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07 - 2000

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Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 19:41:37 -0800
To: trilite@onelist.com
From: Gerardus 
Subject: [TriLite] Who's fooling Who?

From: Gerardus 

To All TriLiters...
First of all: 
- A Happy and Prosperous New Year and Century to All! 
... Meaning Enlightening Thoughts And Bright Ideas ...

Consider this: 
Scientists tell us that atoms are 99.999% empty. Well if this is so, 
and I believe it is, we are Wispy Clouds of Energy that look like 
human beings when you look at them through the mechanism of human 
eyes, brains and body mind...

Put lots of molecules together and you get one cell. 
What's a cell? 99.999% emptiness!! In the mean time, human beings 
think that matter is solid. It is not! The body is a lens and it 
fools us. Nothing is solid and we live in an illusionary reality. 
A virtual reality! A virtual reality is an artificial reality - wow! 
It's not real but it looks real... 

What's going on? I feel that we are being fooled. 
If that is so - Who's fooling Who?

Any responses or answers? - Gerardus


To: cassiopaea@egroups.com
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2001 19:40:20 -0800
Reply-To: cassiopaea@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [cass] Gravity is everything?

At 07:38 PM 2001/01/01 -0000, you wrote: 
Paul here, I was thinking how the C`s say that everything is gravity. 
Now if we take the holographic concept, and figure our reality is a 
kind of holographic projection from "The One" or 7th density, or GOD 
or whatever. Our planet is round so the projection may be coming from 
ever direction at once {as the whole is in all parts} toward the 
center of the earth. So an apple "falling" toward earth would simply 
be the "direction" of the projection. On a small scale we see it fall 
to the ground. On a bigger scale it`s attracted to the center. Maybe 
it`s Projected to the center. So the gravity we "see" is just that part 
of the projection we "interpret" as gravity. Maybe this is what they 
mean when they say 'gravity is everything". Just a thought. Any 
feedback? Paul

Gerardus here: 
Good thinking Paul! 

A bit of a thought here about it as well: 
I feel that the physical universe has no center. Neither has the earth, 
except in our dream or illusion. There is neither a center in the Universe 
of Mind or any other universe in which we might find ourselves. All is One 
Infinite Dream - with dreams within dreams within dreams. Infinity has no 
center! It cannot be explained by words, for by trying to do so, we are 
trying to explain the higher in terms of the lower...

I am trying anyway: 
I see the earth and all that is on it, as Energy Forms floating in an 
infinite ocean of Universal Energy. The earth and what's on it, is not 
really different than the rest of the Universal Energy, except in frequency 
and/or pattern of vibration. IOW: the earth is not some separate physical 
ball within something that is invisible-mind-energy for example. The earth 
and the rest of the universe are continually exchanging energy quanta. They 
are each other. They are like our brain and our blood going through it - 
exchanging energies...

Also, in order to see the earth or anything on it, which in actuality is 
Energy or Mind-Form, we must live in, or be, of the same type of 
Mind-Energy. IOW: we can only see what is essentially ourselves in nature. 
If things are not of our nature, how can we see or experience them? 
Impossible I'd say. This is why we have trouble seeing or agreeing upon 
what UFOs are. Or 6th density beings. Fat chance...

So, what is happening when we look at something? It is awareness (us) in 
the form of energy becoming aware of something (also us) that is also 
awareness in the form of energy or plainly called things. The entire 
Universal Mind is nothing but energy consisting of other energy-forms or 
thoughts that some beings experience and other beings do not... 

Those who cannot experience certain aspects of this Whole, are those, who 
are not able to raise their awareness to the frequency of the energy to 
behold. They feel and are isolated from the Whole and conclude that they 
float in something that is different than the house or planet on which they 
find themselves. They do not consciously exchange energy quanta with what 
they cannot see or understand. They are brain without blood flowing through 
it - so to speak. The exchange takes place however, they just are not 
aware of it...

IOW: All physical beings live in an illusion when they assume that their 
world is different than the medium (universe or mind) in which they have 
their being. In actuality, all beings are the Whole but are focused from 
but one point or beingness and experience the Whole (or aspects thereof) 
from that viewpoint. In order to experience anything at all - the entire 
Whole is needed however! 

Put in other words again: in order to experience 
anything - the entire Universal Mind is needed in order to do experience 
it. Our body for example is just a lens, or an eye, through which the Whole 
looks, and what really looks and sees is the Whole, seeing aspects of 
itself. It is fooling itself by looking through this lens or eye. What I 
basically just describes is the same as understanding that: "The Creator IS 
Creation! Or: Life is a Celebration of the Creator living as the Created...
Now why do apples fall? 

Because when we (as the Creator) set up this arrangement of living on 
planets, we had to agree to certain laws and rules. One of them is that, 
when we find ourselves living in a lens - everything falls down according 
to the laws that were setup. This falling seems to be towards the middle of 
the earth or whatever. This is so, since each system of the whole has its 
own laws and rules in order to reinforce the illusion in which we live, 
which is based on the laws agreed upon including, what we call gravity. 

Our laws and rules are the results of thoughts that have been established 
because this is the way we wanted it. Thought is Boss! It makes the Laws. 
Also, as a child, we have experienced it to fall that way, and it does so 
because our agreed upon thoughts have made this law. Knowing that is falls 
down also reinforces the falling down for our knowing allows or makes it 
so. Yet, as we know, some people can make things float in mid air. How? 
They temporarily suspend the established laws... 

The actual "gravity" of the Cs, is the, let's call it, "agreement" between 
all the Energies of Mind and this "agreement" keeps this one Universal Mind 
functioning as intended. This "agreement and/or pact is imprinted upon all 
aspect of the Universal Mind and each aspect sticks to this, or 
"gravitates" towards that "agreement". What the Cs call Gravity, in my 
dream here, right now, I would call the Law of Consciousness, the Law of 
One, or the Nature of Consciousness - the way it behaves. It is Law, or it 
is God... so to speak...

Mind however has no place nor time - which means that whether an apple 
falls up or down is essentially the same thing, for the apple and the earth 
are illusions in the first place. How true is an illusion within an 
illusion? The whole thing is a dream! The Law of Consciousness, the 
"agreement", or the Cs' Gravity, within this dream, keeps things neat and 
tidy. The Universal Mind so to speaks, always thinks or works as One - for 
it is One. One Dream! This Dream changes by means of Thoughts from 
thinkers who are the One Mind living in seemingly different aspects, 
looking through lenses or eyes. Some thoughts, some individual 
aspects/beings become aware of, and other thoughts just pass by them.

This depends on their type and/or level of awareness or density. Thoughts 
however travel or are present in all densities simultaneously, for thoughts 
are the universe in the first place. The universe is an infinite hive of 
thoughts - buzzing. It's a relationship of thoughts or consciousness by 
consciousnesses or Souls...

The One (Whole) as you speak of it, is the One looking out of your eyes in 
the illusionary space we call the physical universe or upon the earth 
within space so to speak. All these things do not really exist as 
physicality, but are experienced as such, because we have things dreamt up 
that way. The body or lens make it so! The energy or objective reality we 
experience out there is interpreted as we taught ourselves to be it. Right 
from childhood we had to create our own Physical Reality so to speak, based 
upon our experiences of it and upon what our parents and others told us. 
Objective reality is not a thing in itself or as we see it. We create it 
from scratch every time we look...

This Reality - this dream - is based upon the level of awareness we enjoy 
or endure, or on our density. It is a self-created surrounding, as well as 
that the energies that make up these surroundings are the result of our 
thoughts. At all times, in all ways, do we live in our own creation... 
The Universal Mind never began and it will never end, for the Universal 
Mind (us) IS whatever exist in certain form. The Mind is the ALL - All is 
Mind in different forms and/or activities, of which all are dreams within 
dreams. All dreams within dreams can have different laws in order to create 
diversity, but all dreams must make things work according to the One 
"agreement" or Law of Consciousness. The God of Gravity alas the Cs...

Ending now: 
Funny thing happened. When I started, I thought I knew something, but 
somewhere I lost some of it in my dream. It almost became a nightmare of 
words. Bummer...

Dreamer in Overload - Gerardus


Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 10:15:59 -0800
To: gerardus@otvcablelan.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Free Will and Love... 

Gerardus here: 
We have Free Will and we can do anything we like. We may even do what 
we do not like. Remember however, we do all things to ourselves. 

There is No Other! 

If you think there is - you are living in the Illusion of Separation. 
This illusion belongs to the Masses....
! Live as if you are the world and everybody in it ! 
~ Our Life is the Mirror of our Thoughts ~ 
-- Gerardus


Here is another viewpoint:
The Cassiopaeans speak about Love:
Q: (L) What about Love? There are many teachings that are promulgated that 
Love is the key, the answer. They say that illumination and knowledge and 
what-not can all be achieved through love. 

A: The problem is not the term "love", the problem is the interpretation of 
the term. Those on third density have a tendency to confuse the issue 
horribly. After all, they confuse many things as love. When the actual 
definition of love as you know it is not correct either. It is not 
necessarily a feeling that one has that can also be interpreted as an 
emotion, but rather, as we have told you before, the essence of light which 
is knowledge is love, and this has been corrupted when it is said that love 
leads to illumination. Love is Light is Knowledge. Love makes no sense 
when common definitions are used as they are in your environment. To love 
you must know. And to know is to have light. And to have light is to love. 
And to have knowledge is to Love. 


To: 4d-sto-c@egroups.com
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 15:08:06 -0800
Reply-To: 4D-STO-C@egroups.com
Subject: [4D-STO-C] The Grand Cycle - My Way...

Gerardus here: 
Awakening is the result of Knowledge. 
Knowledge is the result of Experience. 
Experience is gained by living lives.
The final result of all this is Awareness!

Awareness is the preliminary to Understanding. 
Understanding is Love is Knowledge is Evolution. 
All the above gives us the infinite Wisdom of Life.

What is the infinite Wisdom of Life or the Grand Cycle of Life? 
Although there is no beginning or end to Life or to the Energy We Are, I 
feel that we are subjecting ourselves to many different cycles within a 
Grand Cycle. In a way then, there are beginnings and ends to our journeys, 
but not to our Life or Existence...

Passing through the Grand Cycle begins with unconsciousness or unawareness. 
Slowly but surely we go through the mineral stages, the plant stages, the 
animal stages, the human stages and so to the higher stages and eventually 
to the highest stage of all - the stage we come from... 

In the mean time, when we live in human bodies, the body's awareness-system 
hypnotizes us pretty easily and keeps us within the Glitter of the World so 
to speak. We think and feel that the Matter World is all there is and we try 
to attain happiness in it. We accept it for what it is and possibly do not 
always understand its workings and scenarios. Some people think that one 
day our life in matter will be an immortal existence... 

When our bodies die we do not awaken to full awareness in 5th Density or in 
what some people call Heaven or the contemplation stage. Full awakening will 
eventually take place on earth while in a body, for we are born and born 
again until completion. This takes what we call time. So we could say that we 
are hypnotized by the body and/or by the circumstances in which we live. 

This hypnotized state of being needs to be transcended by all of us. This 
transcendence is our own individual evolutionary progress from unawareness 
to Full Awareness. Which was our Original State in the first place... 

What that Original State is like, no one can describe right now, because we 
are not there yet. In the mean time, we all seem to be at different levels 
of awakening. This is so, because all of us are at different stages of 
growth, as well as that we live in different bodies, and work with different 
kinds of brains and genetics. We do all this for the Joy of Experiencing 
physical reality in passing through our own Creation from top to bottom 
again and again - The Grand Cycle! Blink and you will be there... 

Happy Cycling To All of You - Gerardus


From: "Laura Knight-Jadczyk" 
To: Gerardus 
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 13:03:39 -0500
Subject: Re: How dumb am I?

On 5 Jan 2001, at 19:02, Gerardus wrote:

 Laura here: 
 I would say that this is the ONLY necessary filter. If one seeks, as I do, 
 for the simple reason that one wishes to know God, to know 
 him/her/it/whatever as fully and completely as possible within the 
 constraints of the level of existence in which one is placed, that this 
 essentially amounts to the ONLY way in which the STS mode of existence can 
 be effectively utilized to progress as a soul. To WANT to know for any 
 other reason more or less constitutes desire for self gratification. 
 Hi Laura... 
 I cannot figure this one out. 
 Is STS up there in your response supposed to be STS or STO? - Gerardus

You are correct. The problem is: how do we utilize our STS "wanting" in the only way that it will 
ASSIST us to the STO position? To "want" anything is, essentially, STS. We are here, we are in 
this mode of being, so what to do? How can we use our greatest weakness, that which is programmed 
into our very DNA, to bootstrap ourselves? 

And I finally realized that even this condition, this STS mode of existence, CAN be utilized and 
applied in a certain context that results in an STO reaction.

So, to WANT to know God - after long reflection - seems to be the only suitable application for 
this state of being. To want anything else amounts to wanting for self. But, WANTING to know God 
is predicated upon Love, because to love is to know.

It's a nifty solution to what to do with our natural condition... and is derived from Sufi teaching 
of Al-'Arabi, so I cannot take credit for it. 


Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 12:36:42 GMT
From: "Seosamh *" 
Reply-to: TriLite@onelist.com
Subject: Re: [TriLite] Light your Symbolic Candle...

Yes, by "awaken" I mean that we just become suspicious of what we are being 
told and try to find out more about the Life in general. Like, we start to 
read books and/or ask questions no one knows the answer to. Like why does 
God create criminals for example or why does God create crippled people. 

Some of these questions always bothered me when I was still a catholic. 
So, by "awakening" I mean, that we start to look and find answers to these 
questions. The answers are naturally, that we all create what we are and in 
order to become better people in all ways, we need to learn how to create 
better. Which naturally means we need to understand that there is no"other" 
out there.  We are all one being - Humanity... 

Live as if you are the world and everybody in it - Gerardus 

Joe here: 
thanks gerardus, this stuck a chord with me! especially: 
"Live as if you are the world and everybody in it" 
is this yours or did you hear it from somewhere/one else? 
I am going to print it and keep it where it can remind me to do it everyday, 
so I need to know the author for copyright reasons!!! ;-) 

Thanks again 


X-Sender: gerardus@otvcablelan.net
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 09:45:44 -0800
To: gerardus@otvcablelan.net

... ! ... Statement by Gerardus ... ! ...

I have been reading the Cassiopaea Material for about six months. Right 
from the start I found it most interesting and it explained to me the actual 
situations I have witnessed on earth in this lifetime. Mankind is completely 
controlled and the realities or happenings in our world are created by 
higher density STS Aliens. They create our environments, including 
pestilence, war, famine, poverty, suffering and all the rest of it. They 
provide us with a gamut of human conditions and experiences. We need 
these experiences in order to gain awareness. Awareness is the clue! 

Awareness determines our level of existence or density. Eventually we will 
reach the highest density since we are from there in the first place. We Are 
The Light! We are the Creator living in its own Creation - going through 
all the different densities again and again. The Cassiopaeans call this the 
Grand Cycle... 

We live the Grand Cycle and all of us are working our way through this the 
best way we know how. This brings me to the religions and other belief 
systems. All of them are only stories. Stories or Lies! None is more true 
than another and all of them form the environment within which we learn our 
lessons by means of experience. Experience is the clue. It means 
Awareness! By reading the C-Material we gather information and knowledge 
that may be useful is this life. Therefore, all teachings and stories, 
including the C-Material, are the vehicles or scenarios that provide us with 
the awareness that we are The Essence - We Are The Light! 

What else is there to know? 
It means that there is no reason to become upset why others 
are the way they are. They are The Essence their way! It is none of our 
business whether some are dramatic, sloppy, smart or full of wisdom. Our 
task is to listen to the Soul or Essence of Life We Are. 

~ Life is a Celebration of the Creator living as the Created ~ 
- Gerardus - 


Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 10:56:33 -0800
From: Gerardus 
Subject: [TL] Random Cookie Thoughts...

From: Gerardus 

This sleeping Soul... 
this Soul of Humanity that lives within us 
is sleeping and dreaming within us and through us. 

In its unconsciousness or dream 
this Soul does not know 
what it is doing or what it is creating. 

For its Dream is Creation. 
Its dream is a terrible nightmare 
and Humanity is suffering because of it. 

