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- Dream 05 -

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                            Well... Imagine...
              do you know who entered my Dream the other Day?

                         ! Nobody else but Judas !

                  Judas and I had quite the Conversation.

            And you know what... this Judas... is Magnificent.

                  He is brilliant in Metaphysical Insight
            and his Explanations are extremely easy to follow.

                  The most precious Quality Judas endows
                        is the Quality of Honesty.

          Besides his Honesty... he is a Warm and Loving Person.

                       Of all People in the Universe
                 here he was... entering my Writing Dream.

              Anyway... I'll let you read what he had to say
       and as you will see... we had a very informative Discussion.

                             Here is Judas....

        Gerardus my Friend... I am Judas... I am the Forgotten One.

                    I have come in the Name of Honesty
             in order to straighten out the Misleading Stories
        that have been repeated and repeated for Centuries on end.

                     I have come to tell you my Story
             for the First Time in almost Two Thousand Years.

            It is Time to hear what I have to say for a Change.

         In the first place... I want to make it absolutely clear
                     that I have come to enlighten you
                not in order to clear my Name or Identity.

      Because there really is not anything to clear as you will see.

                 Well Gerardus... as you already suspected
            what People have been saying about me for Centuries
                      "The Poppycock of Churchianity"
            and the Gist of it makes up a very nice Fairy Tale.

                Since you have always been curious about me
                         I have taken the Liberty
                 to enter your Dream and introduce myself
          so that you personally may evaluate the Character I am.

                    I suggest that your Readers however
           be very Skeptical and use plenty of Sound Judgement.

                       So... what I would like to do
                  speak to you while you dream and write
                               and naturally
         you may interrupt and ask questions any time you want to.

                 This was the first opening Judas gave me
            and right away I welcomed him into my Dream Domain.

             I told him that I felt very pleased and honoured
                          to have him participate
            in my Revelations about the Gossip of Churchianity.

                   Some of this Gossip is so well liked
             that People all over the World are dying for it.
                      And naturally... because of it.

                           So... Judas... I said
                let me ask you a couple of Questions first
       and you can weave your Story around them while you answer me.

                 It's a Deal... Judas said... it's a Deal.

                        This is what I asked Judas.

       Did Jesus exist... and if he did... what kind of Being was he
                 and what was your Relationship with him?

       Well... Gerardus... I'm afraid that the Story I have to tell
                               is a long one
              but I know that your Questions will be answered
                          while I tell my Story.

                           So... here we go...!

                        About a hundred years or so
         before the Jesus of Churchianity was supposed to be born
                         the Real Jesus was born.

       He was born amidst a Group of very Advanced and Aware People
               who at that Time were called... the Essenes.

              The Birth of this Individual was a Cosmic Event
     because this Individual Being was to live his last Life on Earth.

        ! This... my Friend Gerardus... does not happen every Day !

                The Great Birth was announced and witnessed
         by many Older Brothers and Intelligences in the Universe
                after the Completion of this last Lifetime
                             this Great Being
        was going to be accepted by these Brothers as One of Them.

           The so called Star of Bethelehem was a brilliant UFO
                and this Cosmic Display of our Sky Brothers
                            was fully warranted
       the Occasion of this Birth was indeed of Cosmic Proportions.

                   At that Time it was very rare indeed
           that People were able to reach the Level of Awareness
              that is now called... The Christ Consciousness.

              Before that Time it was called many other Names
                          and as you can imagine
      it probably will be given different Names again in the Future.

        This Great Being then... either by the Name Jesus or Hesus
           was born into the World amidst a Group of Individuals
      who were well advanced themselves in the Arts of Life and Love.

                    His Father and Mother... naturally
             were carefully chosen by this Incoming Individual
               it is very important to have a Suitable Start
     in order to complete the necessary Training in but one Lifetime.

                        The Infinite Soul of Jesus
                already had thousands of other Incarnations
                  the Jesus Personality was the last One.

            So... the Jesus Personality was the Crowning Event
                    of a long History of Incarnations.

              ! You see Gerardus... Jesus was born knowing !

