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04 - 1997

           Here follow some the posts I wrote to TriLite and other Lists.
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Sent: Thursday, April 24, 1997 4:44 PM 
Subject: Re: Peeking in and out maybe...
At 11:10 AM 97/4/24 -0700, you wrote:
Cynthia here: 
>Addendum to the Virtual Reality thing.... 
>Evin......could that physical body that Ben saw through the robot's "eyes" 
>have been a hologram?

Gerardus here:
While Evin is thinking about his own answer - I give you mine. (Hi Evin)
The entire universe is ONE Hologram containing aspect-holograms that 
seemingly have a life of their own in order to create diversity by means of 
confusion. Some aspect-holograms look like Human Beings trying to explain 
to themselves where the dickens they came from. This is so, because they 
find themselves kind of lost and bewildered being a specific aspect of 
their own Infinite Self. Who in and by itself is not worth a 'toodle' for 
it needs to be 'personalized' in order to see or experience itself. That's 
why I say: we are God in a thimble looking for a needle to awaken us. The 
needle does not exist, but most Human Beings don't know this. I slyly 
suspect that it an infinite laugh! No Clown or Clone believes me... 
Cynthia here: 
The theory is just too fascinating to let go of. 
>Perhaps when the light hits the retina of our eyes, we create all these 
Gerardus here: 
The light that hits our eyes is the Energy that IS the Infinite Universal 
Hologram within which we have taken individual positions in order to look 
at a specific aspect - the Physical Reality - around us. It differs for 
all of us, for it is a complete and total self-created thing for there is 
no objective reality out there. All that is 'out there' is the Infinite 
Energy out of which we as Creators manufacture our own reality, our own 
way. That's why some are better than others... 
Cynthia here: 
>Hope I am not becoming tedius....I just want to KNOW this.
Gerardus here: 
Yeah, "want to know this" - fair enough. All we can do for now is similar 
to what the little boy does when he turns on the TV. He knows how to 
'work' it, but he doesn't know how it works. What else is new??
I feel that as long as we 'enjoy' what we experience - we are doing an 
excellent job of creating. Please pass me the Cookies for my mind is 
sagging. Long live the Baker and his Infinite Self!

BTW: The short answer to Cynthia's questions is: There are only holograms 
anywhere - but we in our greatness experience them as physical bodies, of 
which most girls look better than most guys - including this hologram...

We as Man are the Thoughts of the Creator 
We also are the Creator thinking.
Light... Love... and Laughter! *!* Gerardus

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 09:17:53 -0700 (PDT) 
From: gerardus@supernet.ab.ca (Gerardus) 
X-HN-Base: General Comet Discussions 
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                               AN INTERPLANETARY SAUSAGE!!! (Frank N. Furter) 
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Subject: More: Comets are Multi-Dimensional Energies... 
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To One and All...
Comets and all other objects are multi-dimensional energies of 
which we only see and experience certain aspects in the Three 
Dimensional Reality of the Physical. Since we only experience 
certain aspects of Comets or all objects we think that they 
are only three dimensional. This is not so! 

For example: 
Is an urge or a feeling a three dimensional thing? Is life 
only ruled by chemicals? Or are chemicals and or physical 
things the result of feelings and/or Mind or Soul?
Human Beings and or Comets are a lot more than three 
dimensional Objects or Energies. 

All things are multi-dimensional!

Many people and or scientists do not want to discuss multi- 
dimensionality for they have limited themselves to certain 
areas only. That is why metaphysical discussions to them 
belong somewhere else. This is limited in vision! Why 
determine before hand to what limit any discussion ought to 
go? Life is Everything and to limit a discussion is 
putting blinders on...!

Why limit our interest to the physical only? Are we ashamed 
to speak about Feelings and/or Soul! We are Feeling Beings 
expressed in Human Form that seem to look like bodies. We 
are a lot more than these bodies we live in...! We are Life 
itself expressed in Human Form in order to learn about all 
the possibilities Life itself is able to create. Being Human 
is only a temporary experiment or experience. We have been 
many other Forms of Life before we decided to become Human...


Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 09:12:55 -0600
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Cosmic Notes

               - - - - - - - Cosmic Notes - - - - - - - 

When we go back far enough we will discover that we were the creators 
of the solar system and her planets. We created the animals, from amoeba to 
elephants and eventually we created a suitable animal that would 
accommodate our spiritual energies. We began to 'live-in' these 
animals and enjoyed the physical realities. This was new to spirits!  
Eventually the time came to live full-time in these bodies and we 
became Human. The Great Light Beings we were then, expressed 
themselves physically and proliferated into human beings and their 
incarnations. This has been going on for such a long time ago however 
that we have forgotten where we came from, who we really are, what we 
are doing here and why.  

Now is the time to awaken to what is and remember that we are the 
cause and result of our experiment. All this took billions of years naturally, 
although we really cannot speak of time for the appreciation of time 
had to be gained by living in it. In any case, we have come to the end 
of our daring physical endeavor and the Great Awakening is just around 
the corner. 

Is this why we are visited by Alien Vehicles?  Are they our older 
brothers and have they been looking after us for ages and ages?  Are 
they the Lords of Old, the ones Ezekiel met and chatted with?  
Naturally they are!  Who else would come and visit us?  Greet them 
with joy and friendship for they are our Benefactors... 

                       Light... Love... and Laughter. 
                             - - Gerardus - - 


May 20 97
To: ! TriLite List Post
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: ? Karma

At 11:56 AM 5/20/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello -- Hello -- Hello
>In another discussion forum someone (me!) mentioned the Lords of 
Karma as taking care of what we in the 3rd dimensional view perceive 
as "injustice or unacceptable", thus I meant to imply that as 
individuals we don't need to be judgmental of the person ourselves but 
leave it up to THOSE who know.....
>Any "enlightening" info on my thinking. Comments from anyone are appreciated.
>Love, Light, Peace

Absolutely right Helga!   The Lords of Karma take care of their own - 
either way.  Is that why I feel delighted?  Ahahah  hahha ahaha ha 
Must be SO!

We all get what we deserve - Always.  The point is that we do not do 
*anything* to someone else. There is nobody 'out there' or 'in here' 
that is not us!  There is but one Being - the rest is Dream Stuff...

Nice List this new List!    TriLite Email List (TEL)  Hmm?!


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Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 21:11:37 -0600
To: TriLite@UserHome.com
From: Gerardus 
Subject: Minding My Path
Sender: owner-trilite@UserHome.com

To All...
I have shared this before on other lists. 
Since this list is sitting idle - I thought to put it to work...

The act and art of the innocent traveler 
who thinks he knows how to say nothing while being noticed.
Since I'm mindfully minding my path, I took the liberty to begin with the 
end and possibly I will end with the beginning. That is, if I ever get 
that far! You see, this writing is supposed to be so light, that it will 
blow into your mind and stick there. Not that this writing is important, 
certainly no more than any other writing. It is just that it is unique. 

And this is so because it's so innocent that it really does not amount to 
anything, except to keep you busy being lost for a while longer. Being 
lost is very important. For that's what we came to do! However, it is 
not possible to be lost forever, for forever does not exist. Only this 
moment exist! This is the only moment that we have to work with and if 
you ask me (which you didn't) it's a tough one, for this very moment is 
the one that lasts forever. Wow! Does all this make sense? Too bad.

On the other hand, if it does, I sure hope that it keeps you lost for 
another age or so, for that is what it is all about. Life that is! Yes, 
life is about being lost, especially being lost joyfully. It is important 
that you enjoy yourself so daringly that you begin to notice that you are 
joyful. Life is about joy! You better know it or at least believe it 
on/at some familiar level of interdimensionality or wherever you might 
seem to exist in your mind. I know however that it is 'somewhere' for I 
have found it in my mind. And mine and your mind is the same mind! 

It is 
a 'place' where all of us are supposed to be lost. Life then is not about 
finding yourself, for as soon as you do, you have lost the only quality 
that's worthwhile having - your lostness. This as you might know, would 
be the end of the game and you have to start right from scratch which 
really is the end. And that is an awful feeling! Especially because you 
would not know what the middle was all about and as a rule that is the 
best part and counts double. 

Being lost you see, is the infinite act of the creator, for that is all 
this force ever does. It does not know any better! Being lost forever 
is its business. However, we as human beings need to know that we are 
lost and if we don't, that's when we are truly lost and can't consciously 
enjoy it. It really means that we think we know where we are and that is 
exactly the danger of three dimensionality, for it seems to be a place. 

Yeah, it seems to be so real that people fight it. They want to be some 
other place. Anyhow, physical reality in a three dimensional form seems 
to be something in and by itself! And hard to argue with. The point is 
however, how could this be? If all things are relative - how could this 
three dimensionality be real? Beats me! Must be an awfully good trick.

However, billions disagree with me. They all think that life is a place, 
because it takes place some place. Well, naturally they could not be 
more wrong. Life is not a place and neither is it a time in which you 
know where you are - for as soon as you do - you're lost! 

Lost in a 
creation that is your own and full of goodies that are supposed to awake 
you to the actual force you are - the creator in all its omnipotent and 
omniscient greatness of immeasurable smartness in infinite proportions 
and splendid glorious companionship with the mother lode of creation in 
all its splendor of being a beautiful woman in disguise unconsciously 
pregnant with everything having a constant delivery.

In any case, since we are the very representatives of this force, all we 
can do, as perfect images of this force, is exactly the same as the force 
itself does. So please 'be-lost' and enjoy yourself. The creator however 
is not conscious of it - but you must be! If you are not, well then you 
have not began to grasp that you are lost, let alone found your lostness. 
And that is why it makes no difference whether I start from the beginning 
and tear down the middle going backwards toward the beginning in order to 
get to the end, which I have written already in the beginning like I told 
Now, if all this does not indicate that I am lost - I do not know what 
else I could do to make you believe I am, or at least give you a hint 
that all you really do is the same as I do, which is try to confuse the 
issue by trying to appear to be awake in order to figure out where we 
are. I'd say this is not possible for you live in the mind of the creator 
and 'it' has been lost before it even began to create the end which is at 
the beginning. For as you know, creation has no end or beginning and for 
all I know it does not seem to have a waist or middle either. 

That's why 
it is so difficult to understand or get a hold of, or even begin to write 
about it in the first place. For whenever and wherever one starts, one 
always begins either half way or towards the end working backwards. So 
how does one get to the end unless it is from the very beginning? Shucks.

In any case, this is part 001 of "Minding my Path" and it took about half 
a collection of nownesses to write. And who cares about that really but 
me, since I was already finished before I began. In any case, the time it 
took was but an entire moment full of nownesses, in which I thought that 
I was finished before I even started. One of these nownesses is the one 
in which we are found by knowing that we are lost. And who cares anyway 
except the ones who are fully conscious of the fact that they indeed live 
infinitely but that it is no longer than this very conscious and glorious 
moment. How long can a thing like that last?