Slowly though... this Dreaming Soul will awaken.
The fact is... that this Soul or Dreamer 
can only awaken because of its dream 
by the experiences it has through Humanity. 

As a matter of fact... 
the awakening of this Dreamer is guaranteed 
for the severity of the nightmare warrants it!

In some of us... 
this Dreamer is more awake than in others 
and all they can do is stand by and wait. 
Wait until the Dreamer awakens in all of us 
and only then can we make conscious changes 
and end our nightmare. 

So in many of us... this Giant Dreamer 
needs more time to sleep and dream. 
While in others it seems to be awake. 

This is why some know... 
that what is happening in the world 
is needed to awaken the Soul We Are.


~^~ Gerardus ~^~


Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 10:56:51 -0800
From: Gerardus 
Reply-To: TriLite@onelist.com
Subject: [TL] Reality and its Creator...

From: Gerardus 

Hi Lana, 
Whats new and exciting today?.. 
Check out that link above, science is catching upto us quicker then i 
thought!.. haha..

Hi Lana... 
I have read what was written in that article. What it says is true and the 
big boys of the sciences have known it for a long time. What we as ordinary 
people have trouble with, is that what we see in physical reality is just 
not there - or is as we see it! It's a Cosmic Illusion. There actually is 
no space or time, or breadboards and\or kitchen sinks! There actually is 
no Ice Cream either. It only becomes real when we see and lick it...

We seem to continually forgot that subatomic matter, atoms and molecules or 
matter, have a tendency to exist when observed. This precisely and 
literally means that what we see "out there" is created on the spot by us - 
the observer. We are the Creator in human form creating whatever we see or 

Atoms and molecules that appear in our physical reality show us specific 
aspects of themselves. These aspects are but the tip of the iceberg so to 
speak. The iceberg itself, is the rest of the universe, for all things are 
actually ONE Thing or Mind. This Mind creates by dreaming. Physical 
reality as we know it, actually exist in some kind of Imaginal Realm that 
has the tendency to become real when look at it. We make it Real! We do 
the same with the pictures on TV. Actually there are no pictures on TV - we 
create them. Hereby follows: The Observed and the Observer are One Being 
or Energy or One Mind fooling itself...

What is "out there" is not really observed until we see it "in here" - 
while in the mean time the "out there" and "in here" are not different 
locations - they are within the same Mind. They are within our Mind or 
Consciousness doing its Thing!

All things physical seem to exist in a Magical Reality that becomes 
physical when we experience it. The thing is - our body is not physical 
either. It is only a certain tip or focus point of the Infinite Iceberg we 
call the Cosmic Mind of Consciousness. 

This Mind is the Creator so completely engrossed in dreaming or creating 
that it is not aware of itself. It has no self-awareness! It has lost 
itself in its creation. Slowly but surely the unconscious Creator becomes 
consciously aware within the Created and people on TriLite are but a few of 

The Universe dreams itself into existence. Life is a Dream that comes True! 
Since we can change our dream when we become consciously aware within our 
dream - we can change our Life to anything we want. What Pops out ----> is 
Free Will and Total Freedom. The by product is: knowing that We Are The 
Universe. A New Christ is Born!

Thou art the Universe - Gerardus


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 11:25:05 -0800
X-eGroups-From: Gerardus 
From: Gerardus 
Reply-To: TriLite@onelist.com
Subject: Re: [TL] Reality and its Creator.

From: Gerardus 

Shadow here: 
Gerardus, you mentioned - He concluded that our brain works with 
Holograms. It also works with energies of a higher order. So do the 
UFO People. There is a higher Order of Energies out of which all 
things manifest...

Lana here: 
This sounds like a Kantonian position, which regards our perception as 
modifications of our own being, and not things in themselves.Am I on the 
right track?

Gerardus here: 
Yes, right track! Lack of fuel maybe... 

Basically there is but One Being or Energy and it is interesting in what it 
is really all about. It is like an enormous batch of Cookie Dough 
interested in what kind of Cookies it might become. Two of these Cookies 
are you and I! Question is - how do we crumble? Supposed to be funny...

The cookies that are baked are all modifications or distortions of the 
Original - but it's the only way it can be done. It creates an enormous 
confusion naturally but sooner or later all cookies line up in packages and 
get in the flow of being eaten. Meaning they disappear by recognizing the 
Baker and know that they are it. Also, not to forget, one needs to become 
a Cookie first before one can recognize the Baker. Yet, all Cookies are 
but a reflection of the Original, like the reflection of our face in the 
mirror. So, what are we?

We are reflections of the Original doing our 
thing including eating or reading Cookies...
Do you know what the Cookie List is Lana?

I'm not sure what Kant ever said, for I could not find anything interesting 
enough to read more than two pages of his material. I think what I say is 
Gerardian Gimbalism. 
Lana here: 
Evin mentioned -- In short, doesn't it seem a little more than a coincidence 
that we are all creating the same objects when we look at them?  
This made me think of another possibility... 
If our brains work with Holograms, then what of the spiritual content of 
human thought which enables us, through intuitive thought to percieve an 
object and unite it with a concept thus coming to know its reality ?

Gerardus here: 
The brain is a spiritual instrument and I see it as a Transducer between 
the Realms of Being. It's a Gate. Also, thoughts and things are the same 
thing but with different frequencies or energy-vibrations. Our Brainy 
Hologram knows the difference and tells us so. By means of previous 
experiences our brain is able to recognize the same face years later for 
example, although it is full of wrinkles now. Holograms are wrinkles 
themselves see. In any case, to truly understand this, one needs to read 
the books I spoke of yesterday. 


Lana here: 
Maybe we can know things - in themselves through the mind which is sensitive
to spirit.? In other words, thoughts have univesal significance.; they go 
beyond the consciousness of the individual and lead to reality of spirit in 
the world.

Gerardus here: 
The mind is a form of Spirit. It is aware-spirit so to speak. However, what 
IS Spirit? In a sense, we are all "Aware-Energy-Clouds" that recognize 
other Energy-Clouds. However, we do not take up any Space or Time. We are 
what we are Now and Forever. (Now and Forever is the same thing in the 
Universe beyond time) By being what we are, we go on certain space and time 
trips to experience realities we have never been yet. Once we get the hang 
of it we change scenery and find more interesting things to do...

I see the Universe as an infinite Mind that dreams. Its dream come true for 
the figments in the dream. In the mean time, the universe also dreams 
through or by means of its figments. The infinite dream becomes infinitely 
complicated naturally and it is enjoyed and/or endured by all figments. 

Although few figments really know each other, they are all figments of the 
same Mind or Consciousness. Since figments have their own dreams and 
remember them, they learn how to dream better and become more aware. 
Eventually they reach the point were their dreams overlap and the Christ 
Light goes on. The switch is between our ears maybe...

Possibly - in a sense, there is not even a Big Dreamer as Such - the Big 
Dreamer solely dreams through its figments maybe. Well, at least the Big 
Dreamer is not aware that it is dreaming or creation. It is not self-aware... 


Lana here: 
Does that make sense? (I'm not very scientifically minded.) 

Shake dreams - neither am I.

The entire universe is an experiment in mind, in which we play games 
with ourselves. In order to do so we all play different roles. Some 
seemingly better or worse than others. It's all the same Being being 
itself differently! The help we need, we find within by trusting and 
loving the aspects we are and by the roles we play...

Light... Love... and Laughter ~ Gerardus ~


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 12:00:25 -0800
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: [TL] Reality and its Creator...

Evin here: 
Also, I wonder: If nothing is there except when I look at it, why, then, 
if two people look at, say, the ocean, why do we both see the ocean, 
instead of one person seeing the ocean and the other, for example, a '57 
Gerardus here: 
Because both people are looking at Ocean-Energy and Chevies do not like 
Oceans much. That's why they stick to streets and garages a lot. Another 
thing is, that both people might see an ocean - but they both see a 
different ocean, for the facilities to create what they see is different.

Evin here: 
OK, the point is, there's an objective something happening, be it water or 
energy (or both). 

Gerardus here: 
Have to stop right here. 

Our modern scientists tell us that there is no objective reality or 
something out there happening in an objective sense. And I can understand 
that they are speaking truth here. We as human beings (Consciousnesses) are 
a point of aware-energy floating within an infinite see of Consciousness or 
Mind, out of which we manufacture the world as we see it, because we are 
looking through a Lens - our Body. What we see or experience out there is 
actually taking place in our own Consciousness, but we perceive an 
objective reality because our Lens says so... 

This Time and Space reality fools the best of us. Point is - in our dream 
it is real! All dreams are real to the Dreamer. The universe is weirder 
than we think. This is what threw all these scientists when this was 
discovered say 30/40 years ago. None of us is consciously aware that we 
are all hypnotized. But we all are!! 

We live an illusion and take it for real! 
The point is, that this is set up this way, on purpose! We WANTED 
to live here and get lost in this specific aspect of our Creation. I 
consider the entire endeavor a "Celebration of Success", for all of us are 
fooled by the illusion we created and take for real when we think we live 
in a body that seems separated from all other things... 

If there really was an objective thing or happening out there - no mind 
could change it! People like Jesus - changed it like you and I change 
shirts. What these Great People did - was change the entire scenery by 
changing the immediate surrounding of THEIR Universal Mind within we float 
as points of awareness. IOW: the spectators were sucked into the Mind of 
Jesus who changed his/their mind about what he wanted it to be. He 
manifested physical reality in Toto, as easily as Say Baba does presently 
with his manifestations of rings and brooches... 


Evin here: 
I agree that we can see things differently. My guess is 
that our focus (what we are drawn to see: color, texture, a certain area 
of ocean, light reflection, patterns, whatever), emotional nature (how we 
feel about the ocean), mental body (which includes memories about the 
ocean) and other stuff all influence our perception of the ocean. That's 
why it appears different when we compare our interpretation with another.

Gerardus here: 
I agree with what you say here. 

What we see out there however, is in fact not out there, but is (within) 
our own Consciousness or Universal Mind. We live in this Mind and can 
never leave it for we are this Mind. What we experience is an individual 
interpretation however and what we come up with, depends on our previous 
experiences and evolvement... 

A Christ sees nothing but her/himSELF in action. (Her/His Universal Mind in 
Action) A Being like that is completely aware what the matter world is all 
about and is not fooled by it anymore. That is why he could hang on a cross 
and feel no pain or discomfort, for he knows that this body is but one of 
his thoughts - that looks real and vulnerable to people like us...

With this I do not say that he ever hang on a cross! But he could have 
created the entire scene as proof that he is a true Son of God or had 
reached the Christ Consciousness. IOW: Jesus The Christ at that stage of 
awareness was able to put on his own PLAY and was the perfect Observer. 
Doing this, he fooled everybody around him by changing their physical 
reality on the spot. He made them believe that something objective was 

Certain UFO people do the same thing! Although they might use Holographic 
Phenomena to make people believe that they see Mary or some other Saint. I 
am pretty sure that Mary is/was not there... 


Evin here: 
Nonetheless, before humans graced the earth, I believe the ocean was doing 
just fine without us bringing it into existence. Ask an extinct fish.

Gerardus here: 
YES! I believe/know the same thing!! Question: How do you know that we 
were not the Great Consciousnesses that prepared/created the earth for 
their projections of Mind - the You and I people?? Like I said: We are the 
Creator and the Created...

I see creation as a Mosaic Holographic Unbroken Wholeness that is 
intermingled with endless and different individual patterns which 
make up this Unbroken Wholeness. The individual patterns are our 
personal creations, that in and by themselves reflect the overall 
Mosaic of the Unbroken Whole...

Light... Love... and Laughter. 
~ Gerardus ~


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 14:44:07 -0800
From: Gerardus 
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Subject: Re: [TL] Reality and its Creator...

From: Gerardus 
At 01:21 PM 2000/03/06 -0500, you wrote: 
From: Starbuilders  
Point is that our latest scientists have discovered that there really are 
no objects anywhere. There is a "Wholeness of Energy" (An Unbroken Whole) 
out of which we create certain realities. Which realities depend on our 
awareness! This NO OBJECTS bit, is what baffled the common sense out of 
thousands of scientists. 
The problem with understanding this is that life (or reality) exists at 
many levels. (This, BTW, is the reason paradoxes exist.) Even though at 
one level there may be "no objects," at another level, there obviously 
are. For instance, it is possible for planet earth (object) to be hit by a 
meteor (object). Or, for your fingers (objects) to touch a key on your 
keyboard (object). Mucho etc. 
So, sure, there are no objects. Sure, there are objects. Have a nice day!

Hello Evin... 
Yes, I agree. Indeed. Life has many levels or realities - all virtual! 
Virtual realities to me mean, that they are artificial or dreamstuff 
realities. Not really There! They are only real when you exist within the 
same kind of vibrations OR live in that dream. The fact that it is a dream 
is what I am trying to point out here. 

We as the Observer live and have our being in this dream, while all things 
within this dream except the Observer are virtual things - not really 
there. To awaken from this dream is a trick few have accomplished. 
Presumably, we all keep coming back into this dream until we have solved 
the mystery of it. By that I mean - until we know what matter is all about 
and know how to manipulate it like Jesus did...

About touching your keyboard. 
We think we touch it! All physical things, including fingers, are 
Atomic-Energy-Clouds. No Atom touches another Atom. These 
force-field-pressures however make other force-fields budge or yield. 

Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Force-Fields do not touch other 
Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Force-Fields, they push but never touch. 
I am being sticky here...

The Body and the Soul (Aura/Mind) are Energy Clouds that temporarily mingle 
and make ONE Force-Field. - the Human. Sometimes the Soul-Aura-Mind leaves 
and other Energies take over the body. Multi-Personalities syndrome or 
channeling. Channelling could be seen as a temporary walk-in. The ones 
that stay you know all about. Why do they come? They come and go in order 
to experience the Miracle of the Physical Dream...

99.999999% empty - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: [Abraham-Hicks] Another point of view...

From: Gerardus 

From Connee's post: 
Most people are too needy to grow...as long as our needs are frustrated, we 
spend most of our time being driven to fulfill them.

Gerardus here: 
I said that I would not respond to this subject again. (I changed it) 
However, I also changed my mind - I am flexible you see... 

Your point above: 
Indeed most people are to needy to grow for they are kept busy making a 
living. THIS is exactly, exactly twice, what I spoke of! The Rulers of the 
world, which include the big religions, are exploiting mankind by feeding 
them BS and keeping them in the dark. They are trying to make mushrooms out 
of them. The world is ruled by Fear. Not by Love! The world is controlled 
to assure that people stagnate. They are made into robots and consumers. 
That is why they are needy. Needy for the purpose of control!

Who instills this Fear? The religions and the big businesses with their 
commercials on TV and radio. There are more sicknesses and cures on TV than 
anyone possibly could get. But sure as heck someone will get some of it. 
There is money in it see. The masses are made sick by suggestion for money...
The Media, the Insurance Companies, the Oil Companies, the Banks, Medicare, 
etc etc. they all profit from the masses that are kept dumb on purpose and 
fight their wars. Weapons means money - it is power! I am saying that 
weapons are the manifested Fear of what has been instilled into the masses. 
In all countries... 

There are forces in 4D & 5D that live on the energies of Fear produced by 
the masses. They live on the emotional smut produced at football games, 
hockey and other sports. Look how these sport have expanded lately. They 
live on the emotional energy produced by the sports and its hoopla. Look at 
the Olympics and its scandals. From top to bottom... 

These off earth forces are parasites! And these forces are instrumental in 
keeping things status quo. Governments are helped by these 4D and 5D 
forces. This planet is ruled by extra terrestrials. The battle field is 
the Soul of Mankind! It is being hijacked by them. Religions are ruled by 
these extra terrestrials. NO changes or true education for the masses. 
Certain appearances of mother Mary - what are they? They are holographic 
projections of images. It always happens in poor countries to children for 
example - it looks real see. But it is all based on deceit and control. 
The religious masses go for it! I guess you have heard of UFOs. What are 
they? 4D and 5D entities farming their energies...

