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- Dream 10 -

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     Your Present or  "Third Dimensional Phase of Evolution" is nearly
     finished and it will be slowly abolished in the Future.  You will
     enter  into the Fourth Dimensional Phase of your Human Evolution.
     Your Future is  Brilliant!   However.... you have to pass through
     some very difficult times  before the next  Phase can take place.
     Human Beings  are the Physical Forms of the Light Beings  and the
     Realization of this  will help them to transcend the Times ahead.
     People  who are not aware of their own Greatness will have a hard
     time to survive the Future Transition Period.

     The  Fourth Dimensional Phase of Human Evolution will be based on
     Sharing... Goodwill... Trust... Cooperation and Love.  It will be
     far superior to your  Three Dimensional Attitudes  of Mistrust...
     Competition.... Aggressiveness... Ignorance... Greed... and Fear!

     The Ignorance of Who or What you really are  allowed you to enter
     into the Depth of your Matter Creation  and was the very Cause of
     your Blatant Behaviour towards each other.  All this will change!

     In the near  Future  Mankind will burst out in Love  towards each
     other. It is your only Choice and Chance of Survival.  Many Great
     and Wise Entities  from all over the Universe  have made it their
     Business to be born into Humanity in order to help Mankind in the
     difficult Times ahead.  Do not fear!

     Many People however do not have the faintest Idea  what is really
     going on in the World nowadays. Yet... they sort of feel that all
     will be well in the long Run. Naturally it will be.  All you have
     really... is a bad Day. Eternity wise.  Your Future is Brilliant!

     Your Life on Earth  is a Reflection of your Life as a Light Being
     in the Etheric Regions of the Universal Mind or Consciousness. To
     duplicate this kind of Life in Physical Reality  is what you have
     been working on for a long time. There is much to be done as yet!

                                        AND OUR LIVES IN THE DAY TIME?
     At Night when you dream you are sometimes experiencing Life as it
     exist in the "Timeless and Spaceless Environment" of the Soul you
     are.  Your Dreams take place in Consciousness or Mind and the Ex-
     periences you have do not occur in a Physical Reality System. The
     Dreams you have are created and experienced by your Consciousness
     and are determined by what you need to learn.

     On the other hand...
     When you live in a "Time and Space Environment" as a Human Entity
     the Energy or Personality you are lives the Dream of your Soul or
     Spirit!  The Human Entity experiences Time and Space as real, but
     the Soul lives in its own Dream or Creation.  This will be easier
     to  understand  when you realize that the Physical Reality System
     you live in is really Consciousness or Mind in a variety of Forms
     that you accept as the World of Sticks and Stones. In other words
     your Physical Reality is basically an Illusion!

     Whatever you see, experience or feel as your Surroundings  or  as
     your Emotions are different Forms of Consciousness or Mind. There
     is nothing but Consciousness!  You are the Universal Mind subjec-
     ted to a  "State of Mind" that accepts Physical Reality  as  Real
     while your Dreams are accepted as an Illusion.  In actuality: one
     could argue that Things are really reversed! 

     However, all States of Mind are an Illusion. Consciousness is the
     only Real and Absolute!  All Manifestations of Consciousness  are
     the Dreams or Creations of Consciousness. This means that you are
     the Dreamer or Creator of what you experience!   You are the very
     Creative Source in Human Form  and your Physical Existence is the
     Opportunity or Process of Self-Recognition or Self-Realization.

     The Physical Creation or the entire Physical Universe is the Self
     Created Matter Dream!  Matter as well as Time and Space are Forms
     or Force Fields of Consciousness or Mind.  Your Physical Universe
     or your Physical Reality then is a "Specific Force Field" of Mind
     or Consciousness with a particular Spectrum of Vibrations.  These
     Force Fields are of an "Order of Energy" not known to your Earth-
     Sciences.  Different Vibrations make up different kinds of Matter
     and other Vibrations generate Electromagnetic Tempic Fields which
     are known to you as Time and Space. The Substance you call Matter
     and the Phenomena you call Time and Space can only be experienced
     when you live in a Matter Body because your Perception Range then
     is the same as the Vibratory Spectrum of your Physical Universe.

