy Force Fields
             are recognized and evaluated by our Conscious Mind
                       according to our Conditioning
               and what we conclude... we accept as Reality.

           Not Everybody however... experiences the same Reality.

     Since Physical Reality is actually
                  a Vibration or Movement of Consciousness
                            or Energy Pressures
         it is possible for us to store the Records of these Events
                   in a Mental Recorder or Memory System.

            Our Mind or Soul is the Memory of Life's Activities.

                             All Physical Events               
                    are transduced by our Body and Brain       
                    - into a Higher Order of Energies -        
               which are stored in our Mind or Soul Computer   
                           - as Physical Events -              
                   by means of an Energy Storage System.       

     Our Conscious Mind... consisting of
             our Body-Brain and Personal Mind or Consciousness
                   recognizes... that all Physical Events
               have a Time and Space Relationship Component.

         Since there is a definite Future-Present-Past Relationship
                  in the Recall of our Physical Activities
                      the Time Relationship Components
                 are stored in the Memory Sequence Recorder
                              of our Computer.

                         Under normal Circumstances
                                 we consult
                        Our Memory Sequence Recorder
               for Data of Past Events of this Lifetime only.

         We conclude from this... that our Body and Brain introduce
                the Time Factors of the Actions in our Life
             into the Memory Sequence Recorder of our Computer.

                        Our Selfness or Soul creates
                 our Body's Personality and Conscious Mind
          by consciously selecting the required Genes before Birth
       and by expressing itself Psychologically in the Body and Brain.
         Our Soul consciously controls the preparation of the Body   
                         for the Chosen Task ahead.                  

     Since all Physical Beings....
                          Human as well as Animal
               generate their own Time and Space Relationship
            the Body... and the Brain... are the actual Creators
                             of this Commodity.
              The Senses only re-enforce and affirm the Effect.

                  Our Conscious Mind then... is subjected
               to a self-created Time and Space Relationship
                          the Physical Environment
                     upon which we automatically focus
                  and have been conditioned to believe in.

             The Body and Brain Activity of all Physical Beings
                         is under the Influence of
            the Space/Time Force Field of our Physical Dimension
                     that by means of a Special Effect
                  preconditions and limits our Awareness.

                  Our Awareness is aligned by this Effect
         to the Physical Range of Vibrations of Consciousness only.

             The Rest of the Universe is beyond our Perception.
                           This makes it possible                 
               to live in a Limited Environment successfully.     

     The Physical Environment or Physical Reality itself...
        is generated by a Force Field of an Electromagnetic Quality
            that creates an Arena of a Higher Order of Energies
                   that are not known to Mankind as yet.

           This Force Field is superimposed upon Man's Existence
         because it is an Integral Aspect of the Physical Universe.
           The Physical Universe hereby becomes an Energy Arena   
                that cannot be surpassed by Physical Beings.      
                  These specific Unknown Orders of Energy
            introduce certain Conditions and Illusionary Effects
                 upon Physical Human Beings and other Life
        because the Focus of our Awareness is directed automatically
                towards the very Nature of Physical Reality.

        All Conditions... and Illusionary Effects of our Environment
          that coordinate Life within this Energy Arena or Reality
                   Valid Constructions of Consciousness.

               In other words... Physical Reality is as real
                            as any other Reality.

              However... all Realities are but Relatively Real
        because all Realities are Products of Mind or Consciousness.
                Only Pure Consciousness is Real or Absolute.
     Our Personal Mind or Consciousness...
          or the Self that lives in the Body and survives the Body
          is subjected to our Time and Space Environment by Habit.

                   It is possible to overcome this Habit
                and recall Happenings that are prior to Birth
        by means of Hypnoses or other alternate States of Awareness.

          The Body-Brain Activity or the Time and Space Components
                      are suppressed in these States.

                           Mind or Consciousness                  
                is beyond Time and Space in the first place       
                    and to subject it to Time and Space           
            has been a Great Accomplishment by the Race of Man.

                     Since the Memory Sequence Recorder
                            or our Soul Computer
                   is the Store-House of our Past Events
                        it would be true to say....
            that when we lose the Body... and live in Mind only
         we can re-live any... Physical Action ... at any one Time
                       since Time has been surpassed.

         Time then has become Static and becomes an Eternal Present
                which we can explore forwards and backwards.

     In other words... when Time has been surpassed
                   because we are without a Physical Body
               we can... place ... our Mind on any one Action
          of any one Time Period or Moment of our Total Existence
           and we can experience any Event in our Past or Future.

          All we do is pick and play the Recording of our Choice.

                   Naturally we have to learn to do this.

         In all Lives in the Past... Physical Action was transduced
            into Mental Energy or Input... by our Body and Brain
                  and saved in our Mind or Soul Computer.

              After our Body expires... in the Spiritual State      
             we can re-live all Recordings as Physical Actions.
                            -  -  -  -  -  -  -                     
                  While when we are in the Physical State           
           we can re-live all past Actions only in a Mental Way    

                     Our Body then... in other words...
            looks at Time... and acts in Space... and is Space.

