L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                                BE MY GUEST   

     Would you happen to know...
             where the Trouble in the World comes from?

                                          Does God create it?

                                          Does the Devil create it?

                                          Does it fall out of the Sky?

                          Well... who creates it?

     Trouble or Unpleasant Situations
                      are Creations of Creators
                                  who do not know what they are doing.

                  Naturally... these Creators are People.
                              Ordinary People.

     Do People create Cripples?
     Do People create Sickness?

             Do People create Tornados?
             Do People create Hurricanes?

                             Do People create Saints?
                             Do People create Philosophers?

                                             Do People create War?
                                             Do People create Peace?

                      ? Do People create Pollution ?   

     Well... if People create Pollution...
                    maybe they are also creating all the other Things.

                             The Creative Force
                       is the inner force of mankind.

                    Mankind is full of Creative Forces.
                   Mankind... IS ... The Creative Force.

     So... every Trouble that Mankind encounters
                         is created by Mankind because of Unawareness.

             Man on Earth does not know that he is the Creator.
                      He is here to learn that he is.

     There is no God... the Creator.
             There is no Being called God... who creates.

                             THERE IS ONLY MAN   

                     Every Man... Woman... or Child...
                                The Creator
                          manifested in Human Form.

     The Visible and the Invisible Universe are inhabited
            by all kinds of Beings with all kinds of different Bodies.

                Many of them are better Creators than Others
         but All of Them are... THE CREATOR ... manifested in Form.

                    The Creator is literally Everywhere.
               Whatever we see or experience in the Universe
                the Creator... disguised as something else.

            You will never find a Being called God the Creator.
                  The only Thing you will find or discover
         is a Being of Infinite Greatness and this Being is called

     You are the Greatest of the Greatest
                   and in order to realize that this is so
                                 you will work... Life in... Life out.

     What is this work all about?

             This work is... just being Human.

                               So... be Human... and have an Open Mind
                                      towards the Creator You Are.

                    So... actually it is not even work.
                It is just experiencing Life to the Fullest.
        This includes keeping your Mind Open for Beautiful Thoughts.

     Which means that once in a while
           you shut the Radio and TV off... and close your Eyes.

                 A quiet and Open Mind is bound to receive
                     a Message from Invisible Friends
             who have been waiting for a Chance to talk to you
                              for a long Time.
                                BE MY GUEST   

                               o o o o o o o

                          IMAGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS   

     I am The Creator.
              I am The Creator of the Universe.
                      My Universe... includes a specific Writer.

                The Writer is a Human Being... a thinking Human Being.

     I am The Creator of a thinking Human Being...
                     who wrote this Composition exercising his Free Will.

             I am then... The Creator...
                     of a Free Thinking Human Being
                           who functions with Free Will and Endeavor.

     I... as The Creator...
             live within and through the Writer I created.

             I live in the Plane of Time and Space...
                     by means of my Creation... the Writer.
                                      I live on a Planet called Earth.

     The Earth... also is my Creation.

             I need the Earth in order to live there...
                                       by means of the Writer... I am.

     So... I then... as The Creator...
            created the Universe... the Earth... and the Writer
                     in order for Me... as The Creator
                 to experience and learn from my Creations.
                    To live on Earth in a Writer is Fun.
                A Writer is able to write about his Creator
        about the Universe... about the Earth... and about himself.

     The Writer I created...
           is not only a Thinking Being but also a Feeling Being.
             Sometimes he feels High... sometimes he feels Low.

     The Writer himself... is also a Creator.
            He creates many Essays... Poems... and Compositions.

       I... as The Creator allow the Writer to create what he wants.
                   I do not interfere with his Free Will.

                         The Writer as a Writer...
                  is an average all around unknown Writer
              and he performs in a normal but solitary manner
                    by utilizing his given Capabilities.

     I as the Creator...
           do not urge the Writer to write.

           The Writer is an Individual and Free Performer
                      and he does whatever he sees fit and feels like.

           So... when he feels like it... he writes...
                      and when he doesn't feel like it.... he doesn't.

           The Writer is an Independent Performer and a Creator.

     As a matter of fact...
                 I... as The Creator depend on the Writer...
                                   to let you know... that I... exist.
             Without the Writer... Nobody would know about Me.
                I as The Creator do neither write nor Speak.     
                          I am of a Silent Nature.               
                                 I just AM.                      
     Although the Writer is an Independent Performer
                                   the Writer could not do a Thing
                               if it wasn't for the Power I am in him.

             I as The Creator... am the Power of the Universe.
                  Without my Power there would be Nothing.