     Now..!  The Physical Universe you live in is but an Aspect of the
     Total Universe or the Vibrational Sphere of Mind.  This Sphere is
     packed with Billions of different kinds of Vibrational Activities
     of which your Physical Universe is only one single Version.  Your
     Perception then is very selective and you only experience the one
     Version of Reality. You notice this one Reality only because your
     Perception Mechanism is influenced by an Electromagnetic Force of
     an Order or Nature, that keeps you attuned within certain limits.

     This Force produces Effects within your Reality that includes the
     Illusion of Time and Space. There are Worlds within Worlds within
     Worlds, and what you experience as Physical Reality, is a Product
     of your Mind... Brain and Senses!   It is a Reality that you have
     learned to recognize and at the Present you are a Prisoner of it.
     It is similar to the Reality of your Movies or TV Pictures.  Many
     People are Slaves or Prisoners to that particular Illusion.

     The Physical Universe then including all Galaxies... Stars... and
     Planets.   Naturally, all Life upon these Bodies, are Thoughts or
     Ideas that exist continually  and  infinitely!  And once you know
     how to synchronize your Focus upon different Time Zones  you also
     know how to visit a Past of Future Universe.   The Total Universe
     then is a solidly packed Vibrational Sphere of Thought... Mind or
     Consciousness  full of Invisible Forms ready to be experienced as
     soon as you are! It is an Infinite Wormhole full of Surprises and
     all of them are "The infinite Possibilities of Consciousness".

     This Consciousness is the Universal Consciousness or Mind  and it
     is what you actually are and experience..!  The Physical Universe
     then and your Life on Planet Earth are the Thoughts and Ideas you
     are and have!  You are  The Universal Consciousness  and Creation
     is the Result of your Thoughts.  You are the Creator...!  You are
     the very Universal Consciousness experiencing your Thoughts!  You
     do not even have to move  or go any Place  because you experience
     Physical Reality and all that goes with it in your own Mind.  You
     live and travel through Time and Space in your own Mind...!

     So... the Total or Unobstructed Universe holds within itself many
     and many other Universes of equal Reality or Realness while still
     none of them is really real until you look at them a certain way.
     This does not mean that the Physical Universe or your Matter Body
     is not real! No! It means that you as the Creator can get totally
     lost for many Ages in your Fallacies... Illusions... Fantasies...
     Sciences... Beliefs Systems or in your Self Created Matter Dream!

     The Human Brain in the Beginning of its Development only receives
     Thoughts and transmits these Thoughts into its immediate Reality.
     Billions upon Billions of  Thoughts or Ideas are existing already
     and the Learning Creator in Human Form first of all has to become
     acquainted with what already is available.  Once this is mastered
     the Human Brain and Mind begin to combine existing and new ideas.
     From there on in it could be accepted that the Human Brain issues
     new Thoughts or Concepts into the Universe of Consciousness. This
     means that the Universe of Consciousness is growing or expanding.
     This assures that the Universal Mind is healthy and never will be
     bored by its own Universal Play or Game.  Old thoughts eventually
     die a natural Death.  Especially if they have been proven wrong.

     Yes...! Thoughts are Timeless... but the Energy out of which they
     are made slowly diminishes.  To keep Thoughts alive Energies have
     to be added to these Thoughts by re-thinking the original Idea.

     Yes...!  Phenomena like these occur every day when you don't know
     what you're going to do.   Your Physical Reality comes to a Halt!
     Until you decide what to do... you just sit there...!  This could
     also happen with Thoughts from two or three or more People.

     Thoughts do not recognize Locations or Time and Space.  The whole
     Universe therefore is a Relationship of Consent!   It is the very
     Process of Democracy in Universal Form.  However... some Thinkers
     know how to issue stronger Thoughts than others. They always win!
     Naturally these are the Light Beings or Creators  responsible for
     the Welfare and Loving Relationship of Self the Universe is.

     The World of Mankind however still is the Creator of its Destiny.
     Just before Mankind would destroy himself  the Light Beings would
     intervene.   This could still happen in the Future  if Man is not
     capable of correcting its Behaviour or Way of Life. At the Moment
     Man is in direct Conflict with his own Interest. The Light Beings
     will never let Man destroy the School of Earth!

