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- Dream 07 -

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                           Is there Anybody here
                       who wants to enter my Dream?

                  Yes... I am here... my Name is Benjamin
        and I would like to have the Honour of entering your Dream.

                 What do you want to speak about Benjamin
                       do you have a specific Topic?

              Well... Gerardus... my Topic is All Embracing.

                           ! My Topic is Life !

                       I see what you mean Benjamin
             please enter... and speak... the Screen is yours.

                       Well... first of all Gerardus
                 I would like to further introduce myself
      and give you the Name I had in my last Lifetime on your Planet.

                    My Name was... Benjamin Ben Carutie
             and I was born just west of the City of Jerusalem
                       in what you now call Israel.

                         The Time of my last Birth
            was approximately one thousand years before Buddha.

             I became a Ruler of a certain District in my Land
                          far south of Jerusalem
         and the People would come to me to settle their Affairs.

                I was what you would call a District Judge
        and my Experiences as a Judge were very enlightening to me.

              You at that time were my Daughter and Assistant
                             and you took care
        of the Notations and Administrations of my Land and Court.

               You were extremely Beautiful when you grew up
                          but you never married.

                      However... you had many Lovers.

                      Sometimes you worried me a bit
                             because after all
             you were the Daughter of an Official of the Land.

                       As far as I know... Gerardus
           this was the only Lifetime we shared on Planet Earth
     and quite often I softly smile upon our Times in the Courthouse.

                        We loved each other dearly
          and we always knew exactly what the other was thinking.

                 Your Name was... Usindra Yulandro Carutie

                   In my old age... you took care of me
               and I would like to thank you for that again.

                In that Lifetime I often had to consult you
          about the Customs and Habits of the People in that Area
             for you were more familiar with them than I was.

                Your Experiences were based on Practicality
        while mine were according to the Law and Order of the Land.

                       Your Advice was always based
             on the Feelings and the Intentions of the People
         and quite often I was amazed at your Insight and Wisdom.

          Many a time I had to forget about the Letter of the Law
                and solve Disputes by means of Common Sense
            because I felt that the People were more important
                         than the Rules in a Book.

                             You were the one
                   who told me that in the first place.

      Quite often I didn't know who was really in Charge... You or I.

           Our Family was well liked in those Parts of the Land
        because we never took Advantage of our Position or Status.

                           We lived very simply
          but sometimes we traveled together to settle Disputes.

          Anyway... Gerardus... this is about all I wanted to say
                  in order to set the Stage for our Chat.

        Is there anything you would like to say or ask... Gerardus?

                  Well... Benjamin... I would like to say
         that I am not quite able to remember my Past Experiences
              and therefore have to accept what you tell me.

              I am pleased with what you have told me so far
           and I hope that our Conversation today is as pleasant
                      as our Experiences of the Past.

         However... somehow I feel that you have entered my Dream
                 with a greater Purpose than just to chat.

                           What is it Benjamin?

                 What is it you would like to speak about?

                            In general Gerardus
         I would like to reflect on the Reality of Physical Life.

                              In other words
                   what is Real... and what is Illusion.

                    I have listened to your Discussions
           with Moses... Gideon... Nico... Judas... and Lazarus
        and if possible I would like to contribute some of my Ideas
                           about Life in Matter.

             I have lived many Lifetimes upon Physical Planets
        and I have come to many similar Conclusions as others have.

                             Basically however
                       all Conclusions are Opinions
                and all Opinions are only Stumbling Blocks.

               To have no Opinions... and yet be open to all
                   is imitating the Life Force perfectly
                            and to be like that
                  is being the Creator in Manifestation.

                             Or Love at Work.

                          Because... as you know
                 one Opinion is as limiting as any other.

                           ? So what is Truth ?

                   Truth is... what you accept as Truth.

       You Are The Truth... You Are The Life... You Are The Reality.

                       -  Here is my Contribution -

              Life... in the Physical Universe... as I see it
                            started as follows.