Now, it is all fine and dandy to manifests a new car or a better job, but I 
am past that you see. My job is to "see" what is. My job is to make people 
see past their blinders and smugness of I have found a way of manifesting 
what I want. This is not "Service to Others" as I see it. That is why I 
never got into the Abe-reality ten years ago. It is not as I see my work. 
But I do not blame or praise others for what they see as their work. I let 
them be and that's why I will quite this subject, or maybe even quit the 
list. I have my own list and pages and work... 


Connee here: 
Even if the Pope and his buddies began preaching Abe, the majority of the 
wouldn't be able to hear it. I know that my Mom, who goes to Mass every 
couldn't hear a bit of Abe or SOM until she got in trouble, and needed 
the church wasn't offering. And when I taught her Abe, she was able to 
hear it 
and use it in the context of her faith.

Gerardus here: 
The time has come for the masses to awaken. If the pope and his buddies 
would call it quits and the TV would not work anymore all of a sudden, 
people would begin asking themselves questions. At the present they are 
kept busy with distractions, emotional distractions by the news, by TV and 
its violence and sex. The Media and their TV is their babysitter. If that 
could be stopped the world would change in a minute. There is no need to 
wait another fifty years or so. 

In any case, I accept what is, but I also do my utmost to make people see 
another point of view than Abe's. I see this as my work and 
self-responsibility. For I am all People! I am not just Gerardus with a 
smirk on people with new cars or what have you. I have had cars you never 
dreamed of yet. They did not help me change my mind about the suffering 
masses, because of wars and poverty... 

And why are they suffering? Because they are kept poor on purpose. It's 
makes them easier to rule. As you know there is no end to abundance. Well, 
how come we still have not got it, if the religions were true educators of 
mankind? Why are there wars? Because they are instigated by the Rulers of 
the world. There is money in it! The governments of the world are but 
puppets. That is why JFK was killed. He did not want to go along any 
longer. The people that rule the world got rid of him. Why do others just 
disappear? Or commit suicide? Why mysterious airplane crashes?

Ask yourself about the Clintons - what kind of people are the Americans 
governed by? Liars and Cheats! Crooks my dear - plain crooks. Look at 
Nixon. A Crook. But when he died he was a hero. But what should others 
care are as long as they drive a sunroof car? Big deal! Life at the 
present is about awakening the Masses. The masses that suffer because they 
are distracted by the people they trust and see as their intermediary to 
their false God. The true God lives within! There is no one out there 
worth looking at - it's all within us... 


Connee here: 
Ernest Holmes always said, "Don't take away someone's faith unless you have 
something to replace it with." And Abe would say that the something would 
have to be in perfect vibrational harmony with where they are, and the church is 
surely that for a lot of people.

YOU tell me that your mother changed. Great!! So why do you assume that it 
is not for others? The spell needs to be broken. The hypnotic trance of 
the masses needs to be shaken off. Awaken Mankind! 2000 years of nonsense 
is long enough... 


Connee here: 
The church is meeting the needs of some people perfectly. And they will 
grow as their needs are met, and find the place to grow in, in their perfect 
timing. You cannot rush it or change it.

Gerardus here: 
Did all these people speak to you? Were their needs met?? Did they tell 
you that? Your mother's needs were not met, right! Again why are others 
different? As you know, we do not come to save the world. But some do come 
to help mankind to see the Light and try to guide them to their own IB. 

The church is meeting the needs of certain people because they are kept 
asleep. Felt safe by nonsense. The time has come to change this. I am not 
saying that you or I are the main figures here - I am only pointing out 
what my view is. Doing that, others will read and see "what is" as well. 
You and I being on this list changes the world - if not the universe... 


Connee here: 
But according to Abe, you would have a whole lot more influence in 
affecting the 
whole if you come from love yourself, releasing judgment and condemnation.

Gerardus here:
What gives you the impression that I do not come from Love?? 
Is their only your kind of Love?? Love is Understanding! 
Love is Appreciation! 

Loving is looking out for others. Trying to help...
Also - I do not judge anyone either and say what you do is wrong. I am only 
pointing out what I see. I notice. And tell. I also do not condemn them. 

My point is that it is time to bring all this into the open. Putting 
blinders on and manifesting whatever you like and then call the ultimate - 
is fine with me. My aim is to manifest a tiny change in the mind-set of 
the masses. Even this very post will do that for I see there are 300 
members. Things multiply beyond our knowing see. That is why I speak. That 
is why I am on this List. I am not here to agree or disagree, or to give 
you a headache. I am on the list to bring another point of view into the 


Connee here: 
What if the Catholic Church is God expressing, just as Abe is? What if God 
sends us only angels, including Popes and priests?

Gerardus here: 
God is not some kind of GrandFather who sends or does not send. God 
Allows!! All things are God or TIL expressing - and there is no "what if" 
about it. God is beyond question, for God is asleep in the masses. Wake 
this God and see what happens. God or TIL is the force within us and there 
is no other God. That is the One God the Ten Commandments speaks of - the 
God within. The true God lives within. 

And as you know this God appears in the Game of Creation as Hitlers and 
Churchills. As Mother Teresa and as Stalin. God appears as required by the 
rules *WE* have set. Duality! That is what we wanted to experience. And 
that is why there are more points of view than Abe's or any other view of 
any other Group-Consciousness. There are millions of them out there...

Greetings with Love to all on the List - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
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Subject: [TL] The Living Truth...

From: Gerardus 

To all who wonder...
There is the God Story 
There is the HIV Story 
There is the Zen Story 
There is the Aids Story 
There is the E.T. Story 
There is the Gaia Story 
There is the Seth Story 
There is the Sufi Story 
There is the Veda Story 
There is the Zeta Story 
There is the Bible Story 
There is the Datre Story 
There is the Draco Story 
There is the Enoch Story 
There is the Hindu Story 
There is the Jesus Story 
There is the Koran Story 
There is the Kryon Story 
There is the Buddha Story 
There is the Gandhi Story 
There is the Hitler Story 
There is the Jehova Story 
There is the Luther Story 
There is the Mormon Story 
There is the Stalin Story 
There is the Ramtha Story 
There is the U.F.O. Story 
There is the Abraham Story 
There is the Area 51 Story 
There is the Ezekiel Story 
There is the Fractal Story 
There is the Krishna Story 
There is the Lao-Tzu Story 
There is the Pyramid Story 
There is the Sananda Story 
There is the Art Bell Story 
There is the Hologram Story 
There is the I am God Story 
There is the Maitreya Story 
There is the Sai Baba Story 
There is the Andromeda Story 
There is the Ascension Story 
There is the Black Elk Story 
There is the Jansenist Story 
There is the Pleiadean Story 
There is the Reptilian Story 
There is the Armageddon Story 
There is the Dalai Lama Story 
There is the David Icke Story 
There is the Illuminati Story 
There is the Law of One Story 
There is the Linda Trip Story 
There is the Anti-Christ Story 
There is the Anti-matter Story 
There is the Crucifixion Story 
There is the Edgar Cayce Story 
There is the Four-Corner Story 
There is the Jimmy Jones Story 
There is the Nostradamus Story 
There is the You are God Story 
There is the David Koresh Story 
There is the David Suzuki Story 
There is the Hollow Earth Story 
There is the Nikola Tesla Story 
There is the Thou art God Story 
There is the Vince Foster Story 
There is the Virgin Birth Story 
There is the Bhagavad Gita Story 
There is the Deepak Chopra Story 
There is the Ernest Holmes Story 
There is the Reincarnation Story 
There is the Roswell Crash Story 
There is the White Buffalo Story 
There is the Wilhelm Reich Story 
There is the Matter is Mind Story 
There is the Michael Speaks Story 
There is the Mother Theresa Story 
There is the Jehova Witness Story 
There is the Mayan Prophecy Story 
There is the Princess Diana Story 
There is the Secret Society Story 
There is the Suma Ching Hai Story 
There is the Albert Einstein Story 
There is the Monica Lewinsky Story 
There is the Unfallible Pope Story 
There is the Yada di Shi'ite Story 
There is the Ascended Masters Story 
There is the End of the World Story 
There is the God Created Adam Story 
There is the Helena Blavatsky Story 
There is the Skulls and Bones Story 
There is the As Above so Below Story 
There is the Dreaming Universe Story 
There is the Life beyond Death Story 
There is the They Cloned Dolly Story 
There is the Biological Warfare Story 
There is the Thoughts are Things Story 
There is the Everything is an Illusion Story 
There is the Multidimensional Universe Story 
There is the Everything begins with a Thought Story.

Naturally, I could make a list of one million Stories. In any case, 
there are 99 Stories listed and now the big question arises: what is 
the most important Story to you? What really grabs you? If you ask 
me - all Stories are only Stories. Some better than others, but all 
are only Stories. Also, all of them are displayed behind the window 
of a second hand store. You know what that means? Well, all of them 
are Stories about other people or other happenings. There is no way 
that we, as individuals are able to appreciate these Stories as much 
as our own Story. Our Story is the one of our infinite Life and its 
accomplishments. It is something that is OURS! This means that our 
life is not just a Story. Our Life is the Living Truth! The Truth of 
our infinite Experiences.

! Living Our Truth Consciously Is Enjoying Peace of Mind !
This Peace of Mind will make our imagination soar across the rivers 
and lakes of the land, the oceans and the snow capped mountains. We 
will rest in the dream of our creation, in a luscious meadow shaded 
by trees. We will be watching the flowers and the bees. We will be 
smiling at dancing butterflies and the animals. Knowing that we are 
The Creator of All That Is, basking in the Sun - The Light We Are!

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, go ahead... 
Send it around the World - Gerardus 
This post was expanded and became an article. Go Here... 


To: ! TriLite@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Subject: To help the Earth/Ourselves...

To all TriLiters... 
Every now and then I get a long letter from Joe Firmage. He is a rich and 
influential man and I feel that he knows what he speaks of. 
The following is part of his post. 

My question to his writing is: 
"What can we do to help the Earth/Ourselves?"
Greetings with Love - Gerardus 


This is part of Joe's Post:
David Suzuki says, "We are nourished by nature, but we are so disconnected 
from life that most adults do not even realize that. Living in artificial, 
man-made environments makes us forget our biological nature. We think our 
greatest achievement is independence from nature, but we are still as 
dependent on air, water, and soil as any other living organism. It is not 
technology that cleanses the air for us or manages the water cycle or gives 
us food. It is the biodiversity of nature. We live in a finite world where 
matter is endlessly recycled through biological action. The variety of 
living things on this planet is what keeps it livable.

"The more urban our environment, the more ignorant we are of how our world 
actually works. In Toronto, if you ask someone, 'Where does your food grow?' 
or 'Where does your water come from?' or 'Where does your toilet water go?' 
they do not know. If you tell them that their toilet flushes into Lake 
Ontario, half a kilometer from the intake pipe for their drinking water, 
they are absolutely shocked...

"Trying to escape reality, we live in an increasingly illusory world. We are 
losing the ability to sense the real world. Being unaware of our biological 
nature leads to being out of touch with our own bodies, as well as those of 
others. We reject our animality, even though being with animals makes us 
more human...

"We are part of them, just as they are part of us. We do not end at the 
edges of our bodies; we are intermixed with everything else. When you 
realize that you are part of this living skin of life, it is very 
comforting, because it means you have this kinship with all other living 
things. When Lovelock came up with 'Gaia,' we knew it was right. It makes 
sense that there is something bigger than us and that we are part of it. Our 
spirituality comes from the realization that there are things beyond our 
comprehension greater than us."

Martin Holdgate adds, "The greatest need is for international vision and 
inspiration. As I wrote in my book From Care to Action, human societies down 
the ages have been led by visionaries rather than functionaries -- by poets 
and prophets. We need to recapture a sense of vision. We need to acknowledge 
not only that the world of nature is the foundation of our lives but also 
that it is beautiful, wonderful, an object of reverence, and a manifestation 
of what people of many faiths have seen as the divine."

James Lovelock says, "It saddens me that few people ever see the stars at 
night. Although parts of London were so dimmed by the street lights that I 
could not see the sky, when I did see the stars, I was awed. The occassional 
meteorite was tremendously exciting. I could not help wondering what it was 
like out there and what was to be found in outer space. Of course, as a 
child, I never dreamed that in the future I would actually be involved in 
that kind of enterprise...

"When I first saw Gaia in my mind, I felt what an astronaut in space must 
have experienced seeing our home, Earth. I perceived Gaia as a single living 
entity consisting of Earth's biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and land. Its 
entirety constitutes a feedback system that creates optimal physical 
conditions for life on this planet. It is a totality endowed with qualities 
far beyond those of its constituent parts. It differs from other living 
organisms in the way we differ from the population of living cells in our 
bodies. Gaia is the largest of living systems -- it is our superorganism."

Bringing this message to a close, I'll quote from Thomas Lovejoy's essay... 
"At first, the rain forest seems almost bewilderingly simple, that is, until 
you learn enough about it to be able to sense some of the difference. You do 
not notice individual things as much because each thing appears to be part 
of everything around it. Unlike temperate-forest plants, which grow 
separately, rain forest plants grow together. Every available niche is 
overflowing with living inhabitants: it is a giant green web of interlocking 

"Above you, layers of life are piled on top of each other. Shrubs, ferns, 
palms, trees of differing kinds and heights hung with huge vines, laddered 
lianas, and coiling creepers are intertwined together, meshed into an 
endless mosiac. Plants grow on plants growing on other plants. Flowering 
gardens cluster on terraced tree branches, orchids cascade in profusion, 
bromeliads perch like birds on branches. Epiphytic plants clumped on bark 
collect water and absorb nutrients from the air, providing homes and food 
for other plants and peculiar creatures. An amazing array of organisms 
resides at every level of the canopy.

"Under this living umbrella, your senses are continually aroused. While 
winds whip the canopy above, tropical thunderstorms filter through the 
layered leaves, dissipating into mist in the still air below. The air is so 
humid that it is permeated with organic smells. Fertile scents drift down 
from above, earthy odors waft up from the moist soil. Whatever falls to the 
ground is decomposed in weeks, compared to the years it takes in cooler, 
drier climates.

"As well as being bathed in moisture and immersed in smells, you are always 
surrounded by sounds. At night sound is pervasive. In the darkness, it feels 
tangible. If it does not scare you, it can be entertaining and sometimes 
even amusing. The three senators I recently took there snored all night, 
accompanied by frogs improvising in response. It was quite a combo swinging 
in the hammocks.

"While you are living there, you are so embedded in it that you not know its 
full effect on you. Although I recognized the scientific importance of the 
forest while I was working in it, I did not realize what it meant to me 
personally. That moment of revelation came when I took my first bunch of 
senators to the Amazon in 1989. At that point, I had not been into the 
forest or to my research project for a year and a half. I was only a few 
steps down the path into my favorite camp in the forest when suddenly I had 
the feeling of coming home. That is when I realized the forest had come to 
mean something to be on a deeper level. I belonged here."

As we approach Earth Day 2000, I am hopeful, and optimistic, that we will 
choose to awaken, finding the way that opens our hearts, lightens our 
footprint and lengthens our stride.
Be well,
Joe Firmage


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From: Gerardus 
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Subject: Re: [TL] Datre Material 

Helga here: 
On another note: in order to be conscious in and of 3D completely and 
function in it, it occured to me that one's consciousness might have to be 
'stationed' on a somewhat higher frequency octave.

Hello Helga... 
Yes, I agree with you. 
Consciousness or Mind is actually One. There is but One Mind! Human 
beings are specific reflections of certain aspects of this Creative Mind. 
Whatever aspects we are of this Mind are Real - while the human reflections 
are part of a divine and illusionary play... 

What we experience of ourselves is experienced from our "above" position 
and is bled through into our human awareness or mind, when it is ready. 
Whether the human mind is aware of it or not - the play or the human is 
just as divine and illusionary. IOW: we are taken for a ride. To be aware 
of this and become an enjoyable rider is up to us. In many cases, this is 
difficult for we did not behave too well on many other rides. We have to 
get the 'hang' of it and let it happen to us without ego interference. 

This is hard to do in the beginning for the ego is a necessary ingredient 
subject to the process of individuality we are working on. Trick is to 
become an Individual Soul and forget about the individual human being 
(ego). I have an advantage, for when older, one forgets a lot. 

