L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                         THAT'S THE ONLY DIFFERENCE

     Did you ever dare to Think?
                         Did you ever dare to think
              where you come from... and where you are going?

               Did you ever dare to think where you are now?

     In all the years you have lived
                            did you ever advance
                    in the Art of Questioning Yourself?
             Or did you simply accept what you have been told?


          HOW DO YOU KNOW...
                        that what you have been told
                         is not just a Fairy Tale?

          HOW DO YOU KNOW...
                        that all the other Believers
                    are not just as Doubtful as you are?

             because your Mother told you so?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 because the Minister is such a nice Person?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 because Everybody Else is a Believer?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 that some God created you... because God likes you?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 that some God created handicapped People?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 that some God created Murderers and Molesters?

          DO YOU BELIEVE...
                 that some God created the World
                 so that Immature People can fight their wars?

               that the Devil is a Force that is against God?

                     Well if you never thought at all      
                   you are forgiven.... you're innocent.   

        But if you ever thought at all... why did you stop thinking?

     Did you think...
                 that Nobody knew what you wanted to know?

            Could it be that wanting to know is the thing to do?

     Do you remember who said...
                        - Search And You Will Find -       
                   - Knock And The Door Will Be Opened -   

     Do you think that this Man knew?
             Do you think that Jesus was some kind of Religious Nut?
                     Was he the First Church Official?

                  Was this Man indeed the only Son of God?
          Why is this God such a poor Father to have but One Son?
                    What kind of Infertile God is this?  

     Couldn't it be...
            that all People... of all Races... are Sons of God?

              If not... what the Hell are they?   Orphans...?

          Well... if you ever find time to think... think again.

                        All of us are Sons of God.    

                  Some of Us Know It... and Others Don't.
                        THAT'S THE ONLY DIFFERENCE.

                               o o o o o o o

                                GOD REIGNS   

     Modern Business is in a Process of controlling
                              whatever can be controlled.
                   It's a Beautiful Idea... for it's an Idea of Man.
                            Is it really a Beautiful Idea?

     There is no Doubt whatsoever
                       that Control will bring all Organizations
                     to a State of Efficiency that is Statistically
                  more and more efficient and more and more Economical.

                Modern Business hereby assumes to eliminate
                    all expected and unexpected Delays.

        However... the State of the Art Computerized Control Systems
              to be implemented and controlled by Controllers
                        will bring all Organizations
              to the Surprising State of Complete Stagnation.

           This will be due to the Uncontrollable Control Systems
              that will be implemented to control all Controls
     and will have Priority over and above any Operation or Emergency
                            of whatever nature.

              It is called... Loss of Control due to Control.

           Examples of this can be experienced all over the World
                 for Man in his Untrustworthy State of Mind
                     always attempts to cover his Ass.
                        This also is an Idea of Man.

     The Ideas of Mankind on Earth
                   are the screwiest in the Garden of God
                                  and the World therefore is becoming
                                        the Joke of the Universe.

                     This would be perfectly all right
                  as long as Man was laughing the loudest.

                 This however doesn't seem to be the case.
          Man always cries and looks for Super Natural Saviours.

     Now... and here is the Clue.
             To run any Business of whatever kind
                  we should look at the Universe as an Example.

                      God does not control anything.
                                GOD REIGNS   

                               o o o o o o o

                           LEARNING IS THE TASK   

     The Beauty of Life is... that it never ends.
             For you as a Consciousness will live forever.
                        You as a Soul... are a Being of Infinite Life.

     You as a Personality however
                    might not necessarily live forever.
               But yet... you as a Person... will not vanish
                    immediately... after your Body dies.

            When your Body dies... you as a Personality and Mind  
              survive your Bodily Death and will reflect upon     
                       the Life you have just lived.              
     Your Personal Mind... is a Surviver...
                    and you will live in an Energy Body.
                   You will meet your Guides and Teachers
                who have been with you.... since your Birth.
                          Nobody lives Life alone.

     Once your Reflection Period is over
        you might come to the Conclusion that there is more to learn.

           If this happens to be so.... all you have to do then
                           is forget Who you are
                and meditate on entering another Human Body.
     Pretty soon you'll be a cute Baby again.... wetting your Diapers.

     The next time you live in a Human Body again
                   whatever you have learned in the Past
              will be part of the Knowing of the Soul you are.