                           This... at that Time
               was called... being born... The Virgin Birth.

            He came to live his last Lifetime as a Human Being.

          He knew who he was... and what he came to do on Earth.

             Naturally he was conceived in the normal fashion
       and in no way was his Mother ignorant of Sexual Intercourse.

                      To be born knowing... Gerardus
                          Being Born Consciously
                     from one Dimension into the Other
             is indeed the Peak of an Enormous Accomplishment.

                         As you know... All of Us
              are working towards this Feat of Consciousness.

         By the way.... by using the Words... All of Us... I mean
                          The Great Souls We Are
           and not the Personalities we happen to be right now.

                  So... who was the Being we call Jesus?

                           The Jesus Personality
               was the last Incarnation of an Infinite Soul
       and this Soul... thereby... would finish its Biological Path.

              It would be awarded then... the Title "Christ"
                           and from that Time on
     this Individual would be accepted as a Fully Realized Son of God.

                          An Individual like this
           functions from the Higher Dimensional State of Being.
                 this State of Being permits you to enter
           from those Dimensions into the Third and back at will.

                              In other words
                         you are able to function
                 beyond the Limitations of Time and Space.

                    It is also called... having reached
        The State of Buddhahood or The Christ Consciousness Level.

             All of Us are working towards this State of Being
                        and in not too long a Time
          many other People on Earth will be able to demonstrate
                        the same Super Human Feats.

                    Anyway... I will continue my Story.

       To prove that this Soul had reached this Level of Development
             it had to undergo an Initiation by his Teachers.

                      This Initiation... at that time
       consisted of being tied to a wooden Cross with Leather Straps
                              for three Days
           during which the Initiate would enter other Realities
                      including many Higher Dimensions.

              The wooden Cross resembled the Roman Number Ten
                       which meant that the Initiate
                                 had gone
         The Full Cycle... from One to Ten... in Physical Reality.

                              In other words
                   Jesus was returning to Himself again.

                           This naturally meant
           that he had finally fully Realized his own Greatness
      as the Universal Creator in Physical Form or as the Son of God
                     and could prove that this was so.

          The Initiate then... was tied to a Cross for three Days
                    and during this Time left his Body.

                          His Teachers and Guides
        naturally looked after the Body while the Initiate is away.

           After Three Days he is supposed to return to his Body
                        and report to his Teachers
                   where he had been... what he had seen
              and show them the Signs that were given to him.

                        If you are able to do this
       you have completed the Initiation... called the Crucifixion.

        So... here we have then... an Individual Soul or Greatness
     who by sheer Hard Work... Study... Endurance... and Understanding
               had reached the Level of Conscious Evolution
           in which he is Aware as the Creator in Physical Form
        and knows how to perfectly practise the Principles of Love.

                    Love... you see... or Understanding
      is something that is learned by developing the Godseed you are
                          over many Incarnations
                  in which you are given the Opportunity
        to love and to bloom into the Full Range of God Awareness.

                            God Awareness means
       that you are Consciously Aware of the God or Creator you are
              and can prove it... by doing so called Miracles
                          if you are so inclined.

           This Love or Understanding... of a Master of Creation
                 naturally means that you are fully aware
                      that all Human Beings on Earth
                 are Students in a Cosmic School for Souls
              from which All of Them eventually will graduate
                    and thus have no need to be saved.

        In other words... you just love them... by leaving them be.

             Now... when you have reached a State of Evolution
                           that even comes close
                      The Christ Consciousness Level
        your Personality has a Tremendous Charisma and Attraction.

      As a Matter of Fact... People hang around you by the Thousands
                        because you're oozing Love.

                    ! You Are Absolutely Irresistible !

         So... what else could be said about a Christ or a Buddha?

                         They are Love Personified
        and they are loved to Pieces by People who understand them
                  and hated to Death by People who don't.

                   You could compare a Jesus The Christ
            to a Human Being with the Combined Characteristics
     a Mikhail Gorbachev... a David Copperfield... a Shirley Maclaine
            an Oprah Winfrey... a Ralph Nader... a Red Skelton
                             a Nelson Mandela.