Grinning - Gerardus 


Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 20:26:49 -0700
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From: Gerardus 
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Subject: [TL] Justice... 

fred here: 
yes, i would forgive him. and i would have no problem with him living 
next door either. there is nothing he can do to me. for your question to 
make the impression you intend, i would have to be afraid. i must be 
afraid of what "could happen". i am not. 
i guess what i find most puzzling about this question is its fear based 
premise. and that is my point about justice. from the perspective of 
fear, scarcity, mortality, and uncertainty, justice is very important. it 
is important because if you believe that you can be harmed or damaged, and 
that said harm or damage can come from "no" thought or action of your own, 
then yes, justice is very real (for you). but on the other hand if you 
believe that you are the creator of your own reality, that your thoughts 
and your choices are your pen writing your scenes in your drama moment by 
moment, before now, now, and forever after, then justice is an illusion. 
it is an illusion not because in your example, i allowed that man to live 
next to me. it is an illusion because i did not see my own hand writing 
that script long before either of us was born...

Gerardus here: 
Fred's points of view have great value. 
A few of my views follow here about the above... 
All this has to do with the Law of Attraction, the Law of Creation and the 
Law of Allowance. If one has a fearless mindset with respect to 
molestations and the children have the same kind of mindset - no one would 
harm the family. The Law of Attraction does its work here. One does not 
attract so called criminals... 

Then, if one creates one's own reality - harm and or fear is completely 
excluded as well. One would create an atmosphere of Love and Joy around 
one's self...

Finally the Law of Allowance. To allow some previous molester move next 
door - would be perfectly save, for this is the way the universe works! 
One has to allow oneself and others to be free and without judgment. 
However, this does not mean that it *always* works for us! The least 
little bit of doubt we might have, could create a flaw in the Fabric of our 
Aura and voila - anything could happen... 

About justice. Justice is not necessarily done by catching the so called 
criminal and send him to jail or kill him. Justice might just have been 
done by what happened to us! This leaves forgiveness as our only choice. 
Forgiveness will only happen naturally, when the ego has evaporated by 
means of knowing Self. Once in a while I hear people like that on the 
radio nowadays. The world is changing...

Mindset or Attitude is All - Gerardus


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Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 18:58:06 -0700
From: Gerardus 
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Subject: RE: [TL] justice 

At 08:28 AM 2000/04/20 +1200, you wrote: 
The point is (was) that karma is a cosmic Justice system, meant to balance 
the situation. You can't just dismiss justice with a nice saying and expect 
it to go away (or "believe" it out of existence). 
Hi.. Fiona butting in here..... Karma is part of the "illusion" it doesn't 
matter ! It is part of the "dead zone" globs of consciousness thing. It is 
just one of the many many belief systems that we have as a mass 
consciousness bought into and believed to be real.

Gerardus here: 
Thinking aloud: 
I think/feel that there is nothing else but illusion in the entire 
universe. IOW: All planes of being are illusionary plane of existence. In 
the mean time, all these illusions are Real! I do not think it wise to say 
that we bought into something that is an illusion and pass on it. We have 
a responsibility toward ourselves. Thing is, that there is nobody out 
there who is NOT ourselves. Karma therefore is the impetus of the action 
on this earth and others. Even Beings from dimensions higher than 3D speak 
of responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. (The Ra Material) I think 
they said that they were 6D...

There were Laws and Codes of Conduct set up when we began this Physical 
Reality system. The laws and rules were based on some kind of balancing 
system that functions on what goes around comes around. We all create our 
own Karma! Even today!! It is part of our present reality. Now, 
eventually, some of us might have reached a stage to transcend these laws 
and are exempt. But only though, when the balance has been restored. How 
does anyone know, right now for example, that he or she is free from these 

Karma could be created by thinking the wrong thoughts for example or by the 
wrong teachings. Thoughts keep pestering us see. They continue to exist 
and we have to deal with them sooner or later in whatever lifetime. A 
belief system? Sure, set up before we even descended onto these planes. 
Life to me is not some kind of wild party were anything goes unnoticed with 
respect to the Good of the Whole. Some place we will meet our self-created 
echo and endure or enjoy our song...

So Be It - Gerardus


Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 19:14:47 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: [TL] Ultimate. 

Gerardus jumping in here: 
If not striving for the ultimate in spirituality - what do we strive for? 
I'd say JOY! Joy and Peace of Mind - relaxing into life. Enjoying what 
is!! Striving for Joy or Peace of Mind sounds too harsh or too hard for 
me. Does a flower strive to bloom? Does a bird strive to sing? I feel 
that we need to see things in a more simple manner. And yes, also, coming 
back to complete and total honesty with ourselves and others. This is 
enough striving for many of us...

Next, we project ourselves into an attitude of Joy and Exuberance about 
Life - just the simple life. I do not think that we need to strive for the 
Ultimate. We will experience the Ultimate automatically when we have 
learned to enjoy the little things...

I just watched a tiny fly outside, soaring in the sun in front of our 
window - what an exuberance and what an incredible miracle this tiny fly! 
Imagine these tiny wings beating up and down hundreds of times per minute - 
per second maybe. How is it all possible? How can this be - knowing that 
it is 99.9999% emptiness? Atoms and molecules combining themselves and 
forming a tiny fly, doing its dance
If we cannot see greatness in this tiny fly - how can we ever see greatness 
in ourselves or others? I feel that it pays to see the little things first...

Fly Consciousness - Gerardus 


To: TriLite@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 09:55:18 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: RE: [TL] justice 

Fiona here 
Yeah, whatever. I still look at the BIG PICTURE from a BIG PICTURE 
perspective and still can't buy into the cosmic justice thing. I'm not into 
"nice" sayings either - just the way I see things. 
Re the E.T. Earth Mission guys - they were no nonsense, plain and simple 
truths. They were endeavoring to get us out of the way of having to have 
rules - first rule is there are no rules. Did you ever hear any of the 
Ilehu (sorry do not know the correct spelling) discourses. His version of 
karma would match mine I am sure.

Hi Fiona - Gerardus here: 
Let's say that we have developed to a State of Mind by which we understand 
that we are Humanity as a whole! IOW: the entire World of Man on Earth is 
our Expression and/or our Body. Now, do you think that you could go out 
there and murder them by the millions because they are your Body anyway? 
The rest of the population of the world might be able to forgive us, point 
is - could you forgive ourselves? What right do we have to kill others or 
kill aspect of ourselves? Do you go for self-mutilation for example?

The idea of having the rule that there are no rules, is an idea of an 
outside force. Maybe they live off our energy of Fear? What's preventing 
them to kill you? Or snuff out your light and/or steal the knowledge from 
your SoulBeing that took you 500 million years to gather?

If we feel and live as if the entire world is ourselves - would we hurt it? 
If we do hurt it anyway - we have to live with it. Whatever kind of 
living that might be I do not know. One could call this Karma. My entire 
point is, that when we see The Universe as our Expression - we smile at 
ourselves. We would certainly not hurt it. It seems to me that your BIG 
PICTURE PERSPECTIVE is a bit callous...

I am not much for nice saying either, but sometimes they roll out and I 
leave them as they are. They make up for the times that I was a bit blunt 

Also, let's assume that Datre, or Seth, Ramtha, or whoever, live in the big 
picture universe; now, why do they bother to try to help us? What's in it 
for them? Why don't they just sail into the Blinding Light of Blissful 
Illumination and disappear behind the Godhead? No doubt something must 
stop them and look back...

Only One Candle - Gerardus 


To: Illusions_One@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Delivered-To: mailing list Illusions_One@egroups.com
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 15:37:58 -0700
Reply-To: Illusions_One@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [Illusions_One] QUESTIONS for everyone.

At 09:39 AM 2000/04/28 -0700, you wrote: 
Gerardus wrote: 
Martin here: 
What is everyone's idea of the statement the Earth is moving into the 
4th dimension? 
What does it mean to you, what do you think the 4th dimension is? 
How is it different then what we know now? 
What is the difference? 
Will you see the difference? 
Will you feel the difference? 
Gerardus here: 
I think it is an excellent idea! 
However, all this is but a personal guess!! 
All answers to your questions Martin are but projections or stories. 
If we knew what it was like we would be there already... 

Me Thinketh: 
Possibly we will be able to created immediately what our little heart 
desires. This means that we create the consequences attached to these new 
creations immediately as well. 
Explore this........How & Why is this possible with 4-d awareness? 
Why is this not possible with 3-d awareness?

Gerardus here: 
Our explorations and life will be beyond Time - MeThinketh. This means that 
whatever we have in Mind ---> will be so immediately!! We will be having a 
Lucid Dream that will not end! At the moment we struggle with the Time 
Factor (or Time it takes to accomplish things). All this does not mean to 
me that we will be perfect creators all of a sudden. By perfect I mean, 
without making mistakes either big or small, that will need to be 
experienced as well as the positive creations. Translated into 3D this 
means, that the creation of a car might make one so elated and happy that 
one forget to watch the road and climb a telephone pole with it. Bang 
Bang!! Head through windshield - Big Ouch...

Another thought here: 
Many of us already live in a 4D environment except for Time. By this I do 
not mean that we have a million possession or toys, but are past the "I 
want to HAVE stage" of Life. We will be in the "I want to BE stage". Like 
Peace of Mind, Understanding, more Wisdom -OR- at least wiser than we ever 
have been. This is the result of being directly connected to the Inner 
Self or what I call the Creative Energies We Are in the first place. We 
have reached the CreativeSpiritualSelf stage... 

Then, last thought: 
Let's wait and see. I feel that when this 4D Environment will take effect 
(2012?) depends on personal evolvement directly boosted by a Quantum Jump 
because of the New Energy we will be swimming in. Or as some call it - 
Ascension Environment. In the mean time, I am in favor of a Collective 
Ascension (The whole of Humanity) but it is not my sayso! Higher aspects 
of ourselves determine who is lifted up there and/or who is not. It might 
mean a separation of the Wheat and the Chaff...

Life is a Celebration of the Creator living as the Creator - Gerardus


To: TriLite@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 21:49:42 -0700
Subject: [TL] Welcome to 4D Creator!

Consider this: 
Each of us actually is the entire universe or universal mind as a Hologram. 
When we live in the Three-Dimensionality of the matter world, our 
body-self, as well as the entire world, are reflections in, and of, our 
mind or consciousness. We think that things are "out there" - but in 
actuality - life takes place within us, because we are Life, we are the 
Universal Mind! All of Life takes place within our mind or consciousness. 
We are the Unbroken Whole!

This will become more obvious when we move into the higher dimensionality 
of 4D. Our Life then, or our Beingness as Such, will reveal that what we 
experienced in 3D is a complete illusion, for in 3D we only see and 
experience surfaces. The assumption that things are solid and have three 
dimensions, is an assumption or concept we have taught ourselves to be so! 
Our brain works in a holographic manner and our impressions are the result 
of its activity. It creates an illusion that we accept as real!

I feel that Four Dimensionality will give us X-ray vision and experiences. 
This means that, we will be able to touch our heart without opening our 
body, for example. This naturally means, that 4D reality will be a 
completely new experience and will reveal the actuality of the "emptiness" 
of the so called 3D matter reality. It is a total illusion! As you might 
remember we discussed this before. There is no objective reality in a three 
dimensional system in the first place. What we see "out there" is 
happening in our own Mind. What is out there are our thoughts on display 
in a 3D reality... 

All this is so, for the Universe and all its aspects, are our Mind or 
Consciousness on display. By changing our thoughts, we change our mind and 
change our surroundings or scenery. Life in 4D will be a Lucid Dream and 
the greater our imagination - the greater our experiences. We are the 
Universal Creator, teaching itself to create and discover unlimited Joy in 
the innumerable projects of our Imagination. Welcome to 4D Creator...

! Diversity is our Strength and Tolerance our Principle !


Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 09:07:08 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Description of Physical Plane

Anthony here: 
I would like to read your description of this 'plane 
of being'; would you post something about it or direct 
me to some of your writings that deal with the 
kind regards, 

Gerardus here: 
This Plane of Being - is a plane of energy that seems to look like as if it 
is occupied by three dimensional objects only, including human beings, 
animals of all kind, including the little folks, called viruses and 
bacteria. All this is an illusion, for our sciences have determined, that 
atoms exist of 99.9999% emptiness. How can all that emptiness make one 

All is energy of some kind, call it God or Consciousness or Spirit. This 
Consciousness or Energy is what we swim in. We as an energy-force-field 
are given the impression that we live in solidity. We see and experience 
solidity since we live in a body that fools us. Our senses, brain and mind 
"construct" a reality we accept as real and solid, but in actuality there 
is no solidity nor an objective reality out there... 

There is not even an "out there" for we ARE Life/Consciousness/Energy that 
contains within itself the Seer and the Seen. All things and happenings 
take place within us, within our mind. Mind does not even take up space or 
time. We are The Object and the Observer. Our quantum sciences even tell 
us that they we are One. The self we think we are is a reflection in 
matter. Matter however is not a thing in and by itself. It is a form of 
Consciousness or Universal Energy...


If this is so, what do you and I experience in this Realm? What is 
it that is out there? And is it out there? I feel that what is out 
there is our own Mind in which we live and what we experience is a 
self-created reality that varies according to our expectations and 
belief system. 

IOW: all of us create, see and experience something 
different while all realities are present at all times. And we all 
pick whatever we need from the Absolute Universal Reality in order 
to grow to maturity and doing that - enjoy even more of ourselves!

Light... Love... and Laughter - Gerardus


To: trilite@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 09:42:12 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: [TL] Time and Space... Wow!

Illusionary reminder here...
Time is perceived by us - for it is created by us. The senses, brain and 
conscious mind CREATE time and space for us when we live in a human body 
and are awake. It is a self-created phenomenon that collapses when we sleep 
or when we leave our body. Time and space are not something in and by 
themselves. They are self-created illusionary realities and necessary 
aspects to produce a 3D environment. Time and Space as we experience them 
are in actuality a limitation. Time and Space are the walls of a mental 

We live in a Time/Space Reality in order to experience it, and 
once we have enough of it, we work to promote ourselves to different 
regions of our universal mind. Human beings are figments of their own 
imagination - that is - the Universal Mind and its imagination produces the 
virtual reality of 3d and its inhabitants. WE ARE the Universal Mind. We 
are multi-dimensional beings focused in but a tiny aspect of our creation. 
Creation is our universal mind at work...

For more of this Metaphysical Mumbo Gumbo please see my pages. Especially 
the Cosmic Cookies. They have reached a level of illusionary reality that 
even fools the author. Wow!

Light... Love... and Laughter!


To: cassiopaea@egroups.com
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 19:12:48 -0700
Reply-To: cassiopaea@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [cass] Re: Ark's Question

At 08:49 PM 2000/05/19 -0400, you wrote: 
On 19 May 2000, at 17:21, Bucket Man wrote: 
What is the exact mathematical expression of realm border density 
perpendicular and parallel realities 
What data do you have from which to extrapolate? 
(Not that I can neccesarily help...but I'm willing to try...) 

Hmm.... What data do I have? Present state of theoretical physics. 
All that I know from being a physicist, from studying works of other 
physicists and mathematicians. I am trying to relate the concepts that I 
know from Cs and from other mystic sources to the concepts and structure 
of present day science of space,time,energy,matter, and information. 
And there is no answer that is out there, ready to serve us. 
Space and time has been unified by Einstein special and general relativity. 
But we are being told (and I somehow resonate to this) that time is more of 
a "subjective nature". Shold we divorce space and time? If so, in what way? 
Gravity is nowadays considered as geometry of our curved space and time. 
Is space/time really "curved"? Is it curved in the sense that present day 
relativists and geometers like to think? 
Physics knows something about "dimensions". It knows nothing about 
"densities". Or at least there is no a ready to use concept. Has it 
something to do with concepts that I was dveloping years ago in 
http://www.cassiopaea.org/quantum_future/vv.pdf ? 
How to add consciousness to physics? Through the quantum wave 
function as speculated by many? It doesn't make sense to me. Where is 
"quantum" coming from and how it relates to gravity? 
What is matter if all illusion? 
etc etc etc .... 

