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- Dream 06 -

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                               I am Lazarus
         and in order to converse with the World in which you live
                        I have entered your Dream.

                           I am not the Lazarus
                    who presumably arose from the Dead
             with the help of a Man called Jesus of Nazareth.

                       I know nothing of this Jesus 
                  of this Jesus the Christ as you call him
        I have been away from your Planet for Seven Thousand Years.

                             What I have heard
                      by means of Intuitional Hearsay
          is that Jesus the Christ is indeed a Master of Creation
                       and is now called... Sananda.

                        It is assumed that Sananda
                 is the Representative of Mankind on Earth 
      and that this Great Individual holds one of the Highest Offices
                  in the Government of the Solar System.

                      However... let me ask you this!

         If indeed this Jesus the Christ was a Master of Creation
                and raised a certain Lazarus from the Dead
                           could this have meant 
                                 - more -
            than just bringing somebody back to Physical Life?

                         Please let me explain....

                            Basically speaking
         people who do not know Who or What they are - are dead!
              They do not know that they are the Creator.

                            By this I mean....

                       this Master Jesus The Christ
                in some particular Manner made this Lazarus 
                              - understand -
                    by teaching him the Universal Truth
                            that he... Lazarus
     was the very Universal Creator living on Earth as a Human Being.

                      Could it have been that Lazarus
          had been searching for the Truth for Years or Lifetimes
                and finally fully understood his Greatness?

                       Would this mean that Lazarus 
                               came to Life 
                  by means of the Light of Understanding?

                          Aren't you all Dead...
             until you understand that you are Infinite Life?

                  So... are not Each and Every One of You
                      who has to arise from the Dead 
      and come to Life by the Understanding of your Infinite Status?

                     Aren't you all... The Living Dead
               until the Light of Awareness or Understanding
                    within the Darkness of your Being?

             Is that what it means... to arise from the Dead?

                       Is this what this Master did?

                                Is this not
                     what all Masters and Teachers do?

                  And now then... my curious Gerardus....

           I will allow you to enter and speak in your own Dream
                                and I await 
               your Reaction to my Introductory Statements.

                            Please go ahead....

                      Lazarus... I am flabbergasted!

                            I am flabbergasted
           by your Power... and by the Statements you have made!

                      As soon as you entered my Dream
                  I felt an overwhelming Force lifting me 
           into the Regions of Dreamland where Truth is Master.

                 I just don't know what to say... Lazarus
           I am too impressed by your Statements and Questions.

                            Please give me Time
                 and I will try to comprehend your Wisdom
             with the limited Light of my dreaming Awareness.

               My first Impression is... that you are right.

                                 For truly 
                      what Sense does it really make
                  to bring someone back to Physical Life?

         Why would a Master or a Christ really bother to do that?

                            Come to think of it
              just living Physical Lives over and over again
                 is a waste of Time... a Waste of Energy.

            But to made aware that we are the Universal Creator
                                - indeed -
                        that is being Resurrected!

          If the man Lazarus indeed had died or had left his Body 
                he would have lived again and again anyway
                      without the Help of any Master.

               Because all it takes is to die unconsciously
          and you are automatically reborn or reincarnated again.

                 Only when we raise our Level of Awareness
          do we truly start to live... we arise from a dead Mind.

                   ! THIS IS WHAT THE MASTER JESUS DID !

               I know it Lazarus... I know it for sure now.

          I am so glad Lazarus that you swept me away in my Dream
                   and enlightened me from my Darkness.

                Lazarus... please... let's talk some more.

                      It will give me an Opportunity
          to receive the Light and Love you are willing to share.

          Thank you Gerardus... for asking me to stay for a while
                      and I hope that our Discussions
            will give us the Knowledge to convert our Thoughts
                     into Mountains of Light and Love
          as the Foundation of our Association and Togetherness. 

                         Know this... my Gerardus
               only when we know how to Love... and be loved
          can we enter the Regions of Consciousness and Enjoyment
              that are awaiting us in the Hills of Infinity.

               For as you know... Consciousness or Awareness
                                  - is -
                            Enjoyment or Bliss.

                So... Gerardus... the more Conscious we are 
         the more we are able to advance in the Kingdom of Bliss.

                        Your Question then might be
            how do we become more and more Conscious or Aware?

      By living Gerardus... by living and by practicing what we know.

