L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                           ARE WE THIS UNIVERSE   

     Most People think...
                  that there are Things... that are Alive
                          and that there are Things.... that are Dead.

               In actuality however... all Things are Alive.

           A Rock is Alive.
                    A Plant is Alive.
                              An Animal is Alive.
                                       The Whole World is Alive.

     Every Atom... every Molecule...
             and every Particle or Wavicle in the Universe...
                                             dances the Dance of Life.
              There is not a Dead Thing in the Whole Universe   
     Within each Fraction of the Universe...
               we find the Cunningness of the Universe...
                                          demonstrating its Aliveness.

              The most minute minuscule Speck of the Universe
          has the Ability to be what it is... the Universe Living.

              This Life... this Aliveness... in all that exist
                      is the Mystery of the Universe.

                 ?  What sustains the energy of an atom  ?

                     ?    What makes it all move    ?
         !  To become aware of this mystery is a human privilege  !

     In a Rock... the Universe is Alive.
           In a Plant... the Universe is Aware.
                 In an Animal... the Universe Walks Around.
                        In a Human Being... the Universe Contemplates.

          Do We As Human Beings... Think?
                     Or Do We Think That We Think?
                                Does The Universe Do All The Thinking?
                                         What Do We Really Do?

               Are We The Witness of What The Universe Does?
                        Do We Do Anything Ourselves?

                           ARE WE THIS UNIVERSE
                               o o o o o o o    

                           THE PLANE OF ILLUSION   

        The Plane of Earth we live in... is the Plane of Illusion.
                      This plane of illusion however
                            is a reality system
              that is a valid construction in consciousness.

        The Earth Plane is also called... the Plane of Separation.

     All Things within this Reality System
                 have their own Time... Space... and Form.

                 All Things also... seem to be Independent.

               The Plane of Earth is the Plane of the Senses.
       Our Senses are sensitive to a very Limited Range of Vibration.
          That's why our Plane is called... the Plane of Illusion.           
        The Physical Universe is not constructed out of Matter
                       or out of any other Substance.
            All Things are but One Thing... Energy in Vibration.

                       Matter does not really exist.

             !     All Substances are Vibrations of Energy    !  
               All Substances are Vibrations of Consciousness    
             !     Consciousness is the Medium of Creation    !  

      The Frequency of the Vibrations of the Substance we call Matter
                              - is so fast -
                   that it completely deludes our Senses.
             We cannot even measure it with Modern Instruments.

                     When Scientists investigate Matter
            the deeper they look into it... the less they find.
     They have come to the Conclusion.... that Matter in all its Forms
                        is nothing but a Vibration.

                     What vibrates is not really known.

                The Results of all Subatomic Investigations
                     Are Stranger Than Science Fiction.

        Scientists have concluded that Energy Particles of all kinds
            seem to appear and disappear and create each other.

     In other Words... Energy Particles pop in and out of our Dimension
             and as soon as they enter our Plane of Habitation
               we are able to identify them by Speed and Mass
      and we call them Subatomic Particles and give them a fancy Name.

     In order to find out what these Particles really are
        Scientists constructed very huge and elaborate Race Tracks.
          What they race... are so called... Subatomic Particles.

                     They accelerate certain Particles
           and make these Particles collide with other Particles.

                        The Results are spectacular.

     All this is recorded and up to now.... Scientists have discovered
               more and more so called Elementary Particles.
             It makes it all worthwhile to have this Racetrack.

     Scientists suspect... that the Matter Universe is Infinite indeed
                     in either Smallness or Greatness.

          The Matter Universe however is Consciousness expressed.  
           So... if anything is Infinite... it is Consciousness    
               and not a Form of Matter either Big or Small.        

     So called Elementary Particles hang out together by the Millions
      and when Scientists begin to see them... they give them a Name.

                Many of these Particles have never been seen
             but they have been mathematically proven to exist.
               Scientists have named these Particles as well.

     The Experiments conducted by Physicists however...
                do not really contain any Particles at all.
         Matter does not really exist... and neither do Particles.

     The many so called Subatomic Particles named by Scientists
         are nothing else but their own Ideas in Physical Garments.
                        What they see or experience
               by means of their Senses or their Instruments
                 are the Physical Realities of their Mind.

          What they discover... is their Mind expressed in Matter.
     Their Thoughts... Wishes... or Words.... became Physical Reality.
                  - The Word becomes Flesh... or Matter -
         The Whole Universe... is our Mind expressed in Realities.

           Our Consciousness is the Universal Dreamer or Creator
       and it creates what it consciously visualizes or thinks about.

                  So.... as soon as we visualize.... dream
                            or expect something
                   we create what we have thought about.
                            We are the Creator.

        What we create appears to come out of a Void or Nothingness.

            This is indeed so.... for if this Void was Something
             how could we create Anything Else or Anything New?