                   Anyway... a Man like Jesus The Christ
          would look more like a Combination of the People above
             than that he would as any of your Popes or Kings.

                              Popes or Kings
                     are the Representatives of People
              a Buddha or a Christ is the perfect Incarnation
                      God the Creator in Human Form.

                            As a Matter of Fact
                if a Christ would ever walk on Earth again
           you would recognize this Great Individual immediately
                    by his Sphere or Aura of Greatness
       because it would hang around him like a Cloud of Brilliance.

                  It's sometimes called the Buddha Field
            and you could feel this Field or Aura a Mile away.

            ! People like that... are Absolutely Irresistible !

                          We know it as Charisma.

                                By the way
                           a Buddha or a Christ
                  could be Masculine as well as Feminine.

                As a Matter of Fact... they are Androgynous
      but for simplicity's sake they don a Male or Female Human Form.

              However... very seldom do Masters come to Earth
                            in their full Glory
          because it would be impossible to do or teach anything.

               Some of them appear as wise old Men or Women
      and they do the best they can with what they have to work with
         and then disappear from the Scene of Action without Fuss.

          Naturally... Masters appearing in their full Greatness
               would be surrounded by a lot of silly People
       who would want to touch them or be healed from their Miseries
                         by some kind of Miracle.

                       It would put all these People
                  on some kind of Cosmic Welfare System.

         We are all here in order to learn how to follow or attain
                         The Christ Consciousness
                   and become a Miracle Doer ourselves.

                    ! We are not here to follow Jesus !

                            ! We are a Jesus !

                            Anyway... Gerardus
              this is my Description of a Master of Creation.

                       However... my Friend Gerardus
           my Description is the Result of my Cosmic Imagination
     for I have never been in direct Contact with a Buddha or a Christ
                          while I lived on Earth.

       So... what these Infinite Souls or Masters look like on Earth
                       might be entirely different.

                    Please take this in Consideration.

                Now... do you have any Questions... so far?

                       I said... yes I do... Judas.

        Would it be possible that some of the People you mentioned
                            are really Masters
                   but we do not recognize them as such?

             Well... Gerardus... I was expecting that Question
                          and here is my Answer.

                    ! All of You are Masters already !

          You see... the Master you are... or the Christ you are
                        is the Initiator or Creator
                of all its Incarnations and Personalities.

                      So... what does that make you?

     You are the Christ or Master trimmed down to the Size of Gerardus
        in order to live a Lifetime or have an Experience in Matter
                             as a Human Being.

              So... you as a Human Being are a Soul in Flesh
                              and the Creator
               of the Physical or Matter World you live in.

              In other words... you are the Creator or Christ
                                as Gerardus
        but you do not completely realize that you are the Creator
          because it would spoil the Experiences that are needed
                         in order to be Gerardus.

         You as a Soul have your Play or Dance in the Matter World
                        and while you play or dance
             you create the Matter World as well as Gerardus.

            That this is so... is what Gerardus is discovering.

                            The Christ You Are
              a Creator and an Experiencer of its Creations.

                 Gerardus is One of your Living Creations
                         One of your Experiences.

                   Since you exist as Gerardus... proves
       that you exist as the Creator or Christ who created Gerardus.

                While God... is the Energy you create with.

               However... from the Point of View of Gerardus
       Time and Space are always lagging behind the Timeless Reality
                  in which Gerardus is a Master already!

          Since Gerardus live in this Time and Space Environment
                   he is a Student of the Master he is.

              All that is left to be done by Gerardus however
                         to enjoy his own Journey
                      because he already has arrived.

          You as Gerardus are the Incarnation of the Soul You are
                                 while yet
                     you as Gerardus have the Freedom
         to make all kinds of Beautiful Deviations on this Journey
                 in order to follow your own Inclinations.

                    So... You... and your Soul are One
                                  but yet
     you as Gerardus are your own Boss and can do what you feel like.

                     Well... naturally you as Gerardus
            you as a Specific Incarnation of the Christ You Are
                   have Guidelines in this Incarnation.