Deep questions Ark - Yes! 
Might be best to go for a walk, smile and then look into the mirror. What 
you see then, directly relates to what matter is to consciousness - a 
reflection. Yeah, and Time as well as Space are of a subjective nature. 
Inseparable. And indeed reflections created by a specific energy hologram 
we call our brain, which projects these reflections upon a screen we call 
our awareness...

In a dream anything is possible, with or without 
mathematical expressions. Which might be nothing else but projected 
symbols we created to suit the occasion. We always find what we are 
looking for because we are the Creator of the whole Shebang. There are no 
square holes and round pegs in a universal manner. Miracles and mystery 
will fit anything to anything. It all takes place in mind - there is no 
other medium...

Stopping here... 
Speaking well over my head - Gerardus


From: "altron" 
To: "Gerardus" 
Subject: GREAT TEACHER,, this Gerardus aspect
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 15:32:39 -0600

Hey Geeman, 
first time I have called you this. You earned it!! 
You have taught the people on the cassie list more with your posts 
there than anything they have on their email list otherwise ...!!!!! 
I like your style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I screamed out loud here about the one guy who welcomed you and was so 
glad you could learn something there, that's where he really learned, 
lucky guy. 

I went through the whole ARCHIVES. 
I LIKE / LOVE the way you responded to Laura and Laura, 
sorry, Ark and Laura or????????????????? Laura and Laura. 
I think it is Laura speaking for Ark. It's not his English, 
me has read his English. It lacks in properly grammatic but being 
married to Laura cured him of that overnight! ................ 

I went to the properties of their emails.--- 
I have also been to his University website where his English is 
on Display, the English, his wife cannot change  )))))))))))))))))))) 
Besides, I thought he was teaching in POLAND AT THE uNIVERSITY. 
Went to the "boring" cassie site. Whole stuff reminds me of one 
"frightened" little Laura trying to keep control ..................... 
of a few sheep, not wanting them to look left or right........... 
afraid they might look left or right. 
And here cometh you! 

Eh, they had questions on the list who you were before they allowed you!!!! 
So I copied it, if interested let me know... 
After you it was me who came next in the subscription request. ....... 
no other member in between and believe you me........ bucket man 
relayed my address to Laura.......... She is probably bucket man also......
........ I have to check his email properties!! 

Anyway............... She recognized Altron and said .... stop! 
See, if she wanted me on the list - be open minded like you and not 
AFRAID of other opinions, she could have INVITED me to the list when 
I corresponded with her............... No, I was too controversial.................. 
Then I unsubbed... voila as Altron. 

Then I tried to sub as Creston...................... 
Now they were careful not to querry on the list who Creston is........ 
I am sure Ivey sent my email to Laura.............. the one where I 
"corrected" Ivey about RA! 

Now, I am reading that Carla is a Friend of Ivey................. 
I could say more, but I don't. 

Anyway........................... it's all so funny............. 

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From: "altron"  
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Subject: Re: GREAT TEACHER,, this Gerardus aspect 
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And here cometh you!
Eh, they had questions on the list who you were before they allowed you!!!!
So I copied it, if interested let me know...
 Yes, what were they?
 Busy here - Geeman

Here it comes: 
I copied and pasted it. 
From: Bucket Man lordbucket@h... 
Date: Tue May 16, 2000 4:02pm Subject: Gerardus@telus.net 
Does anyone know who "Gerardus@t... is? 
He is requesting entrance to the list... 
Bucket Man, 


From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk 
Date: Tue May 16, 2000 4:23pm Subject: Re: [cass] Gerardus@telus.net 
On 16 May 2000, at 16:02, Bucket Man wrote: 
Does anyone know who "Gerardus@t... " is? 
He is requesting entrance  to the list...
Bucket Man, 
Go to http://www.egroups.com/messages/TriLite 
They were discussing Cs for a while .... 


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk lark2@o... 
Date: Tue May 16, 2000 5:30pm Subject: Re: [cass] Gerardus@telus.net 
On 16 May 2000, at 16:02, Bucket Man wrote: 
> Does anyone know who "Gerardus@t... is? 
He is requesting entrance to the list... 
I think we can vette Gerardus. 

I do want to say for new members that I sometimes share portions of C's 
material with the list that are not intended to be made public because they are 
sensitive, personal, or maybe even too controversial. Please don't post them 
to folks not in the group or on other lists. 


Ark and Laura Jadczyk


From: Michael Ballou mballou@w... 
Date: Tue May 16, 2000 6:03pm Subject: Re: [cass] Gerardus@telus.net 
--- In cassiopaea@egroups.com mailto:cassiopaea@egroups.com, 
"Laura Knight-Jadczyk" lark2@o...wrote On 16 May 2000, 
Laura wrote: I think we can vette Gerardus. 

I do want to say for new members that I sometimes share portions of 
C's material with the list that are not intended to be made public
because they are > sensitive, personal, or maybe even toocontroversial. 
Please don't post them to folks not in the group oron other lists.
Laura: What does "vette" mean? I'm new. Is thisone of those things 
or code words for something "sensitive, personalor maybe even too 
controversial" you were talking about?Also, whatabout my questions 
from a few days ago.1. Any thoughts on the nutsand bolts of "critical
mass"?2. Do the C's have an opinion of "Conversations with God"? 


From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk lark1@o... 
Date: Tue May 16, 2000 6:35pm Subject: Re: [cass] Gerardus@telus.net 

On 17 May 2000, at 1:03, Michael Ballou wrote: 
What does "vette" mean? I'm new. Is this one of those things or code words for
something "sensitive, personalor maybe even too controversial" 
"vette" is a rather archaic term, though still in use by some clubs, which 
means "affirm" or "vote yes" to... someone who has been "vetted" has 
been "approved." 

As to your questions... I hope that the group will discuss them... I will add 
something rather soon, but I am pretty busy writing the next page... which, 
oddly enough, has something to do with the subject... and the subject was 
discussed just recently. 


Helga here: 
Above are exact copies... 
Aside from other stuff 
I do want to say for new members that I sometimes share portions of C's 
material with the list that are not intended to be made public because they are 
sensitive, personal, or maybe even too controversial. Please don't post them 
to folks not in the group or on other lists. 

H. here again: 
that's what she said before you were approved! 
Besides, can you believe that Ark is checking on onelists for you 


give me a break. 
Then at the end, she is using ARK's email address and signs it Laura. 
Which is of course there proragative........... But I think she 
just got carried away and didn't "set it" for the proper return address.
That's what I have to do EACH time I send an email, as I have 
a few addresses. 



Helga's post


From: "Fiona Stones"  
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 16:01:55 +1200 
Subject: RE: [TL] The futility of the limitations 

Hi Fiona - Gerardus here: 
Mastering of the Physical Plane. 
Yes, I go for what you say with the understanding that the body is the 
vehicle of the Soul present within it. It lives there in order to 
experience its own creation - the body as well as its surroundings and 
realities which extend into the infinite. 
The physical body as such is limited in its scope of doing, being and 
thinking. It has been created that way on purpose in order to be able to 
enjoy being totally lost in the physical without the feelings of being 
lost. Then, one must be able to master living in comfort and convenience 
from a bodily point of view - this is important in order for the Soul to 
enjoy its stay. Not all lives are lived in order to enjoy the good things 
of life. There are negative experiences for the body as well. These are the 
lesson in order to learn mastery of the physical. The ideal human knows the 
balance between Mind, Body and Soul without being concerned about things 
beyond it reach. It know its limits so to speak... 

I think I did - Gerardus 

Fiona here... 
Well done, you expanded nicely on my scenario.


To: TriLite@egroups.com
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 15:43:10 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [TL] Karma or no Karma

Shakti here:
--- snipped to the bone of fear -------------------
Finally, let's say you 
experienced negative emotions - you got mad or upset 
and opened yourself to negative influences all around 
us, one of which could be a cold (and hopefully not a 
car accident...) - you broke your protective health 
shield by allowing yourself experience bad emotion and 
reacting to something "bad" 
well, that was just my take on it, as confusing as it might be...

Hi Shakti - Gerardus here: 
Congratulations for sure - you survived brilliantly! 

Very nice description of the mirror looking at God and not recognizing it. 
In any case, I think I know what it was you saw. You looked at yourself in 
a dream and what you saw was the illusionary projection of the Rascality of 
God. It was looking for a place to reincarnate. It ended up in my body! 
Once in, it forgot itself and people called it Gerardus. They had to wash 
it before it became functional. For the first year it was a struggle they 
could not win! Most bodies are hit by the same Rascality at different 
times all throughout the ages, which when you look behind the mirror all 
becomes the same moment expressed as focused Cosmic Energy. Sometimes it 
falls apart for the mirror distorts everything. This is so because it 
becomes afraid of its own image. 

It's called Mirror's Syndrome and people are full of it without knowing. 
That is why they pay Twenty Dollars a month to shun it and call it Cable TV 
with multi-channel preferences. The preferences are the reflections of the 
Mirror's Anxieties. They act as predators and eat emotional beggars on 
dark nights...

Thank God you're not one of them - Gerardus
BTW: How are you and the Baby?


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 08:11:41 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Truth Our Way

To all Members...
Consider this: 
As I see it - Truth is an Individual Thing and/or Quality and we all 
experience our own Truth only. Only what we experience ourselves, either by 
direct or by indirect experiences, by living or reading for example, 
becomes an aspect of our Truth. We cannot share it with others. Others also 
can not experience the same thing! There is no "The Same Thing" - for 
individual expressions of the Unbroken Whole. IOW: We will never be able to 
step into the same river twice! (Who was that aspect of me who said that 

This means that slowly, but surely, we create our own universe and it will 
be different than anybody else's universe. Yes, there are overlapping areas 
naturally. These overlapping areas are nothing but overlapping States of 
Mind. There is only Mind in the first place. This makes it possible to 
experience All That Is. It is our Mind expressing itself in our own 
individual way infinitely... 

Also, Truth is discovered by living it! We LIVE our Truth. We are the 
Living Truth! No where anywhere is there a billboard or universe, of any 
size, that contains the Truth. The only Truth there is - is the recording 
of our own experiences upon the Light-Wavicle We Are. It's an individual 
Recording or Beingness as such...

And yes, there is no point of arrival! Infinity has no destination. IOW: 
there is nowhere to go or nothing to attain. There is only - To Be What We 
Are! By being what we are, we slowly evolve to higher awareness levels by 
enjoying or enduring the moment of nowness to the fullest. Eventually we 
all become aware that we pass through any and all stages of life our own 
way, again and again infinitely. We either do this in groups and/or 
individually, which naturally means that all of us raise each other from 
stage to stage.

 Which could be seen as - what the Cassies are saying: We 
are You in the future. The Many are The One Being having its way within all 
of us. It is a complete and foolproof recycling of the Light We Are. 
Infinity after infinity - again and again. No doubt we all have been on 
both so called beginnings and ends an infinite amount of times...

Life is an infinite Loop of Living - Gerardus


To: trilite@egroups.com
Mailing-List: list TriLite@egroups.com; contact TriLite-owner@egroups.com
Delivered-To: mailing list TriLite@egroups.com
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:55:56 -0700
Subject: [TL] I trust in the One We Are...

Gerardus here: Consider this please... 
Lately I have been reading a lot of material on the Cassies Website. There 
is an enormous amount of material there and I have not read it all. The 
following is some kind summation of the way I see mankind and its endeavors 
in the Physical Plane. This summation is based upon what I have read at the 
Cassies Site as well as upon my own inner and/or previous knowing...

In the so called past, we as individual Spirits (how we became individual 
Spirits I do not know) endeavored to enter a physical creation by choice 
and lived in a specific type of human body. I assume that this was a human 
body with greater awareness than we enjoy or endure at the present. In any 
case, by entering into the physical we subjected ourselves to a "fall" in 
awareness, since our full awareness as a Spirit or Soul cannot be expressed 
immediately in human form by a novice Spirit who just enters a physical 

By entering this physical reality system we were subjected to Time and 
Space, which in the beginning was completely new to us and I feel that we 
even had to learn to appreciate these conditions or concepts. IOW: Time and 
Space are concepts we had to learn about and only lately in the last 
thousand years or so, do we master the understanding of these. As a matter 
of fact, Time and Space became so real to us that we accepted them as the 
only reality and we are/were completely fooled by these concepts. We 
accepted them as real, but in actuality they are aspect of a dream. The 
dream of a physical state of mind...

In the mean time, our physical endeavors in the plane of illusion became 
more and more interesting experience wise! Alien Beings of a higher 
density changed the human DNA structure and mankind on earth was subjected 
to a lower level of awareness. Human life became a great struggle! In 
addition to this, our energies as such, are/were used as food by these 
higher beings. IOW: we as 3D human beings eat 2D beings, like cattle and 
chickens, and 4D Alien Beings eat and use us as food... 

Not only that, these Alien Beings are also able to live on our emotional 
energies, especially fear. Wars therefore are the order of the day, for 
these beings need to feed themselves. This is quite easy for them for they 
are capable of traveling back and forth in time in order to change our past 
and create just about as many wars and emotional turbulence as they want 
to. This naturally creates an enormous amount of displaced people or 
refugees. There is evidence for example that entire refugee-camps, of say 
40,000 refugees, disappeared overnight. 

No one knows where they went! I feel 
that the human-eating Aliens know precisely where they went. Another bit 
of fact here, thousands upon thousands of American children disappear 
yearly. Were do they go? Are they abducted or stolen by the Aliens and/or 
their helpers? Did the USA Government make a pact with these Aliens? 
Naturally the media is very quiet about all these disappearances, for they 
are controlled by the rulers of the world and their Alien bosses. Mankind 
is a sitting duck...

In the mean time, mankind is/was completely brainwashed by their religions 
- which are nothing else but creations of these same Alien Beings. Most of 
humanity is brainwashed and does not know it. They are asleep and next to 
docile, except when they need to fight other brainwashed human beings. The 
entire world of mankind is nothing but a feeding ground for these higher 
dimensional Aliens. After all, they were the creators of the human 
vehicles in the first place. They changed our DNA and made us what we are 
- asleep and useable. We do the same thing to the animal world. I do not 
blame the Aliens. They must eat and so do we. Things are as they are...

This naturally is a dire situation - who wants to be eaten? After all 
however, we entered the physical reality in order to experience it. Being 
eaten apparently is part of it. And so is being molested, insulted and or 
completely misunderstood and/or accused of being biased. It even includes 
being put to death for crimes we have not committed. It happens all the 
time. It also includes being tortured!

All this naturally is an enormously emotional issue and in short - we are 
subjected to Hell. That is, until we catch on and learn how to raise 
ourselves to higher levels of understanding and awareness. This naturally 
is done by gathering knowledge. We must get to know what is! This means 
that there is a lot more to know and contemplate than the so called New Age 
dictum "create your own reality" and/or by being Light and Love to your 
neighbor. A lot more! Knowledge make us aware and awareness creates Love 
and/or Understanding. Knowledge therefore is number One!

Apparently, at the present we have entered a period of our physical 
endeavor that is called the "End of Time" or "End of Times" (I forgot 
which). In any case, I feel that for some of us, and possibly for more than 
just some of us, there will be an end to the experiences of living in Hell. 
For that is what we really have been doing! Thousands upon thousands of 
years we fought thousands upon thousands of wars and possibly even more 
times we died in pain and ignorance of what really was going on. 

We as human beings are being used!! We are not in control and are 
brainwashed by higher density beings who program us. Carlos Castenada 
says: "These Aliens have given us their mind!" Mankind is a victim unless 
he raises his awareness! 

We bought this all upon ourselves naturally when we chose to become 
physical. We must have been completely ignorant and went for it. 

We are the Fallen Light - Lucifer!
To sum this up now - I feel that the end of all this is in sight for some 
of us (Say 2012). There is no doubt in my mind that indeed some people 
will be promoted to a different reality which will be more pleasant than 
this one... 

Why am I so sure? 
Well, I feel that although billions of individual Spirits might have 
entered the physical reality or subjected themselves to the "fall" - there 
are enough other Individual Spirits who were left behind and are now 
"working and working" to help many of us see the Light - to see the Truth 
of Ourselves... 

