L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                          LIFE IS A CELEBRATION

     Our Selfness... our Soul... our Total Being...
                is an Aspect of the Universal Consciousness.
            We are... a Consciousness ... within Consciousness.
             The Selfness we are... the Soul we are... is...
                            An Individual Aspect
                      of the Universal Consciousness.
               The Universe... or Consciousness... or God...
            is interested in the Individuality of Consciousness.

             Without Individuality the Universe is Nothingness.   

     The Human Being we are...
            is an Individual Expression of the Selfness we are.
               Our Selfness has many Individual Expressions.
                     These many Individual Expressions
                           all over the Universe
                  and live at different Times and Places.

                          As a Selfness or Soul...
         we want to witness or experience the Totality of Creation.
          We do this by means of many Individual Representations.

     We as the Physical Human Being
                  could not possibly contain our Totality.
                     The Total we are in Consciousness
             is simply too Big to be concentrated in one Body.
        Each Individual Human Being has a Specific Task to fulfill.

     We as a Human Instrument...
             have the Responsibility towards our Selfness...
                                  to live our Life as we feel like it.
                                       Yes... as we feel like it.

                         To do what we feel like...
     is advancing and growing towards the Greatness of our Selfness.

       When we do what we feel like... we feel good about OurSelves.
                   The Result of doing what we feel like
              is being Good to Our Selves or to Our Selfness.

                We are not on Earth to suffer or cause Pain
                     to Our Selves or to Our Selfness.

     What we have made of Life... in our Ignorance
              resembles... a Punishment in a Valley of Tears.

                   We must learn to understand... that...
                           LIFE IS A CELEBRATION.   

                               o o o o o o o

                         THE ROOT OF MAN'S PROBLEM 

     To Mankind on Earth... Life or Existence seems to be a Problem.
            Man's Problem is the Result of Insecurity and Fear.
             Also... Man believes... that there is a Problem.

     Since this Belief creates Reality in the World of Time and Space
                         there is a Problem indeed.

     Man's Problem is caused by the Fact
                  that Man in his State of Evolvement
                                is unable to see through his own Mind.

     Man does not know Who he really is
                 and he has no Clue what he is doing here.
                                He is lost.
                        Since he is lost... he fears.
          He fears because he exists... and he does not know why.

                   The Cause of Man's Problem is created        
                        by the Unconscious Questions            
               Who or What am I.... and what am I doing here?   

     The Answers are hidden within Man's Higher Consciousness.
          Since Man is not able yet... to contact his Higher Self
              he is searching unconsciously for Enlightenment.

         Since Enlightenment cannot be found in the Material World
             Man's frustrated Search drives him slowly Insane.
         He doesn't know this however.... because he is surrounded
               by Equals who suffer from the same Condition.

               The Feelings created by his unconscious Search
                   are interpreted as a Sign of the Times
           while his Ego keeps him busy looking for Entertainment.
     Modern Society slowly put his Soul to sleep and convinces his Ego
        that Security lies in the Collection of Material Possessions.
           His Soul is hurting and he is unable to ease the Pain.

             Man's only Problem is his Lack of Self Knowledge     
            He is not aware that he is the Creator of his Life.   

     The Feelings of Helplessness
                and the Fear whether he is alright or not
     manifest themselves in a Reality of Carelessness and Destruction.
                 What we feel within... we produce outside.
                     Man's Lack of Self knowledge is...

                         THE ROOT OF MAN'S PROBLEM   

                               o o o o o o o

                                  OUR WAY   

     Like the Charge of an Atom...
                or like the Mysterious Power of a Cell...
                          so is our Selfness the Energy of our Body.

                Our Selfness is our Consciousness in Action.

     Our Selfness however... is not just the Self of our Present Body.
                        Our Consciousness in Action
              is the Self of many Human Beings simultaneously.

     In other words...
                like the Energy of all the Cells and Organs
                    that make up the Human Being we are
                  so is our Selfness the Energy in Contact
                         with all the Human Beings
            we as a Selfness live in... all throughout Creation.

        Our Selfness has control over Time and Space and therefore   
          is in Contact with all its Human Beings simultaneously.    

     Our Selfness... or The One We Really Are...
          is a Multi-Dimensional-Entity of a Non Physical Nature.
              It has a Multi-Dimensional Awareness and Memory
        and is the Director of all the Human Actors it actually is.
           All Human Actors however... have a Mind of their Own.

     We as Human Beings...
             are tiny Aspects... or Fractions of our Selfness.
                   Yet... we know that we live Forever.
                       We really are this Selfness.

