L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                         THE UNIVERSE IN MINIATURE

     The Life you live Now... in this Incarnation...
                                 is your Personal Endeavour!
         It is your Game.  It is your Play.  It is your Creation.   
     What you learn in this Life as a Person
                       is the Gain for your Greater Self... your Soul.

                    The Progression of the Greater Self
            depends upon what you as a Person do... or don't do.

                   You are responsible for the Advancement
         of your Total Beingness within the Cosmic School of Life.

     Your Greater Self... the One You Really Are...
          depends on the Human Being you are... for its Progress.
         Do not think... that this Greater Self... is Someone Else.

     You are the Impetus... you are the Depositor
                  to enrich your Account within the Greatness You Are.

              So... you as a Human Being are mighty Important.
                         You are Important to You.
                               Without you...                 
                 your Greater Self would be at a Total Loss   

       You as a Human Being have entered the Plane of Time and Space
        in order to come closer to the Recognition of your Godness.

                      You are the One to do the Work.
         While you as the Soul and Greatness... reap the Benefits.
             These Benefits however are your Cosmic Bank Book.

               You see.... You are a Multi-Dimensional Being.
                           At this moment however
               you only recognize the Temporary Bodily Form.
              The Greater Self you are... you are Unaware of.

     You live on Earth...
           as well as... in other Dimensions... at the same time.
                  You are the Universe in a Form or Body.

                     YOU ARE...
                         THE UNIVERSE IN MINIATURE   

                               o o o o o o o                           

                      THE LIGHT THAT LIVES... AS YOU  

          THE LIGHT... out of which ALL has arisen... is no Deity.
                              THE LIGHT... IS
                 IT can never die... for IT was never born.

      THE LIGHT IS... The All Powerful Cosmic Energy of the Universe.

             IT.... IS .... The Universe and All That Is in it.
                           Visible and Invisible.

               THE LIGHT... is usually referred to as... God.

     This LIGHT however... this GOD...
           is not the God of the Churches or the Deity of Mankind.

         The God of the Churches is born in the Minds of the Clergy
                    and is accepted by their Followers.

                       This God... is not THE LIGHT.         
                 This God is a Fiction of the Minds of Man   

     The God that is born in the Minds of Man
                         is the God that is adored by Man.
                                             It also is feared by Man.

        This is the God that changes from Generation to Generation.
      This God is a Deity... a Model for adoration... a Man-Made God.

                   This God is Useless to a Mature Being.

        But THE LIGHT... THE LIGHT that is never born and never dies
                           that is the True God.

              This is the GOD that lives in the Hearts of Man
                     and is not a Product of his Mind.


                THIS IS...
                      THE LIGHT THAT LIVES... AS YOU.  

                               o o o o o o o

                        YOU AND I... ARE GOD AT PLAY  

     What is the Purpose of Life?   What is the Purpose of Creation?

                     Why are we Present in this World?

     We Are Consciousness.

            This means... that We Are The Force of The Universe.

                              WE ARE THE LIGHT   

               In the Whole Universe there is but One Thing.
                      This Thing is... Consciousness.

          However... there are many different States of Awareness
                within the One Thing We Call Consciousness.

     A Rock has Awareness.
             A Plant has Awareness.
                     An Animal has Awareness.
                             A Human Being has Awareness.
                                   A Buddha or a Christ has Awareness.

             The Differences between these States of Awareness
                         determines... What We Are.

     We are present in this World
                              to become Aware
                 that it is possible to become more Aware.

                       To become more and more Aware   
                          is the Purpose of Life.      

           The Purpose of Creation is to provide the Opportunity
         to the Totality of Creation to become more and more Aware.

     When Consciousness has not divided itself
              into a Multiplicity or many States of Awareness
                  Consciousness... is not aware of Other.
                    This is... The States of Wholeness.

     Only when Consciousness divides itself...
                 - into many different Aspects of itself -
               it becomes possible to become aware of Others.

         These Others however... are but Aspects of Consciousness
               in a Diversity of Postures that seem different
                               to each other.