               All Things exist in Consciousness... first ...
     and what we encounter... later ... is the Reality of our Thought.

     Matter... is a Massive Collection of Force Fields
            that are generated by so called Atoms and Molecules
         that cling together and form Postures of Vibrating Energy.

     These Force Fields or Energy Forms
             are our Consciousness forming a Posture or Stance.
       This Posture or Stance is what we experience with our Senses.
            What we think we see... and feel... we call Matter.

     The Personalities we are... or our Souls in Flesh...
      are our Consciousness expressed in the Physical Plane of Earth.
        In actuality we are a Huge Force Field of Vibrating Energy.

      The Force Field we are... has a limited Ability of Observation.
            This Ability of Observation is a State of Awareness.

              So... Consciousness in Form... is a Force Field   
                 and a Force Field is a State of Awareness.     

     We as Human Beings then... are States of Awareness
          that are capable of observing other States of Awareness.

     In the Physical Plane these are called... Matter Forms or Bodies.

        What we sense is not Matter at all... but other Force Fields
      which are States of Awareness or other Aspects of Consciousness.

     Since Consciousness or Mind is One...
             and since it has many and many States of Awareness
                we as Consciousness expressed in Human Forms
                         or as States of Awareness
     become aware of other Consciousness expressed in Forms or Bodies.

     We call them Galaxies... Stars... Planets... Moons.... Satellites
            People... Animals... Plants... Bugs... or Particles.

     What we really become Aware of.... are other Aspects of Ourselves
       for Consciousness and its many States of Awareness... is ONE.

           That's why our Plane is called...
                           THE PLANE OF ILLUSION   

                               o o o o o o o

                              YOU ARE THE ONE

     God is Existence.
                The Light is Existence.
                                  The Universe is Existence.
                                                    You are Existence.

       God... the Universe... the Light... and You... and I...
                                             We're all the Same Thing.


     Remember.... Remember ...
             God... The Light ... the Universe ... and You ...
                                  and I...
                         We are all the Same Thing.
          We are Consciousness in a Manifestation of Separateness.
       We are really all One... but at the Moment we appear as Many.
                   God... and You... are the same Being.   
                There is no Difference between You and God.
         If You think that there is a Difference... there will be.

                        We create our own reality.
        We are the Creator... We are this almighty and powerful God. 

                             Don't you like it?

                      Would you rather be at the Mercy
                             of a Man Made God?

         To accept what we really are... and know how to utilize it
             are the Lessons to be learned by all Human Beings.
                  We are here to awaken to our Greatness.
     Millions and Millions of Human Beings believe...
              that it is alright to put their face on the Floor
                        and adore some Man Made God.

                 And you know... it is perfectly alright.
                   As long as they don't know any better.

        So... if you have understood the above... and agree with it
                you can no longer put your Face on the Floor
          and adore some kind of God created by Man the Believer.
                            It's up to you now.
                              YOU ARE THE ONE

                               o o o o o o o

                         WHO IS THIS ME... ANYWAY   

            Are Atoms heavy?
                                                    Is the Sun hot?
     Is God the Enabler of Thought?
         Does that mean that God is Prior to Thought?
             Or does that mean that God is the Medium of Thought?
                                      Does God recognize the Thinking?
          Is God Blind?
                           Is the Moon older than the Earth?

     What does it really mean... to be the Enabler of Thought?
                                   What is Thought in the First Place?
         Does God have a Mother?
                                  Was Moses a Magician?
                                                        Where's Harry?
     Do you think that God is able to think?
           Do you think God knows you?             Does God play Dice?

         Do Angels and Spirits have Unions?
                                                       Are Spooks Gay?
               Does every Question have an Answer?
                                                           Why not?
     Does the Air in your Tires feel that it is in there?
        Does the Wind feel sorry... for all the Trees it blows down?
                                             Is the Wind aware at all?
             Do Flies ever get seasick?
                                                  Is the Earth hollow?
     Is God like the Air... used and abused?
         Is the Sea aware that it supports Billions of Life Forms?
                                                               Is God?
     Is Lightning aware of Forest Fires?
                             Are Acts of God... Acts of God?
                  Is a Flood aware that it drowns thousands of People?
                                Did the Red Sea really part?
     Are People aware of all the Microbes they support?
         Was Jesus a heavy smoker?            Do People need Bacteria?
                                     Do Viruses need People?
           Is Mind prior to Thought?
                                           Did God create the Devil?
     Do Animals know more than People?
                  Do People know more than their Dogs?
                                     Are Bed Bugs smarter than People?
         Are UFO'S Real?
                    Who flies them?            Do Spirits eat?
                                Do they fly?