By golly, it seems too long! 
So, now you know. We have lived infinitely indeed and all we do is count 
up to 1996 or there about and start counting all over again and think 
that we have been around a long time. I feel that we do this once in a 
while, to hide the fact that we are lost so imply. So, we just start 
counting all anew in order to hide our ignorance. What a shame, for in 
the end or beginning of our awakening we find out anyway - don't we? 

the year 0 (zero), 1996 years ago, was one of these times to count anew.
It even might be that we did not know how to count passed two thousand. 
But we keep that for a later time. One thing for sure, when we started 
to recount, some of us thought that we had found ourselves. Fat chance! 
It was only a bit of nonsense created in the very heat of the moment of 
nownesses in which we were lost and figured, let's see whether a new set 
of figures to count by, does not do the trick of finding out about our 
ignorance, our innocence, or even ourselves for that matter. It didn't 

The world is still lost and takes its time about it, which really 
is an illusion as we all know. Why count at all or start anew counting 
any beginnings or ends? Bureaucracy - pure bureaucracy that what I call 
it! Why not just live being joyful like any other fool or wise nut?
- - Gerardus - -


Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 16:04:39 -0500
From: Angela Clifford 
To: Angelac@ccsso.org, gerardus@geocities.com
Subject: thought of the day...

"I am getting to know more and more that I know less and less. 
Soon I will know absolutely Everything about absolutely Nothing!"
--Gerardus Tros


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 19:34:59 -0600 (MDT)
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Subject: Re: TriLite: Re: unpleasantness
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At 07:31 PM 7/8/97 -0400, you wrote: 
>Dear Cynthia, 
>Cynthia here: 
>Yes he did....see John 10:34 "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye 
>are Gods?" 
>Jim here: 
>It is very easy to take a sentence out of context. I am very certain that 
>Jesus was a Jew and would never teach or support anything but the one 
>true God. 

Hi Jim... Hi All...

Gerardus here: 
Basically I am a very simple guy and many people have taken me for a loop 
in the past. Especially the ones who raised me. They conditioned me to 
believe in the only one true religion and the only one true God. Man oh 
man... did that ever take a long time to get rid of. It took but seven 
years to make me a believer but it took until I was 38 or so before I came 
to the conclusion that my parents and all who raised me were the most 
loving people in the world, but they had no clue as to what was so and what 
was not. I was a sinner for 38 years! Possibly the scars are still within. 
My parents - they were victims of conditioning themselves! Wow!! What a 
religion can do is next to unbelievable. It creates crimes in the Name of 

How to find truth? Hard thing to do... 

Also - all the truth we will ever find is our truth. It is enough! And it 
makes no iota of a difference what it is - for the only thing that counts 
is how much love do we have in our heart for our children or our neighbor. 
So, all the Saviors in the world, on and off crosses, historically proven 
or not, do not make any difference to me. For I know that the love in my 
heart is lacking enough to bring me back to this world and try again! 
... Aha... the one true God... Hmmm? Are there false ones? And who is 
to determine that? And who or what is this one true God?? 

All I know is that I am a small aspect of the Universe and that I know next 
to nothing of how it works. I cannot even turn it on or off! And I have no 
idea what my final destiny precisely will be. But one thing is for sure - I 
trust the process! Deep down, I know that I am the process at work. I am 
the Universe at play and the only rule is Love. I like it that way!

Yes, I've read the rest of your post Jim. It spoke about who, or who is 
not, the true Messiah. Answer: I am Jim - I am the true Messiah just for 
me! And I do not want anybody, or any Christ, or any God, to interfere 
with the process I am engaged in. Which is, discovering Who or What am I 
really am, by experiencing Life to the fullest. Forwards and backwards - I 
just love it! For it teaches me Love, Understanding.

A belief is a dangerous thing - it can make you die for it without having 
loved your wife or children for one minute. Another thing - most people 
want to be right instead of loving or happy. Loving someone seems such a 
lowly unimportant affair! And I think I know why - because it is an inner 
thing that nobody can see. I does not satisfy the ego. But for me, in my 
fallible ways, it calms down the unrest within me. It creates peace without 
asking for it. It makes me Whole for the Universe is Love expressed!

Here is Helga at full speed: 
Jesus, the Christ, was so far above our awareness, that a second's thinking 
would have carried his mind to you know where and bodily harm would never 
have been felt.

Gerardus here:  Right on Helga! 
! Love is Understanding is Forgiveness is Peace is Happiness !


Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:29:22 -0600 (MDT)
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: Metaphysics
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At 11:40 AM 7/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Gerardus...I neglected to ask your permission to use your material. If I 
>have quoted you out of context, I look forward to any corrections or 
>comments you may have...with happy anticipation!  
>As ever...with love, 

Hi Cynthia and EveryOne...
I could not have done a better job myself Cynthia - Thank You. 

Metaphysics - yeah, it really is all the "ordinary-stuff" in our life. How 
did it get here? And what happens to it when we let go of it? Well, it 
got here because we were able to visualize it first, then we manufactured it. 
And how did we do that? We used the ingenuity of the Creator within us 
and low and behold - the most complicated tools and appliances roll out of 
our factories by the millions. You are using one right now... Wow!

All this - created by a lot of thought and a bit of Earth. Mixed together 
to astonish the inhabitants of the world. And most of them find it but 
ordinary stuff. Yes, even boring maybe! And who created this Man - the 

Aha! Now we really touch upon the Notes of Metaphysics...
Mankind and the Creator are One Being, One Energy, One Ingenuity, One 
Source of Being. The Source and its Creation are One! The Creator and its 
Creation are each other. And many aspects of this Creation are wondering - 
how is all this possible? They wonder, because the Spirit or 
Interconnection that ties it all together is invisible. The Creator has 
fooled itself and it is confused. The Creator is like a dog barking in a 
Universe of Mirrors and all it sees is other dogs barking. Finally it is 
silent and it finds itself!

Why is this Creator confused? It's simply this - we as the Creator, we as 
Man have entered a phase of our Creative Endeavor, within which we have 
lost 'touch' with the Source we Are. This was necessary in order to 
descend deeper into our creation of Matter. We used to be pure Energy! 
I think it says in the bible - God descended and became Flesh. Now, pinch 
yourself real hard and listen to who is shouting. It's the creator of the 
pinch. The Creator of all things! Hiding behind the dust of Flesh called 
Man - who is crying for help and mercy because he has lost the Knowledge of 
Who and What he really is. 

We as the Creator did all this - out of Love for Ourselves in order to 
wander out into our Creation like the Prodigal Son. And then return to be 
Forgiven and Celebrated about. Because now he has seen the Greatness of his 
own Being, within All That Is. And all he saw was himself...

/===O=============== From the Works of Gerardus ================O===\ 
||                                                                  || 
||         Life... in whatever matter form or spiritual state       || 
||          is a modification of the Radiant Creative Force.        || 
||           To know this is to realize the insignificance          || 
||                   of individualized existence.                   || 
||        To live Life with Joy however makes it significant.       || 
||                                                                  || 


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 19:54:39 -0600 (MDT)
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: newage??
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At 08:53 PM 7/11/97 -0400, you wrote: 
>I have been part of this news group for a little more than a month now. 
>there is one major thing that I do not understand. What is New Age? What 
>does the term signify.

Hello Kevin... Hello All...
Awfully good questions you have Kevin. I will attempt to answer some. First 
of all there is a long article about what the **new age** is on my 
homepages. Look in the index for: Why a New Age anyway? It's toooo long 
to put on here now...
BTW: TriLite is not really a news group. We all deal with old stuff. <;)= 
The Science of Man and his infinite Consciousness. Metaphysics and or 
Philosophy. All grouped in one by: New Age! It's been around for a while. 

Kevin here: 
>Without understanding what it means to other people, I assume that it 
>probably deals with a new realm of thinking after one has awakened. 
Gerardus here: 
Awakening is a process - so there are different levels of awakening. The 
Buddha and/or the Christ are fully awakened. There are many others but for 
now - two is enough... 
Kevin here: 
>I assume that the great majority of people involved in the 'new age' 
>movement have not awaken. I feel that a lot of people are just pretending 
>to be awake. 

Gerardus here: 
Hard to tell what others are at. Trick is to keep wondering along yourself 
by allowing things to come to you. What's the hurry once you know that we 
all live forever? Enjoy the Moment! Our experience or knowledge becomes an 
aspect of our higher self in the end. Which is what we are anyway... 

Kevin here: 
>To the uninformed public, I might assume that new age is all that weird 
>stuff like astral travel and astrology. But surely there must be more to 
>it than that. 

Gerardus here: 
The masses have not caught on yet precisely but they suspect that something 
is up I feel. What, they do not know, and it make them itchy. And as you 
know itch is worse than pain! 

Kevin here: 
>Everyone is sure to have a different interpretation of what it means to 
>them. Perhaps to some it is a platform of thinking on a higher level of 
>consciousness. To others, it is an answer to quieten the part of the 
>mind that is screaming for truth. To others.... Well, some just want to 
>be into weird stuff. There's stuff floating around that is utter 
>nonesense, but some will believe just because it's unconventional. 

Gerardus here: 
You summed it up properly. We are all on different levels and it might 
seem that some are more along then others. Not true in my mind. Beyond 
time - we all might be at the same spot. The learning Spot! 

Kevin here: 
>I'm very curious as to who is in this news group. How many people are 
>part of this? What are they like... What are YOU like? This group is 
>dominated by a few voices. 

Gerardus here: 
The entire world of Man is an aspect of the Great Awakening of Mankind. 
Some however might not be able to grasp the in depth concepts of it. When 
the older folks disappear for example the younger ones automatically create 
a New Age of Understanding. They are that type of Soul or Consciousness. 
At the moment the entire Mass Consciousness hangs on the tails of the ones 
seeming ahead...

There are about 90 people on Trilite. It's holiday time and some have left. 
There are other lists like this. They all deal with the same subject: Life! 
Kevin here: 
>Are these just people who read books, or have 
>thought alot, or are these people schooled, awakened, and unified 
>people. Are they just playing a role? 

Gerardus here: 
Yes, some of us have made sure that we kind of caught on what is going to 
happen. We have read books. However, many of us know by heart or intuition 
what will go...

And yes, we are all playing roles. The entire Earth is a stage! ShakieBoy 
already told us. In general there is going to be a change in the 
understandings of mankind and soon many will know that we live forever. 
This will create self-responsibility. At the present however the masses 
are being held prisoner by the Rulers of the World. The Banks, 
Politicians, Religions, Insurance Companies, the Media. etc. etc. 

It's a 
make Believe Nonsense World at the Moment. Kid stuff to put it shortly. 
Hard to change until it collapses maybe. More and more awakened people 
will eventually demand change. They might have to run for it politically. 
Followers will come for more eyes are opened each day... 

