L I F E    A N D    Y O U

The Inner Teachings of Mankind

                           WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU?

     When you land on Earth as a Selfness or Soul
                                       you are given a Doll!

         Sometimes you get a Barbie and other times you get a Ken.

            Once in a while... you get a Doll that's in between.


        The Doll you get... has certain Characteristics of its own.
                        These Characteristics depend
                 upon the Channels your Doll came through.

               You... as well as the Doll... have Free Will.

     Your Job is to raise your Doll
             and doing this is so fascinating
                     that all your Attention is needed to do it right.

     Since you cannot see yourself
                   and you can only see the Doll
                          you completely forget about yourself
                                  and you think that you are the Doll.

             However... you are still you
                     but for quite some time... you don't know this.

     Like all other Dolls
             your Doll is completely engaged
                                in the World of Dolls... and likes it.

                             Your Doll grows up
                     and it becomes a Doll of the World.
                           It becomes One with it.

         The Selfness or Soul you are... is still around somewhere
                 but since you think that you are the Doll
                        you don't look for it much.

     Most of the Dolls on Earth
                spend their time dressing up... combing hair
                                      and making themselves Look Good.

          They all become very Conscious of their own Importance.

     Most Dolls... play with other Dolls
             and they all do pleasurable things.
                      They have a whale of a time being busy
                                     but actually they do very little.

     All Dolls have a Thinker of their own
                                but never use it much
                            because they have been trained
                 to have an Idiot-Box that does the thinking for them.

     In order for the Dolls to live
               and do Pleasurable Things... they need Money.

              To make this Money... the Dolls are put to work
                     and they all pretend to be Slaves.

            While the Dolls are at work... they meet other Dolls
                       who also pretend to be Slaves.

        Pretty soon... all Dolls think that they are Slaves indeed.

             They complain a lot about their System of Slavery
                and start to compare their System of Slavery
              with other Systems of Slavery in other Countries.

                     All Slaves come to the Conclusion
                 that their own System of Slavery is better
      and they start to push... their System... upon other Countries.

     At first they do this with the most diplomatic Words and Methods
           and later on... they back up their Words with Threats.

                        Their Threats are reinforced
                with Gismos and Gadgets of an Atomic Nature.

     Pretty soon all Slaves in whatever Country
          have completely forgotten about their Selfness or Soul
                    and the Doll Raising Project is even scorned upon.

              They would rather fight than raise their Dolls.

             The Slaves who have their hands on the Atomic Toys
                 condition and brain-wash all other Slaves
                 into a Confrontation with other Countries
       because they become pretty bored with their hands in idleness.
          After all... isn't it their Duty to defend their Country?

         Sooner or later then... the Time of Action has come about
                  and the Atomic Toys are being employed.

                       These Fights are very Serious
              and Millions upon Millions of Slaves are killed.
         Nobody cares one bit however... for Slaves are but Slaves.

     All they really wanted to prove was
                that their System of Slavery was better than any other
                     and that their System produced better Slaves
                         than any other Country in the World.

     During the Battles
             which in some way are controlled
                           by the Slave Drivers of the System
                  the World is ruined and contaminated with Radiation.

                      All Pleasurable Places and Things Worthwhile
                                 are blasted to Hell.

     The Majority of the Victims are Children
                 who still had some Idea about their Selfness or Soul.

                  The Real Dolls however don't give a Shit
                      for the World was a Mess anyway.

                    They regard themselves pretty brave
            because their Zeal was based on their Belief in God.
               Their God however is a Fiction of their Mind.

     Nobody had ever come to the Idea that the Power Within Themselves
                     was the very Power they call God.

                     They never found out or understood
         that their Selfness or Soul is the Power of the Universe

                All of them were just too busy Looking Good.

                    All the People and Children who died
                             never had a Chance
                      to discover their own Greatness.

          They all have to wait for new Dolls and different times
            to renew their Search for their Universal Greatness.

                They were Victims of Man and his Insane Ego

     The Big Question now is....
                          Are you a Doll?
                          Are you a Slave?
                             Or are you a Selfness or Soul
                                    supposed to raise your Doll
                                               to UNIVERSAL GREATNESS?

                               o o o o o o o

                    THE INNER MASTER... AND THE STUDENT

     You... just as you are... at this Moment
                  are the Expression of your Soul on Earth.

             At this Time and Place
                          you are the Experiencer
                 of the Life your Soul has on this Planet.
              You are the Instrument of your Soul or Selfness.

     After your Disappearance from this Earth
         you will reflect upon your Experience in Physical Reality.
                      Your Mind.... your Consciousness
                         survives your Bodily Death.