                    The Wisdom of the previous Lifetimes
           will be available to you... in your new Life on Earth.
                  You will be wiser than you were before.

     Every Life... and every Experience
                is beneficial to the New Incarnation
                           of the Soul you represent and actually are.

        So... whether you were some Drunken Bum the last time around
             or whether you were a Holy Preacher... who cares?

         As long as you have learned from your Physical Experience
                            that is what counts.
                 Not Who or What you were... or did Wrong.
                           LEARNING IS THE TASK   
                              o o o o o o o

                             STUDENTS OF LIFE   

     The Universal Force we are
                           as a Soul or Selfness
                      is a Spiritual or Mental Force.
                  Since we are this Force as a Free Being
             we have the Freedom to do whatever we want to do.

     At this Time... apparently...
                    we have chosen to be here on Earth.
                             Our Choice however
             is not necessarily a Completely Conscious Choice.
                 For the State of Awareness we are still in
             does not allow us to make Clear Conscious Choices.

     To make Clear Conscious Choices
                    is something that has to be learned.
          To learn to do this... is the Reason for being on Earth.
                       For every time we are on Earth
              we have the Opportunity to learn more and more.

     We as a Spiritual Force then...
              and as an Aspect of the Universal Consciousness
                 become Wiser and Wiser by living on Earth.

     The Wisdom that is gained
                   is acquired by living as Human Beings
            in the Plane of Time and Space or Physical Reality.
                Every Incarnation of the Soul... we are...
             gives us another Chance to get to know Ourselves.

     The Incarnations needed for our Advancement
                   are chosen by our Guides and Teachers
        as well as by ourselves... if we are aware enough to do so.

     These Guides and Teachers
             are with us at all times during our Life on Earth
                           and try to inspire us.
            Not every Incarnation is a Smashing Success however  
                      for many are but Ego-Endeavours.           
              Ego-Endeavours have very little Spiritual Value.   

     Many Incarnations also...
       are repeats of the last one... because of Laziness of Spirit.
                 People in a Semi-Unconscious State of Mind
       do not really go about their Cosmic Education... effectively.

            These Repeats however.... have a Momentum of Boredom
             that in the long run becomes obvious to the Entity.

                    New Endeavours are searched for then 
                      by listening to the Inner Voice.

                Slowly but Surely the Inner Voice takes over
       and an Inner Guidance becomes available to the Soul on Earth.

           The Soul itself then... gains more and more Experience
                           to guide Human Beings
       by means of the many Incarnations it has in Physical Reality.

         The Attitude and Characteristics of the Human Personality
              plays a great role in a Successful Incarnation.
                Cooperation between the Soul and the Person
                           is of great Importance
             because a Successful Incarnation is a Team Effort.

                     Personalities who do not recognize             
                that they are more than just a Physical Body        
         have great difficulty in attaining Spiritual Advancement.   

          Spiritual Advancement is what Life really is all about.
             Without it... we could be stuck on Earth forever.

     However... since the Soul or Selfness...
           is an Individual Focus of the Universal Consciousness
         it is endowed with the Cosmic Impetus towards Advancement.
                  We all have... a Cosmic Homing Instinct.

     The Earth... as well as the Universe in Total...
         is a Gigantic School or Training Ground for Consciousness.

                      All Souls... on whatever Planet
                  are Consciousness or Mind in Expression
              in the Process of becoming more and more Aware.

         This Process is a Self-Selected and Self-Created Process.
                          We all are Consciousness
                     in the Process of Returning Home.
     Which is....  The Christ Consciousness.... or the Kingdom of God.

                        Since all Entities or Souls
                            start from Scratch
                    all of Us miss the Mark many times.

                        This is perfectly all right
                            for All of Us are... 
                             STUDENTS OF LIFE   

                               o o o o o o o 

                            IN TOTAL ALONENESS   

     The more Friends you have
                     the more difficult it is
                                      to be Yourself.... in Aloneness.

                        To be Yourself in Aloneness
                                and be Happy
                         is the Thing to accomplish.

                    ! For Life is an Individual Thing !   

     Life in the Physical World
                         is an Opportunity to study
                                          Yourself and your Aloneness.

             To study Yourself in Aloneness is to study Truth.
                           For You are the Truth.
                              All by Yourself.