Kevin here: 
>I'm sure that a lot of people are just playing a role that makes them 
>feel like they are playing along with the nature of the universe. I'm 
>sure that alot of people are looking at these topics on a superficial 
>level, and are never changed by the depth of the thoughts. 

Gerardus here: 
Yes! You cannot teach poetry to monkeys. The earth is a school with many 
grades - too many maybe. This might change... 
Kevin here: 
>Are the people involved in the 'new age' higher level beings, or are 
>they just people with different beliefs. 

Gerardus here: 
They are not higher or better. Just different. Older Souls or just a bit 
more evolved. They are Doneits as I call them. (Done it) More experienced 
and so a bit wiser... 

Kevin here:
>These things I do not understand. These things I question.
Gerardus here: 
You are wise to have done so! Yes, you are not the only one who questions. 
Presently I'd say that 90% does not have a clue. It used to be 99%... 
We are gaining! The world is waiting for the Hundredth Monkey - are you 
it? Just laugh it off Kevin... 

>I am also curious if any one is part of any other newsgroups. I am part 
>of a 4th way group also. Anyone else? Are other people here aware of the 
>4th way? 

Gerardus here: 
I cannot speak for others. I know that some of us are members of more than 
one list. I used to be, but I have no time for other lists now. TriLite 
and the Cookie List, and this, and that, keep me busy! 

>Thanks for your time. I look foward to your replies, either in public, 
>or privately sent to me.

Yes, your questions are welcome for there are others on the list who have 
the same questions. Human Life is a 'teaching' by which all of us 
eventually become self responsible for all things. This includes 
self-education and the all important concept of Love. In my book Love is 
Understanding! This includes the Understanding that all of us are really 
alone and walk a singular path. (Bring a Sandwich)

I envision a world in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge 
that we are the 'Creative Force' in Human Form. When this awareness becomes 
realized within all of us, Love is the result! Everyone will know then that 
all of us are One Family, One Being and have One Purpose. Which is to share 
our abundance freely and love the Self We Are in Human Form...
Light... Love... and Laughter. 


Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 20:01:57 -0600 (MDT)
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At 07:39 PM 7/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Sam here: 
>Since humans are really divine beings, and humans make errors, 
>why not "To err is divine?" After all, every error is a 
>lesson, and that's what we're here for, so there's no gap between 
>human and divine, or between error and forgiveness.

Gerardus here: 
The words - divine - holy - saint - infallible - crucifixion - hell - 
heaven - purgatory - sinner - saint - god - are all religious words. I 
guess they became popular since many, if not all religions, became the 
educators of the world population in the past. The people connected with 
the religions were among the few who could read and write, so logically the 
way they looked at things, these words slipped into our dictionaries later 
on. Religions had an enormous impact upon humanity. Now - in my view - 
all these words are useless in modern thinking for they are phoney or 

If there is 'divinity' there in 'non-divinity'. So, why bother to use 
divinity or divine? All things either are 'divine' or they are just as 
they are without naming them anything. ( Like Sam I AM - I like it )

I feel that all Things, Beings and/or Entities are equal! But play 
different roles in the Game of Goofs or Illusions. The Creator's Dream - 
Creation - is a relative thing or reality. Infinite but relative! The 
Creator is Real but its dream is a virtual reality. 

As Human Beings we are 
entangled in this relative reality and think that we are real! On top of 
all this, the human aspect of this game fascinates us. Or did anyway! Now 
- not that there is anything wrong with that! Not at all - there is 
nothing else to do anyway. So, why not become lost in it and play the fool 
for a while... 

>> Gerardus here: 
>> Thank you Cynthia! 
>> I think we should expand upon that one. 
>> To err is human - to forgive is divine - to laugh even better! 
>> ------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> Cynthia here: 
>> That little sentence contains a real wallop.....it is the ultimate 
>> punchline if one truly understands its meaning. It is apparent to me that 
>> all that separates me from my divinity is the belief that I am separated 
>> from it. 

Gerardus here: 
Yes! That's the idea!! However there comes a time that one might prefer 
to move on and see different flowers within the fields of universal 
reality. However relative these fields might be...
I feel that the entire Universe is an infinite Joke of which we are the 
'butt' end. It's played on us - by us. We wanted it this way! 

Cynthia here: 
>>This is the human error...the belief that we are physical bodies 
>> separated from All That Is by an ego encased in a sack of skin, as it were.

Gerardus here: 
I'm not sure that we could call it a human error or anybody's goof. It is 
just the way we have things set-up for a while and we dove into it both 
eyes blinded completely on purpose. Here we are; 'seeing' through it part 
way. The veil is lifting... And she is Looking Good!! 

>> When we can look into each other's eyes and see ourselves there, we have 
>> overcome this purely human perception that the ego presents and we can 
>> offer the gift that will transform all humanity--indeed, the 
>> world...Forgiveness.

Yes! That's why I say:
I am 100% in favor of an Unconditional Ascension. This means that 
everybody, good/bad or indifferent, is raised to a higher level of 
Awareness, regardless of whether or not their karmic sequences are 
completed. As far as I am concerned, each and everyone is forgiven 
whatever they did.

Naturally if you want to stay in a 3D karmic environment you may do 
so by reincarnating upon a different planet. The Earth is scheduled 
to ascend! So, let's hop on the next Wave of Creativity. Enough of 
this Darkness, let's enter the Light of Love - The Fifth Dimension!

Cynthia here: 
>> It is my hope that we can bypass that old religious connotation that the 
>> word "divine" implies...and go to a more accurate definition of the word 
>> for metaphysical purposes......it is a verb meaning "to perceive by 
>> intuition or insight." 

Gerardus here: 
Yes! Let's use "awareness" of/at different levels - different grades. 
Like mice-awareness - human awareness - cosmic awareness - Christ Awareness 
- Game Master Awareness - and so on!

To me - calling ourselves 'divine' makes just as much sense as that we call 
ourselves "holy energy" - naturally energy is neither holy or unholy. Our 
'energy' is just like electricity! Useable for any purpose we want to.. 

Cynthia here: 
>>IMHO, divinity is the birthright of all of us as 
>> aspects of the Absolute. We do not have to earn this gift...it has always 
>> been ours...we have simply forgotten how to use it.

Gerardus here: 
Yes. Humanity is a divine happening! However, so what? In the mean time, 
'divinity' is a concept that shrieks off the religious, for they are still 
struggling in the levels of their mind that separates them from the 
Universe or Creator they are. It separates them from what they are!

The normal course of evolvement is to transcend this separation and the 
best way to do this is to leave the kindergarten of religion and go it 
alone. This mean that we are 'reborn' and continue on our own! We become 
free individuals searching for our own unlimited potential under our own 

We walk our beat alone! Not too many are ready, but the next decade will 
make many ponder the possibilities. The light within will speak when ready!
! The Beauty of Self is present in the Moment of Nowness ! 
Touch it lightly and smile.  Light... Love... and Laughter. 

- - Gerardus - -


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: Re: Life Static and Dynamic
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At 12:43 AM 8/14/97 -0400, you wrote: 
>Sam here: 
>The only static life I know of is the eternal, unchanging I Am, the 
>universal consciousness, Being itself. Dynamic life is the Action, 
>the motion, the e-motion, of the so-called physical universe, where 
>all is change and all is opposites. Being has been described also 
>as the great void within which all material creation resides. The 
>void is static. Creation is dynamic.

Hi Sam... Hi All...

Gerardus here:
Very nice words. 

Yes, BUT! Consider this... 

The Being within which all of creation resides and is permeated with, the 
so called Observer, is the very One that is changing and growing infinitely! 
The changes and expansion of ITS Beingness is the changing and expanding of 
the very "possible potentialities" that are reflected within the 
holographic aspects of Creation - Mankind on Earth and all others Things 
and Beings. 

In my view: Anything - including the Void, TIL, God or The Nameless that 
does not change - dies out of boredom or becomes stagnant and dries-up! 
THAT what lives within me is not static! It grows, because I grow and all 
Others grow or expand in awareness...

The entire Universe, high and low, in all dimensions - IS - an "Infinitely 
Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy", of which certain aspects are 
noticed/perceived by its images or reflections - the "Individual Holograms 
in Human Form" - and exist within this Signal. These Human Holograms are 
created in such a way that they accept the physical as the reality they 
live in. Some even think that it is the only reality... 

This "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy" IS the Void or 
Being as some people used to call it. However, it is not a Void at all!! 
It is neither a Being at Rest in Bliss!

It is the "Infinitely Complicated Holographic Signal or Energy" which in 
and by itself is unconscious or unaware and IT becomes consciously aware 
within the Individual-Holograms of Creation. Mankind, all Other Beings and 
Things are these Individual Holograms and have the Wholeness of Creation 
vaguely reflected with their awareness. We are its Image! This means the 
more we grow in awareness - the more we realize the "Infinitely Complicated 
Holographic Signal or Energy" which some people call God or TIL... 

I realize that what I say deviates from what has been said by the old Sages 
who spoke of the Void or Nothingness as the Womb of Creation. This Void or 
Nothingness is the Holographic Energy I speak of - which is NOT 
Nothingness. It is the Signal or Energy out of which all things arise...

Down To Earth Example: 
Let's say that God or TIL is Electrical Energy. Within this Electrical 
Energy there are appliances. (The Elohim and Others) All appliances *use* 
the all permeating Electrical Energy and grow from its Power. Naturally 
some have grown more than others and all expand upon their beingness by 
creating other appliances - Stars, Planets, Mankind and other Beings. Of 
which Sam and Gerardus and the rest of TriLite and the World are additional 
and specific individual Thinkers/Feelers and Co-Creators. And they in turn 
create their own reality and world around them... 

We are the One experiencing the All - We are the All experiencing the One! 

Light... Love... and Laughter! *!* Gerardus 


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: TriLite: TriLite - Universe - Us
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To One and All...

Trilite exists because of its three Initiators. 

Really ? ? 

This is not so!!   

TriLite exists because of ALL its Members or Participants. 
Either Posters, Lurkers and/or Archivers and/or the World who reads.

The same goes for the universe! 
It exists because of its participants!! 
It is not something in and by itself out there existing by itself. 
It is what it is because of all beings in the universe. 
We are the Universe. That is what this means: WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!

We are it - because we create it and it creates us! The fact that we are 
born into it as human beings is a deceiving happening, because we were/are 
in it, and of it, before we were born. We are it infinitely! 
Any comments on this one?    Greetings with Love to All - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: Body and Soul
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At 06:21 PM 8/26/97 -0700, you wrote:
Cynthia here: 
>Hi Gerardus and all.... 
>You wrote: 
>"You know, at my time - I just was driven to write. In a way I did not 
>have to listen either - I just had to write! I think they were shouting at 
>me! Nothing could stop it. Often enough - I wonder what I myself had to do 
>with it - next to Zilch - sort of." 
>Cynthia here: 
>Well...I am curious--you speak of all this in the past tense. Do they not 
>still speak to you? 