We descended into Hell in order to experience it! Hell is a different side 
of us than Heaven so to speak. We need the one in order to know the other. 
So, as I see it, in no way whatsoever, are we left alone on this earth and 
are forgotten about. Billions of Spirits did not enter this illusion and 
they are there for us Now!


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:41:19 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: My View Here...

My view here: 
I do not think for one second, divided by a thousand, that either the C's, 
the D's, or the Most High are going to suggest what's next for anyone - not 
even for someone who is asking. Because of that - we are the Highest One! 
Life is an infinite quest and most be answered by the Quester! There is no 
way, any Being of any value is going to tell anyone: turn left at Soppy's, 
make a right at Benny's. Wait five seconds and turn around as if you 
forgot something. Then stop at Danny's. Wait right there! Before you know 
it, a stranger will walk up to you and will ask you for a password. Tell 
him "Bronckle". At that very moment he will give you a pouch of antimatter 
that will put you in the Forth. 

Next....!!!!!! Who's next... I have not got all day...!

The circle is already closed and all we need to do is sit there like a 
spider. Fingers on the Web and wait for the trembling of the heart. It will 
tell us when the time has come. The mind is never patient...
Wait and see - Gerardus 

In the mean time keep your butt in gear 
and keep busy with what you like to do best!


Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 12:12:56 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [TL] Channeling and channeling

***** Thank you Gerardus...It is a new way of looking at the question "Who 
am I?".. 
Another thing that we on TriLite never look into was "Mind Control". By 
reading the material the Cassies and Laura present there are quite a few 
Hmmms? welling up. All this stuff needs to be investigated and understood 
before anyone moves to any higher dimension as I see it. The earth is a 
cosmic school and what happens there to the students needs to be understood 
before anyone goes to a higher dimensional state. 
Learning is moving up so to speak... 

************* The new information has to be really studied. I found in 
reading Mind Control that I had to tease out what was speculation, what 
resonnated from my own experiences and sounded feasible. All in all, it is 
not a five minute quick read.

Hi Lana... 
Yes, you as a Counselor must experience people controlled by other human 
beings and or other Beings per se. The entire issue of mind control is so 
complex that it takes years probably before we come to valid conclusions. 
Laura has been a Counselor and hypnotist for many many years and I am 
absolutely astounded by the Knowledge of that Lady. It is next to 
impossible for me to grok how one human being could read that many books, 
do so many things, including raising a family of five children. I have 
noticed this before, women can do more things than men can...

Lana here: 
Our awareness determines what our reality will be or is. This means to me 
that the more we expand in knowledge - the more our reality expands. I am 
ready for 4D - as I see it. This actually means that I feel that I have 
nothing more to learn in this 3D world for now. That does not mean that I 
might not want to come back 300,000 years from now to learn more because 
the circumstances then are different. 
**************** I'm still stuck here, and still have much growing and 
learning to do, at all levels of my being. 

Gee here: 
Join the Club of Ignorandus a Plentimuss. 
I am the most honored member for I need it most... 

To read about "Mind Control" read the Cassies Material. Enough said. 
**** All those "shoulds" and "oughts" and "musts" and "have to" result in 
guilt trips anyway..a bit like self flagelation. Freedom to choose and go 
where your consciousness takes you, I feel is moving towards awareness, with 
responsibility and integrity. Generations have been brought up on fear and 
guilt. My only concern about the Cassies material, is what I perceive to be 
a contraditiction in ideology. On the one hand..knowlege is power...on the 
other hand...there is little in terms of choices put forward in dealing with 
the presentation of hostile outside forces "controlling" us. 

Gerardus here: 
You possibly did not have enough time to grok the little clues here and there. 
There are choices we can make to deal with these Forces. It is Knowledge! 
Knowledge forms a shield around us so to speak. The Shield is Light, for 
Knowledge is Light! God is Light so to speak... 

This very knowing that Knowledge is Protection is what attracted me to the 
material. Knowledge opens our awareness and our awareness protects us from 
doing foolish things as well as that it become an aspect of our Soul. It 
becomes Us - our very Self! We are Ignorance working our way towards 
Knowledge! We are the Doers of that Task. 
We must awaken ourselves by knowing what is... 

Lana here: 
When we allude to wars and global strife...what comes to mind for me, is 
this...I have INFROMATION about the threat of being bombed out of existence 
by any number of possible divisive powers in the political arena....but 
having that knowlege still leaves me relatively powerless. So information and 
knowledge, and experience does not cut it with me. What I have seen 
work...is love in action.

Gerardus here: 
You are worried about but one of the thousands and thousands of bodies you 
live in. You live forever in bodies and unless you use them to educate your 
Soul you will live in another million of them.... 

Did Love stop any wars lately? All the people of the world speak about 
Love. Beautiful! Point is, it does not stop the Dark Forces from doing 
what is natural to them!! They control the minds of the Rulers and Leaders 
of the world. They ALWAYS have. It is their Task! 

These minds includes the minds of Leaders of the USA and any other nation. 
These Leaders think that they are acting upon their own thoughts and the 
thoughts of their advisers. All these thoughts are instilled by the same 
Aliens. They need food! And we provide. That is the NATURAL scene of this 
world. We eat vegies and cows. They eats our emotions and the odd piece of 
meat. Watch the movie Martin Marcel spoke of - The Matrix and other movies. 

They are depicting what's happening in this world. Why do you think he was 
so hot! He knows! Aliens breed humans in pens!!! They steal them from 
concentration camps. The political world builds them and provides the 
prisoners. Wakey wakey all of you TriLiters...

That is why the USA Forces are in Bosnia, Kosovo, and all kinds of other 
places in the world to keep the Peace. Don't let me laugh too loud here!! 
Keeping Peace with Bombing Kosovo? Or Vietnam? Korea in the past? The 
whole scene is a set-up! People go for it for they are asleep...

All these wars are created by off planet forces. They need food! Their 
Food is human Fear and Emotions. Why are there so many Hockey Clubs and 
Football Clubs nowadays? Look at the Soccer Scene in Europe. All these 
sports are Emotional Food for the 4D Aliens. The entire human World is a 
Food Supply by means of their suffering and emotions. We suffer - they 

THIS is what it is all about! This is why our earth will NEVER be 
peaceful. No amount of Love will create World Peace. The world is not that 
kind of a Planet! What happens on this world is supposed to happen!! All 
we can do it to get to know about it and move to 4D because we have learned 
the lesson. The lesson or lessons ARE to get to know what is. 

It is not to learn to love our Neighbor. Or turn the other Cheek! All 
that is religious nonsense instituted by the same Dark Forces. They are 
the originators of the religions of the world. Hello!!!!! 

Love is 
natural to Mankind when he is let alone! However, he is controlled by the 
Dark Forces. When Man's Mind is controlled he becomes a killer. He fight 
wars and kills his brothers. He knows it - yet he goes and kills. There is 
money in it. Weapons is money. Drugs is money. All Governments use 
the tricks of the trades. They Lie! 


Lana here: 
(I don't mean the soppy romatic variety)..but the power of love extended to 
EMPOWER another. Anything short of that, is confrontation. 
How did you find yourself reconciling the material in the Cassies that puts 
"love" on the back-burner...and "knowledge" in the drivers seat? ( You don't 
have to stick to the Cassies material per=se...but as a general principle to 
live by...what are your thoughts on that?)

Gerardus here: 
Well, I love and try to empower You and the rest of TriLite. I am trying 
to give you a clue. A pointing finger! 

Laura and the Cassies. I agree with them! I awakened more fully! We are 
here to experience Earth. Earth is HELL until we wake up. I did! Earth 
is exactly what we need to experience for the Universe is a Duality. HELL 
and HEAVEN Investigate and wake up Folks...

The Cassies do not put Love on the Back Burner. They speak to us because we 
asked! They are Love - knowing All. They are Light. Light is Knowledge. 
Enlightenment is not about Love! It is about Knowledge. Knowing WHAT IS!! 
That is why they try to awaken the ones who are ready to awaken, by means 
of their channelings. It's a free will choice. Stay asleep and you will go 
through another 25,000 years of Hell. Your choice!!
It's your life - Gerardus 
(I can only take care of Mine)

Looking back now - thousands of my posts on TriLite and 5 years on 
lightwork-l are useless and even might be harmful. They give a wrong 
picture of the world, of Mankind. I have more awakened in the last months 
than I did in years. I was wasting my time. More or less all my Cookies are 
wasted too - for me that is. Yet, I needed to go through all that in order 
to come to be where I am now - more awakened. I Know "What Is" more than 
ever before...

But I say: DO NOT FOLLOW ME ! 
Follow your own Heart and Live - Life is Free!


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 11:33:01 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Gerardus' Puzzle and Solution...

Gerardus' Puzzle and Solution: 
When I began to look around in Life and questioned myself why I was where I 
was, and who put me there, I had no answer for these questions. This was 
25 years ago (I am 72 now) In any case, the whole of Life was a puzzle to 
me. A big multi-dimensional Puzzle! It seemed to me however, that all the 
religious followers knew exactly what they were talking about. They had a 
firm Belief they said - they knew indeed what it was all about! Some were 
even re-born! Yes, it was about God and the Creator and helping others, 
and sending Light and Love, and all kinds of other Do-Gooders Goodies...

Then there was the New Age Movement. Whole new ideas about being saved. 
Being saved was awakening. But awakening to what? Self-awakening was 
self-realization. Moving up closer to the great Masters and God. That's 
what it was all about. Well, what did I know. I swallowed some of that 
see. Then there were these UFOs. Who are they? What do they want from 
us, from me? More or less I got the impression and commitment that I had 
to join the New Agers and be just another Soul in the Light and Love Land 
of Do-Gooders and Well wishers. Send them Light and get it over wish. Send 
them Love and Energy to heal themselves. Sure! The question is - is there 
really anything wrong in the first place? I thought there was... 

Things had to be fixed...
Loving the World and Mankind would solve all our problems in the long run! 
No doubt about it. Beautiful! But would they? Anyway, more or less the 
New Age Aware People with computers became the Light and Love Lists in the 
email world and I was a part of that! I was helping to save the world from 
behind my desk now - how easy can it get? Anyway, let's continue with my 

When I was 45 years old or so, the world and the universe was a complete 
mystery to me and bit by bit I began to study the mystery and began to see 
little pieces and parts here and there that I began to understand. In the 
years following, more and more pieces fitted together. It was like a 
jig-saw puzzle and the more pieces I got the more the picture became 
visible. Finally I knew what I was looking at. I recognized all the parts 
and pieces and they became the foundation of my Life and Knowing... 

Yet, there was still more of my puzzle to content with. I had not 
completely solved it. Anyway, the more I studied and the more I learned, 
the more the puzzle became understandable. So more and more of my Life 
became clearer and clearer. The clearer my Life became the more I began to 
smile. I became joyful even... 

Some months ago, I found more pieces of the puzzle yet! And by golly, the 
picture I saw burst into a Three and Four Density Reality! It became the 
world around me! It became my Life! Yet, I was finding more and more 
pieces. Finally, I found the last pieces of the Puzzle and I solved it. 
This does not mean however that I know everything! For now however, I 
solved my puzzle AND I KNOW that have solved it. 

Since I know now that I solved my Puzzle - do you think that I can make 
myself believe that I do not know the solution and start searching all over 
again?? Naturally I cannot make myself believe that. I KNOW the 

Once one knows the solution to the Multi-Dimensional Puzzle - any belief 
others have about this puzzle is nonsense. That is why I say: I belief 
nothing and know next to nothing. Yet, at and in the mean time, I am 
smiling all the way through my existence. No more puzzles to be solved for 
now. I know I have found the solution! But again, that does not mean that 
I know everything. I know enough of this earth to say - I have learned the 
Lessons presented here! 

So to sum this up: 
Once you know you know, you cannot make yourself believe that you do not 
know. THAT is the difference between Knowing and Believing...
Smile... the Universe is your Mirror. 

Light... Love... and Laughter. 
~ Gerardus ~


Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:53:05 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: Re: [TL] What is darkness 

Aqua here: 
 Thoughts produce actions... 
 what produces thought? can thoughts be the main producers?

Gerardus here:
About the subject: What is darkness?
Darkness is that aspect of our Total Mind that is unconscious. It is the 
unknown! The unknown aspect (or portion) of our Mind or Ourselves. We are 
this Mind. By living lives and searching for truth, eventually we will 
evolve to higher states of being that slowly but surely begin to convert 
our unconsciousness into consciousness. We awaken to Ourselves! It is a 
process that cannot be short circuited by luck or circumstance or by gifts 
from Above. We are the Above!

The entire universe is an experiment in mind, in which we play games 
with ourselves. In order to do so we all play different roles. Some 
seemingly better or worse than others. It's all the same Being being 
itself differently! The help we need, we find within by trusting and 
loving the aspects we are and by the roles we play...

Light... Love... and Laughter. 
~ Gerardus ~


Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:55:05 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: What is Mind?

Aqua here: 
Thoughts produce actions... 
what produces thought? can thoughts be the main producers?

Gerardus here: 
Mind produces Thoughts. 
Thoughts are the preliminary forces that produce actions. 
They are the Fathers of our Deeds...

What is Mind? 
Mind is what we are - Mind is Consciousness - this is what we are! 
Our Body is Consciousness and our Soul is Consciousness. 
Both are Consciousness in different form...

What Mind or Consciousness do, is what we are experiencing. Basically we 
could say that Mind or Consciousness is the Creator - The Universal Mind. 
We are this Mind - TOTALLY!! However, at this time, in this dream, we find 
ourselves conscious as human beings. In a way 99.999999999999999999999999% 
of our total consciousness is unconscious and the aspect that is conscious 
we experience as being human.

It is a specific aspect of our Universal Mind - doing its human thing. 
This thing is, being human and creating human 
worlds and things and not to forget human philosophies. Since we are the 
Total Mind - we can expand into total Understanding and Beingness. All we 
need to do is grow! Our Mind is where we live...

In order to become a human aspect of our Mind - we had to lower ourselves 
into a semi-unconscious state or condition of our own Total Reality or 
Absolute. We lowered ourselves into our Creation. We descended into a lower 
realm, a lower expression...

From the highest level of our Mind - the Godhead - we disperse ourselves 
into an infinite amount of tiny aspects that begin the journey back toward 
the top. Let's call them Units of Consciousness as Seth called them. These 
units climb and climb the ladder of evolution. Eventually they become an 
atom and from there on in they become parts of the grass or a flower... 
How you're doing daisy? 

Advancing itself infinitely slow, these units eventually become aspects of 
an animal and then aspects of a human body. We as Consciousnesses or Souls 
merge with human bodies and have our experiences in a physical reality or 
illusion, to eventually reach the top again. Bingo! We disappear as 
individuals within the Top Level and the Top disperses itself again into 
another infinite amount of tiny aspects or Units of Consciousness. This is 
a continuous process without beginning or end. It is the Mill of 
Consciousness. It recycles itself. There is no Beginning or End to the 
Creator or Creation or Mind... It IS... 

For each dispersed unit of consciousness the journey begins again. 
Infinitely we have done this. Every time we as human beings grow up and 
become conscious of this, we know that we slowly but surely advance to the 
top again. All aspects of creation are holographic identities of the 
Unbroken Whole. Each aspect grows and grows. It happens almost 
automatically, this is the Evolution of Consciousness. However, we can 
speed up our own process somewhat by conscious development and living by 
means of thinking straight thoughts. This means avoiding belief systems 
that detain us and/or avoiding emotional conditioning by means of words 
that seem to appeal and keep us in a trance of emotionalism combined with 
wishful thinking. We kind of miss the boat that way...

Naturally it does not matter one bit for all of it is experience - sooner 
or later it produces wisdom! Eventually we discover that we as a human 
beings live in a prison and reincarnate and reincarnate and reincarnate and 
do more of the same. In a 3D reality human beings serve as food for a 
higher level of entities. They feed themselves with out energies. Emotions, 
Fear, suffering etc etc. Trouble is, they function as our Jailers and 

They control our Religions and our Belief Systems so that people 
are kept in the dark. People believe what they are told from birth and so 
it continues lifetime after lifetime - who knows how long. Experiences and 
our search for truth eventually puts us on the right track and we discover 
that we are the Food Supply of what we call nowadays Alien Beings. 
Searching further, we begin to know and understand how to break this cycle 
of reincarnations. All this takes time... 
In the mean time... 

the above explains what thoughts are and where they are produced. They are 
produced or generated by Mind or Consciousness. Actually - we are our 
Thoughts. We are the Dream of our Mind. Enough for now...