             I am The Creator and live by means of my Creation.

                                But yet.....
                       In the Whole of my Creation...
                         I do not appear as Myself.
                     I am The Invisible and Silent One.

              So... I as The Silent One... and as The Creator
          live in my Creations in order to learn all about Myself.

     I... The Silent One... am an Unconscious Creator...
          and my Self Awareness lives with... and in my Creations.

              So... my Self Awareness of being The Silent One
         lives within the Writer and after many and many Lifetimes
                          the Writer became aware
         that he is The Creator and The Silent One... in Disguise.
                      It absolutely astounded him...

                 For the Writer to acknowledge this Mystery
                       was entirely up to the Writer.

                I... The Creator...  I... The Silent One...
        stood in Readiness and waited until the Writer found me out.
                            I am a Non Performer.
                                 I just AM.

     The Writer then... has my Self Awareness...
                   and is The Creator and The Silent One
           but he lives and performs as an ordinary Writer only.

     My Greatness as The Creator however...
                      or my Power as the Silent One...
                  are available to the Writer at any Time.

                     It's up to him to come and get it.

     The Writer however...
            has a Personal Mind or Semi Self Awareness as well.

           This Personal Mind or Self Awareness of the Writer
                    stands in his way to become The Greatness I Am.

                       To become... The Silent One...
                 the Writer has to get out of his own Way.

                   He is blocking Me... and he knows it.

     The Writer however has all the Time in the Universe
              for he is the Universe... and The Creator of it.

              For the Writer to become... Me... the Silent One
                     is a Process of Cosmic Evolvement.

            The Writer's Personal Mind.... is yet too Personal.
                          He has to get rid of it
                  before he can become Fully Enlightened.
                    His Ego Consciousness is in the Way.
     To get rid of Ego-Consciousness...
                       is the Trick of the Universe.

               The God Consciousness cannot enter the Temple
            as long as the Ego Consciousness still lives there.

        The Universal Consciousness of The Creator or The Silent One
            is the Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness.

      All Human Beings will eventually reach this Level of Awareness.

     In the Ages and Ages of The Silent One...
         as The Creator of the Earth... and as Mankind living there
             there are Cycles of Darkness in which Man forgets
                             Who He Really Is.
                 One of these Cycles is just about to end.

     Since the Writer is a normal Human Being
              with a certain Personality and Ego Consciousness
       his Awareness is not yet... at the Christ Consciousness Level.

          The Writer knows that in actuality he is The Silent One
                but He only knows it in a Philosophical way.
           He cannot apply this Knowledge in a Functional Manner.

          The Writer then... knowing that he is his own Creator...
              still lives and acts like any other Human Being.
                      He is still chained to his Ego.

     In the meantime... The Silent One or The Creator...
                is experiencing the Plane of Time and Space
                       as an ordinary Guy who writes.

     I then... as The Creator and Silent One...
              have my Being in the Invisible Universe of Mind
          as well as that I experience the Functions of the Writer
                     in the Visible Universe of Matter.

                     I... as The Creator and Silent One
       have a Multi Dimensional Existence because I created and live
              as the Whole Universe... Visible and Invisible.

     So... naturally... I am not only aware as the Writer...
           but I am aware of... and as... all Universal Existence
                      in the Totality of my Creation.
                                  I am IT.

         I am The Creator and Silent One without Beginning or End.
                        However... remember this...
                  I never appear as Myself... in any Form.

                    I am a Force.... an Unconscious Force         
             and I only become Conscious in and as my Creations.  

     The Unconsciousness I seemingly am
                                is not merely Unconsciousness as such.

          I have a built-in Creative Instinct
                    that in and by itself... is the Mystery I am.

                    I am the Omniscient Permeating Force
                  that lives throughout Creation as Myself
           and only become aware of my True Nature and Greatness
                  in the Higher Evolved Conscious Beings.

         The more these Conscious Beings have evolved over the Ages
                   the more they are approaching Oneness.

               Although I am The Omniscient Permeating Force
                     In and by Myself... I am Nothing.

     I... as The Creator and Silent One could never get to know Myself
                           without my Creations.

              Without my Creations... I would be a Lost Cause.

                       My Creations on the other hand
        would never see The Light... nor Day ... without What I am.

                      The Creator and Silent One I am       
                   and my Creations as my Manifestations    
                         The Paradox of Existence.          

     I am All.... yet I am Nothing.     I am Nothing.... yet I am All.

       My Creations and I... are like Left and Right... High and Low.
                  Without the One... the Other cannot be.