                 ! You As A Consciousness Do Not Vanish !

     The Wisdom you will have learned on Earth
             is absorbed by the Soul or Selfness you work for.
                   Your Selfness is the Bank of Knowing.
              You as the Experiencer are the Wisdom Depositor.

         Your Selfness or Soul is a Mental-Spiritual-Energy-Being.
       Your Soul... just by itself cannot live in a Physical Reality.
           You are the One to do that for your Soul or Selfness.

                   You are the Instrument or Performer.   

     In order for your Soul to experience Life on Earth
             it expresses itself in many and many Human Beings.
                        You are but One of the Many.

     You... just the way you are... now
                      are able to draw from your Soul
           whatever it is you need to perform to Full Efficiency.

     In order to be Effective and Efficient
               you must learn to listen to your Inner Voice.
                This Inner Voice is the Voice of your Soul.
           By listening in Silence... by Intuiting and by Feeling
             you will learn to listen and obey your Inner Voice.
              To learn to listen is what you are on Earth for.

                     To learn... what you have to learn
     cannot be taught by Others for you are the Teacher and the Pupil.
                                 YOU ARE...
                    THE INNER MASTER... AND THE STUDENT  

                               o o o o o o o

                       I MUST STUDY... I MUST LEARN   


     Well... we have our house... we have the car and the garage. Well
     and sometimes we go out for dinner.... and we eat all we can.  We
     like eating. My Children are healthy... they're doing O.K. Except
     for the boy.  He thinks that life is boring at home... he does...
     well... I think he takes dope... outside.  In our house... things
     go as I want them to go... I am the law.

     We never read books much.... we watch TV... and we're entertained
     easily. We don't demand much. We have parties... and we have fun.
     We worked hard for what we've got.  We like our life... and don't
     complain. But sometimes... well we struggle and make do.

     Churches... we don't believe in. And whoever made the world... we
     don't care about. We just live here... only once... so why bother
     to find out about things.  Life is too short to bother about God.
     God is for Everybody and I am for God..... and Devils.... well...
     I've never seen one. Some People believe anything.

     When I die.... well... I die... so what?  Better make sure I stay
     out of Trouble. So... I obey the laws.  I don't steal.... or kill
     or rape.  My wife is fine.... the children laugh a lot. They grow
     like weeds... and eat like horses. Except for the boy.... somehow
     I hope he smartens up.  He acts funny sometimes.... he looks gay.

     People who ask questions... I don't understand.... they shouldn't
     ask them.  Why don't they do what I do.... watch TV or play cards
     or whatever.  Anyway I am here to live for a while.... so I live.
     I live my way.  I do what I can... to make Life gratifying.  Am I
     happy?  I would say.... well.... I'm happy my way.   Why couldn't
     others do the same?   Why do so many people always try to improve
     other people... or countries. Let's stick to ourselves.


     I want to develop and evolve.  I want to know.... all there is to
     know. I'm curious... I'm enquiring.  For sure I must be the Force
     of my own Destiny.  But how do I do that?  I want to find out how
     the Universe works.  It's an endless task but I must begin!

     I made of myself... what I am now. I am still growing... and I'll
     grow forever for I feel that I will always live.  Somehow I'll be
     around somewhere.... living... studying... and learning. I ponder
     about Religions... what are they for? Do People really need them?

     I am my Brother's Keeper yes indeed. But some Brothers... I can't
     afford. They steal me blind... while I feed them. Most People are
     really Children... immature somehow... and most of them are going
     through Life suffering. Why is this so? They all are on different
     levels than I am. I'm not better or more... just different. Times
     are tough lately.... but there is no end to the World.  The World
     is good for another four or five billion years.

     I feel that for Lots of People the Strain is just too great. What
     we have created in the World.... will kill Billions of us.  There
     is no way that any Saviour can save the World of Man. I feel that
     each Person must be his own Saviour. I think that we are entering
     a Period of Human Life.... that will be completely different than
     any Period we have in our History Books.  I feel that in the long
     run Human Life will be Beautiful and Marvelous.  But first of all
     we have to learn and understand... that we create the World while
     we're living in it. We are the Creating Force. We are responsible
     for the way we live... and the way we think... and feel.  Somehow
     I have to find out what makes me tick.

     Who created the Universe?  I don't know. Is this Universe and all
     that is in it... the only One? What about the Invisible Universe?
     Nowadays many things are invisible.  All Radio and TV Signals are
     Invisible.... yet they are real?  Sure they are.  They're so real
     they could kill you... or make you sick.  I don't think that some
     God created the World. I feel that God lives within me... that is
     what I have to get to know... Myself... I am the Mystery. Somehow
     what I have to discover... is ... what makes me tick. I feel that
     I am not my Name... or my Face. Who am I... really?