TIL - The Infinite Light... 
All throughout Creation, The Infinite Light (TIL) breaks itself into 
different holographic fragments that in and by themselves are unique 
and reflect the One from which they emerge. Each fragment continues 
to break into many other fragments which are whole as well. They all 
reproduce and create new circumstances, which teach them who or what 
they really are. TIL itself! TIL doesn't know good from bad lessons. 
It experiences itself, by expressing itself in as many possibilities 
as it sees fit in order to fulfill itself. TIL is Love for Itself!

Light... Love... and Laughter. 
~ We are Gerardus ~


To: trilite@egroups.com
From: Gerardus 
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 14:52:55 -0700
Reply-To: TriLite@egroups.com
Subject: [TL] A look at my Universe...

A look at me Universe... 
It might help to see the Universe as One Thing or as One Infinite Cloud of 
Energy with the heaviest substance floating in the middle somewhere. This 
not necessarily is a physical reality, either the one we live in, or any 
other one. There might be heavier stuff somewhere. This Infinite Cloud of 
Energy or Umind has an infinite amount of layers or densities and within 
these densities we find the different life forms - be they human or 

Life forms are also Clouds of Energy - there is no solid stuff 
anywhere! Each density has its own frequency range and each frequency range 
has it own subdivisions again. There is no limit to the frequency ranges 
toward the higher end. Also, the universe is not infinite in a physical 
sense. It just looks that way. It is infinite in a Mental sense. It is an 
infinite Mind...

This Infinite Cloud of Energy or Umind "IS" The Universal Mind in Action and 
somewhere within this Umind we find our own human aspect of this Umind. The 
human aspect is not a "portion" of the Umind. It is an aspect - a 
characteristic. There are no part or portion in and of the Umind. This human 
aspect more or less mingles throughout the Umind, but we are not 
consciously aware of that. We are only aware of the range or aspects of the 
Umind we experience as reality. This varies for each human being and each 
human being is "reality-blind" in the first place.

We all experience a 
certain physical reality only - our own! Most likely there are billions of 
them, but in our blindness we do not see or experience them. All these 
different densities or realities are nothing but consciousness vibrating at 
different frequencies or patterns and most of them elude the awareness of 
the human aspect of the Umind we are. However they take place within our 
own mind - the Universal Mind. There is but One Mind!

When we expand our awareness we discover that all densities or realities 
are all around us, for all we need to do is open up our awareness system 
and we experience the Works! This as we might gather, is slowly done by 
the evolutionary action of our own specific Consciousness Range of which we 
are an aspect as a human being. We have some control over opening our own 
awareness system by developing our own specific aspect of the Umind by 
conscious development or exercises to that effect. This is dangerous 
naturally for we might lose our mind, so to speak, when we open up too fast 
or too wide. No doubt it could blow our circuits...

So what is a human being! It is the Universal Mind attuned to a specific 
frequency range or density that in turn gives this Umind a specific 
experience called the human range of reality. Naturally there are realities 
and densities that lie beyond the human range. There are unlimited ranges 
and densities. However, scientists are not able to measure any of them for 
the instruments they use are only extensions of their own limited 
measurement system - the human nugget...

Tiny Human Aspect - Gerardus


To: cassiopaea@egroups.com
Delivered-To: mailing list cassiopaea@egroups.com
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 16:46:35 -0700
Subject: [cass] Our World View... 

... Our World View ...
In the entire universe, there are only thought forms and/or thoughts. The 
universe itself for example, is an infinite thought form for it is mind 
itself! Our world is a limited thought form. Limited in the sense that 
our world is not an infinite place. But really, is this actually so? Our 
world is an aspect of the infinite mind. The two are not really separate! 

Our world is maintained by a certain frequency range and pattern and this 
energy-spectrum forms our world. It has its being within the infinite mind 
and is made of the same energy. Mind stuff... 

All physical things then, as well as of all things in other dimensions 
and/or densities, are thought forms of a certain kind, frequency and 
pattern. The frequency pattern of each thought form is what keeps our world 
separated from all other things. In actuality however, all beings and 
things flow in and out of each other and are each other. On a higher level, 
we exchange energies with all things around us at all times. It keeps us 
alive! Beings and things maintain integrity by occupying a certain 
frequency and pattern. Physical things then, are not really physical and/or 
solid, they are mind in form...

Now, what needs to change when we move into 4D? Well, the world and all 
things in it do not really have to change, for all things are thoughts 
forms already and changing them would possibly change the actual thing or 
being. How then are we going to move into 4D without changing the world 
around us? I feel that the only thing that needs to be changed is the way 
we look at things. For our world view or our belief system creates the 
world as we see it. Change our world view and we change the way we see and 
experience the world. Our world is colored by our belief system and 
experienced as such. Our belief system says: things are solid! Not so...

How do we change our world view? We change our world view when we begin to 
understand that the world we live in is not a solid physical thing and 
neither are all the things we handle every day. They are thought forms. 
They are mind-energies. They are clouds of atoms and other tiny things. 
They all float about in a orderly fashion to make us believe that things 
are solid and real. We experience them as solid and real, because we have 
trained ourselves to experience them as such. We experience all these so 
called physical things by means of our body. Our body is a lens that makes 
us believe that things are the way we experience them. Solid and real. Our 
sensory system fools us...

A good example is, why can we see through a glass window and not through a 
sheet of paper or card board? We have trained ourselves to see through 
glass, while we keep hiding behind card board. As we know, nothing is 
solid and nothing is real in that sense. All things are thoughts in form. 
All things are so empty that there is hardly anything there. They are 
99.999999% emptiness...

So, what needs to change in order to move into 4D? Nothing needs to be 
changed but our world view! All that needs to be changed is our mind set 
or our attitude toward the way we look at the world. How do we do that? 
Simple! By grokking the above!! What's left is - how do we change the 
view of the mass mind? How can we make this come about? We can make this 
come about by sending this post to all the lists we are on and in no time a 
lot of people will get the picture. In addition to all this, the so called 
Photon Wave as predicted by many, will enlighten Mankind. It will enable 
us to think on a higher level! We will begin to see things the way they 
actually are. Nebulous, transparent or cloud like! Our intelligence will 
have been boosted by the enlightening energies of the coming Wave... 

This Wave will enlighten the mass mind. This Wave will change the way we 
look at the world. Automatically the world will look differently because 
our old paradigm has been replaced with a new understanding. We live in a 
world of thoughts, not in a world of matter! We are Souls living in 
thought forms while being thoughts ourselves...

Well, if we can change the way we see the world, by changing our habitual 
way of looking at it, why haven't we done this before? Well, we could 
have, but almost nobody knew about all this. Besides, everything in the 
universe has a time and a season. There are cycles and rhythms to the 
entire manifestation. In the near future however, the particular cycle for 
Mankind to live in a so called solid world is coming to and end. We are 
moving into a higher Density... 

A big change is lurking around the corner of 
time. In the mean time, those of us who knew that all physical matter is 
almost nothing but emptiness, need to be very careful not to drive this too 
far! This is so, because when we truly begin to change our world view - the 
world will change on us and it would begin to get fuzzy on the edges so to 

The thing is, the more people who would change their world view, the more 
the world would become nebulous through out. This should not happen before 
its time! It would create a world full of people who would go nuts. The 
trick is to know about it and then it will change according to the 
awareness of each individual, assisted by the enlightening Wave that will 
reach us from outer Space. The Wave I speak of is discussed in almost all 
so called holy books and predictions. I feel that the future of Mankind is 
brilliant! I am ready for that break...

Please send this on - Gerardus 
(Comments are always welcome)


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From: Gerardus 
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Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 12:13:32 -0700
Subject: [STO] Our World View... (2)

New Version for New Members... 
(Peter Clerin just joined us)

... Our World View ...
In the entire universe, there are only thought forms and/or thoughts. The 
universe itself for example, is an infinite thought form for it is mind 
itself! Our world is a limited thought form. Limited in the sense that 
our world is not an infinite place. But really, is this actually so? Our 
world is an aspect of the infinite mind. The two are not really separate! 
Our world is maintained by a certain frequency range and pattern and this 
energy-spectrum forms our world. It has its being within the infinite mind 
and is made of the same energy. Mind stuff... 

All physical things then, as well as of all things in other dimensions 
and/or densities, are thought forms of a certain kind, frequency and 
pattern. The frequency pattern of each thought form is what keeps our world 
separated from all other things. In actuality however, all beings and 
things flow in and out of each other and are each other. On a higher level, 
we exchange energies with all things around us at all times. It keeps us 
alive! Beings and things maintain integrity by occupying a certain 
frequency and pattern. Physical things then, are not really physical and/or 
solid, they are mind in form...

Now, what needs to change when we move into 4D? Well, the world and all 
things in it do not really have to change, for all things are thoughts 
forms already and changing them would possibly change the actual thing or 
being. How then are we going to move into 4D without changing the world 
around us? I feel that the only thing that needs to be changed is the way 
we look at things. For our world view or our belief system creates the 
world as we see it. Change our world view and we change the way we see and 
experience the world. Our world is colored by our belief system and 
experienced as such. Our belief system says: things are solid! Not so...

How do we change our world view? We change our world view when we begin to 
understand that the world we live in is not a solid physical thing and 
neither are all the things we handle every day. They are thought forms. 
They are mind-energies. They are clouds of atoms and other tiny things. 

They all float about in a orderly fashion to make us believe that things 
are solid and real. We experience them as solid and real, because we have 
trained ourselves to experience them as such. We experience all these so 
called physical things by means of our body. Our body is a lens that makes 
us believe that things are the way we experience them. Solid and real. Our 
sensory system fools us...

A good example is, why can we see through a glass window and not through a 
sheet of paper or card board? We have trained ourselves to see through 
glass, while we keep hiding behind card board. As we know, nothing is 
solid and nothing is real in that sense. All things are thoughts in form. 
All things are so empty that there is hardly anything there. They are 
99.999999% emptiness...

So, what needs to change in order to move into 4D? Nothing needs to be 
changed but our world view! All that needs to be changed is our mind set 
or our attitude toward the way we look at the world. How do we do that? 
Simple! By grokking the above!! What's left is - how do we change the 
view of the mass mind? How can we make this come about? We can make this 
come about by sending this post to all the lists we are on and in no time a 
lot of people will get the picture. In addition to all this, the so called 
Photon Wave as predicted by many, will enlighten Mankind. It will enable 
us to think on a higher level! We will begin to see things the way they 
actually are. Nebulous, transparent or cloud like! Our intelligence will 
have been boosted by the enlightening energies of the coming Wave... 

This Wave will enlighten the mass mind. This Wave will change the way we 
look at the world. Automatically the world will look differently because 
our old paradigm has been replaced with a new understanding. We live in a 
world of thoughts, not in a world of matter! We are Souls living in 
thought forms while being thoughts ourselves...

Well, if we can change the way we see the world, by changing our habitual 
way of looking at it, why haven't we done this before? Well, we could 
have, but almost nobody knew about all this. Besides, everything in the 
universe has a time and a season. There are cycles and rhythms to the 
entire manifestation. In the near future however, the particular cycle for 
Mankind to live in a so called solid world is coming to and end. We are 
moving into a higher Density. A big change is lurking around the corner of 
time. In the mean time, those of us who knew that all physical matter is 
almost nothing but emptiness, need to be very careful not to drive this too 
far! This is so, because when we truly begin to change our world view - the 
world will change on us and it would begin to get fuzzy on the edges so to 

The thing is, the more people who would change their world view, the more 
the world would become nebulous through out. This should not happen before 
its time! It would create a world full of people who would go nuts. The 
trick is to know about it and then it will change according to the 
awareness of each individual, assisted by the enlightening Wave that will 
reach us from outer Space. The Wave I speak of is discussed in almost all 
so called holy books and predictions. I feel that the future of Mankind is 
brilliant! I am ready for that break...

Please send this on - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 10:29:38 -0700
Subject: Re: [cass] The Confused Philosopher

Gordon here:
 Seem's Plain To Me 
Is the truth contained ... 
In the Question ... 
Or the Answer? 
And if it be so contained, is it free? 
Because if not free, it's so Hard to Find. 
So T'witch is it? 
Is it one or T'other, 
Or both or neither? 
Seem's plain to me. 
But what about when it isn't? 
When I can't find the truth in life, 
Couldn't the answer be, that 
Surely I must be looking ... 
In the wrong Place! 
Perhaps the answer to what's out "There", 
is in "Here"! 
Now, ... was that the question ... or the answer? 
Seem's plain to me!

Hi Gordon - Gerardus here: 

I identify with Confused Philosophers. 
I must be one of them. 

In the mean time:
What is OutThere 
Is created from Within. 
While simultaneously 
The OutThere and Within 
Are One and the Same. 
Consciousness being Itself!

Consciousness in and by Itself 
Cannot identify itself with itself 
It needs to project itself 
Into an infinite Dream/Creation 
To discover that the Dream/Creation 
Is the OutThere projected from Within 
In order for the Within to recognize 
What it is Not... Yet Is!

Creation is the Imagination of Consciousness 
Impinging upon its own seemingly divided awareness 
within the illusionary minds of the Created.

Almost went nuts there again - Gerardus 
(Does anybody grok the above?)


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From: Gerardus 
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 12:17:18 -0700
Subject: [4D] Spilling the Beans on Jesus...

Hello 4d-ers...
I ran across my Jesus Story the other day and I thought, well, why not. 
There are some new members here and I would like to hear some of your 
opinions about what our Friend Yada said in his lectures about Jesus...
Many people have different stories about Jesus and this is only one of them. 
As I see it - Yada's Story in my words might well be the closest to what 
really happened. In a way it does not really matter for in time, we will have 
our own Story...


There is more below than what I got from Yada. 
To get Yada's story only, read: "Yada Speaks" and you will get it 
directly. I do not remember in what Lecture it appears however... 
"Yada Speaks" is on my Pages.  See this...

Here is Yada Story in MY words: 
The person called Jesus The Christ attained the "Son of God" level or also 
called; The Christ Consciousness or Buddhahood Level of Awareness, or 
whatever people call this State of Mind, by living many and many lifetimes 
upon this planet or other planets. (IOW: A litle bit every time around)
After many and many lifetimes then, he was born as Hesus or Jesus for the 
last time (the biological way), and he would live his last lifetime as Jesus. 

He studied most of his younger years and when he was at a relatively 
young age (say 32) he was going to be initiated! This "initiation" at that 
time, was called "crucifixion" or something similar. This initiation was 
the final test or examination that has to be completed before he could be 
accepted by his peers and then would belong to the "Initiated" or the 
"Infinite Souls" of the Universe! Immortality as Jesus The Christ! Or 
Sananda as he is called also nowadays. His peers were around when he was 
born for example and the Star or Light seen most likely was a UFO. His 
friends wanted to make sure he was noticed apparently...

This Initiation meant that the initiate would be tied to a cross like the 
Roman number 10, which is a "X". (The initiate has gone from 1 to 10 ) The 
initiate is tied to this "X" with leather straps in a most informal manner, 
for it is a ritual and then the initiate leaves the body, voluntarily, and 
visits many other planes of existence.

S/he stays away for three days and nights and then returns to the Earth and 
the body. In the mean time, the Teachers and other "contemporaries in 
learning" take care of the body and assure that it is not interfered with. 
In other words they 'babysit' a soulless body. A Zombie!

After three days, upon the return of the Initiate, he or she must tell what 
places were visited and what was seen and experienced. (The Teachers and 
others know what's out there so to speak) This was to assure that s/he 
knew what s/he was talking about and thus could proof that s/he is capable 
of leaving the body, visit other worlds and return in time. (Some people 
fall asleep and fake it maybe? - Ha Ha)

Well anyway, after this initiation the Initiate receives the title of 
"Christ" (possibly from the Great Krishna Initiate) and from there on in, 
s/he is an Infinite Soul who has the power or ability to appear any place, 
any time, all over the Worlds as s/he sees fit. It really means that this 
person is totally FREE! One has become a Son of God or we also could say 
that s/he has realized the "True Realization of Self" IOW: S/he is ONE 
with the Father as the man Jesus called it. After that, this person 
radiates "Light" for s/he lives now in the "Light Body"! The dense matter 
of the body has become Light. Intelligence, Wisdom, Truth, Reality, Love, 
and knowledge. ... and naturally - Joyfulness!

