Gerardus dreams     I. C. U. speaks

- Dream 11 -

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     In the first Place... it is the Soul who reincarnates and not the
     Personality. The Personality is the Temporary Mask the Soul wears
     and it's especially designed for the Life of that one Person. The
     Soul shares its Energies with thousands of its Personalities  and
     determines what it wants each Person to do.

     In the Process of trying to accomplish this the Soul might have a
     Personality who is insensitive to what the Soul wants and follows
     its own Inclinations and Desires. As you can see the Soul and the
     Ego-Personality  are different Masters in the same House  and one
     Master will have to be ignored. The more experienced a Soul is in
     steering  the  Human in the Direction as planned the  closer  the
     Life on Earth is lived according to the Blueprints.  Souldom then
     is something that has to be learned by the Soul or God-Self.   To
     plan and learn to incarnate into the right Families and under the
     right  Circumstances  is  the  Art of Reincarnation and naturally
     only old Souls  have learned how to do this.  The Younger Soul in
     the  Beginning of its Reincarnational Patterns however is not too
     concerned  about  how  and where it lands on Planet Earth.    All
     Lessons  have to be learned anyway  and all of you start  from  a
     State of Unawareness or not Knowing.

     Awareness then... as a Soul Self is the Cosmic Honey that must be
     gathered by means of the Reincarnational Process each Soul exper-
     iences by living  in the Physical Plane of Earth.  Each Life then
     is the Creation of the Learning Soul and the more the Soul learns
     about its Physical Creation  the more the Whole Soul advances to-
     wards the State of Enlightenment or Realization.

     This in General is what all Human Beings on Earth  are working on
     and very few of them are aware of what they are engaged in at the
     Moment.  This does not matter for the Lessons are learned anyway.
     The only difference is  that when you do know  what Life is about
     it becomes possible to help yourself along in a Conscious Manner.
     Then the Evolutionary Process becomes a Conscious Evolution.  The
     State of Evolution the World of Mankind is in at this Moment is a
     Cosmic Process.   Which means that many People are still  in  the
     Stages  of learning  how to become  more Aware and Mature.   Your
     World  at  this Moment is filled with Young Souls who are  busily
     engaged in trying to reach Adulthood. Very few Souls have reached
     Maturity or an old Soul Status. To reach the Christ Consciousness
     Level is a long Process and  in  the Future all Human Beings will
     have the Opportunity to attain that Level.  You are an  Aspect of
     this Level in the first place.   You are working towards this and
     it is impossible to miss.

     Learning  about your Self or Life is what all of you are  engaged
     in  by means of the Reincarnational Processes that you as a  Race
     of GodBeings  have  taken as a Path to full  Realization  of your
     Greatness as The Universal Creator in Manifestation.  Your Planet
     Earth is the Scenery or School of learning for now.

     The Personality is the Physical Representative of the Soul or God
     Being in Manifestation.   It is a specific Aspect or Facet of the
     Total Soul in Learning. In other words; the Soul in its "Journeys
     through Time and Space" creates  and uses  different  Instruments
     who in and by themselves accept  different Roles or Parts in  the
     Play of Creation.  They in a way are different Characteristics of
     the High Self and eventually are absorbed.    All Human Beings by
     their own Efforts and Greatness eventually will expand in Mind or
     Consciousness. They will become an Aspect of their Soul with full
     knowledge, that the Personalities, they as a Soul create, are the
     very Instruments, through whose Experiences they as a Soul become
     wiser.  Each Human Being then, is an Aspect of the Soul, by means
     of which, the Soul has its Experiences in the same manner as each
     Human Being has its Experiences from day to day or year to year.

     Each  Personality then, for as far as it is possible, will  enjoy
     the Greatness of the Soul as the Creator of its Play. The Soul or
     God Being then is the Creator of its Physical Instruments through
     which it eventually becomes enlightened.  In other Words, without
     Gerardus, your Soul would be ignorant of the "Physical Action You
     Experience" in the Universal Play of Consciousness on Earth.

     This questions is similar to how high is high and in a way cannot
     be answered, but we will comment as follows.  Mankind is on a Ten
     Billion Year Journey through Space and Time.   The time mentioned
     however is an elusive value, because when this Journey began, Man
     was not able to tell Time nor Space!  Time and Space are Part and
     Parcel of your Physical Creation and the Beginning of this Action
     is outside or beyond the Time and Space Continuum.

     Time and Space then, are Creations of the Creator called Man  and
     until you are able to master these, you are not able to enjoy the
     many Possibilities of this Continuum.   Since all Things are Mind
     or Consciousness in manifestation you will be able to Time and/or
     Space travel for all you really do is travel in Mind. This sounds
     quite simple naturally, but doing it is more difficult. All Human
     Beings are working towards this Cosmic Accomplishment.

