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- Dream 04 -

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          Once in a while...
                       when I try to dream and write
                    I have great trouble falling asleep
          and the only way of filling up the screen of my monitor
                             is to stay awake
     and let my thoughts wander until they stumble upon a bright idea.

           This... as you can imagine does not happen too often
                but once in a while when I'm left on my own
                   I manage to fill up a screen or two.

                        So... the next screen full
                   or rather the next page of this file
              is an awfully clear headed effort all on my own
                    that just might go down in history
            as the shortest... yet the most powerful statement
                          the entire human race.

      Naturally... this might be a gross overstatement to most people
          but then... most people do not want to read it anyway.

                    So... there just might be a chance
                that the people who do read it... will say
         quick please... make me a couple of copies of this sheet
               because all my friends will want to have one.

            Did you ever run into a situation like that before?

         Well... if you do now... make as many copies as you want
                because none of my writing has a copyright.

                           I don't believe in it
           because I think that it is the most ridiculous policy
                         the human race invented.

                Aren't we all here to enlighten one another
                        with the least bit of fuss?

             o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
             o                                               o
             o     -  CREATION IS OUR LOVE EXPRESSED  -      o
             o                                               o
             o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

     We as mankind are the creative source and the solar system is the
     expression of love for ourselves in matter form. It took billions
     of years to establish life on earth  and  the highest form is the
     human being. The human, the angelic and the devic kingdoms of the
     universe are aspects of our creative mind and we as the universal
     consciousness continually expand by means of our creation.

     We have lowered ourselves from a "higher energy dimension" into a
     lower energy dimension in order to live on earth and when we live
     on earth as human beings, this is not always obvious. In order to
     "descend" into the lower levels of our creation  we had to forget
     that we are the creators of our physical existence. Our religions
     therefore are not able to properly explain the inner relationship
     we have with our source.

     In the present era of our physical endeavour, "the bodies we live
     in" only last for a short while and their sole purpose is to keep
     our attention "focused" upon physical reality and the experiences
     we encounter within this plane of expression. When our bodies ex-
     pire we temporarily return to energy form, but we do not remember
     that we are the creative source. This might cause us to terminate
     our endeavour to manifest  our greatness as the creator in matter
     form.  We return  or  reincarnate  into our physical creation  as
     many times as we desire  and ultimately we will attain the Christ
     Consciousness Level. (I and the Father are One)

     We start our incarnations as inexperienced souls and by living in
     human bodies we slowly reach a state of individuality and finally
     we recognize ourselves as the creator.  At this point we learn to
     master our creation  and eventually we will be able to perform so
     called miracles for we have become the creator in human form. The
     whole of creation then becomes a very personal affair for we will
     experience the entire universe as our creation.

     We as the source, live in many dimensions simultaneously, but our
     incarnations onto the earth take place in the reality of time and
     space as different personalities living different lifetimes.

     We as the creative source experience the plane of earth  as human
     beings and -WE ASSURE YOU- that all of us are equal to the source
     because we are the creator as well as the created!  Eventually we
     will finish our incarnations into our physical creation and we'll
     be aware again of the unbroken wholeness of the universe. We will
     have gained the invaluable experiences of our matter creation.

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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