     All Light Beings or Creators are totally familiar with their self
     created Instruments or Consciousness Extensions. They Are You...!
     You are the Three Dimensional Shadow of your Light Being! You are
     the "Self Thinking Spacesuit" for these Beings and you've come to
     Earth to do a certain Task. The Trouble however is not... how the
     Light Beings know what you do.... but how do you get to know what
     they would like you to do...!

     Yes...!  Most Animals have Group Souls...!   The Devic Kingdom is
     as much a Consciousness Extension as Mankind is.  All Animals are
     as Valuable an Aspect of the Unbroken Wholeness  as a Human Being
     or a Virus or an Atom.  We are all One.  There are no Two Things!
     Some Animals like the Dolphins and Whales are Individual Souls in
     their own right and could possibly teach you a Lesson or two.  Do
     not think that Mankind on Earth is the only God-Being around. All
     Beings and Things are God the Creator! Even your Aids-Virus!

     What Scientists  know about an Atom is a Three Dimensional Shadow
     of what an Atom is in its Original Dimensional State of Energy in
     the Universal Sphere of Consciousness.  What an Atom is or is not
     depends on the Observer.  You are the Creator of it.  What is it?
     Names and more Names do not make Things what they are. Scientists
     as well as Religions have become lost in Names and Words. Perhaps
     it is Time to forget about the Shadows on Earth  and discover the
     Projector.  In the mean Time enjoy the Show without analyzing it!

     What are the People and Things in your Dream when you sleep?  How
     tall are they?  Are they made of Atoms and Molecules as well?  Do
     they exist on their own or do you create them?  Is it possible to
     come up with a mathematical Formula that includes the Dreamer and
     the Dream? The Observer and the Observed are One!  All Things are
     what you are!  There is but One Thing... and You Are IT!

     The Purpose of Human Life is different for every Human Being.  It
     depends on why you came to Earth in the first place.   In general
     all of you come to Earth in order to experience the Illusions you
     created in order for your Soul to fulfill itself.  Fulfillment is
     the Attainment of Wisdom.  Wisdom is experienced Emotions and the
     Rewards of your Life are the Emotions you experience by living in
     your Matter Creation or Dream.  The Purpose of Life is also to be
     Joyful.  Joyfulness is the Result of Awareness or knowing  Who or
     What you are and be able to prove it to yourself!  All of you are
     in the Process of teaching this Truth to yourself by living in an
     Aspect of your Consciousness that is Infinite and Unlimited. This
     Aspect of your Consciousness  expands and expands  until it knows
     that all Others are You in the First Place.  So... Love Yourself!

     Try to remember that you are not just a Human Being  but that you
     are the Creator of your own Life and the World you live in.  Your
     Happiness depends on your Attitude and not on your Circumstances.

     For a few of you the Purpose of Life is finding out that there is
     no Purpose, but to enjoy what you are, in all your Humbleness and
     Greatness of being You!

     You are a Free Spirit  and you are free to create any Illusion...
     Reality... Fantasy... Belief or Truth. But as soon as you do; you
     will be limited to what you created. So be Free... and be open to
     any Opinion and all Opinions... but do not hold to any!

                                              WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE?

     The Total Universe looks like an enormous Crystal Ball, that see-
     mingly is "empty" inside because nothing is visible.  However, if
     you would shine a Light with different Frequencies into this Ball
     what you would see, are all kinds of different Physical Universes
     because the different Light Frequencies reveal different Galaxies
     Stars and Planets.  Each  Universe  has its own Frequency or Time
     and each Physical Universe  has its own  Reality.  It seems as if
     you are looking into the Past or Future! You can even pick a Time
     or Frequency that reveals the Present Physical Universe. And when
     you put on a Pair of Magical Lenses you can even see Planet Earth
     and look into your own Room.  Guess who you would see?

     Did you notice: that this Enormous Empty Crystal Ball is Infinite
     in Size because it is Invisible?   And what happened to the Speed
     of your Light?  Did it slow down the further it went?  Would this
     be the Cause of the Doppler Effect?  Was Mr. Doppler all wrong?