Gerardus here: 
Once I finally got the Universe to fall in love with me Cynthia (Took many 
lifetimes naturally) - I became and am the forever favorite Bloke so to 
speak. (Smile a lot here and maybe even snicker!) I can still write like 
in the past - but there seems to be less need for it. IOW: I'm on some 
kind of a 'break'. An old horse put to rest maybe for while...

Seriously now: 
Yes, I spoke in the past tense and I meant the years 1980/84 or so. I 
still write very easily nowadays, but not as driven. It takes me a long 
time to complete a post however, since I am a two fingered artist and 
sometimes try to correct/change what I wrote. (Change the structure of the 

I also feel that I have different Guides with me now, compared to the 
earlier years. I guess they need a break as well - wow! All are smiling 

Cynthia here: 
>I have had the feeling many times when I read your 
>posts to TriLite....that your comments are unerringly on the mark....I am 
>wondering if on these occasions, the same thing happens---does your 
>response sometimes come spontaneously, as did your earlier writings? 

Gerardus here: 
Yes, I would say that I write spontaneously. I do not specifically sit 
down for any post and/or prepare my thoughts for it and do it differently 
the next time. I let mySelf babble on so to speak. Once a babbler always 
a babbler I suppose. I have greater trouble speaking for example, for 
there are other energies around. Sometimes however, I guess when 
necessary, it flows like water and I don't even know it. I know it's 
happening but I am not directly aware of what to say or of what I said... 

Cynthia here: 
>I'm not just curious...but I would like to know how you get your conscious 
>mind out of the way so the communication can come through. I find this 
>very difficult. As I write, I can't control the urge to read and question 
>the material, instead of just letting it flow. 

Gerardus here: 
I do not go 'consciously' out of the way completely and I used to call my 
state my writers trance. So, basically nothing much else in the room exist 
once I climb on top of my keyboard. Hours pass and I do not notice them...
In general I'd say: I write from the heart and let my mind have its nap. 

It's used to it, not much there anyway but algebra and metaphysical 
malarkey, etc etc. Also - I dream about writing often and I seem to 
prepare for posts that are not even written yet... 

Another thing I feel is, that there really is nobody else out there but me. 
IOW: I have my monologs. Some monolog discussions, like James' for 
example, I cannot completely understand, but it does not bother me. I know 
that I am wired differently for reasons that are obvious to me. The 
universe is diversity for the purpose to reach all! I do not know what 
else to say here for it is next to impossible to explain myself. I just do 
what I do - doing it...

Now Cynthia, I am often most amazed at the depth and scope of your posts. 
How do you do what you do?? Told you this was going to turn out in a 
mutual admiration society! Well - I guess that's what monologs are for!

All I know is that I am a small aspect of the universe and that 
I know next to nothing of how it works. I can't even turn it on 
or off! And I have no idea what my final destiny precisely will 
be. One thing is for sure, I trust the process for I AM - I AM! 
Light... Love... and Laughter. 

~ Gerardus ~ 


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Subject: Re: TriLite: Spiritual Illusions
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At 05:25 PM 8/27/97 -0700, you wrote: 
>Hello Gerardus and all... 
>You wrote: 
>"I feel that 'everything' changes Everything. And that WHICH IS is a 
>changing Isness. Not steady or static or not influenced." 
>You speak only of the physical universe. I tell you that there is an 
>uncreated universe...the NO-THING from which everything emanates. Similar 
>to the vacuum which must exist in order for chemical reactions to take 
>place. This is what I mean by that WHICH IS...and it is changeless and 
>unaffected by any "things" or thoughts. IT is pure consciousness. And IT 
>can be experienced if one is willing to take that leap into the VOID and 
>discover their real identity. 

Gerardus here: 
Thank you Cynthia. 
Before I leap into the Void I peeked into the Mystery I AM and it likes to 
say this:

Sorry, to give you the impression that I spoke of the physical universe 
only. I seldom do. I speak as *if* I know something about the entire 

Which in my view is a Holographic Universal Source or Infinite Spectrum out 
of which the entire creation issues. Being drawn out (manifested) by 
Creators, High, Big or Small, including ourselves. The Holographic Matrix 
'holds' All Things in a potential form. In a No-Form. ( Not a Thought Form 
either! )

One could call it the Void but it is not Nothing! We could consider it 
the unmanifested or implicate order of the Holographic Projection of 
Creation - Creation being the manifested or explicate order. When our 
Awareness focusses on this Matrix we can create anything we like. We 
manifest it...

((I have assumed here that all things in Creation, high and low, are 
holographic projections or images existing within the Matrix and hold the 
total within themselves but not in a obvious or conscious manner.))
No Being ever will be conscious *as* this Universal Holographic Matrix for 
it is indeed a "No-Thing" that is "EveryThing" out of which all Things are 
born or issued. Possibly one could be conscious of this Matrix and 
experience it, but we cannot be conscious as it. We might be conscious of 
this Void or Matrix as you say, after we leap into it. I don't know what 
one is conscious of then. I have never been there that I know of. I am 
'from' it however like all other Blokes and People and Things...

In order to be - one has to be an aspect of this Matrix - but being an 
aspect of it only means being conscious of being a Self, High, Big or Small 
within it. So, all Things or Beings, High, Big or Small exist within the 
Total at all times, but they occupy a changing conscious position or 
function within it when they function as a Being (High or Low) within 

Therefore this "No-Thing" Matrix changes all the time for it is the Total 
Infinite Sum of All That Is in an unmanifested Order (Implicate). We are 
an Image of this "No-Thing" Matrix in a manifested manner. We and all 
Things are the Explicate Order...  

We all belong to Humanity but Humanity is nowhere to be found in and by 
itself, except as human beings within the population of the world. 
Humanity changes all the time but only because the people do. If Humanity 
was infinite in scope - we could create any being we would want to and have 
it function as a human so to speak... 

! The greatest mystery is the Mystery Within ! 
      - We all have our Own - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: TriLite: Thinking Again...
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To One and All...

Statement 1) 
The entire Universe is a Mind that issues and receives thoughts. 

Statement 2) 
The Holographic Nature of the Universal Mind maintains a record of all 
Thoughts ever thought! 

Statement 3) 
The World of Man has its own tiny aspect within this Universal Holographic 
Mind Matrix and whatever was ever thought about on Earth can be found 
within the patterns of the World Holographic Record. (Akashic Records?) 

= = = = =

Suppose now that somebody started a lie two thousand years ago and billions 
of people have believed in this lie! Now what? This means that there is 
a Holographic Record of this lie, for all Thoughts are recorded. However, 
the record of this lie is not distinguishable from the records of a truth, 
for all Thoughts are imprinted equally and no special marks are given to a 
truth or to a lie. ( Gi-Go )

The fact that the lie is imprinted into the World Holographic Matrix means 
that anyone who is able to interpret the Holographic Matrix is able to pull 
a two thousand year old lie out of it and say: here it is --> a truth! And 
in a way he is right, for the combined Thought Energies, imprinted into the 
World Matrix of the particular happening, are but patterns of Energy. No 
one living at the moment can say what was true or what was false by 
'sensing' this record. 

The fact that the lie was a lie, is imprinted as well naturally, but this 
one Thought is so small compared to the billions of Thoughts of all the 
believers in the lie that it cannot really be found anymore. To me all 
this means, that the only thing that shifts the lies from the truths is 
common sense. 

Anyone out there who understands what I am speaking of? 


Date: 18 Sep 1997 21:17:18 -0000
From: Gerardus 
To: Science & Spirituality List 
Reply-to: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: Soul-Spirit Dualism a Key to Humanity's Afterlife 

At 09:05 AM 9/18/97 -0000, you wrote: 
>At 07:51 PM 9/9/97 PDT, Peter Novak wrote: 
>> > Division Theory suggests that a single phenomenon is 
>> >responsible for both the Eastern and Western traditions of the 
>> >afterlife. Division Theory suggests that, at death, both the 
>> >conscious and unconscious sides of the human psyche survive the 
>> >demise of the body, but at the tragic cost of separating from one 
>> >other in the process. Each then goes on alone into a different, 
>> >crippled afterlife experience. 
>Francis here: 
>First let me welcome you aboard, rather belatedly - I have had to attempt 
>to "keep body and soul together" for the past few days so I have missed 
>some of the posts. I'm not sure I agree at all with the concept of division 
>theory. In fact, I don't even see a separation between life and death - I 
>see the whole spectacle of nature as continuous life. Of course, in 
>personal terms, I have to confront the issue of my own "mortality" but then 
>I have to define myself in terms of who or what I am.

---------- snipped --------------

Everything about us is constantly in 
>motion, constantly changing. Yet we spend our entire lifetimes creating and 
>embellishing our personality which becomes so sacred to us that we can't 
>even let it go in death. Ergo, we have reincarnation. Any thoughts on this?

Gerardus here: 
Any thoughts on this? Yes! Agreement thoughts!!  Basically Life is a 
very simple thing, but when you begin to explain it in human terms, the 
whole thing becomes unstuck. Human always have beginnings and ends. They 
divide and divide even more, and eventually they put things and people in 
their own reality cubby hole and say: Sure I know what you're about - 
you're an annalist with scientific overtones. And you over there, must be a 
clergy man for in your reality scheme God is the One to praise and blame. 
And you sitting there, punching keys, must be on TriLite and think that you 
know all the answers. No such thing! (The last is me naturally)

Life is an unlimited amount of diversified energy functioning as a 
Holographic Wholeness in multi dimensional planes of existences, but 
because some of its energies have taken on seemingly separate appearances 
in the form of human beings in some far away plane of being, the analyzing 
and dividing has a good start! Somehow it appeals to these creatures. 

It gives them power over others for they are looked up to as Scientists, 
Priest, Clergymen, Psychologist, Doctors and Nurses, Artists and Musicians, 
Politicians and Tax collectors and another hundred and seventy five names 
and titles. People do all that, because now they can place all things and 
think that they know what they are speaking for they use names and places. 
Not one thing is its name or place! However, it's an excellent way of 
spending eternity, but in the long run we will all come to the conclusion 
that Life still is the Ocean of Francis. Nice Ocean you got there 
Francis... and an excellent post!

No thing stands alone in the universe and all things 
flow forth from one another. Life is a Dynamic Flow 
within which the Source of all Things is "reflected" 
within its Manifestations. Simultaneously there is 
a continuous feedback from its Manifestations to the 
Source to keep it up to date...
Light... Love... and Laughter. 
~ Gerardus ~


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 14:03:26 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: TriLite: Is God - God?
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To One and All...
Big Questions here: 
What is God and what do most people understand this God to be?
I am not sure whether it will help anyone to put my idea of God 
on the line but in any case - here it is:

There is Energy! There is Information! These are the two basic aspects 
(ingredients) of the Universe. All Things and Beings consist of a 
combination of these two Things. So let's say, a mountain is a lot of 
Energy and a little bit of Information. A human being is Energy with a lot 
of Information. Especially if we include the Soul and its "Information 
System and its infinite Inter-Connections" as the inhabitant of the human 

Within this Energy and its Information (for short: Mind) there are 
different planes or levels of existences and within these levels there are 
billions of different kinds of Beings and Things including Thoughts. 
Thoughts are Information super-imposed upon a specific Energy and they 
exist upon a different level than the body for example. All is Mind 
however! Even the body is Mind. Mind in a certain form... 