     We as a Selfness with our Multi-Dimensional Awareness and Memory
       Aspect by Aspect... or Fraction by Fraction in Time and Space
        and Are.... all the Human Beings We experience as Ourselves.

     We as a Selfness take into account...
           the Free Will of all Human Beings and do not interfere
             with the Personal Ambitions of our Representatives.
                It creates a Fascinating World of Diversity.

          We know... that sooner or later... all Human Instruments
                            will see things....

                                  OUR WAY  

                               o o o o o o o

                          AWAKENING FROM OUR DREAM   

     We... are the Focus of the Universe.
                          We... as Human Beings...
          are the Universal Lens... focused... into What we are.

                   We... are the Universe... Personified.

     We... and the Universe... have a Paradoxical Mutual Relationship.

                 We are Man... and... We are the Universe.
                    We are the Eggs... and the Chicken.   

           This as we all know... surpasses Human Understanding.
                 Human Understanding however... is limited.
                         The Universe is Unlimited.

     In order for the Creator to find out
                        - WHO OR WHAT IT REALLY IS -
        it decided to become... all the Things in its own Creation.

      The Creator We All Are... is a Sleeping or Unconscious Creator.

            To become Conscious... or Aware... of its Creation
                      the Creator became the Created.
             The Creator lives... and is... its own Creation.

     Only... when we have become the Created...
              can we become Conscious or Aware of the Creator.
                     The Creator is a Sleeping Creator
                           dreaming its Creation.

     The Dream... the Unconscious Creator dreams...
             has become Reality in a Time and Space Environment
                   and We... as the Reality of the Dream
                         are slowly becoming Aware
                              of Who or What
                         has caused our Existence.

     We are the Effect of our Cause... but since we are the Effect now
        it is extremely difficult... to look back and see our Cause.
                     To learn to do this... takes Time.

              We need Time to Awaken from our Unconsciousness.
                           We are the Creator...
                         AWAKENING FROM OUR DREAM   

                               o o o o o o o

                                 GOD AS MAN   

     The Greatest Miracle in the Universe... is ...
                           that the Universe... or God ... became Man.

                 Just imagine... the Universe... or God ...
               and then change yourself to a puny little Man.

     Man however... is not just the People on Earth.
                Man is all People... all over the Universe.
                             Man is Universal.

      The Species that live on Earth at the Present are Homo Sapiens.
             It's a kind of People that is dangerous to itself.

     Again... just imagine being God...
                             and then becoming Man.
            Especially a kind of Man who denies being God.

                          is the Greatest Miracle
                       the Universe has pulled off.

     The Miracle however...
                    that some People are able to evolve
             to the State of Development in which they realize
                   that they are God... is just as Great.

     So... what is there left to write about?

                         Nothing else but Miracles.

             Nothing but... that God is Man... and Man is God.

              God and Man are the Reflections of Each Other.  

     In the Whole Universe...
                    nothing else exists but Cosmic Light...
                                                     or Consciousness.

            Consciousness... dreaming Creation... and realizing
                        its Dream... by becoming...
                                 GOD AS MAN   

                               o o o o o o o

                           THE NATURE OF GODNESS   

     I am a Space Being.
                  A Space Being of the Human kind.
                                            I live on Earth and Write.

                            My Writing is my Creation.

                                                 I am a Creator.

     I write because the Thoughts I have
                     are worthwhile to be put on Paper.

                     Not only are they worthwhile
                                  but they are have the Ring of Truth.

                                               My Truth.

              My Truth is similar to the Truth of some Others.  

                Many People though... do not agree with me.

              These People believe in the Words of the Clergy.
                   They believe what they have been told.

     I am then... a Space Being of the Human kind
                            and I live on Planet Earth... and I write.
                                   My Writing is my Creation.

              The Space Being I am... is also a Creation.

                            It is a Creation by a Being I do not Know.
                                 I call this Being... the Big "I".

     I am fashioned or created...
             from the Particles of Earth.
                                     Physical Stuff.

             I am then... a Physical Being.

                    However... I am much more than just Physical Stuff.
                       My Body... the Thing that writes is Physical.

                                    I am Consciousness.

     My Body is a Physical Instrument
             and functions in a Physical Environment.

             I am then... an Instrument that functions
                       in the Matter World and I am Created
                                                       by the Big "I".

     I do whatever this Big "I" tells me.

              I am an Instrument of my Creator the Big "I".

                     I as the Instrument or Writer
                              put on Paper whatever the Big "I" wants.

