Gerardus dreams     Yeshua speaks

- Dream 08 -

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                             Gerardus my Lover
                         I have come to remind you
            to lift yourself from the Darkness into the Light.

                  I have been with you from the Beginning 
          and I have seen you remove yourself further and further
                        from the God you truly are.

                             The Time has come 
                    to commence the Journey of Return.

                   Your Sojourn of Limitations is over.

                            Awaken and realize
                     the Greatness of the God You Are.

             You have experienced the Gamut of Life in Matter
                and you have carried your Cross far enough.

                                It is Time
                       to drop your Self Made Burden
            and lift your Thoughts to the Christ Light within.

            The Christ Light is the very Light that allowed you 
               to enter into the Darkness of your Illusions
                   as the Creator of a Physical Reality.

                     ! You have wandered far enough !

            You are expected Home to celebrate your Greatness.

                  Follow the Light and Love of the Father 
                         by lifting your Thoughts 
        to the State of Mind you know as the Christ Consciousness.

                      I will be there to welcome you.

                          I am Yeshua Ben Joseph.

                    I am the Teacher of Light and Love.

                                I love You!

                               * * * * * * *

                             Wow!     Imagine!

               Without the slightest Warning or Introduction 
                      Yeshua Ben Joseph came through.

                          He is calling me Home!

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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