        Consciousness then... divides itself into different Aspects
             in order to relate to itself... and enjoy itself.
                     This is called... The Play of God.

             This Relationship or Play ... is ... the Universe.
     We as Mankind... We as Consciousness.... are Actors in this Play.

                   We are the very Force of the Universe       
                in this Play of Consciousness or Play of God   

                 Consciousness... in its State of Wholeness
                                 - dreams -
                       about the Diversity of itself
                   and the Dream or Play of Consciousness
                                   - is -

      The complete Surrender in Enjoyment of the Dream or Play of God
                             The Kingdom of God.

       All of Creation... is born from this Mysterious Dream of God.
          The Participating Force in this Dream... is God itself.
                God... alias You and I... are this Dreamer.

        To awaken from this Dream... is entering the Kingdom of God
                   or attaining the Christ Consciousness.

     Many Beings have reached this State of Consciousness
       and at that Level of Awareness there is neither Good nor Evil.
                          There is only Enjoyment.

          The Dream of God... the Play of God... is Consciousness
           in the Pursuit of Happiness and the Attainment of it.
                        YOU AND I... ARE GOD AT PLAY  

                               o o o o o o o                   

                        WE ARE BORN TO ASK QUESTIONS   

     Verily... verily... I say unto Thee
                         unless a Man be born again
                         He cannot see the Kingdom of God.

                      Now what does this really mean?

     To be born again...

                - is to see The Light.

                - is to become aware of the Inner Light.

                - is the Radical Understanding that... You are God.

     The Kingdom of God...

                - is the State of Awareness that is called....
                                             The Christ Consciousness.

                - is the State of Awareness that you are...
                                          in a perfect state of grace.

                - is having attained mastery over the matter creation.

               Being born again and seeing the Kingdom of God       
                is having attained the Christ Consciousness.        
               Which means that you have consciously evolved        
            to the state of awareness that God and You are one.

          The totality of creation then is a personal experience.

                 It is awakening from the dream of matter           
                   and having mastered the matter world.            

                        WE ARE BORN TO ASK QUESTIONS   

                               o o o o o o o

                                   I AM   

     It is my Spirit... my Soul...
                  that through my Senses creates my World.

             I can feel my Soul alive... within the Human I am.

                 While the World...
                          and all I experience...
                                     is the Creation of the Soul I am.

     Atoms... Molecules... Cells... and Organs...
             under the Direction of my Soul make me what I am.
                              Alive and Aware.

                 I am Conscious-Awareness...
                             partly Human... but mostly God.

                 I am I...
                      Conscious and Aware.

                             Event by Event... Happening by Happening
                                 fall in Sequence upon this Stage
                                        chosen and created
                                       by the Soul I witness
                                          and am in Total.

     Thought and Deception...
               combined in the Intersection...
                                of Time and Space...
                                          become Reality.
                                    The Reality of my Existence.

             It is Splendid...
                       it is Beautiful...
                                    and More.

            More than I will ever understand as the Human I am.

     Yes... I know...
             that the Greatness I am...
                               is but Human.

     But I am Human...
               in order to experience the Splendor and Beauty
                         of the Creator and Soul...
                                   I AM.   
                               o o o o o o o

                            AN AUTHENTIC THINKER   

     Life for a Human Being... is...
           the Experience of a Mental Being living in a Physical Body.

     The Experiences the Human Being has
                      are created by his Beliefs and Imagination.
                                The more we can imagine
                                          the more we will experience.

               Our Beliefs and Imagination form our Reality.

        We are the Creator and Controller of our Thoughts and Ideas.

     In order to become a better Creator
                          of our Reality and Life
                   we have to crack our Mind and expand.

     When we expand our Mind to the Limits of the Universe
                              we become aware that these Limits
                                   are but the Limits of our Thinking.

     Since we are still Human however
                        we have to crack our Mind bit by bit
                                                  from Limit to limit.

                             How do we do this?
                         It's very... very simple.
           All we have to do... is become an Individual Thinker.