As you see, the above is quite different than the stories told by the 
religions about Jesus The Christ. Naturally, we all have the freedom to 
believe what we want and what satisfies us... 

This is only a story and it might be nonsense. It's up to you what to 
believe. The best is to believe nothing and when you are ready, you travel 
back in time and find out yourself first hand...
Please be happy... Life is a Celebration!
In addition: 
My source of the above, which I identified with almost immediately, in 1980 
or so, is the following: 

E Yada di Shi-ite, shortly called Yada. The Teachers of Light!
Yada is/was a personality not focused in our physical reality anymore and 
spoke through a person called Mark Probert of San Diego, CA. For almost 30 
years Yada and some others spoke through this Mark and revealed an 
astounding story to me and many others. Yada had once lived 500,000 years 
ago and was a priest or official in a Temple of some sort. Anyway, there 
have come about, because of Yada and his friends, thousands of pages of a 
Teaching that is superior to any New Age Magazine of today in my opinion...

In this book Yada tells the story of Jesus, and to me this has been one of 
the most trustworthy tales I've ever heard about this Great Man. This 
Jesus naturally is somebody entirely different than the "Bleeding Heart 
Jesus" the churches speak about! As far as I can figure out the 
personality that was and is Jesus or Sananda is absolutely in a different 
category that you and I, and most likely will be for a long time to come! 

However, I know that Time is an Illusion, so we could also say: In all 
aspects we are as Great as this Jesus or Buddha for we are Infinite Souls 
just the same. Our status is not fully realized at THIS moment in time, 
which at this moment, is our Dream! In other words: we all are already 
enlightened or a Son of God. After all we have lived infinitely!

There are actually two books "The Teacher of Light" sell and they are both 
worth the money a thousand times. The one book is: "Yada Speaks" and the 
other book is: "The Magic Bag". Here is the address and send them about 25 
USA dollars. There is more in these books than you will see on an email 
list naturally. Also, it's a lot handier to have a book...


Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 16:29:16 -0700
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Reality......

Gerardus here: 
I see "reality" as an Individual Thing! Sometimes it is shared... 
So what is true for you might be nonsense to me and the rest of the world. 
Life is a truly wonderful reality/illusion because nothing is real but the 
Observer. By the Observer I mean, the aspect of ourselves that is God, or 
the Creative Energy, or the Creator. Which is Mind or Mental! For Life is a 
mental phenomena that for us in the physical SEEMS physically real...

So indeed, a truth could be mentally induced into someone's mind and s/he 
would swear that it was experienced. Mind is Mind and it is very easily 
hypnotized or taken for a loop. A mental loop that is. Since we are so 
indoctrinated with Physical Reality we continuously "look" at all other 
things from that point of view. Our so called point of view however, is an 
illusion in the first place for nothing is really physical. It is mind in 
certain form, in a certain relationship with other minds or mental things 
that also seem physical to us. Or sometimes not, like the Greys...

Life or the Universe... 
is a Mental Relationship of thoughtbeing to thoughtbeing. Which in and by 
themselves could be any thing in the universe of thought. There is nothing 
but thought or mind. Our own personal mind IS the Universal Mind - but we 
are only aware of a tiny personal bit of it. Besides all this, all things 
or thoughts are holographic realities/illusions within the Universal Mind. 

Meaning that the Universal Mind really is an infinite miracle of mirrors that 
are able to sense each other and then say - what do you know - I see or have 
experienced something. Whatever it was, it was an aspect of our own 
Universal Mind - for if it was not - we could never become aware of it. Thus 
All Things and Beings are Ourselves or Mind in different form... 

So what are we? 
We are the Creator in a state of awareness that is almost infinitely small 
(a personal tiny bit) and we could say we are the Creator who unconsciously 
goes through the Life we live. By doing that it slowly awakens. So, we are 
the unconscious Creator awakening to an infinite state of Awareness. Does 
this make sense? 

Well , there you go, another Master Piece! 
Now, before I lose the mental egostistical being 
into the GodMind I am - I am quitting right here - Gerardus

Help - I just lost my holographic Halo - now what? 
(Did you take it God?)


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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 14:20:13 -0800
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Subject: [4D] Creating our Reality...

Here is a small portion of one of Laura's session with the C's...

Laura is asking questions: 
Q: How much input do we have from this level of reality regarding the 
creation of a future reality, and I use the term "future" loosely, but 
meaning "future" as we perceive it from this reality? How much input?
A: About as much awareness as a small child does when contemplating how to 
fly the plane they are riding on.
Q: Are we still looking at doing these things in this linear time 
progression that we exist in; that we are aware of as small children on 
a very large plane?
A: If you let it flow, it will flow.
Well, we are working on it. Letting it flow, that is!


Gerardus here: 
Recently we spoke about creating our own reality. Well, the above might 
contradict that for some people. I do not see a contradiction... 

I see ourselves extending from the human level to the highest level! We are 
infinitely more than a piece of meat so to speak. We are Spiritual Beings or 
Souls living in human bodies and the experiences we have as human beings 
are "created" from our Soul or Creator Level. The Creator within creates! 
It's creation is partly influenced by our conscious thoughts, in conjuction 
with the thoughts of the other Creators in human beings around us. The Soul 
Creator Level is where we truly live and are! Being human is but a dream of 
an illusionary reality which seems real as long as we focus from that level...
All this means to me, that no one but ourselves create what we experience 
for we are the Creator, who temporarily, has aspects of itself in human 
bodies experiencing a dream. The dream of human Life. Question also is, 
does it make any difference what we do in this dream? Yes, I feel it does, 
for it makes the dream more understandable... 

What we do or not do, makes it easier for the Soul to steer us in the right 
direction. The direction of listening! We must relax and listen to our 
Inner Self. The Inner Self or Creator naturally is the tiny voice within us. 
The Inner Self is the awakening aspect of the Creator, who lives within us 
in an unconscious state. From a human point of view, this awakening takes 
ages and ages to complete. In the mean time, for the masses life is awfully 
confusing for they are bombarded with noise and nonsense in order to keep 
this Creator sleeping as if it was not even there... 

As human beings we cannot really grasp the totality of what we are, and/or 
are creating from other levels, unless we are totally connected to the 
Creator or Soul we are. This is what all of us are working on. I feel that 
some of the Masters of the past have accomplished this. Once we do, the 
entire Creation will be our expression. I and the Father are One. (Jesus)

Any thoughts on this? - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 19:12:47 -0800
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Subject: Re: [cass] Gerardus - "the Creator is not self-aware" ?

At 06:56 PM 2000/10/30 -0500, you wrote: 
Gerardus wrote: 
In the mean time: the Creator is so busy creating creation that it is 
oblivious to who or what it is. It is not self-aware! It becomes 
self-aware within you. 
Hi Gerardus, Gordon here: 
Just wondering about the above statement you made in another post. "It 
is not self aware", this is somewhat confusing to me. The Creator is 
deficient? Is this a statement of your personal conclusions, from a book,
or it is an actual statement of the C's - if so could you point me to 
the actual htm files?  If the C's said this I'd like to study it more 
closely. It contradicts most the yoga literature.

Hi Gordon - Gerardus here:
Being deficient is a human concept. Things are as they are. The Creator or 
the Creative Energy is not aware of itself as itself. It is not an 
individual being of however Greatness or Unlimitedness. God IS... the 
Creator IS... But not self aware. It has no self so to speak...

I do not think the C's said such.
The C's need to be asked to reveal what is. 
Yada did say this and it makes sense to me, 

 Here is Yada: 


Gordon here: 
In my reading of the various yoga books they state that Prakriti is the 
source or "stuff" of material creation, and that Purusha (pure 
consciousness) is what imbues awareness. In that sense Prakriti is not 
aware of self or its creations, but in the traditional yoga view they 
also state that Prakriti is ultimately derived from Purusha. In other 
words, all that exists ultimately is consciousness and that Purusha is 
aware of all, including Itself. It does not require anything other than 
Itself to be aware.

Gerardus here: 
Sanskrit words through me for a loop. They mean nothing to me... 
Have mercy on a Dutch Soul - English is bad enough... 


Gordon here: 
I am wondering if it is question of semantics (ie making a distinction 
between individual and universal). I would put it this way: 
God as Universal is Creator, and man as individual is creator. Each is 
conscious of their (C)creations, and (S)self-conscious as well. 

Gerardus here: 
Half right! 
The Creator or that which creates a rose, or a spider, or a human being, or 
a prime Lizzie, is not aware that it creates for it is not self-aware. It 
does become self-aware by means of what it created. It becomes aware within 
the Created! So to put it shortly we must become Man in order to know God 
or the Creator or our Self. My pages are full of this stuff and maybe 
more elaborate...

! Life is a Celebration of the Creator living as the Created !


Gordon here: 
The way 
I interpret the relationship according to my reading and experience is 
that in an individual human, both experiences can finally meet. The 
universal and individuated consciousness can experience each other as a 

Gerardus here: 
I feel that - they are each other but both of them do not know that until 
they finish their trip. Meaning the Grand Cycles the C's call it. However 
there could be an inkling of what is at any moment of existence. 
The Creator stepped through itself and became Man or Whatever. It is up to 
Man or Whatever to step back through ourselves again and recognize what we 
are as Man - the Creator. I am the Father are One! (Jesus)

Gordon here: 
The traditional yoga books state that after sufficient development, 
Unity Consciousness is possible in the human body state. This occurs as 
a step by step process. A yogi first manages to acheive Pure Awareness 
of the unmanifest (Purusha) only in the meditative state. In that state 
the ONLY experience is of being Self-Aware. Then later by constant 
alternation of meditation and normal worldly activity the two states of 
awareness can be maintained together.

Gerardus here: 
This might be true. I never got that far... 
I still have my finger in the Dyke... 


Thus both the Pure Consciousness of the Unmanifested Source (Purusha) 
can be maintained while the Yogi is active in the world as an individual 
(functioning within Prakriti). Is this what you are referring to? Or do 
you mean it exactly as stated that The Creator is not Aware of Itself 
until it takes, or creates a human form?

Gerardus here: 
The Creator **IS** Creation. So ask Creation what are you? Once you get 
the answer, which can only come from yourself - you know. Intellectually 
and by means of radical knowing I know who or what I am and it feels right. 
No need to bow down to some Man made God or whoever. We are all equal for 
we are the same thing differently.

Knowing this - does not mean that I am in a state of euphoric or somewhere 
else sky high. I am what I am - the All - as Gerardus. So are you as 
Gordon. Next time you and I will be someone different, while the people or 
things we are - are nothing but a dream of the Creator dreaming creation. 
All is magic but the Magician...

- - - - - - - 

At one Time I was God but I became bored with it.
I fell asleep and dreamt that I was Gerardus. 
This was enough to keep me awake.
Eventually I began to search 
why and when I fell asleep.
I discovered that my sole purpose was 
to be Gerardus to the fullest.
...and my discovery is my Celebration!


September 1995

Feeling sleepy already - Gerardus 
(I hope that what I said helped)


Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 19:08:27 -0800
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Piercing the Illusion...

Wyz here: But, but...what about the seventy percent accuracy 
statement by the C's themselves? And their oft repeated admonition to find 
out for ourselves? And their stressing not worshipping them (which 
believing un-conditionally everything they say amounts to)? Not trying to be 
heretical here...just asking. 

Hi Wyz... 
Who said they are 70% accurate? 
They did!! 
Suppose that that statement falls in the 30% of inaccuracy. 
Meaning that nothing they say is reliable. Now what?

There are statements from the C's that seems wise and true to me. However, 
they only sound wise and true to me because I have been conditioned to think 
that way in the first place. As I said before a few posts ago, in "Moving 
to Fourth Density", suppose that it does not make one iota of a difference 
what we think to be true or false. And that it does not make iota of a 
difference what we do and not do? Again - Now What?

Could it be that we are the Truth in the first place, and that we live in 
some kind of trance in which anything seems to be true, depending on our 
conditioning or depending on where we look Yet, the next day we turn around 
and the opposite seems to be true, because we looked somewhere else. Now 

All this means naturally that Russo could be just as right as anybody else. 
Does it really make a difference? Yes, it does, but only when we keep 
calling each other names and accuse them of being less than we are. What 
nonsense. We are Equals!

We are only playing a role in a Cosmic Game of Hide and Seek. All are 
winners - but only when Love and Understanding takes place. Only then! 
While the right or wrong, is but a scenery-issue to divert us from 
understanding that we are all the same Infinite Being - lost in a Dream we 
call Creation and it's spectrum of opposites...

What is Life? 
Life is a Celebration of the Creator living as the Created. We the Created 
live our life in a fashion that keeps us diverted with nonsense, until we 
realizes that we are all Brothers and Sisters - called the One! 
That to me is piecing the Illusion we call Reality...

My Candle Shines - Gerardus


Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:20:43 -0800
To: gerardus@telus.net
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Dreaming Along...

Kathleen here: 
For instance, I think that when people go looking at past lives, they could 
be looking at anybody's past lives, they simply identify with some more than 
others based on where they are sitting NOW. 

IOW, we all have the history of the world in our "bones" or the Akashic records,
or wherever. What we put emphasis on is a choice we make in the NOW. So it is
the NOW that is important...

Gerardus here: 

I liked your post Kathleen. I expanded upon it, but I think I loused it 
up something fierce. Anyway, here it is...

I have been thinking about these past lives and/or future lives for 
many years now. I feel that we just become the people of the past (and 
the future) by becoming the main Spirit Attachment to the bodies that 
exist as figments in our dream. We become their awareness or mind! 
Please keep this quiet...

IOW: We just move our mind into that state of being. Past, present and 
future all exist at the same time. There really is no such a thing as 
the past or future. In a way, it is a continuous three dimensional 
movie or dream and we crawl into it! While in there, we play the 
scene our way...

You see, everything takes place in mind in the first place and the 
reality we know as the physical is not really there. It's a Mind Game 
and all we do is change awareness or mind with the people of the past, 
and the future, being ourselves in the now! I'm not sure whether this 
makes sense to anybody...

IOW: the Eternal Now is a continually changing reality and the changes 
are forks of forks of forks of forks in the road of our eternal dream. 
Take another fork and you'll meet yourself coming back. Weird as hell!

Past and future then are assumed realities based upon what think we 
have experienced in the Dream of Eternity. This Dream naturally is our 
Dream including the Universe or Creation from any level of Nowness we 
dream it into existence. No wonder so called Higher Beings cannot 
predict anything, for if they did, we might cling to their predictions 
and make it our personal reality, proving them right. Who needs it!

As a matter of fact there are no Higher Beings actually for we created 
them in our own Dream. The only Thing or Being that is out there, is 
in here, dreaming its mind out and creates the next reality of 
nowness, we think or experience as real. It's nothing else but a home 
made movie of time spend in a pleasant dream. Some people call it a 
kitchen counter affair. They are right, it's made by ourselves...

We want to make our own reality the best way we know how, by being 
what we are and therefore will become what we must. An awakened Being!

Eventually we "see" our predicament within the shimmering Black Sea of 
Awareness. Somehow we made it real and interesting, while in actuality 
it is only our own nonsense that is played back to us because we think 
we are real as human beings. It's a real Dream - that's all! A Dream 
needed in order to awaken us. Yeah sure, where is the alarm clock? 
Last time I needed it somebody had given it to the neighbor. Now what? 
He is fast asleep and has no clue that he has got it. Hmmm...??

Well somewhere there I tripped over my own words and the whole thing became 
pretty thin. Please forgive me, just writing what I thought my Dream was all 

Please do not blame me. Instead, have a closer look at the guy who lived my 
life before I did. He messed it up in such a way that my time track became 
synchronized with a flurry of flowery nonsense. What can I do? On the 
other hand, it might be all true. One never knows with Dreams. They fool the 
best of us...

Enjoying my Dream - Gerardus