       ! Gerardus has been created for a certain Dance or Purpose !

                      Since you as the Master or Soul
                               are Gerardus
         you have certain Tasks... Responsibilities... or Purposes
                  that only can be fulfilled by Gerardus.

               Gerardus knows this... because he is the Soul
                      and Gerardus is working on them
                                 his Way.

                           So... you as Gerardus
       have a lot of Freedom to complete your Duties or Assignments
                           and in the mean time
                 you are Free to enjoy the given Talents.

                      In other words... you are Free
            but your Freedom is limited by what you have to do
                     and by what you have been given.

       So there are certain Things you can do and are inclined to do
          and other Things are more or less out of reach for now.

                    Like becoming a World Famous Clown
          like becoming the next President of the United Nations.

             You have to be born into the right Circumstances
       and strive for these lofty Positions straight from the Start.

              This is not what you as the Creator had in Mind
                        when you created Gerardus.

        You as the Soul or as the Christ wanted to become Gerardus
                    and well... as you know... you are!

                     ! So... rejoice... and enjoy it !

       As you know Gerardus... all kinds of Incarnations are needed
                  in order to finally Consciously Realize
                         that you are the Creator
                 and always have been in the first place.

                 The Incarnation or Interlude as Gerardus
                      The Play of the Creator You Are
                              being Gerardus.

     Naturally... as long as you are Gerardus... you are more inclined
                        to feel like a Human Being
           than you would be inclined to feel like the Creator.

                     Yet... You are your own Creator.

                 ! You see Gerardus... Life is a Paradox !

                     It is a Paradox for a Human Being
           but it is a simple Affair for a Son of God or Christ.

            Temporarily you as the Creator have become Gerardus
                       and now that you are Gerardus
               you are afraid... bewildered... and confused
        because you are lost in your own Creation called Gerardus.

            Sooner or later however... the Creator will pop out
       and your Infinite Laughter will ring throughout the Universe.

                  ! Your Greatness is an Absolute Fact !

                    So... to come back to your Question
        Yes... all Human Beings are truly their Master in Disguise.

                     Their Master or Creator knows it
                          but Human Beings don't.

           All of them have the Chance to discover this however
                           at any Time or Place
       but most of them are just too busy doing something different.

              They're all busy exercising their own Free Will
                       by doing what they feel like.

                            Be assured however
         that the Christ or Creator they are... understands this.

         They came to Earth in order to experience their Creation
                and they're doing this in great Diversity.

                  This includes being a Dreamer or a Pope
           or even a Thief... a Murderer... or a Child Molester.

                        Experiences are Experiences
             Life or Creation includes All Things or Actions.

        All of Us... in our own Way are fulfilling the Will of God.

               ! We are the very God and Creator doing it !

                               Well Gerardus
                   it's a Beautiful System... isn't it?

                         Well... it sure is Judas.

         It is just that sometimes I get lost in my own Thoughts.

                 I wish I could understand it more clearly
        or understand it from the Point of View of the Christ I am.

           Are you able to see it from that Point of View Judas?

                    Not quite... Gerardus... not quite.

       I am not... what I call a Full Blown Christ as yet... however
                  I have an easy access to many Teachers
          that are on a Higher Level of Understanding than I am.

     Regularly... I go to Classes and learn more about Life in a Body
                 and as soon as I have enough Theory again
     I usually find a suitable Birth and practise what I have learned.

              I am just as much a Student of Life as you are.

                         At the Moment... however
          I am just a little closer to the front of the Classroom
              and can hear and understand my Teachers easier.

                           You on the other Hand
                   have to put yourself in a Dream State
      and do not have much control of who you're going to listen to.

        However... for a Soul in Matter... you're doing Splendidly!

                  I'm amazed... at what I see you learn.

                            You see... Gerardus
                    before I entered your Dream Domain
              I watched you for a very long Time to ascertain
      that what I wanted to tell you is to your Benefit at this Time.

                           You see... my Friend
                    I do not just enter Anybody's Dream
              and give them a Load of Metaphysical Malarkey.

               However... with this... I do not mean to say
         that you should totally accept what I am telling you now.