     We have to get rid of our Personal History
                      and forget... all we have been told.
                                             For All of it is Garbage.

                All this Garbage... is controlling our Mind.
              How can we be Free... with a Mind full of Junk?

                               The Trick is...
                         for us to control our Mind
                  instead of being controlled by Garbage.

         Only when we are in control of our Mind can we experience
                       that we are... a Free Creator...
                            AN AUTHENTIC THINKER   
                               o o o o o o o

                          KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY   

     The Opportunities of Life... what are they?

             The Opportunities are... Living

                     Take them in the Order you prefer.
                Understanding however is the most Important.
                         For Understanding is Love.

     To understand Life...
           means that you know what it is...
                    to experience Life as a Human Being.
                              Any Human Being.

                   Only a Master can claim this Knowing.
                             A Master is Love.

     Most People however... including the Author...
                             struggle along in semi Darkness
                                  missing their Marks along the Way.
                                     We know however that we progress.

     We progress from... Man to Human
                           Human to Son of God
                             Son of God to Elohim
                                Elohim to Mini-Creator
                                  Mini-Creator to Co-Creator
                                    and from Co-Creator to Creator.
                    Life is Forever Growing in Awareness   
     Many Levels are still to be transcended
             many a Task to be completed in order to attain
                                the Level of the Christ Consciousness.

                 This is the Level attained by all Masters.
             The Level on which the Father and the Son are One.

     And whether we like it or not...
             we are working towards this Level...
                          KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY   

                               o o o o o o o                           

                             THE WAY THINGS ARE   

     The Race of Man... is a Race of Gods.

                             Gods in Learning.

     For many millions of years or so...
             we have been going through a Phase of Learning...
                          that could be called...
                      The Perfection of the Human Body   

     The next Phase will be...
                      The Perfection of the Human Mind   

     Once this Phase is completed...
             we will have reached... the Christ Consciousness.
                     This is the State of Evolvement...
                            of Total Awareness.

                  We will All be then... True Sons of God.

          God... as God... or God as Such... will never be found.

               For how can you find... what you already are?

     Very few People know that Man is a Learning God.
               This Learning God... lives in its own Creation
                        in order to become aware of its own Greatness.

                        Only by means of the Created   
                         can God experience itself.

     The Unconsciousness we still contain as a Learning God
                        has to become Consciousness or Total Awareness
                                    within the Man We Are
                           in order to become a Buddha or a Christ.

     Whether we believe this or not...
                      and whether it is true or not...
                 does not make one Iota of a Difference...
                             THE WAY THINGS ARE   

                               o o o o o o o

                   MISERABLE GODS AT PLAY... IN IGNORANCE   

     Most People suffer from the Illusion
             that they are some kind of Creature
                     created by some God... who is testing them.

           Living under these Conditions is like living in Hell.

                This Hell however... is of their own making.
                    They are creating their own Reality.

     Nobody in the World...
                   no Being in the Universe...
                                  is the Creation of some God...
                                                 testing its Creation.
        We Are The God    We are The Creator    We are The Universe  

     The Physical Universe and the World we live in...
                    are the Products of our Playfulness.

     Most People do not know this...
               They have adopted Man Made Belief Systems
                            and they are afraid of their own God.
                      That's why Mankind is suffering.
                    All This is the Result of Ignorance
                 To grow out of this... on a Worldly Scale
                is a Matter of Awareness Expansion and Love.
          Love for Ourselves... instead of for some Imagined God.
                       Man is God... and always was.

             Only when we conquer the Ignorance of our Species
         will we be able to raise ourselves to what we really are.
                           Gods in our Creation.

     To reach this State of Evolvement on Earth...
                 more and more of us will have to reach...
                             the State of Enlightenment or Christness.

               We have to transcend the State of being Human
             and become Super Human by means of Self Elevation.

           This is extremely difficult and unknown to most People
         So.... for a while as yet.... we will stay what we are....
                   MISERABLE GODS AT PLAY... IN IGNORANCE   

                               o o o o o o o 

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