     All Things in Creation, Spiritual as well as Physical are Mind or
     Consciousness in Expression  and the Earth, as well as all Things
     upon it are the Physical Aspects of this Expression. Included are
     all Invisible Aspects of the Physical like Air or Oxygen and your
     Mysterious Continuum of Time and Space.

     Originally, you had your Existence beyond Time and Space and your
     Imagination as well as your Curiosity, placed you Era by Era in a
     Physical Environment.  The full Experience of this Medium brought
     forth the Need to completely lose yourself in this Endeavour. So,
     temporarily you are lost in the Aspects of your own Consciousness
     and the Environment you find yourself in, seems to have a Reality
     of its own!  Whether this is so or not is for you to discover.

     Many of the High Points of your Endeavour like the Appearances of
     a Buddha or a Christ are the Normal Happenings or Results of your
     Search for your Creative Source or Original Greatness.   Which in
     and by itself has been enriched by your Physical Expeditions into
     this Strange Environment that we call the Physical Dream.

     A Buddha or a Christ then are Forerunners of Mankind.  All of you
     are equal to any of the Enlightened Masters but in this Moment of
     your Dream you seem to be less.  This is not so!   All of You are
     the same Great Universal Being or Consciousness.  And in due Time
     you'll all leave the Space you call the Physical Environment.  Be
     assured of this. So Be It!

     Yes!  There are many questions that I cannot answer. All of them
     are the questions that you have not asked yet!

     I am able to answer any question at any time.  However,  I cannot
     answer until I'm asked!  It would be redundant to speak until you
     are ready. There is a Universal Agreement that information is not
     spread about just for the sake of making sounds!

     For  Beings  who have no Questions on their Mind the Universe  is
     perfect  Silence.    As soon as they start wondering however  the
     invisible Silence becomes alive and answers.  Ask and you will be
     told!  It has always been this way.

     I will answer  your question about UFOs up to a general  level of
     Human  Understanding.   It is not necessary to get into the nitty
     gritty  of  their work and responsibilities for  there  are  many
     books in your reality that could fill in your curiosity.

     There  are many different types of UFOs and they  originate  from
     within  the  many Dreams of Consciousness.   And  in  your  case,
     different galatic systems of the Physical Universe.   However,  I
     will  only deal with the Illustrious Entities that are  concerned
     with your Planet,  its Flora and its Populations.  This naturally
     includes the Devic Kingdom as well!

     The  UFO  Intelligences,  Beings or Entities have been  with  the
     Earth and Mankind from the very beginning.   They are the Keepers
     of the Earth.  They are in charge of the Bodies or Forms you live
     in as a Spirit.   Many people however see their body as the thing
     they are.  This is a very limited view!

     Except  for the changes that you have brought about by  selective
     breeding of certain animals, fruit and flora,  you as Mankind are
     mainly the architects and builders of the nonorganic or nonliving
     things upon your planet.  The UFO Intelligences and their Masters
     are  the architects and builders of the organic or living  things
     upon your planet.   They are the Creators of the Things you  take
     for granted!   They try to be the invisible Cosmic Caretakers  of
     all the Things that live upon planet Earth.

     When  you  as the Creator-Self started out with another  Physical
     Reality  System (or Virtual Reality System)  in which you as  the
     Creator would be incarnating in some kind of Physical Body,   the
     Presence  of  Caretakers  who would look after  these  Forms  was
     required.  The UFO Entities are the Godbeings responsible for the
     pro-genetic preparation of the required Forms.  Naturally they do
     not only look after the Physical Form of Mankind, but they are in
     charge  over all Forms upon your planet.  Their  responsibilities
     are  enormous  indeed  and of a  tremendous  variety!    For  the
     fulfillment of certain duties, they seem to fly in semi invisible
     crafts  and their landings might be for the purpose of  gathering
     samples.  They are in charge then of all genetic requirements for
     the Forms of the Human and Devic Kingdoms.  In order to do  their
     work  an enormous Fleet of different vehicles is utilized and the
     organization  is  awesome indeed!   Their Fleet might be able  to
     overshadow  the Earth!   They are the Guardians and Gardeners  of
     the Earth.

     The High or Creative Self You Are,  is represented upon the Earth
     by  Soul-Aspects of Your Totality.   These Soul-Aspects incarnate
     and forget who they really are and experience the Physical  Realm
     by  living in Bodies that are ready-made for the incarnations  to
     follow.  The Earth and Mankind upon it is a special State of Mind
     within the Universal Consciousness.  You as the Human Personality
     are a creative extension or instrument of the High Self you are.

                               * * * * * * *

     I will make some further statements about UFOs, that will relate
     to the Reality System you live in at this time.