     The Writer then... in all his Efforts... recognizes
                that it is He... who by Thinking and Feeling
            creates what I am... The Creator and The Silent One.

                  The Creator and Silent One... he created
                          in Consciousness or Mind
                is indeed... the Creator... who created him.

                      We form a Multi Dimensional Team      
                     and are The Creators of Each Other.    

             We both are the Mirror Reflections of our Thoughts
               in which each Image... is the other's Reality.

       Our Creation is a Multi Dimensional Existence of Relationships
                                 in which
                     We All Exist and Create Each Other
                         in Forms of Consciousness
                              and thus are...
                          IMAGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS    

                               o o o o o o o

                             THE WAY I SEE IT

     Like different Sculptors
            would create a different Statue from the same Marble
                               so do I create
         a different Opinion of the Universe than any other Person.

                For my Awareness... is a Personal Awareness.

     My Awareness receives a Unique Impression
                  from the Universe of Consciousness I am.
                My Reality then... is Personal and Relative.

     The Reality I sculpture or create...
             from the Universal Consciousness in Manifestation
                     is an Individual State of Knowing
                and depends on the Thinker and Feeler I am.

                      I am the Creator of my Universe.
                       I am the Creator of my Dream.

     So... from the random and chaotic Universe
                     - as Science tells us it exists -
         I am the One who creates Order and Sense in this Universe
                          according to my liking.

                       I am The Creator of My Truth. 
                               I am The Law.   

     Whatever my Reality or Creation is at this Moment
             assists me in constructing new Ideas and Concepts
       based on what I have experienced and have accepted up to now.

       Thus...   I create my Reality from the Chaos of the UnKnown.

             Any other Reality... created by any other Creator
                    will always differ with my Reality.

     Therefore... I can say...
            I am the Reality... I am the Truth... I am the Law.

               I create what I think.   I create what I feel.
                     I create the Universe...
                                 and All That Exist...
                             THE WAY I SEE IT    

                               o o o o o o o 

                              GOD REALIZATION    

     Being a Human Being is a Process.
             It is a Process or Happening in Time and Space.

     The Process is almost Semi Automatic...
                    however... we are still the Pilots.
          We have to know how to steer... how to act... how to be.

                     The Process of being a Human Being
                        amounts to the following...

            To increase the Nameless Light that lives within us
             to a forever higher and higher State of Awareness
                       resulting in God Realization.

     It means becoming more and more Conscious of What We Really Are.

     We can assist ourselves in this Process
          by realizing that we are the Regulators and Controllers
                              of our Process.
               We have to realize that we are the Puppeteers   
                     as well as the Puppets we live in.        
     We are the Nameless Light...
             in the Form... of Matter and Mind... or Body-Mind.

                To realize that we are Consciousness in Form
        gives us the Impetus to flow with the Nature of the Process.
               It becomes then a Surrendering to the Process.

     The Process of being Human is completed
                         as soon as we have reached
              - The Christ Consciousness Level of Awareness -
          which makes it possible to live anywhere in our Creation
               without the Need for a Physical or Matter Body.

     The Individual Being then...
                  has become a Free Individuated Godbeing.

                 This is the Goal and Purpose of Human Life.

                      Only by Conscious Self Surrender
        to the Guidance of our Higher Self...  God Self... or Master
                    can we on this Earth Plane reach...
                              GOD REALIZATION   

                               o o o o o o o 

                         IN PERFECT MANIFESTATION   

     Before we come to the State of Knowing...
                           - Who or What We Are -
             we think that Enlightenment is for somebody else.

             Once we know however...
                           - Who or What We Are -
                   we know that Enlightenment is for Us.

                                          .... And for Everybody Else.

     Working for Enlightenment...
                        is just about as Impossible
                                           as working against it.

                                          For the more you want it
                                       the more you move away from it.

                 While the One who neither cares not dares
                   is growing towards it with full speed.

     So... just in case...
                  you happen to know...
                                Who or What You Really Are
                                   relax Man.... relax.

                                           The more you want it
                                     the further you are away from it.

     Enlightenment... or the Christ Consciousness...
            is not something that can be attained in the Future.
                     Enlightenment is a State of Being.   
                 A State of Surrender and Peacefulness...
                      a State of Grace and Knowing...
             that projects you... far beyond the Plane of Earth
       while yet... you are still in the midst of it... and know why.

               Enlightenment is not about being Somebody Else
                 or living in a different World or Universe.

            Enlightenment is about the State of being Your Self.
         In complete understanding that the World and the Universe
                               Your Creation.
                         IN PERFECT MANIFESTATION   

                               o o o o o o o

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