          Is God or Existence aware that it supports the Universe?
              Is the Physical Universe conscious of Starlight?
                     Do I think that I am the Universe?
                 Or does the Universe think that it is Me?
                         WHO IS THIS ME... ANYWAY
                               o o o o o o o

                        THE MAGIC WAND OF AWARENESS   

     I am lost... wandering
                     in a Land I do not know.

             The Sky is Acid...
                             the Trees are bare.

                     The Rivers are Silent...
                                     the Oceans... dead.

                                           ... and why so many Storms?

     Where was it...
           that the Sky was Brilliant Blue
                       the Trees a Gorgeous Green
                               and the Rivers sparkling?

                                         Where are the Deep Blue Seas?
                                          Where is the Summer Breeze?

                             ... and where are the Gods...
                                       that make it either way?

     And When... in Infinite Time...
             will Man return to discover...
                                   the Magic Wand?

                        THE MAGIC WAND OF AWARENESS   

                               o o o o o o o

                           POLLUTION OF THE MIND

     The State of your Mind... or the Openness of it...
                             determines the Size of your Trivialities.

                The smaller or more contracted your Mind is
                       the bigger your Trivialities.

     When you are Big Minded... or Open Minded...
                            your Trivialities... are but Trivialities.
                                      They don't even count.

         To expand your Mind is a Process of Mental-Do-Nothingness.

                      It takes Time... but no Effort.
                     It takes the Endurance of Growth.

           Minds should never be put to work in order to expand.
       Expansion is Growth and all it takes is Lots of DoNothingness.
                    DoNothingness is a Foe of the World
                      but it is a Friend of the Mind.
                       Minds ought to be left alone.

                  An Open Mind... is a Freewheeling Mind.
       A Freewheeling Mind is the Landing Pad for Beautiful Thoughts.
          Freewheeling Minds are the Opposite of Contracting Minds.

     Contracting Minds are the Minds of Egos who are trying to think.
               This kind of thinking... is the Enemy of Man.

                   Freewheeling Minds are Intuitive Minds.

                   An Intuitive Mind... is a Ready Mind.
                     Ready Minds are carefully emptied
             in order to clear the way for Beautiful Thoughts.

                   Ready Minds... are ... Cosmic Targets.

     It means... that all your Thoughts come straight from the Source.
                           Only Pure Inspiration.
                    No More Second Hand Murky Malarkey.

             Murky Malarkey is the Product of Contracted Minds
      that are trained by Worldly Educational Systems or Institutions
               solely dedicated to the Education of Ego Minds
          according to the Will of God... the Health of the Nation
              and the Continuity of Conformity and Tradition
      with the support of Taxpayers' Money and Business Contributions.
                            What is taught is...
                           POLLUTION OF THE MIND

                               o o o o o o o

                                 SO BE IT

     My Entity... my Selfness... my Soul... my Consciousness
                                                    is an open System.

                         Forever... it grows to greater Awareness.

                      Forever it grows to the Awareness of Christhood.

                                  A Crystal Clear Awareness.

     My Consciousness is the Expression of the Universe...
                                            and... is ...the Universe.

                       It is an Expression I know.
                                  It is an Unlimited Being.

                                                 I AM THAT BEING.

     While my Body... the Form I live in... and with...
                           is the Physical Mask that makes it possible
                                       to be where I am.

                           To learn my Lessons...
                                   to learn to become Aware...
                                                 in Crystal Clearness.

     My Body is the Medium for my Consciousness
                to live on Earth and experience its Creation.
                    For I am the Creator of my Existence.
                               I am the One.

     My Consciousness is unlimited...
                                  ... in Time
                                  ... in Space
                                  ... in Awareness
                                  ... in Creativity.

           I am the Driving Force...
                              Body in... Body out...
                                               Life in... Life out.

                     So easy to forget upon this Earth.

     The Total Being I am...
                 is Indestructible.

                            The Consciousness or Soul I am
                   can never be lost... sold... burnt... or disappear.

     I am a Child of the Universe... and in Command...
               of my Beautiful Existence.

                           I am here to learn to Feel...
                                           I am here to learn to Love.

     Every Lifetime or Sojourn...
            of my Infinite Existence ...
                     I have the Opportunity...
                             to become more and more acquainted...
                                     with the Mystery I am.

             Eventually I will know...
                     that the Human I am... in all my Smallness
                             is the Mask of the God I am in Greatness.

     May the Light I am...
             alighten my Path upon this Earth...
                         and shine forth in Clearness...
                                    upon the winding Road of Darkness.

             May the Light I am...
                    alighten my Path upon this Earth...
                              and help me experience in Fullness
                                       that All Beings in the Universe
                                              are the One I am.

     May the Light I am...
             alighten my Path...
                      upon this Earth...
                               and spill over
                       into the Darkness of Ignorance
                         to assist the World of Man
                towards the Remembrance of their Greatness.
                                 SO BE IT

                               o o o o o o o 

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