                        ! By Living and by Loving !

                   As you know... the True Beings we are
       are Aspects or Entities of the Universal Energy we call God.
        This Universal Energy in Units... called Entities or Souls
                       lives within all of Creation
                in order to enrich itself with Experiences.

                    You and I are one of these Entities
                              and as you know 
                 you live in a certain Aspect of Creation
                          and I live in another.

               At the same Time however... or Simultaneously
        you also live in other Physical Bodies in many other Places
                 but are not aware of that at this Moment.

             The actual Force you are... is an Entity or Soul
      that by means of Proliferation of its Universal or God Energies 
                      has temporarily divided itself
               into Thousands of Units or Aspects of itself 
                         all throughout Creation. 

                    These Representatives of Your Self
               live as Human Beings and as other Life Forms
            all over the Visible as well as Invisible Universe.

                    Be assured... that you as Gerardus
                            this Entity or Soul
                     but that you function temporarily 
             an Aspect or Representative of Your Self or Soul.

                         This Aspect of Your Self
                 you know as a Human Being... as Gerardus.

                 So... not only are you alive as Gerardus
            but you are alive as Thousands of other Life Forms
                              all throughout 
                the Universe in different Times and Places.

           Since your Entity or Soul lives beyond Time and Space
                                this means
                     that certain Aspects of Your Self
         are alive as Physical Beings as well as Spiritual Beings
                  Your Self exists in... and out of Time.
           Not only does Your Self... live in... and out of Time
      but it also exists as different Beings... Animals... or Species
                            in and out of Time.

                         Your Entity or Soul then
                               - oversees -
         the Whole of Time and Space... and beyond Time and Space
            the Beginning of the Physical Universe or Creation.

               Therefore your Entity... Soul... or Your Self 
       is a Witness of the Physical as well as Non Physical Universe  
                        because its Representatives
                  live and exist in all Times and Places.

     Not only is your Entity or Soul the Witness of Creation in Total 
             but it is the very Creator of its own Experiences
            all Souls create their own Reality or Environment.

                    Your Entity... Soul... or Your Self
               lives in all Life... all throughout Creation
                       and is the very Creator of it
            for it creates in order to experience its Creation.

                         My Questions now are....

                Do you think that at one Time in your Past 
                           you were a Dinosaur?

                        Was an Aspect of your Soul
                 a Creature like the Prehistoric Reptiles?

        If your Entity... Soul... or Your Self were not... who was?

            What other Force lived in and as... these Animals?

                Could you answer my Questions... Gerardus?

                       ! Lazarus... you baffle me !

      You truly baffle me... and if I have understood your Reasoning
             I must admit... that I... as an Aspect of my Soul
                          indeed could have been
                                a Dinosaur 
          or any other Animal in the World of Prehistoric Times.

                            As a matter of fact
                       according to your Supposition
             there is not Anything in Creation that I am not!

                  For my Soul... my Entity... or My Self
          is an Aspect of Universal Energy or God... and is God.

                     Well... Gerardus... I'm very glad
         that you understood my Sentence by Sentence Explanation.

                           You see Gerardus....

                 ! There is only Universal Energy or God !

                           So... You as Gerardus
                                  - are -
                   this Universal Energy or God indeed.

                          Does this mean Gerardus
       that you as an Aspect of your Soul... Entity... or Your Self
                                 - were -
                         the First Life on Earth?

         Were you associated with Planet Earth from the Beginning?

                         If this is so... Gerardus
      who created the Physical Universe... the Solar System and Earth
                      in order for You to live there?

           ? Are You responsible for the Totality of Creation ?

                ? Who Are You... Gerardus... Who Are You ?

                            Are You The Creator 
              and did you exist before the Physical Universe?

          Did you create the Physical Universe just for Gerardus
                 or did you create this Wondrous Universe 
               for the sole Pleasure of the Creator You Are?

               Does Gerardus live in this Wondrous Universe 
          as a Representative of the God and Creator he really is 
                       because that is the only way 
         this God and Creator is able to live in his own Creation? 
                ? Are you Gerardus or are you the Creator ?

                             ? Are You Both ?

              ? Gerardus... are you the Paradox of Creation ?

                 ? Are you the Son as well as the Father ?

                      ? Are you and the Father One ?

           ? Is the Experience of Diversity excluding Oneness ?