     STATEMENT 1)   What you are and think you experience, are Aspects
     of your Greater Self that temporarily are expressed in Formations
     of Energy that you accept as Physicalness.   This Greater Self is
     Infinite and it includes all Things and Beings.   All Aspects are
     the Whole in miniature and therefore: Each of us is All of us!

     STATEMENT  2)    When  Human Beings  are  subjected  to  specific
     Electromagnetic  Forces,  they experience other Aspects of  their
     own  Universal Mind.  These other Aspects include UFOs and  other
     unfamiliar experiences.   Naturally all of these are real for our
     Mind is real!   Our Mind functions within the Eternal Now;   thus
     your Past, Present and Future are but arbitrary time frames!

     STATEMENT 3)  In a very real sense you all live as if in a  Dream
     in which you assume Individual Identities to give validity to the
     reality of the Dream.  The Mind that is dreaming is the Creator's
     Mind in which all Things happen as if they are real.

     STATEMENT 4)  Your Physical Realm is a very specific Area or Type
     of Dream in which all Things take place in a semi independent and
     separate  reality  that is sustained by the Human  Belief  System
     itself.  You are the very creators and supporters of the  Reality
     you encounter or experience.  All Physical Things however are but
     faint  Clouds  of  Quanta-Energy with  specific  vibrations  that
     temporarily posture as the Things you create and experience.  The
     same  Energy  can  and will be something else  tomorrow  or  next
     Millenium!   This Energy is Consciousness.  Consciousness is All!

     STATEMENT  5)  Not all of you are able to see or witness all  UFO
     activities,   for  the frequency ranges of your awareness  and/or
     vision is different for everybody.  In many cases, extra ordinary
     happenings   occur  when  two  or  more  velocity-vibrations   or
     frequencies  overlap,  coincide or are in harmony.   Two or  more
     Worlds then are exposed to one another and possibly you could see
     a  fish swim leisurely through your living room.   A  most absurd
     sight  for sure!   There are indeed Worlds within Worlds as there
     are Dreams within Dreams.  Extra ordinary happenings occur at all
     times for all Realities take place within the One Universal Mind!
     The  only  thing that keeps virtual realities separated,  is  the
     velocity of the patterns of vibration of the Essence that IS  all
     Things.   If you are aware of the slowness of your perception, it
     would  not be too difficult to understand that a  million  Things
     could takes place right in front of your eyes, and yet, you would
     not  see one of them!   The virtual reality system you live in is
     about  as solid as a cloud of almost invisible mist.   Many other
     Reality  Systems  with different velocities travel  through  your
     System  without hindrance or interference.   They all have  their
     own Coherence,  Selfness or Integrity.  You never notice them for
     your  Level  of  Awareness is attuned to your  own  habitual  and
     sustaining frequency. Space therefore is not Nothingness!

     STATEMENT  6)  At this moment your World is like a Zoo where  the
     Monkeys  are in charge!   When the Monkeys begin to endanger  the
     existence  of  the  Zoo,   there will  be  an  intervention  from
     different  Planes  of Existence.  It means nothing more than  the
     squeeze or correction of a Pimple on the Face of God!   Just make
     sure that you are not the Pimple!!!

     STATEMENT  7)   God the Creator is the Intelligence  behind  your
     Mind,   the Love behind your Heart,  and the Impetus  behind  all
     Manifestations!  God the Creator is the omnipresent Center of all
     Beings and its Circumference embraces the infinite and unexplored
     Regions of our Universal or Collective Consciousness.

     STATEMENT 8) The Universal Consciousness or Mind is a Holographic
     and Morphogenetic Quanta-Energy Field with Infinite Possibilities
     in  which  all Aspects have the Freedom to express themselves  as
     they please!  All Aspects are the very Creator at Divine Play!

     STATEMENT 9)   Since you as Human Beings in Search for Truth have
     lost contact with the Source of your Being in order to experience
     your wildest Dreams;  it is somewhat difficult to imagine,   that
     you  are the Cause and the Source of All That Is!   In  time  you
     will be united with your True Self and you will have a good Laugh
     (and/or Cry)  about your Journeys into the Plane of Separation or
     the  World  of Free Will Endeavors.   You are the Light  and  the
     Glory of Creation.   Please celebrate your Existence.

     STATEMENT 10)  It is of no importance whatsoever what you know or
     do not know.  The only Thing of Importance is: Unconditioal Love!
     To  learn  this  kind  of Love is one of  the  reasons  you  have
     incarnated into this Plane of Illusion and Confusion.   Sooner or
     later  all  of you will leave this Physical Reality and join  the
     Glorious Ranks of Masters and/or Godbeings,  who know that all of
     us are truly One and Equal.   The only difference is; that all of
     us,   temporarily,  have assumed different Functions in order  to
     celebrate   our  Individual  Freedom  and  Greatness  within  the
     Consciousness We Are.  So be it!

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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