       Consciousness... Thought... the Creator... or the Life Force
                contemplated upon itself and brought forth
                       its Sons... The Light Beings.

             ! We are these Light Beings or Sons of Thought !

     We are the Thoughts of the Father and we are Equal to the Father.

                                In short...
          we are The Light Beings and the Creator or Life Force.

                 One of our Endeavours as The Light Beings
        with the Creative Power and Might as the Universal Creator
                            was to bring forth
              a Universe of a different Frequency and Nature.

                          We called this Universe
                  the Physical Universe or Matter Worlds.

                       By the Power of our Thoughts
              we called upon the Life Force or Consciousness
                        to change Aspects of itself
              into a lower Frequency or Pattern of Vibration.

                 The Changes we contemplated brought forth
     the Unlimited Amount of Galaxies... Stars... Suns... and Planets.

                       In short... our very Thoughts
                 under the Influence of our Will and Power
                 The Physical Universe and the Firmament.

                         The Energy of our Thought
            transmuted itself into Cosmic Light or Quantum Foam
                     and from there solidified itself
      into Billions of Gassy Clouds and Galaxies of Brilliant Stars.

                            In addition to this
          other Aspects of the Life Force or of our Consciousness
                    under the Influence of our Desires
                               seeded itself
                        as Potential Physical Life
            upon the Planets and Worlds that circled the Stars.

                       This Potential Physical Life
            was radiated upon from Space by the Stars and Suns
       and eventually evolved into very simple Animated Life Forms.

         These simple Animated Life Forms or Living Physical Forms
                   started out in our Physical Universe
          as an Undifferentiated or Unaware Mass of Consciousness
                            and slowly evolved
            from the very simple Life Forms to the more Complex
                            under our Guidance.

                      The Nature of Consciousness is
         that it is able to pull itself up by its own Bootstraps.

      So... it has the Natural Ability to grow from Chaos into Order
                 and create its own Reality or Illusions.

                        Over billions of Years then
              the Galaxies... Stars... and Planets took form
      and eventually we were able to create a Diversity of Life Forms
                           upon certain Planets
        that resembles the present Plant and Animal Life on Earth.

                       Naturally... in the Beginning
             these Life Forms were nothing but Blobs of Matter
                    embraced by Mind or Consciousness.

                      They were the simplest in Form
       and it took an enormous effort to establish a nervous System.

           Creation then... was a very slow Evolutionary Process
                  under the Guidance of the Light Beings.

                         I mention here once again
             that we are these Almighty Powerful Light Beings.

                   ! We are Duplicates of the Creator !

                          The Light Beings We Are
                             represent and are
       the Life Force... the Creator... or Universal Consciousness.

        We designed and created all Plants and Animals of the World
                         and we longed for the day
           that we could participate in Physical Life Ourselves.

           Once the Plant and Animal Life was firmly established
                              on Planet Earth
                and the Earth was prepared for our Descent
        we started to take part in our Physical Creation Ourselves.

            We started by overshadowing suitable Animal Bodies
                   and began to experience Physical Life
        by means of Parallel Connections to their Nervous Systems.

          By adopting and slowly recreating these Physical Forms
                  they became the Primitive Human Being.

          As you can imagine the Sensations and Emotions we felt
                       were quite an Adventure to us
      because we now started to experience Physical Life more fully.

         More and more Light Beings became interested and involved
                   with our New and Adventurous Creation
                          and more and more of us
        started to live for longer periods in our Physical Bodies.

        We became more and more engaged with living in the Physical
                        and eventually we occupied
        the more sophisticated and appropriate Physical Life Forms
                           on a full Time Basis.

         The Present Human Form is a Product of our Consciousness
                 and thus the very complex Human Structure
                               in actuality
             is the Reality of our Thoughts in Physical Form.

       However... only very small Aspects of the Total Light Beings
                           we are and constitute
                 are Visible and live in Physical Reality
              the Greater Aspects of the Light Beings we are
                    stay beyond our Physical Creation.