Now what is God? The above! God is All That IS. However, this God or 
Universal Energy and its Information is NOT the Creator of the Universe or 
the Creator of the World and the people in it. To put it really short --> 
God IS Creation!

So what are we? We are Creation! So - we are God! And where is the 
Creator? The Creator is not just one particular Being or Spirit or Entity. 
The Creator as such is the 'Creative Energy' which lives within its 
Creation. It lives within us! It slumbers there and every time we come to 
a new level of understanding, we, as well as the Creator within, awaken to 
that new understanding. The Creator within really is our Soul - that what 
we are!

IOW: There is no God or Creator out there or 'within' all by and in itself. 
The Creator or God is (seemingly) divided all over its Creation. It lives 
and IS ALL. Some specific "know-it-all" Entity or Being called God does 
not exist! God IS Creation. God and Creation are not two different things!
Naturally there are Great Beings in the Universe who are responsible for 
certain aspects of Creation like Mankind for example. Well - let's say 
that the Being responsible for the Solar System is the Sun. Yes, our 
ordinary Sun shining away there and people sit in. Beautiful! Our Sun is 
an alive Being in the same sense as that the Earth is. They are both alive 

Our Sun for example is the Creative Power within the Solar system and all 
of us are created by this Sun and its Co-Creators. Who are these 
Co-Creators? Well - I think they are you and me and other people! These 
people however are not just people or human beings, for their "beingness" 
***extents*** all the way up into the highest levels of Creation. Human 
Beings are but the tip of the last hair on the tail of the Infinite Being 
we Are. Wow! Point is - we are the Infinite Being!

IOW: Above us somewhere there is a Co-Creator we call the Higher Self or 
OverSoul and it is responsible for, let's say 10,000 people and their pets. 
Other Co-Creators are responsible for other people and their canaries. etc 
etc etc. All human beings then are representatives of an OverSoul or a 
Higher Self. Now - We are this Higher Self in the same way as that we are 
Creation. In the same way as that we are Life!

The entire Creation then looks more like General Motors than just one God 
on top who does all things and looks after all of its Creation. No such 
God exist! The entire Creation works like our body. Is the heart more 
important than the brain? Is the liver less important than the Kidneys? 

Are eyes better than ears? No Sir! No Madam! Not true! Every atom, 
molecule, cell, organ of our body is just as important as the rest, for all 
together they make it possible for a Soul to live in it and have a ball. 

And Souls on the other hand, are aspects of greater Souls and these greater 
Souls are aspects of even greater Beings who facilitate Creation in the 
same way you and I write a letter. We just do it!   

While in the mean time, every human being or individual is a living aspect 
and participant of the Greatest Being there is. And who or what is that? 
This Being or Beingness is the Creative Force! That is what we are - the 
Creator, the Universe - or Life 'feeling' itself.  Being Human for now...

Well, my story is not perfect for I am too much in a hurry. I think I know 
why. It's the Creator within - she is a'pushing me. I hope you like my 
story anyway... 


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 18:36:07 -0600 (MDT)
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: Re: is God-God?
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At 04:53 PM 9/30/97 -0700, you wrote: 
>On Monday, September 29, 1997 11:43 AM, Lee Ali wrote 
>> I see only one thing that exists in the Universe and that is Energy -- 
>> Energy of the Universal Mind/God/the Father. 
>How do you define energy? 

Gerardus here:
The same way one defines Life. 
Teasing here. --> I m p o s s i b l e .

Even if anyone could define it. The definition still would not be what it is. 
The Energy of/or Life is the infinite experience of living it! Life is a 
Celebration of the Creator living as the Created. Defining it would be 
putting Infinity in a Nutshell - hard to do!

Words are only an aspect of Life. Therefore they will never be able to 
convey the Total. Life is an infinite Wishing Well. Life is what I am! 
I AM!   

What is the nature of Creation? Creation is a Holographic or 
Morpho Genetic Energy System, that can be modified at will by 
those who have risen to higher dimensional regions. Creation 
is God's Infinite Arcade within which all participants play a 
self created and self involved Reality Game... 

Light... Love... and Laughter ~ Gerardus


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To One and All...
Recently several Members of TriLite had to leave because of the enormous 
amount of mail passing through it. In order to keep the mail to a minimum 
please do NOT use the list for private Thank-You-Notes or other neat little 

Another matter: 
Since the establishment of TriLite my posts and responses amounted from 30 
to 38 percent of all the postings per week - every week! This will stop!! 
I have finally decided to ease up a bit and will try to become less of a 
slave to the keyboard and/or TriLite and the CosmicCookieCafe. You will 
definitely see my presence on the TriLite diminish. I have to, for I feel 
burnt out and tired of it all. I need some time for other things in my 
life. In the mean time, please carry on and enjoy TriLite as well as the 
Cookie List if you are on it...

Greetings with Love - Gerardus


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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: Re: TriLite: Re: is God-God?
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At 11:53 PM 10/7/97 +1000, you wrote:
>> Dear Gerardus, 
>oh I hope I am not becoming a pain in the butt with this ongoing 

Hi Gabrielle and All... 
When I stop responding - you better send me an aspirin or two. 
Don't want to use anything big... <;)= 
Gerardus here: 
>> Yes, it makes perfect sense for the position or state of mind you are in. 
>> I understand your position and thoughts about it. It more or less comes 
>> down to that you think/feel that God and You are TWO different beings. 

Gabrielle here: 
>Absolutely! *smile* 

Gerardus here: 
The entire universe is ONE Thing! ONE Energy! One Source! Your 
expression of "absolutely" means that you 'feel' separated from God or the 
Creator. Nothing is separated from God for God or the Creator *IS* all things.

You are that ONE Thing, Energy, Source. Since You as the Source have 
projected an aspect of yourSelf into a specific reality and since this 
aspect is capable of thinking - it seems to the aspect (Gabrielle) that she 
is different than the ONE Source. This is not so! The aspect you are is 
engaged in a "Process of Awakening" to what this aspect really is. This 
"Process of Awakening" are the many lives you live and the experiences you 

How to speed up this process? You are already doing that, for you are 
asking questions and are slightly confused because you have been raised in 
a society that is unfamiliar with this concept. (This is what the Occult 
was all about. --- It all is in the open now! --- No more Occult!! ) 
People believe in some other force than themselves. One by one they will 
change their mind! 
Gerardus here: 
>> is not so. There is only God. So what does that make you? 
Gabrielle here: 
>If this is the case dear friend - there is also no you in order to even say 
>this much that I should believe! 

Gerardus here: 
That is right! Gerardus in and by itself does not exist either. God as 
Gerardus exist. The Creator as Gabrielle exist!! We are existing 
'thoughts' of the Creator or God. 

Physical Reality is an Illusion! Our body is a teaching-device. A dream 
is a teaching device. Gerardus and Gabrielle only exist in the Dream the 
Creator has. WE are Dream-Figments! To awaken from this Dream is our 
task. Yours and Mine and Everybody's. You should read some, if not all, of 
the material on my Site. This might help you to grab this. In order to 
understand you have to transcend years of conditioning. You have been told 
things in the past and you believed them. You believed them (possibly) 
without investigating them. Your question should be : Why do I believe 
what I believe? 

The Creator's Dream is an Infinite Experience. It will always dream - 
within this Dream many Dream-Figments take on a reality of their own. They 
become self-aware and eventually God-aware. Or a Buddha or Christ! The 
entire "thing" is a paradox and I could not possibly explain it for you or 
to you. You have to do that yourself - that's what becoming Aware is all 

You are on your own! 
Gerardus here: 
>> There is no God who created you and then sits back to watch how you are 
>> doing. 

Gabrielle here: 
>I am not an Anthroposophist, but have the greatest respect for them... 
>Rudolf Steiner once said (and I love it so I am quoting it now - it is dear 
>to me) "The greatest mystery I can impart is to say that Christ sees us and 
>Knows us". Why should we limit great beings? I believe that Christ created 
>Man, as part of God, He can watch and delight in how we are doing.

Gerardus here: 
He is right! Christ or Buddha however are just ordinary Entities in the 
Game of Creation. They are 'ordinary' not compared to us, but to the 
universe. They are as much an aspect of it as we are! We however are in a 
different position right now - we are focused upon a different reality than 
they are. They have been through the school and we are still in it 
learning what it has to teach. But you are not less than a Christ or 
Buddha. A Child is not less than the parent - so to speak. We All are the 
Creator Dreaming Creation... 
Gerardus here 
>You as God came here to participate and enjoy YOUR Creation. Every 
>> post you write for example is a creation. Sooner or later you will learn 
>> to create guppies and a planet or two...

Gabrielle here: 
>I feel (I know) I have a way to go yet. But that does not give me despair 
>to think so - it gives me hope - because I would want to become much more 
>than I am now. Co-creating is the gift of Man - I agree. We need humility 
>too though - we need to know our true place and revere those which are to 
>be looked up to that we may grow to become likewise?

Gerardus here: 
Your conditioning is shining through. "Revere" "Adore" "Look up to" 
"Have a Savior" All these are religious connotations. The only person 
that is able to save or do anything for or about you - is you! Each 
person within Humanity has to learn to walk the path alone! Nobody is here 
really to hold your hand. Naturally there are people who could guide and 
help you, but all my words do not help one iota for YOU must do the 
understanding! Awakening!

And indeed "you need to know your true place" in Creation. Your true place 
is knowing that you are the Source. (The Father and I are One! - Jesus) 
That this is so is what you are working on. Not only you naturally! 

Everybody in the world and on TriLite or any other place is working on that 
one. We are all here to get to know our true place. Then - I suggest not 
to revere anyone. This however is hard enough in and by itself, for if you 
or I would ever meet a Christ or Buddha we would be overwhelmed by their 
Beauty, Love and Power. Their Energy would overwhelm us and bring us to 
tears for days to come. This Greatness Gabrielle is within all of us. 
How could we recognize anything - if we are not the same thing?

What we would experience - is what we are. Naturally, we have a way to go 
and then some. However, we are the same as they are. BUT not at this 
Moment! However, we could be parallel selves of the Christ. We could be one 
of its personalities living in Physical Reality, while the Christ itself 
graduated from this reality already. Time is an illusion. 