                     Answer me Gerardus... Answer me?

                   Lazarus... I do not know what to say.

                    You're perplexing me with Clarity.

                         I'm at a loss for Words.

               I understand what you have pointed out to me.

      I know who I am... but somehow Gerardus is my Stumbling Block.

                      It seems as if he is in the Way
        in order for me to truly be what I am in all my Greatness.
                    What do I do with a Guy like that?

                         Please answer me Lazarus.

            Enjoy him Gerardus... enjoy him for all he's worth
                     enjoy him with all your Emotions.

                    How could he possibly be in the way
      if he is the Consciousness that understands what you truly are?

                Isn't he the only God and Creator you know?

                       The Creator you are Gerardus
             does not understand anything... without Gerardus.

                       You are the Means and Purpose
             for the Creator to understand its own Greatness.

              ! Without You... Gerardus... there is Nothing !
                      The Universal Energy... or God
          is basically an Undifferentiated and Unconscious Energy
       that by means of Evolution and Individualization has attained
                       the Status of Self Awareness. 

         Self Awareness is Soulness in the Form of a Human Being.

                 This Human Being by the Name of Gerardus
        after living in millions upon millions of other Life Forms
                      is on its way to God Awareness.

            ! Enjoy the Journey Gerardus... enjoy the Journey !

                            The very Enjoyment
               is the Journey to the Christ You already Are.

                    You see... the very Christ You Are
              has focussed an Aspect of itself into Gerardus
       so that this very Aspect may live and create new Experiences
                         for the Benefit of Both.

              The Christ You are... and the Gerardus you are
                        are the same Being or God.

                               They are One 
                 but seemingly they are different Entities
                     in order to create and experience
       different Scenes and Realities in order to enrich each other.

           Gerardus is like a self contained Probe or Instrument
                     working and experiencing himself
                as well as that he is experiencing his Soul
                     and his Soul is experiencing him.

             It's a Unique Double Duty Cosmic Feedback System
                           in which he is united 
               in Kinship with the Totality of the Universe.

         To become fully Aware of this Universal Kinship Gerardus
                      is being the Christ or Buddha.

            ! This Unity or Christness is the Oneness of Love !
        When Mankind will finally open up to the Love it really is
             the World will be surrounded by a Brilliant Glow.

                 This Brilliant Glow is the Aura of Love.

                            Remember however...

                       That you can only love Others
               when you have too much Love to love yourself.

       So... start loving Your Self... start loving the God You Are.

                        Love Your Self and know...
            that You have the Freedom that allows you to create 
               the Illusions of Perfection and Imperfection.

                        Love Your Self and know...
            that you have the Freedom that allows you to create
             the Illusionary Reality of the Physical Universe 
                     in order to entertain Your Self.

                        Love Your Self and know...
            that You have the Freedom that allows you to create
               the Illusions in which you have become lost.

                        Love Your Self and know...
            that You have the Freedom that allows you to create
                  Physical Bodies that makes it possible
      to take part in the very Actions of your own Physical Creation.

                        Love Your Self and know...
            that You have the Freedom that allows you to create
                     the Reality of Love for Your Self 
       that produces the Awareness of the Infinite Creator You Are.

                        Love Your Self and know...
                    that You are the One Consciousness
             in which All Things are happening and are united.

                        Love Your Self and know...
               that the Whole of Creation is Your very Being
         in which all Aspects of Your Self are Equal and Infinite.

                    Remember... Gerardus... remember... 
         that you are lost in the self created Illusions of Matter
                           for sheer Enjoyment.

             So... enjoy it... enjoy it... for all its worth.

                            It's your Creation.

                      ! It's a Miracle of Miracles !

                              Hereby Gerardus
                   I have to leave you in Peace and Love
            for the Energies that are creating our Togetherness
                       are temporarily running out.

         We will meet again... and sooner than you think possible.

               It was a Pleasure to converse with your World
                     by means of the Dreamer you are.

       Share your Greatness... yet live humbly in the Light of Love.

                From the Hills of Infinity... I am Lazarus.


                               When I awoke 
                            I was so impressed
                    that I just sat there for a while.

                I knew that the Great Soul who spoke to me
                          was my Brother in God.

            I feel that he knows me well... I love him dearly.

                    Thank you... Lazarus... Thank you.

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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