       Many Light Beings have thousands of Physical Representations
               and all are the Creations of their Thoughts.

                   The Light Being or Higher Self we are
                 the very Christ... Buddha... or Creator.

                              The Human Being
                the Image of the Christ or Creator we are.

               The Human Being then... is like an Instrument
                          that represents and is
                 the Image of its Higher Self or Creator.

                     The Human Being lives and exists
        within the Reality of the Thoughts or Dreams of its Creator
                and is a manifested Aspect of its Creator.

                        However... do not forget...
          that the Creator... Christ... Buddha... or Higher Self
                                  - is -
                      The Human Being and visa versa.

                      At one Stage of our Experiments
       we were not able to fully partake of Physical Reality as yet
          we lacked the Ability to properly create and recognize
                the Mysterious Concepts of Time and Space.

       The Concepts of Time and Space were very strange Commodities
                             for a Light Being
                     that lives beyond Time and Space.

                                In short...
              all Creatures and Concepts of our New Creation
       had to be created... experienced... evaluated... and revised
                         from the very Beginning.

              We created... and recreated thousands of Forms
         to eventually become familiar with our Creative Abilities
                         and our Created Vehicles.

                                In short...
               our Physical Creation is a Cosmic Experiment.

                    Our New Three Dimensional Creation
                          from the very Beginning
             was completely Unknown and Strange to all of us.

          Also... the Beginning of our Three Dimensional Creation
                        was not really a Beginning
          because we were not able to appreciate Time and Space.

                 Time and Space are Psychological Concepts
          and since it took Billions of Years to create a Psyche
                       the Concepts of Time or Space
                          became meaningful to us
               when we had learned to become aware of them.

                              In other words
       we had been involved in creating a Time and Space Environment
                           for Billions of Years
     but only recently were we able to become aware of Time and Space
                         as Psychological Beings.

             By recently I mean the last Million Years or so.

                We had to learn to recognize Time and Space
       by means of developing the necessary Mind and Brain Activity
                       in the Human Form or Psyche.

       Time and Space are Aspects or Conditions of Physical Reality
                and are Products of our Life Force Energies
                   in the Form of Illusionary Realities
                            we accept as Real.

           All Things in Physical Reality are created by Thought
                    and the Realities of Time and Space
                               are Products
                  of the Human Mind and the Human Brain.

             When you lose your Brain when you leave your Body
                  you lose the Concept of Time and Space.

        The Human Concept of Time and Space are Mental Experiences
              based on the Analysis of Thoughts and Feelings
                      while the Energies of Thoughts
              are the very Creative Forces of Time and Space
                            in the first place.

      The Appreciation of Time and Space in Physical Human Life then
         is a Matter of back and forth Recognition and Adjustment
                 of the Human Brain and its Consciousness
                            in order to Advance
            its Sensitivity... Orientation... and Appreciation
                     in a Time and Space Environment.

             So the Process of creating Living Physical Beings
       that are able to know and accept Time and Space as Realities
                     is a Trial and Error Experiment.

        It is the Experiment or Process of Refinement in Communion
                 between the Creator and its Bodily Form.

                    This Communion can only be Perfect
          when the Creator lives in... and is... the Bodily Form.

                        The Physical Universe then
       is a Creation that consists of the Energies of the Life Force
                         of which certain Aspects
                   slowly learn to recognize themselves
          as being Different and Separate from their Environment.

                        This Sense of Separateness
               is created by the Reality of Time and Space.

      The Creator's Aspects that feel themselves Different and Apart
                  from their Environment or Surroundings
                           are the Human Beings
             who are able to reflect upon their Separateness.

              These Beings naturally are You and many Others
                 because all of you have enquiring Minds.

            The Human Being is one of the highest Forms of Life
                          in a 3D matter reality
                 and the Characteristic of Self Awareness
                    has been accomplished in our Past.

             The Final and Supreme Attainment of God Awareness
                             in Physical Form
                  is what Man on Earth is working on now.