                                         I am an Instrument
                                    that listens to its Creator.

     I am then... being lived...
             by my Creator the Big "I".

             The Body I am... cannot do anything by itself.
                                             It is but Physical Stuff.

                 The Big "I" lives within the Writer I am.   

     The Big "I" created the Writer for its own Purpose and Pleasure.

             Which is... the experiencing of the Plane of Earth.

        The Big "I" wants to live on Earth and see what it is like.

     The Big "I" then...
             is having the Experience...
                             of living on Earth as the Writer.

                                      I as the Writer
                                              know this to be so...
                                                          and Love it.

     The Big "I" is a God and Creator.

           It is a Great Spiritual Being... and Mighty Powerful.

     It is Great and Powerful enough...
                         to create a Physical Instrument...
                                                   and live within it.

                       It lives in its own Creation.

     This Great Spiritual Being... the Big "I" ... is a Consciousness.

               A Consciousness is Pure Energy that is Aware.

     In order for a Consciousness
                     to live in a Physical Environment
                                 it must live within a Physical Being.

                            All Physical Beings
                              are being lived
                by the Consciousness that lives within them.

             Once a Consciousness lives within a Physical Being   
                           it completely forgets 
                       that it is a God and Creator. 

       It is not aware anymore of its own true Nature and Greatness.

                 It thinks that it is but a Physical Being
                      with a bit of Spirit somewhere.

     This Great Spiritual Being then...
            - being a Consciousness and a God and Creator -
                               has lost itself... within its Creation.

                           The Writer however...
                 knows what happened to the God and Creator.

                       The Writer therefore is Aware     
                      what he as the Writer really is.

     The Writer is a God and Creator
                     and a Great Spiritual Being
                                      who created the Writer
                             in order to experience Earth as a Writer.

                             And doing that....
                      became lost in his own Creation.

     The Writer then.... is a lost God and Creator... and he knows it.

     The Writer... as a God and Creator...
                  chose to live in a Physical Environment
                          in order to experience what it is all about.

     What it is all about
                     is what we experience
                                     in the Life we are living.

             The Life we are living...
                            is not just one short Episode or Lifetime.

                                Life is a continuous State of Being.

                    Sometimes we live in a Physical Body
               and sometimes we live without a Physical Body.
                        A Physical Body is optional.

                 Bodies or Instruments do not last forever   
                     but the Consciousness we are does.      

     The Writer then... is a God and Creator...
       who created the Writer in order to live in the Physical World
              and find out what the Matter World is all about.

     The Writer is a God and Creator...
                       who is lost in his own Creation.

                                         He is a lost God and Creator.

     In order to discover the Truth
            the Writer lived many Lifetimes on the Planet Earth
                             as a Human Being.

     By living in his own Creation... the Physical Body...
       and by living in his own Creation... the Physical Universe...
                 the Writer slowly but surely became Aware
                            of his True Nature.

                       The Nature of Consciousness.
                           THE NATURE OF GODNESS.   


     What's so for the writer.... is so for Everybody. The author only
     took his own occupation as an example. Occupations however do not
     make us what we really are.  Occupations and professions are only
     functional activities that serve to provide the necessary scenery
     in which we learn our lessons.

                               o o o o o o o

                              THE ONE WE ARE   

     To live on Earth...
               and to live in a Physical Body...
                                     is the most ordinary thing.

     Almost everybody finds this kind of living so normal
                                  that it has become boredom and slur.
                                       It is just plain ordinary.

     Everything that is beyond the Physical World however...
         like the Spiritual World... is looked upon as a Miracle...
                     or as something almost Impossible.
                       It's even completely rejected.

     Before we as Human Spirits... became Physical Human Beings
                the Physical World was regarded as a Miracle.
               It was looked upon.... as something impossible.

                Wouldn't it be a Miracle... we thought then
            if we could live in... and move... a Physical Body.
                       What a Splendor wouldn't it be
                to look at... and smell a beautiful Flower.

                          How times have changed.

      Now that we live in the Matter World we take things for granted.
                 We're even yawning from Boredom sometimes.
                           Now that we live here
                   the Spirit World is even scorned upon.

                  Yes... indeed... how times have changed.

        This Man Creature is impossible. How can it ever be pleased?  

        Slowly though... very slowly... we as Human Beings will find
               that Life... wherever we are... is a Miracle.

             And once we catch on...
                    the Greatest Miracle we will find...
                                 will be...

                              THE ONE WE ARE   

                               o o o o o o o 

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