                               While our Mind
             looks at Space... and acts in Time... and is Time.

           The above includes... that Life after our Body expires
                                 is just as
                    as it is before we leave our Body.


         Physical Reality is created by a Force Field that includes
         the Total Physical Universe and all Life within this Field
               is automatically subjected to its Influences.

         These Influences effect the Awareness System of all Living
         Creatures and create the Impression that Time... Space and
                Matter... are Things... in and by themselves.

         Physical Reality is a Specific Aspect of the Universe that
         in and by itself is absolutely Real  and serves as an Arena
         in which the Light that is within Matter is converted into
                    Consciousness and eventually returns
                to its Original State of Pure Consciousness.

         Time and Space  and the Matter Universe form a Gigantic...
         Realistic and most Impressive Stage upon which we live our
         Human Lives. These Lives are Dream Projections of our Soul
         or Christ-Self. We as free Human Beings live and are these
         Projections or Expressions of our Christ Consciousness. We
         are this Christ-Self playing the Eternal Game of Creation.
                      God hiding within its Creations.

                          At all times however...

                               o o o o o o o

                            THE MASTER PRETENDER   

     Every Human Being...
                from the Biggest to the Smallest...
                                          is a Master Pretender.

                                     For he Pretends... that he is Man
                                       but in Actuality... He is God.

     The Act of Pretending however...
             has gone completely out of hand...
                     and it is not really Pretending anymore.

             The Act... has become so convincing...
                               that Man is totally deluded...
                                               by his own Performance.

                He proves it to himself time and time again
                             by being but Man.

     That's why he fights Wars...
             murders and tortures his Brothers...
                       and finds himself in a Self Destructive Stupor.
                     He believes in some Man Made God   
                     to save himself... from himself.
         And... somehow deep within... he knows that what he does
                          he should not really do.

                    That's why he calls himself a Sinner
                     looking for a Saviour to save him.

     Yes... here he is...
                      A God thinking that he is a Man.

                 While the more Guilt Feelings he develops
                 the further he feels removed from his God.

                Yes... this Man we know... is in deep Shit.

                    He is breathing and feeding himself
                       from his own Piles of Debris.

     The Big Question now is...
               How do we get Man out of this Stupor of Belief
                        that his God created a World
                    in which his Children die of Poison?

               Yet he knows that his own Greed and Ignorance
                      are the Causes of his Suffering.

     But Really Though...

         Gods that pretend to be Man... are not really that stupid.

                         For the whole of creation            
                      of the Gods and Creators we are         
                      exactly... the way it should be.        
                        For we as Gods and Creators           
                   living as Man in our physical creation     
                  are... playing ... The Game of Being Man    
                  exactly the way we as Gods and Creators     
                          wanted to play the game.            

                             In other Words...
                  Things Are Perfect... the Way They Are.

        For We As Gods Are In Complete Control Of What We As Man Do.
                      We As Man Just Don't Know This.

                         The guidance Man receives
            from the Creators we are... is more than sufficient
     to make each man aware eventually that he is the God and Creator
                   of the universe and world he lives in.

           So... the Trouble Man is in... is not really that Bad.

     Man and his Life on Planet Earth...
                    is a Planned and Organized Endeavour
               which is executed by a Loving and Aware Force
                          called God the Creator.
                            Alias... You and I.

          In order for You and I... to live in our Creation as Man
                 You and I... and many other Great Brothers
                       created the Physical Universe
                    including all Life upon its Planets.

        You and I then... live in our Creation as a tiny little Man   
                     so that we as this tiny little Man               
              can become aware of what we as God have created.        

                          We as Gods and Creators
                                have created
                   what we as Man... see... wonder about
                           and are to Awaken to.

     We as Gods and Creators are experiencing
                        The Life We Are Universally
              in the Multitudes of Visible and Invisible Forms
                        We Created In Our Likeness.
                    The Whole of Creation is our Image.
     We as Gods and Creators are here...
           to find out exactly and precisely what we have created
                              and have become
                         by means of living within
               the Billions upon Billions of Forms or Images
                         of the Life Force We Are.

               What We have become... You see all around You.
                      !     Every Blade of Grass     !   
                         every Bird in the Heavens       
                          every Ant however small        
                      is your Brother in Consciousness   
                      !       God the Creator        !   
     Whatever you see at the Present...
             whatever you've seen in the Past...
                             and whatever you'll see in the Future
                                    it is all Your Creation.
                                           You Are It.

                        To realize that this is so
         has taken you a Million times a Million Ages or Lifetimes.
                             For you have been
               a Million times a Million different Life Forms
                          before you became a Man.

     And now that you are a Man
              you are working on your last Step of Evolution.

                    Make this... a Conscious Evolution.
            Work and study consciously on your Cosmic Education.
         Because You are The Buddha.... The Christ.... The Krishna
                  or The God and Creator by Whatever Name.

            There is no Power in the Universe that can stop you
                           for You Are The Power.

        Welcome to the Kingdom of God.... in which you were lost...
                        Pretending to be but Man.
                             ... YOU ARE ...
                           THE MASTER PRETENDER   

                               o o o o o o o

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