Gerardus here: 
>> At the moment however, in the form you as God appear, you experience 
>> yourself as Gabrielle. 
> But at the same time you as God are Gabrielle! 
>> This Gabrielle in the mean time grows and grows, and every step on your 
>> infinite path, you create a better understanding of the Universe. Every 
>> step of better understanding the Universe becomes more You, or what you 
>> Are! The Universe is about you and the One Creates the Other. 
>I am not godly though all the time am I? Sometimes my thoughts and deeds 
>would make the gods cringe or blush - and not all is attributable to a 
>higher self, but rather to lower inclinations I'm sure.

Gerardus here: 
You are not Godly?? You are underestimating yourself. People have been 
taught that they are Sinners. The religions do not know. You are the 
Creator becoming aware. There is no Sin. Sin is a human concept! It's 

You need to learn to 'see' things from the top down - so to speak. You keep 
looking up! Look down!! Look at yourself as if you are a child learning. 
What is wrong with a learning child? Nothing! Do you not love children 
whether they are absolutely perfect or not? Don't you love them 
unconditionally? IOW: You understand them? That is the way - your High 
Self - looks at you. For it is YOU in the first place - and YOU are it! 
We are all One Energy - confusing ourselves - until we catch on and awaken... 

Gerardus here: 
>> This cannot be fully understood instantly but by pondering about it and 
>> meditation if you like, you will get the idea eventually. Also, your 
>> is YOUR responsibility - not God's or someone else's. Naturally there 
>> many Helpers, Guides and Masters who help you, but in actuality all these 
>> Helpers, Guides and Masters are you in the first place. 

Gabrielle here: 
>This I know is not true (but thankyou anyway) - my teachers are independant 
>to me and that is how I can actually learn more today than I knew 

Gerardus here: 
Some day you will learn that NO thing or Being, high or low, is independent 
of Anything! This is the illusion to overcome or transcend... 
>> It might be a good thing to remember that Jesus is a forerunner of us. He 
>> is an older brother. This means, that you and I, eventually, will become 
>> that old and wise and loving. We all are walking the same Path... 
>> Amen!>
Gabrielle here: 
*big smile*

Gerardus here: 
Keep smiling and sooner or later you will understand that all things are 
the Creator doing its thing! Dreaming Creation. All this by means of you 
and me and everybody - for all of us - are co-creators. Even a tiny mouse!
Nice to chat with you...

In the universe there are basically only two things: Energy and 
Information. We are this Energy collecting Information. In order 
to do that we have created an unlimited amount of Forms of Being 
which group together and have relationships in unlimited numbers 
or settings. All in All - We call it Life. We are this Life!
Light... Love... and Laughter. 
*!* Gerardus *!*


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Subject: Re: TriLite: Thought For Food"
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At 02:30 AM 10/29/97 GMT, you wrote: 
>Hello Gerardus, you wrote: 
>->I feel that many priests are in a dilemma these days. They know that what 
>->they preach is a lie, yet they continue preaching. Then - to live an 
>->experience of Faith, is not much more than an experience of denial. I 
>->think that living like that is living very unhealthy... 
> You are correct, many priests are facing these questions in quite the 
>quandary. And many have left the priest-hood because they could not 
>resolve the Inner Turmoil. I asked an old and close friend who is a 
>Catholic priest (who happens to be one of the most Inwardly Awakened 
>individuals I know), how he could reconcile "what he Knows to be True" with 
>"what his position dictates that he can teach". He told me that he had 
>been a Catholic all of his life and a priest all of his professional life 
> -- and this is all that he knew professionally, so he was going to remain 
>a priest. 

>But he liked very much working with people and Helping them so 
>he figured that he was in a prime position to do that as a priest. So in 
>his teaching Catholicism and the Catholic School of Thought, he also makes 
>sure that his students learn to "think" for themselves. He feels that he 
>is being successful at Helping people to Awaken (and he secretly knows that 
>though his teaching is very strictly in accord with the Catholic Seminary, 
>that he is teaching people to question Catholicism, and perhaps therefore 
>push them away from it). 
> He is a righteous man with or without his tunic on (and it is often 
>not on) and respected by both his superiors and those he interacts with 
>daily. And I must admit, what better way of destroying a blind system 
>than from within in a very low-profile way.
Hi E. J. Hi All...

E. J. here: 
And I must admit, what better way of destroying a blind system 
than from within in a very low-profile way.

Gerardus here: 
I think I understand your friend's position but I do not agree with his nor 
your thoughts on the matter. To destroy the system from within - he must 
tell the world that the system is rotten. Not just encourage others to 
question and think. Beside, how could he possibly teach "how to think" if 
he is not a living example of it? In the mean time, he is a parasite of 
the ignorant people he is trying to help. Help do what - continue the Lie? 

Yes, I am awful hard on priests - especially Awakened Ones. I see the very 
Church as the Anti-Christ! Talking about an Inner Turmoil. I feel that 
the man is working on the mental equivalent of El Nino! With all due 
respect for the Light within him - I feel that he is polishing his ego-halo 
with the (con)temporary respect of the mass mind blinded by his own lies. 
! Thought for Food - Lies for Supper - Deceit for Dessert !

May the Light Within him - enlighten his Heart - and make him quit.
Neither Sinner - neither Saint - just Me - Gerardus.
! WOW !


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From: Gerardus  (by way of Gerardus )
Subject: Earth and Pollution!

At 01:08 PM 11/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
SnOwman here:
>I agree. People are destoying mother earth and that's the same as murder 
:-II If they don't stop then who is going to save us when we most need it 
?! > It's such a shame that a lot of people don't care what happens to her 
> -me

Gerardus here:
Hello SnOwman... Hello All...
Thank you SnOwMan for your response! And at first glance I agree with your 
statement and concern. It might take a second look however to see things in 
a different light and from a different prospective...

The Earth is a planet with a majority of young Souls. This means that they 
are not aware enough yet to care and/or do something about their own 
behavior. They live their Life - their way. They are like toddlers! We 
all live according to what we have been taught, backed up by our inner 
responses. For younger Souls these responses come from an almost 
unconscious ego-mind and no deep thinking is either expected nor required 
at the moment. All this is known to Mother Earth, and she, as the Great 
Soul she is, has agreed to be just that - our Earthly Mother! 

Also, saving the Earth is some kind of human concoction. When the time 
comes, if necessary, the Earth will know what to do. As a matter of fact 
she already is pretty busy blowing "El Nino" around, in addition to other 
measures, which all help to lessen the self accepted burdens if they become 
too great... 

My statement does not include however that we all should pollute the Earth 
to maximum levels just because she knows what to do! Taking infinity into 
account we all create our own realities and are responsible for our 
actions. Those who know - should take care of her as if it was their house 
or garden. What others do is their business. Young Souls have trouble 
taking care of themselves - let alone their City, their Country or their 
Planet! The Great Souls who take care of the Earth and its inhabitant know 
what's going on, not to worry. We all go through stages of learning which 
are hard on the planets we live on...

BTW: This puts to mind the Nuclear Pollution that will last for thousands 
upon thousands of years. Do I worry - or the Earth? Certainly not - for 
it all will be taken care of by the Forces that look after mankind and its 
actions. It's all part of the game we play. It takes an awful lot of care 
to run a Cosmic-School full of young Souls... 

The Infinite Light is the Intelligence behind our Mind, the Love 
behind our Heart, and the Impetus behind all Manifestations. The 
Infinite Light is the Omnipresence and Essence of Creation. 

                ! This Light is us - We are this Light !
                     Light... Love... and Laughter. 
                             ~ Gerardus ~


Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 06:58:54 -0800
From: Carol Hathor 
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To: gerardus@primenet.com
Subject: Occupants and Entities Cleared!

Halo Gerardus,
Are you feeling lighter today?
You bilocated to me easily so I could do the work. I scanned your light 
body for Original and Hidden Occupants, and in the process took out 
entities as well. The only difference between occupants and entities is 
that occupants think they own your body. 

A quick rundown of the more "interesting" ones: 
There was a female occupant in the abdominal area; it felt like a false 
womb. This one left easily, as they all did, but this one in particular 
I felt affected men rather than women, more on this one later...
There was an occupant in your eyes and light pathways of eyesight to the 
brain. Your physical eyes will look different now. Your friends who are 
sensitive will notice if you point it out.

At 15 yrs. old, you took on a similar occupant to the female one. With 
both of these gone, you may find you feel less trauma about females' 
birthing process. It may seem more of a natural process with less trauma 
involved. You may also feel better about women in general!
There was also an occupant in your feet which partially severed your 
energy from Gaia, and HEALTHY Goddess energy is more available to you 

Over time, you will develop a grand feeling about the Male principle, as 
your Galactic Family is an advanced civilization in which the male 
energy is very integrated, powerful and wondrous. In other words, 
without these pesky negative female occupants that were affecting your 
thoughts and emotions about natural female energy, you are much more 
likely to develop a grand perspective and knowingness about the Male 

Allow yourself a few days to get used to feeling more sovereign in your 

I sure didn't care for that female occupant creating the effect of an 
artificial womb; I felt that energy creating guilt over the birth 
process, guilt over causing pain to a mother who may have birthed you in 
this life or another one. So I called in the "boss" occupant. 

Immediately I "saw" a huge presence, towering 10 ft. tall. I asked her 
"what is the value of holding on to all these bodies? How many people do 
you affect? (10s of thousands) Are they primarily men? (yes) Then I did 
the procedure which disengages them from the "now" moment. When she 
disengaged, I could feel tentacle-like strands of grey light which were 
the occupants removing off of thousands of men. It was a lengthy process 
to extract all the occupants and then to transmute her to light. I feel 
certain that occupant has been the partial cause of the rift between men 
and women. 

So we've completed stage one for ya. Your reality will begin opening 
events, opportunities and people that were blocked by these occupants. 
That is quite common. Manifestations that you have desired are also far 
more likely to show up.

Will you let me know how you are feeling?

I am very into clearing negative energies from people, in their light 
bodies, environments, and in their relationships. If you know of anyone 
who could use some lightening up, please let me know. And give me a 
holler if you want some advanced work done. 

Yippee Yi Yo, good day's work. Ahhhh... dig that satisfaction.
Thanks again for the spot on your page. 
Love ya, 
Carol Hathor 


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To: TriLite@UserHome.com
From: Gerardus 
Subject: TriLite: The Lord of Creation
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To One and All...
What is the Goal of Life? 
The Goal of Life is to discover that there is no Goal! 
When that has been discovered - we can make our own Goals.
Each Goal then becomes a Purpose. 

Only a purposeful Life is Meaningful. 
Meaningful lives bring Happiness and Joy!
Living with Happiness and Joy in our Hearts 
propels us to higher levels of Awareness. 
Sooner or later we will be aware 
that we are: The Lord of Creation. Our Creation! 