                             Only in Aloneness
                 can you find... what the Inner You needs.

             Only in Aloneness can you encounter the Real You.
          Only in Aloneness can you discover the Question You are.

                  And until you have solved this Question
                            You will be Lonely.

     Only when you have discovered
                       - Who or What You Really Are -
                                       will You be Complete and Whole.
                                              Wherever You Are.

     To live as a Human Being
                       in the Plane of Time and Space
                          the Plane of Separation
                         an Opportunity to discover
                            Who or What You Are.

             To find the Real You
                     is done... amidst the Many...
                            IN TOTAL ALONENESS   

                               o o o o o o o 

                           THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS   

     Do you believe in Reincarnation?
             Do you know... that whether you believe it or not
                   Things are... the Way They are Anyway.

               In other words... your Belief is not required.
                 or the Embodiment of a Non-Physical Being     
              in a Body of Flesh... is a matter of Semantics.  

     The Soul or Mental Being...
              that presumably lives in Matter again and again
             is not really the same Soul or Mental Being at all.
                 For the Universe... and every Entity in it
                          is subjected to Change.

     Since all of us are subjected to Change then
               and as a matter of fact change from Day to Day
          we do not even wake up the same Person the next morning.

              So... dying... or living without a Physical Body
                         certainly will change us.

     The Experiences we are subjected to
                 during our Absence from the Physical World
                         have a Great Effect on us.
             While the Body... we live in... when we come back
               has a different Personality Structure as well.

     The Personality of the Human Being
                        is more of a Genetic Nature
                     than it is of a Spiritual Nature.

             The Personality Structure has Physical Attributes
        while the Soul occupying the Body has Spiritual Attributes.

     The Nature of the Soul we are... is the Continuation of Ourselves
                         in a different Bodily Form
              of which the Gender might be different as well.

     We as Human Beings... are Spirits in Flesh.
             We as Human Beings... are Consciousness in Matter.
                  We as Human Beings are Learning Entities
                      living in a Strange Environment.

       We are in this Strange Environment in order to experience it.
                            It is our Creation.

     We as a Consciousness
                       have placed ourselves on Earth
              in order to learn what this Earth is all about.

                      We as Spirits... live in Bodies
                in order to find out the Details of Matter.

                        The Matter Bodies we live in       
                   are the Instruments by means of which   
                    we experience the Physical Universe.   
                          Our Body is a Space-suit.        

     Reincarnation then...
             should be looked upon as follows....

                           *  We indeed come back!

                           *  But what comes back... has changed!

     In other words...
        you could leave as a Plumber and come back as a Politician.
          Or you could leave as a Thief and come back as a Saint.
                     You can never be the same Person.

     In Addition to this...
              Time and Space... are Aspects of our Human Mind.

            Time and Space... are Human-Brain-Mind Constructions
                      and are self-created Realities.

                            Our Lives are lived       
                       in an Artificial Environment   

     This really means
         that all our different Lives... are but Dreaming Episodes
                that in actuality take place simultaneously.

     So... All of Us...
               dream we exist in a Time and Space Environment
                  and call it Living Life as a Human Being.

               We accept this Life as Real... and it is Real.
                          For all Dreams are Real.

               The Concept... or the Reality of Reincarnation   
                  the Experience of a multi-faceted Dream       

     In this Cosmic Dream
          we are subjected to different Lives in different Bodies
               with different Personalities and Environments.

                           All in All... however
                     there is but One Life... Our Life.

     Our Life then... or our Living
             consists of different Journeys in different Space-suits
                             to different Places.

                          All of our many Lives
                 are lived by the One Consciousness or Soul.
                     The Consciousness or Soul We Are.

     So... who Reincarnates?

                     Who or What is this Consciousness
                    that seems to live again and again?

                    Living again and again is Nonsense.        
               ! Once we are Alive... we are Alive Forever !   

                                But Yet... 

               Within this One Life... We as a Consciousness
             are different People with different Personalities
            and are born in different Places at different Times.

     The One Consciousness We Are... needs...
                      all these different Experiences
           in order to discover... that all of these Experiences
     are but different Dreams... from which we eventually will awaken.

                             Whenever we awaken
                      from these Experiences or Dreams
                       we will know... that We Are...
                           THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS   

                               o o o o o o o 

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