                               o o o o o o o

                          WE CHANGE THE UNIVERSE   

     The World and the Universe as we know them
                        at this very Moment in Time
                    are but One Possible Representation
              of an Unlimited Amount of Ways... they could be.

     At all Times then... either in the Past... or the Future
                         we live in an Environment
                  that is Unique and will never be again.

         Every Instant of Time has its own Uniqueness and Quality.

     Every Human Being... every Creature
                      every Rock... Plant... or Flower
           exists in a Period of Uniqueness and Universal Change.

                    The Universe Is Nothing But Change.

     In other Words...
               every Human Being... every Creature and Entity
                         is in a Process of Change.

                           AND CHANGE IS GROWTH.

     The Change or Growth... of One Entity
                influences all other Things in the Universe.
          For all Things are Inter-connected and Inter-dependent.

                       ! Not One Thing Exists Alone !   

     The higher the Level of Awareness of an Entity
                the greater are the Changes of its Awareness
                        because of Change or Growth.

                        For the higher the Awareness
                   the more Sensitive this Awareness is.

     While also... the more Influence this Awareness has
            in changing Entities with lower Levels of Awareness.
         Which means... that the Greatest Awareness in the Universe
                       brings about the most Changes
                      and has the most Changes itself.

     So by every Change in the Level of our Awareness
        we not only change Ourselves but change the Entire Universe
                     for we are an Aspect of the Whole.

             By changing our Mind...
                          WE CHANGE THE UNIVERSE.   

                               o o o o o o o

                              THE ONE IN ALL   

     I am a Consciousness.

             I am a Consciousness
                     partly expressed in Body
                             and partly expressed in Mind.
                                                  I am a Body-Mind.

         I am a Body-Mind experiencing my Feelings and my Emotions.
                    I as a Consciousness create Reality.
                          The Reality of my Life.

         I create my Life according to my Beliefs and Imagination.   

        My Life... my Experience in the Physical Reality is created
                         by the Consciousness I am.
                   My Consciousness is Universal Energy.
                       Universal Energy is my Being.

     My Consciousness and the Universal Energy I am
                are the Unlimited Resources of the Universe.

                    There is no Limit I cannot surpass.
                        I am the Unlimited Universe.

     I am not just a Physical Being
                 with a little bit of Mind or Consciousness.
          I am Consciousness and temporarily live in a Human Body .

                  I am not the Body... I am Consciousness.   

     I am the One Consciousness of the Universe
                    expressed in a Human Form and Mind.
              I am aware that I am the Universal Consciousness
                     expressed as the Human Being I am.

     As a Human Being... I am the Expression of the One Consciousness.

                         The Self of the Universe.

                               THE ONE IN ALL   

                               o o o o o o o

              At one time the following seemed possible to me
                    and you know... it still might be.
                        However, do not believe it.

                             IT'S VERY URGENT   

     So... you think that this Dip in the Economy is but temporary
            and that after a while it will be patched up again?

           Sure.... my Friend we'll have at least two Cars again
              a Trailer and a Boat... a Cabin... a Wine Cellar
           and for the Horny-One... we throw in two extra Lovers.
                       You really think so... right?
                          Sure my Friend... sure.

     The sad part is... that Nobody really thinks so.
          Everybody is scared to talk about it... and most People
           just keep smiling and smiling... choking in Ignorance.

                         Well the Future my Friend
                     is going to be a little different.

     The average Joe Blow and his Family
             are going to have a Hell of a Time on this Planet.
                 So many Millions of People will disappear
            that Funerals will not even be talked about anymore.

     But Why...?   And How Come...?
                    Well... my Friend... the Race of Man        
                 - the Race of Gods in Ignorance on Earth -     
              has come to a Stage in their Cosmic Development   
                          that will be terminated.              

        The Hard Nosed Materially Oriented Individual on this Earth
              will be unable to cope with the Changes at hand.
                 His coping Mechanism will be insufficient.
             This will cause him to become Frustrated and Sick.
                      He more or less Self-Destructs.

           Even the People that go to Churches will be surprised.
                No Jesus... no Buddha... or any other Master
                         is going to save anybody.
                        Salvation is Self Elevation  
     And just in case... you want to know more about all this
        it is hereby suggested that you start asking Questions fast.

         Ask until you get answers that satisfy you.
                       The World of Man... is changing very rapidly.

                 Don't let your Questions wait too long....
                             IT'S VERY URGENT.

                               o o o o o o o

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