                       Just listen with an Open Mind
                 and consider what I say as a Possibility.

             Do not accept what I say as an Infallible Truth.

                    ! After all... I am not the Pope !

             Anyway... Gerardus... I would now like to answer
                     the second Part of your Question.

                              My Relationship
              with what is called the Jesus of Churchianity.

       Well... if you understand the Discussion we've had up to now
               you understand that the Jesus of Churchianity
           is some kind of Fairy Tale Figure that did not exist
                           in Physical Reality.

                    Your Bible contains a lot of Wisdom
            and at the same Time it contains a lot of Nonsense.

                      The Rumour is... that the Bible
      is a Conglomeration of about Two Hundred Essays or Compositions
                   of which some are Deliberate Attempts
                           to control the Masses
         and at the same Time educate them the best way possible.

              By now... many of you have outgrown the Bible.

                  So... some of the Stories in the Bible
                      "The Poppycock of Churchianity"
              that at one Time was meant to serve the Masses.

        As you know... the Masses like to be deluded by Fairy Tales
             and your Politicians still use the same Methods.

                    ! Elect me... and I will save you !

          I guess... the People that were the Church Fathers then
              all have reincarnated now and are Politicians.

               Anyway... I suggest... that Every Human Being
                  uses his own Mind up to its very Limits
       and does not make up his Mind on what is True and what isn't
               he knows how use his own Intuitional Knower.

                       Once you know how to do that
          you are on your way to becoming a Light unto Yourself.

                 And that's what Life really is all about.

                     ! Become a Light unto Yourself !

      So... what was my Relationship with the Jesus of Churchianity?

                     In some of my previous Lifetimes
              I was born into one of the Christian Religions
       and I was told that this Figure on the Cross was my Saviour.

           The Figure or Man on the Cross had died for my Sins.

                 The last time I was on Earth I was a Girl
         and according to my Religion I was a pretty good Sinner.

                I believed what I was told for a long Time
     and finally by educating myself and starting to think for myself
                         I came to the Conclusion
                that I was brainwashed by Innocent Parents
     who were brainwashed by their Parents... and so on... and so on.

           Anyway... eventually I outgrew my Christian Religion
                   and I have been on my own ever since.

     I am a Free Soul... and one of my Personalities was called Judas.

       At this Time I live my Infinite Life on this Side of Creation
                       according to the Will of God.

                   Which is the Will of the Entity I am
        the Will of the Christ I am... as good as I can intuit it.

          So... in a way... I am like the first Pope called Peter
                   and I deny the Jesus of Churchianity.

          There never was a Man like that and there never will be
            in the Minds of his Inventors and their Followers.

              ! Which really means... that this Man exists !

                 He exists in the Minds of his Followers.

                         The Jesus of Churchianity
             what could be called a Mental or a Psychic Truth.

                  He is a Concoction in the Minds of Man.

               However... as you so well understand Gerardus
         we all come to Earth in order to experience our Creation
                     and we do not need any Saviours.

                   The Doors of Heaven were never closed
          and the Fires of Hell were Scare Tactics to gain Power
                    over Innocent and Ignorant People.

          However... all this turned out for the Good of Mankind
               for it created Circumstances and Experiences
                  out of which you and I and many Others
       have arisen to Levels of Understanding far beyond the Masses.

           We are on Earth because of our own Free Will and Need
       and until we have come to a Cosmic Understanding of Creation
                        we all are mislead by Lies
            that are easily accepted because of our Ignorance.

                                By the way
                     there is nothing wrong with that.

                          We can only know Truth
                  after we have experienced all the Lies.

                    So... Gerardus... if you don't mind
                I now would like to leave your Dream Domain
        and in the mean Time I wish you the Best of Infinite Life.

                   Thank you for listening to my Story.

                 I leave you now... with the Kiss of Love.

                                I am Judas.

              Before I could thank Judas... I was wide awake
                  Feelings of Goodness arose in my Heart.

                    Judas... he is a Beautiful Person.

                       I'm glad he entered my Dream.

                                I love him.

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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