Go For It - Gerardus


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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 20:27:23 -0700
To: TriLite@UserHome.com
From: Gerardus 
Subject: TriLite: Mahrouk's Questions
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To all TriLite Listers...
Once in a while "Mahrouk" asks me questions. This time I posted the 
questions and then right after that - my answers. Here they are! 
Mahrouk here:
Dear Gerardus,
The creator in action is fine. What I cannot understand is the concept of 
a co-creator. If all is One. If there is no reality in duality then what 
is "co" about a creator ?:)

To use the analogy of electricity: if the energy (electrcity) is one and 
it powers millions of gadgets can the gadgets be co-creators? God the 
Source, Consciousness Primal Energy or whatever is One. Right?
We energy that creates/drives man and animals and the universe and the 
waves and the stones ...is the ONE. 

If a computer were to be given the 'gift' of mind-intellect it would say 
I am Co-Creator. If a kitchen mixer were given awareness it would say, I 
make kitchen work easy and forget the power that drives it.
I am God only when there is no "I". 

Here are my answers:
Mahrouk here: 
>Dear Gerardus, 
>The creator in action is fine. What I cannot understand is the concept of 
>a co-creator. If all is One. 

Dear Mahrouk... 
My explanation might not be full proof or foolproof, but in time you and I 
might come up with the real thing... 

Gerardus here: 
Here we go: All is One alright - but this One does not appear as One! It 
appears and acts as All of Us in all realities. The Force within however, 
in all these beings, is One Force ---> Creativity in Action. 
Mahrouk here: 
If there is no reality in duality then what 
>is "co" about a creator ?:)

Gerardus here: 
Good point! All realities, in duality or not, are virtual realities or 
illusions. The only thing that's real is the Observer. 

Then - we in the physical call it "co"-creator for the Creative Force of 
the Universe 'works' or 'acts' by means of its manifestations. Since these 
manifestations have free will they create what they like and its looks like 
as if there is more than one Creator or Creative Force. 
Mahrouk here: 
>To use the analogy of electricity: if the energy (electrcity) is one and 
>it powers millions of gadgets can the gadgets be co-creators? 

Gerardus here: 
Yes! All these gadgets have their own characteristics and they create 
different things according to their designs. There is but one power however 
this power makes them work. Since these gadgets are very sophisticated 
each one of them 'adds' an additional signal/characteristic to the power 
that drives them. This means that the outcome or result of each gadget is 
different. The difference lies in the additional functions the gadgets have 
and are able to produce because of the originating power. That is why the 
'difference' is equally important to the power that drives them. As a 
matter of fact, if it was not for the difference - the universe would be a 
blob of indifference amounting to nothingness. The universal Energy or God 
by itself as itself is useless! It works by means of Others... 
Mahrouk here: 
>God the 
>Source, Consciousness Primal Energy or whatever is One. Right?

Gerardus here: 
It is One Energy, One Being but it can only be perceived as the Many. The 
original Force never shows up! There is no need for it... 

Mahrouk here: 
>We energy that creates/drives man and animals and the universe and the 
>waves and the stones ...is the ONE. 

Gerardus here: 
I think there is a wrong word here. I'll answer it anyway.

The Universal Creative Energy works like a Team. It is a Company of 
Forces. This Company/Team contains all the entities and beings we will 
ever encounter. There is but one Force behind all of them, but not 


At 01:30 PM 12/15/97 EST, you wrote:
>Good Morning All!
>Sandi here...
>I am sending this post from someone on another list (with names removed)
>because I would like to hear your views on her "discovery," which follows:
>I have had a complete revalation and I am estatic!!!  xx and I
>have been having conversations about "reality shifts" in which he and I
>remember alternate realities...  I am very scientifically orientated..
>and I NEED to know WHY and HOW... so I have been looking the model of
>electron tunneling..  (xx let me know what you think)..

Gerardus here:

Hi Sandy... Hi All...
In actuality there is not that much difference between electrons and
people. In a timeless frame, both appear and disappear, for Time and Space
are illusive (virtual) realities.  The only difference between electrons
and people is that people seem to stick around a little longer - this
however is an arbitrary thing for an electron in its one fashion might live
longer than people do. 

In any case, taking the 'non-locality' into account as the sciences have
discovered, our entire existence takes place all over the universe as well
as nowhere. However where is the Universe?  Is it a 'thing' ?   

This jives with what I say - which is: that we do not really exist.  We
only think we do!  Since we live in a body our thinking seems to be more
real - for the body accepts an illusion as real.  It deceives the
inhabitant!  While at the same time - the body is an illusion in and by

So, what is real?  Only the dreamer is real - it exist as us and is us -
and that's why the dream is real.  Apparently the dreamer consist of many
dreamers, creating their own dreams or realities. They are the same! 

Anyway, what is real in a universe that is a dream in and by itself?  The
Dreamer naturally!  Explaining all this in scientific terms is not possible
for the sciences themselves are shifting paradigms nobody really is able to
keep track of, for existence as such, now and forever, are virtual
realities or dream episodes.  And then - shifting from one reality to the
other might be easier than no shifting at all.  That's why living in a
(steady) body is a celebration of enormous significance...

What is reality?  Reality is but a fleeting moment of realization of an
observer, who is seemingly separated from other observers.  Not so!  We are
like fractals connecting to other fractals, creating the whole - creating
more of the same...

Confused?  Sure - but it works.  
Anybody who is not confused does not know what's going on...   
Life is that way!  

Sandi's post:
>	I was thinking WHY would people experience alternate realities?  Would
>it indeed be possible?  I haven't thought too much, it will require alot
>more thought before I can really substantiate anything.. but I think
>that it would be possible!!!  Mathmatically speaking, we/our universe
>would be able to "tunnel" into alternate realities/dimensions!!  By
>doing so we would attain some alternate attribute.  According to certain
>theory there exists 13 dimensions, in which we are all "pocketed".... 
>By implementing this we would be able to expeirance alternate
>realities... in which our memory would remember something not as it
>really "was" but as it "was".. hmm... that sounds bad..  Here is an
>example from xx..

Gerardus here:
Limiting the universe to thirteen dimension is like a meadow limited to but
thirteen blades of grass.  How big are they and what really lives on them
or makes them up?  How many cells, how many electrons?  And what are these
electrons anyway, but names people gave to some kind of phenomenon they
seem to recognize because of its reflections.  The Dance goes on!  Why name
the fleeting steps of beauty?   

So - if thirteen dimension can exist - why not a billion?  And what does
that really mean? It means that all of us are fractals of an infinite scope
of fractals that influence each others while we dance and create new ones.
None better of more beautiful than the other - for all of them are the Game
we Play!  The Infinite Light at Play.  And who is to stop us from doing what?

That's why we can create a world exactly as we like it - for we are the
reality of The Infinite Light - Creativity in Action.  (CIA) What a
coincidence - they also create their own game... 

Carlos Casteneda and his Don Juan have been describing reality shifts in
all his books.  They are real!  Real illusions like the rest of reality.
Do they happen?  All the time - like I said the miracle of our reality is
that we are able to hold on to one scenario long enough to be fooled by it
and say - I think I know something - is that you over there?   ... and what
do you think you see?  You see nothing but yourself in a different form.
What you see is a different fractal of yourself - being busy...

Sandi's post:
>	Okay, where am I going with this?  I don't know if anyone else shares
>my enthusiasm with mathmatical proofs.. but I think that it is really
>exciting that something like this can be shown!!! 

Gerardus here:
Possibly can be shown on paper. But who needs it?  It is shown to us every
second of reality. All we need to do is catch on and SEE the illusion of
the reality of the dream.  The Beauty is Real but the Reality is an
Illusion!  What else is new?

> When tunneling was
>first concieved it was so far fetched that no one wanted to take it
>seriously... but if something as strange as tunneling can be proved..
>why not something on a larger scale?  Size is only relative...
>	I will have to think about this some more.  If anyone has any inputs
>please let me know... I'm sorry.. I know this is really off topic.. but
>this has all just made my creative juices flow.. 

Gerardus here:
I do not think it off topic - in actuality there is but one topic - Life!
Whatever it is - we will meet it - and it is us!

Sandi's post:
I am enlivened at the
>thought of such "magic" :)  If any one else recalls any "reality shifts"
>please let me know about it and what it "looked" like when it
>occured...    Thanks so much..  If messages like this gets too
>bothersome, let me know and I will stop.  It's just a bit hard for me to
>contain my enthusiasm and excitement! >>

Gerardus here:
Understand your excitement.  Magic it is!  You caught up with Life!!

Every moment of Life is a magic reality shift - for all of us find
different things and meanings within the same Scenes of Reality.  That's
why it is self-created by the observer. It is the Creator doing its thing.
It is the Creator - and the only Real Thing around!   It's US...!

 Sometimes I think that I have become a little bit famous.  
 Because of Me?  Yes! 
                Because of my Soul?  Yes!
                                     Because of Both !! 

 For we both create the reality of the moment and enjoy it.
 While both of us know - that neither of us really exist.

 For the Creative Dreamer dreams Creation.
 Of which all of us are but the Figments-Fractals that make it real.
 A real illusion - to be enjoyed - to be honored - for it is What We Are!

Here's another piece of spacey dribble, ready to be send into cyber space
to become only real when you ask for it. Beyond that it does not exist! 
For where does it go - when you let go of it?   Something lingers -
something stays - while the something gained creates other somethings. It's
all there is to do right now - better enjoy it before for it changes into
something ugly.  Just as Real - just as Creative...   

                             = = = = = = =

 I do not see Gods or Egos, all I see is the Creator in different poses 
 of being itself within its creation, searching for the silent voice of 
 itself, speaking to itself so that it may awaken to its full glory and 
 the recognition of itself by means of the experiences needed to awaken 
 its Infinite Creative Force - The One We All Are - Equally!

                       Light... Love... and Laughter.
                               ~ Gerardus ~


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At 01:31 PM 12/15/97 EST, you wrote: 
Lisa here:
>Thank you so much for the welcome, and wonderful words. I feel the peace 
that >eminates from all of you, and it lifts me. I feel the welcome love 
and joy >that all of you share. 
>I read, on the first day I joined the list, about someone else waiting, in 
>joy, for their assention . Well, I too await this spectacular 
>event. For myself and others. I walk around my home town speaking to all 
>that will listen about the wonderful things about to unfold for all of us 
-- >if we are willing to accept. 

Gerardus here: 
Thank you for your kind words Lisa. I make copies of them and send them to 
my Soul! Sometimes it just sits there all by itself - glumming the Glow. 
While I am busy not exactly waiting for anything. I feel that the enjoyment 
of the moment will project me to where it's at. Yet - sometimes I use two 
mirrors to look at the back of my neck in order to see if it did not pass 
already. Cannot report it has - but I believe that for some it did... 

For what is time - but the reality of the moment - lost between the 
blinking of my eyes that never blink nor wink when I look into the same 
mirrors. I think it will happen when I throw my mirrors away and leap in 
blind faith upon the next electron - mirroring The Infinite Light as an 
electron - because we called it that... 