           In short... we as the Universal Creator or Life Force
                       in the Forms of Light Beings
         contemplated on expressing Ourselves into Physical Forms
                 that included a Time and Space Awareness
                             and we succeeded.

                   Now that we are aware as Human Beings
           we find Ourselves puzzling about how we did all this.

        We have even managed to completely forget who we really are
                      and fight each other like crazy
               because we feel or think that we are Enemies.

                   ! We have more or less gone Insane !

                The Human Mind or Consciousness we created
          has separated or isolated itself from its very Creator.

              This was not necessarily our Intention or Goal.

              We expected to create an Instrument or Vehicle
                   that was directly under our Control.

         The Human Mind however is more Powerful than we expected
              and in a Way... it has become a God on its own.

      Sooner or later however... when this God grows towards Maturity
              it will recognize its Greatness and its Source.

                   So... our Daring Physical Experiment
        because of its sheer Greatness and Unexpected Developments
                has an unknown built in Factor of Surprise.

                      Since each Original Light Being
          might be represented by a Thousand or more Human Beings
             and since each Human Being has a Mind of its own
                        it is quite understandable
           that many Unexpected Situations or Conditions arise.

                  The Unexpected Situations or Conditions
            make our Endeavour very interesting and surprising
                           because... naturally
                  if we had known all Things before hand
          our Whole Physical Experiment would have been useless.

                   And besides the Elements of Surprise
                               there is also
                         the all Important Factor
              of enlarging and expanding Creation as a Whole.

                  Our Physical Endeavour or Creation then
        has expanded the Greatness of the Creator and the Universe.

          ! Our very Nature... is... Consciousness in Expansion !

                 In the most Splendid and Magnificent Way
             we have enriched the Universe and our very Home.

                     ? Now... what is a Human Being ?

                            We as a Human Being
                                  - are -
            The Image or Expression of our Christ Consciousness
                         of which certain Energies
               are engaged in forming the Physical Universe
     that holds within itself all the Physical Energies or Substances
            that form all Physical Beings and Things within it.

                         ! So... what is Matter ?

                 Matter is an Aspect of our Consciousness
           in a Form or Nature that is different than Ourselves.

                          We as the Light Beings
               have expanded Ourselves into other Dimensions
      and we live or exist in these Regions of Consciousness or Mind
              by means of Billions of Living Physical Forms.

                  In order to become fully Knowledgeable
                           with our New Creation
               we inhabited a suitable Physical Form or Body
                        and we live in our Creation
                                 in order
         to participate and experience our New Dimensional Terrain
                    in a Personal or Individual Manner.

                     while we as Human Beings do this
             we seem to be lost in our own Physical Creation.

                             To find Ourselves
                               - naturally -
                      we have to learn to communicate
             with the Light Beings or Creators we really are.

      ! Now... what is the Difference between Matter and Ourselves !

                 The Difference between Physical Substance
                         and Consciousness or Mind
         is only a matter of Frequency of the Medium that vibrates
               because Physical Substance is frozen Thought.

      So... we have lowered certain Aspects or Energies of Ourselves
                  into Thoughts that became Matter Bodies
                             and when we feel
          that we have sufficiently experienced the Matter World
                    we have to raise our Physical Body
           to a Higher Frequency Level or Pattern of Vibrations
       in order to return to our original Reality or State of Mind.

                 By raising the Level of our Consciousness
            we as Human Beings eventually recognize and realize
                    the very Christ or Creator we are.

           This will return us to the Christ Consciousness Level
                       of the Creator we truly are.

              When we as the Christ Self become a Human Being
                       we do not really go any place
               because the Reality of the Physical Universe
                       exists only in Consciousness.

          However... when we are aware that we are a Human Being
                          we are asleep and dream
          and the Reality of the Physical Universe is an Illusion
                          that we accept as Real.

              ? So... what is Real... and what is Illusion ?

          ! Basically... all Things are Real... Real Illusions !

             It depends on where you are at in Consciousness.

                      The Christ Mind or the God Mind
                     the only Thing that is Absolute.