     The Coloured Lights have a Marvelous Quality! They expose the one
     Universe after the other and they only become Real when the Light
     of a certain Frequency hits them at a certain Angle. All the rest
     of the Universes either just disappear  or flow right through the
     one that is revealed. It's a very Mysterious Sight. Each Physical
     Universe has its own Pattern of Galaxies with their own Stars and
     Planets.  There are Billions of them. It's unbelievable!

     Suppose now that you step inside this Mysterious Crystal Ball and
     bring your Light with you.  Looking at the Spectacle now, becomes
     even more interesting since all kinds of Universes move about you
     and as a matter of fact some of them travel right through you. It
     is truly the most Amazing Spectacle  and it seems as if your very
     Being changes with the Colour or Frequency of the Light. You seem
     to become another Person with every different Exposure. Sceneries
     appear and disappear and all of it flows into one another.

     All Matter Universes seem to be some kind of Thought Fantasy that
     only becomes Real when your Light reveals its existence.  Are you
     awake or are you dreaming?  And who are you?

     Now... just for the hell of it why don't you become the Light and
     pretend that you change the Frequency with your Thoughts?  Do you
     see what's happening?  You have become The Very Light and you can
     live in any Universe you fancy.  You now start to create your own
     World and Environment. The Whole Show is created by your Thoughts
     and it is the Fulfillment of your Desires!  How does it all work?
     It's absolutely Weird!

     All  Physical Phenomena completely disappear, except for the ones
     you think about and the Infinite Crystal Ball behaves as if it is
     your own Mind or Consciousness.  You move through it by directing
     your private Imagination and it places you in a World or State of
     Mind you always desired. Now tell me, what kind of Light have you
     become and what does this all mean?

     It means that you are "The Light of Consciousness"  and that you
     experience a specific Reality of your Creation in your own Mind!

     It also means.... that the Total Universe that holds all Physical
     Universes is the Original Crystal Ball or Sphere of Mind and that
     you can experience whatever you desire  as long as you focus your
     Light or Attention properly and do not waver. As long as you keep
     your Attention "focused" on the desired Time or Frequency you can
     synchronize yourself any Place any Time and do whatever you want.
     All you do is focus "The Light of Consciousness You Are"  and you
     can roam the Universal Playground to your Heart's Desire. You are
     the Light of Creation and the very Creator of your Experiences!

     You are the Creator... and the Created!   And at this very Moment
     your Awareness or Attention  is present in your self created Body
     because that is where you find yourself and have your being. Your
     Body is the main Reference Point of Contemplation and you live in
     the Ultimate Show Piece in/of your own Creation.  It's absolutely
     Divine and outrageously Mundane at the same time!

     Time and Space are the Center Poles of the Physical Creation.  It
     is not possible therefore to have a Physical Reality like the one
     you live in without Time and Space. So... when you live your Life
     as a Human Being Time and Space are as Real as any other Physical
     Thing around you.   However all other Physical Things are as much
     an Illusion as Time and Space are.  The Physical Universe and all
     the Things within it  are "Frozen or Trapped Energies" which form
     the Illusionary Reality of the Physical. You must remember though
     that all Realities are Illusionary! There is not any Reality that
     is Absolute except Consciousness! So what is Real?  Consciousness
     is Real!  It is the only Reality that is Real and Absolute in and
     by itself.  All other Realities are Manifestations of the one and
     only Reality.   The Reality of Consciousness is the one Source or
     Void out of which all Things arise or come from.  So in a way all
     Things are Phenomena which have their temporary Existence and are
     therefore a temporary Reality. All Things appear and disappear!

     The Realities of Time and Space  are created by the Human Mind...
     Brain and Senses.  From which follows that if you leave your Body
     you will not experience these Realities.   As long as you live in
     a Physical Body however Time and Space are Real Companions!

     So... all Things... including Time and Space are Constructions of
     Consciousness or Manifestations thereof and have their Reality in
     their own Right and Fashion.   You might say then that all Things
     are Real because it's impossible to experience Things or Emotions
     that are not Real or Nonexistent.

     Remember that whether Human Life is a Dream or whether it is Real
     is not important!   What counts are the Impressions that are made
     on your Soul or Cosmic Memory.  For that is the only Reality that
     is Real in the first place.  It's an Aspect of the Absolute!

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