Love the rest of your post. Not too worry about the ones not 'seeing' the 
Might of the Miracle. They are busy being what they are. Timeless in their 
own way - laying eggs to hatch themselves when the time is ripe... Maybe 
Man is a Chicken afterall...

In the mean time - I wish you good Cheer over a Beer - Gerardus


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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:24:22
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From: Gerardus 
Subject: Re: TriLite: Reality Shift Revelation
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At 07:36 PM 12/23/97 EST, you wrote: 
Shydragon here: 
>thanks for the interjections...:) 
>i was interested in the part where you said we may just soon be doing all 
>this for fun...its an interesting thought. but i have a question for you... 
>if we learned how to play here wouldnt that mean there would have to be a 
>definite place from which we came? 

Gerardus here: 
A definite place where we come from? This is impossible to find or 
determine since we are Mind - we are Consciousness. Mind is Spaceless and 
Timeless! The definite place, that is not a place or locale, is mind or 
consciousness. Where is it? We are it! No location is necessary... It 
infinite in the first place. Where is Infinity but Here!

It is only when this 'mind' lives in a self-made physical creation that it 
starts to ask funny questions. Unreal questions in actuality but these 
questions somehow make sense in an illusive state of mind within which we 
find ourselves when we live in the physical body.

The body we live in is like a spacesuit that deceives us. It creates a 
reality that we accept as real. Intellectually we know however, that 
physical material is 99.999% emptiness. We conveniently overlook this 
because our body says so. It deceives us! The body is like a lens through 
which we look and then say: watch it - this is real here. Yes, it is real 
to the body, that in and by itself 'meets' an energy-field that it *sees* 
as solid. Is it solid? Naturally not - it's an illusion...

The beauty of the entire thing is that we also live in a self-made illusion 
(the body) that we accept as real and this body sometimes drives us to kill 
other aspects of ourselves (other bodies) because we think that such and 
such is so and so. Nonsense! The body as we see it - does not exit. 
Therefore the entire Physical Creation is an incredibly accomplished 
deception and the task is to overcome this creation! 

We actually are from 
this 'definite-place-called-mind' which we have left to live in this 
illusion we call the world. In actuality however we have never left it - 
it just looks that way! So we can say then: Mind of Consciousness is real 
and the world is an illusion and is a creation of this Mind - which has the 
ability to live in its own creation and be fooled by it. Wow for sure!! 


Skydragon here: 
>are you saying that we can create a 
>fantasy to play in while still knowing our own reality without losing the 
>grasp on our reality or forgetting which one is our reality? 

Gerardus here: 
We not only 'can' create a fantasy to play in - but we have done so - and 
are living in it. What you see is what you are actually creating, for You 
(The Spirit You Are - the Creator You Are) and your body 'create' whatever 
you experience from the universal energy out there, which in and by itself 
contain millions of realities, for it is actually beyond time and space. 

Your State of Mind (the Human Spirit Mind State) and your brain create the 
physical reality you think you experience. 

You and your brain 'give' reality to a specific aspect of the Total Reality 
all around you. This Total Reality, I call God or the Universe or Life. 
It does not really 'do' anything except just sit there and it waits to be 
affected by your and my beingness. You and I and Everybody change this 
Total Reality, by means of the Mind we are. We create our reality - we are 
the Creator! 


Shydragon here: 
>if i were in my 
>own fantasy right now i may just think this is my reality and never go 
back >to the reality i had before....well i guess that would be the part in 
>LEARNING to do it... 

Gerardus here: 
Until you understand what I am speaking of, you are in your own fantasy and 
accept it as real and as the only one. This naturally is not so! However, 
for 99% of the world population this might be the case. Yes, many assume 
that there is something else - but very few expect that they are the 
Creator of the very 'place' they live in and have their reality or illusion 

What you are going to do with this knowledge is up to you - but I would 
like to mention here that you cannot 'negate' this knowing and say: this 
place is an illusion anyway - so let's forget about it. Because, billions 
of people are trapped, in a sense, and need help to see through their 
illusion. Maybe this is why you were born at this time in the first place. 
Maybe some of us came here to help other see...! 


Shydragon here: 
>i dont know if i could pretend to be doing something real the whole while 
>knowing that i wasnt though. i dont know about that one. 

Gerardus here: 
We need to learn that all things are real and an illusion at the same time. 
For WE, or the Creator, are/is the only real thing around. It sleeps and 
dreams while it creates. To awaken to its own Source of Knowing and strive 
towards this Core - is Enlightenment. We need to become a CONSCIOUS 
Creator. Many have done it and many more will in the near future. I said 
before - many are here to help others. For in the end, which is the 
beginning, we are all ONE. IOW: nobody is ahead or behind for time is an 


Shydragon here: 
>it is too easy to fool our minds. that i am sure of. i can think hard 
>enough on about anything and make up a contradiction to it i may believe 
>just as strongly. 

Gerardus here: 
Yes, I know! Eventually though, we learn discernment and know that the 
Truth lies between our Imagination and the Nonsense it creates. To waver 
back and forth and straightened it out, is done by living lifetimes and by 
experiencing what we create and are - the Truth itself. In the mean time, 
we all have different Truths which need to be respected for these 
intermediate positions are the Path we self-create and walk... 


Shydragon here: 
>i know all my beliefs are based on what i choose to believe as my reality 
>right now. other than that it doesnt matter. tomorrow i could wake up with 
>an entirely different reality. this is where i better stop.

Gerardus here: 
What you choose to believe means that you have a choice. To exercise this 
choice needs to be done wisely and very carefully - for as you say - the 
human mind is quite capable of deceiving itself. This apparently is why we 
keep returning the place where we left off and try again living in a 
different body or lens and must learn the previously knowing all over 
again. As you know this is what you are doing right now. Either by means of 
your dreams or my ramblings. What's the difference as long as it work for you! 


>blessings and kindness gerardus! 
>and to all! 
>shydragon (coti)

Thank you Coti and much Love to You - Gerardus


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At 12:53 AM 12/24/97 EST, you wrote: 
>thanks for the info... it makes sense to me now. i was thinking about having 
>one reality/ illusion and going to another reality/illusion. it would be a 
>little confusing that way. so your explanation was helpful. :) 

Shydragon... and All...  

Consider this: 
All realities are virtual or illusions and the only one real Thing is the 
Observer. We are this Observer! So in effect we go from one illusion to 
another and while in any one reality or illusion, we 'think' that this is 
the one that is real - or more real than the last one - or whatever... 


Shydragon here: 
>i was thinking 
>if we felt that this illusion were our reality, could we create another and 
>yet still return here to this one? i think its possible of course. but it 
>seems that it may cause some shift in our perception. do you think that we 
>need one illusion that we choose as our reality? in order to keep a grasp on 
>our physical sense that is. do we need a "reality"? or will we eventually get 
>to where we could shift between illusions perfectly aware of their illusion?

Gerardus here: 
Consider this: 
Our Home-Reality is the Absolute Reality of the Creator We Are. For this 
Creator to be 'creating' though, and do its thing - it splits itself into 
an infinite amount of aspects (of itself) that in and by themselves 
'create' individual realities or illusions in order to experience their 
Dreams or Creations. Among the individual aspects of the Creator, there 
are more aware aspects and less aware aspects. A Jesus (Sananda) or a 
Buddha is more aware than an ordinary guy like you and me. Well I don't 
know about you, but I know about me. There are different ranges of 
Greatness - but all are the Creator doing its thing! Creating and looking 
after it... 

Let's say that TriLite is Creation. Within Trilite/Creation there are some 
members who are more active (creative) than others. Seemingly the more 
active are more important - but that is not so! For the time being - we 
have TriLite/Creation and we exchange information about and from ourselves, 
in order to learn. These others are not really others for they all belong 
to the One TriLite or Creation. They all are One! One Creator being us... 
One Creator doing its thing...

One of the things the Creator does, by means of some of its Greater 
Aspects, is create a physical reality that contains the Solar System and 
planet Earth full of learning beings who are all aspects of the Creator or 
Creative Energy. IOW: the universe or God or the Creator is a "Company" 
with Billions of Officers who create and look after what they create... 

In a sense then, we as human beings are created - but the Creator can only 
create with the Energy It Is! IOW: We are the Creator's Energy and sooner 
or later we learn so much about ourselves that we will create Solar Systems 
and planets ourselves. At all times however, our creations will always be 
aspects or thoughts of the One Mind. This One Mind is like a playground 
within which all of us play our Game. We adapt it to our needs...

One of the Games is being Human which means that you don't know who or what 
you are, for humans are blind until they awaken to greater knowledge. This 
more or less is up to themselves - for we all have free will and different 
inclinations. Apparently your inclination is to know what the dickens is 
going on. Good for you! Before long you'll be searching for a different 
source for your questions might just be too difficult to answer for me. 

This is Fine! Today I answer you - tomorrow you answer me. All in all we 
are each other anyway - but for the time being and within the Game we play, 
we seems to be different guys with different questions and inclinations...

Christmas Blessing to All - Gerardus


To: TriLite@UserHome.com 
From: Gerardus  
Subject: Re: TriLite: Exploring the ID Envelope 
At 09:07 PM 12/26/97 -0500, you wrote: 
> Exploring the Identity Envelope 
> At some point in your life, you'll have an identity 
crisis. It's part of >the joy of being human. The experience, however, 
doesn't always have to be >traumatic. It becomes painful only if it 
psychologically disables you. >Katrina and I go through identity 
changes frequently. We bounce from >mundane to inane and to points between.
------------ snipped a lot -------------------

>You can, however, enjoy playing, even if there's no solution. You 
float >like a bubble in the ocean, until you pop. The more that you 
stay loose >and centered, the more interesting it becomes. One day, 
you realize that >you are it. Whatever it is.

Hello Evin...  Hello Listers...
Thank you for your excellent description of what you and we are Evin. 
*Instruments of Spirit*.   All in All - that's really all we are.  It 
is enough!  For we are all here to witness and remember the ride we 
are on.  Sometimes we pretend to be able to steer the wagon - I don't 
think so.  All we can do is enjoy the scenery when it passes by.  The 
ride we are on however is determined by the manner in which we behaved 
and enjoyed all previous rides.  Glad you appear in my scenery...     
Hi Katrina!
Crawlin being walked on sometimes - Gerardus


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At 12:18 PM 12/30/97 EST, you wrote: 
>To gerardus 
> but we made up time, you see the unuverse dose not excist in our time, 
  use time dose not excist 
> Love hannah

Hi Guineve Hannah...
We make up the entire universe - it's a mind thing - naturally time is 
included. The universe exist in us, for we are it! And what we have 
discovered of ourselves - or of the universe - has popped out of us. It's 
the aspect we recognize, be aware of. There is no other place it could 
come from! Our Mind contains and is the ALL... 

I am all Things and All Things are in Me - Gerardus