              ? Now... how do we return to our Christ Mind ?

         In short... all it takes to return to our Original Status
                is to change the Rate of Vibration or Speed
                     of the Human Vehicle we live in.

                                In short...
        we have to raise our Matter Body to the Frequency of Light
                   and then from Light to Consciousness.

              ! So... start polishing your Halo... Gerardus !

                         What I mean naturally is
        start awakening the Christ within the Human Being you are.

                     This Awakening Process... however
        is not something that can be attacked as if it is Project.

                    It's not some kind of Work or Job.

                   You can help your Self along however
              with an open... peaceful... and intuitive Mind
      and by living your Life consciously in an understanding Manner
                 with a loving Attitude towards your Self
                        for doing what you do best.

                     Every Light Being or Christ Self
                 has created its own Dreams and Realities
          of which you are the Physical Reality as a Human Being.

                             To just be Human
         with all the Pleasures and Adversities Humanness contains
            is sufficient to awaken to the Christ Self you are.

                              Know... however
               that your very Christ Self is living as you.

                     Your Heart is your Homing Device.

            You are on Earth to learn Emotional Understanding.

              Emotional Understanding is the Treasure of Life
                    for it will stay with you forever.

                  You are the Life Force living on Earth
                        disguised as a Human Being
        to gather an Invisible Collection of Thoughts and Feelings
                              that will form
           an Aspect of the Individuality of the Christ you are.

                      Naturally... the Return Journey
                   to the Individual Christ Self you are
          will include the Memory and the Emotional Understanding
     of the Nature of your Experiences in your own Physical Creation.

               ? So... what are you really doing on Earth ?

                     You are the Creator or Life Force
            on a voluntary Expedition in your Physical Universe
                           and you are traveling
               through the Aspects of your own Consciousness
        that temporarily form the Scenery of your Majestic Terrain.

                           So... again Gerardus
                   what is Real... and what is Illusion?

                      ! The only Reality... is Life !

                      But yet... remember Gerardus...
         that Life is a Dream in which the Fixtures or Ingredients
                             Physical Reality
                       "Seemingly Solid Investments"
                            Our Consciousness.

                     These Seemingly Solid Investments
                          "Our Habitual Thoughts"
                          Our Thoughts represent
                     a Great Amount of Cosmic Energy.

                This Cosmic Energy is an Aspect of our Mind
                    in which we became temporarily lost
                                because of
                       the Separation and Isolation
                           voluntarily created.

                    ! Mind and Matter are a Continuum !

                This naturally means that even if you think
                     that you are only a Physical Body
                       you still are Consciousness!

               ! Consciousness is the only Thing there is !

                Now... while we live in this Life or Dream
                          we have the Opportunity
               to create Thoughts... Illusions... or Dreams
         that form the Reality of the Games we endeavour to play.

                 We as the Christs or Buddhas of Creation
             are the Result of the Contemplation of the Father
                               "Life Force"
                   we are Equal in Greatness and Power.

                       Each of us is the very Source
                         for Thought is Infinite.

                      ! The Father and You are One !

                             And You Gerardus
                you are this Father... you are this Source
              you are this Life Force... you are the Creator.

                        The very Greatness you are
                          hiding in a Human Body
                   when the Source You Are will pop out.

                              While all along
                    all your Writing and all your Work
            is the very Proof of the Greatness in God You Are.

                 ! You are it... Gerardus... You Are It !

      For now my Great Friend Gerardus I must depart from your Dream.

                        At one Time... my Name was
                           Benjamin Ben Carutie.

             I am your Friend... your Teacher and your Guide.

                   May the Peace of the Creator in Bliss
                                shower you
             with Love and Understanding for your Fellow Man.

                               ! So be it !

        I awoke with a Shock and Benjamin was nowhere to be heard.

                        I had lost him completely.

            I know that Benjamin is the Greatest Friend I have.

                      Someday I will meet him again.

              We both live in the same Consciousness or Mind.

                     Thank you Benjamin... thank you!

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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