Gerardus dreams     Nico speaks

- Dream 03 -

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                               In this Dream
                      I meet a Character called Nico.

         Nico tells me that he was the First Original Philosopher
       and that all other Philosophers are but Imitations or Fakes.

                  Naturally... right away I'm on my Guard
           for Dreamers like me... are often taken advantage of.

             I suggested that Nico keep his Conversation short
        because I was not prepared to spend my time fooling around.

                          Neither am I... he said
           and that's why I'm talking to you in the first place.

                 For what I know about you... he continued
              is the Reason I have come to converse with you.

         I know you dream and write and you write extremely well.

                        First of all... I answered
                  I would like you to state my Full Name
          and if possible... my Date of Birth and other Details.

                  I want to find out how sincere you are
                       and please don't flatter me.

                         All right... he answered
              nothing is more useless than flattering anyway.

                 I'm not talking to Bodies... he continued
           I want to converse with Minds... or Consciousnesses.

           I want to talk to Infinity... not to Names or Dates.

                   You are well aware... he continued...
           that Doneits don't give a Hoot about Names or Dates.

                           Old Souls or Doneits
              live Forever and Names and Dates are Nonsense.

          Besides... he said... I AM WHO I AM... and so are You.

                    I said... Nico... what are Doneits.

                              And he answered
            Doneits... Gerardus... are People who have done it!

                         All old Souls are Doneits
       I thought that you would know what a Doneit was... I'm sorry.

                         So... there... he said...
         both of us are Doneits and we are the same Spirit Energy.

             The only difference is... that we find ourselves
                on different sides of an Invisible Curtain
                      we both know how to penetrate.

                     I said... so far so good Nico...
        but if you and I are indeed able to penetrate this Curtain
                  there really is no Curtain... is there?

                       Well Gerardus... Nico said...
              that's exactly what I want to talk to you about
       the Invisible Curtain is woven from the Fabric of your Dream.

                   You live in a Time and Space Reality
                                which means
                that you live within the Invisible Curtain.

        I live in Timelessness... I live or exist on the other side
                     and there is quite a Difference!

                             Don't you agree?

                 I said... Nico... I cannot possibly agree
              because I only know One side... the Time Side.

                          All I can do... I said
           is agree with you that you have an Advantage over me
                since you apparently have command over Time
                     because you live in Timelessness.

               And I am not even quite sure what that means.

                          What does it mean Nico?

                  Or rather... what does it mean to you?

                   To live in Timelessness... Nico said
            to me means... that I can go to Atlantis or Lemuria
       or any other Continent that ever existed in the Matter World.

                      I can go any Place... any Time
                   in the Past as well as in the Future.

            To me... it is but a Matter of Mind... so to speak.

       My Mind or Consciousness is the Kaleidoscope of the Universe.

                         All Places and all Times
                   are the Expressions or Manifestations
                             my Consciousness
           and all I do is pick a Place and Time and I am there.

        My Consciousness is the Universal Map and Terrain combined
             and I am a well seasoned Traveler... so to speak.

                        Sometimes I travel so much
              that I long for a steady Place to get stuck in
                       like you have done Gerardus.

                That's very hard to believe Nico... I said
         for most people down here would like to be where you are.

                            And by the way Nico
                I do not really think that I am stuck here.

         I'm only here until I'm ready to take on something else.

                            What about you Nico
            are you ever coming back to Earth as a Human Being
                 would you rather stay where you are now?

                       Well... Gerardus... Nico said
                 I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do.

              You see... I do not have to reincarnate anymore
                 for I have learned to control my Destiny
            I still have to finish my Master's Degree in Love.

                     The quickest way to get my Degree
          might mean that I would have to go back in Matter Form.

                       However... I do not have to!

          I could possibly do the same thing in Mind so to speak
                         but it's awful difficult!

                          Do you mean to say Nico
       that all of us down here have to finish that Degree as well?

                  You don't have to do anything Gerardus
            but somehow you just might choose to do it anyway.

                          Life is a Forever Thing
         and the best Amusement is learning how to love perfectly.

                  What do you think you're on Earth for?

                 Nico... I said... now just wait a minute
                    do you mean that all of us on Earth
          are really here in order to learn how to love perfectly
                           and don't know that?

              Absolutely True... Gerardus... Absolutely True.

           Well... Gerardus... let me modify my Statement a bit.

                    Very few People on Earth know that
         but generally speaking... yes... almost all of you don't.

         Why do you think... the Earth is kind of messy nowadays?

                       Well... I said... it's messy
         because this Part of our Evolutionary Period is this way.

               Most People are unaware of their Creatorship
         and most of them suffer from Egocentric Thought Patterns
              that keeps them circling within their own Mind.

       But I had no Idea that all this was caused by a Lack of Love.

                     Is that truly the Way it is Nico?

                             Well... Gerardus
                         Love is missing all right
              but it is missing because Awareness is missing.

                  First of all you as a People or Society
                           have to become aware
            that all of you are the Children of the One Source.

      This One Source... is Consciousness... Universal Consciousness.

                        Naturally... Consciousness
                 is not some kind of Personality or Being.

              Consciousness is an Impersonal Force or Energy
          and the Universal Trick is to use it to your Advantage.

                       Since there is but One Source
                            it stands to reason
                  that the Representatives of this Source
        ought to understand that Love is to Everybody's Advantage.

                 Fighting each other or hating each other
                         indeed voluntary Options
              each Option naturally has its own Consequences.

                            Fighting or Hating
               really means that you Fight or Hate yourself.
                        All of You are really One.

                   Killing Others is killing Yourselves.

                       It's exactly the same Thing!

                    The Choice to Love will take place
               when the Awareness Level of most Individuals
                       has reached the Understanding
           that all of you are Equals and have a Common Source.

                   In your World as you know... Gerardus
        many Races or People still believe that their God or Power
             is better than the God or Power of other People.

                            As a matter of fact
          many of them are willing to die for a Belief like this.

               They fight in the Army of God... so to speak.

                     Well... how unaware can you get!

                      There is but One Power or Force
             and that is the Force or Power of Consciousness.

                      The Force or Power of Thought.

                            You Are This Power.

            You Are This Force of Consciousness... All The Way!

                     As long as this is not understood
                the World of Mankind on Earth will suffer.

      Your World is suffering from its own Ignorance... so to speak.

                    Do I make myself clear... Gerardus?

                 I answered... yes you do Nico... you do.

             However... there is one thing I don't understand.

                    Which is... what do you mean by...
        the Invisible Curtain is woven from the Fabric of my Dream.

                  I find this an awful spooky statement!

                          What does it mean Nico?

             Well... Gerardus... when we live in a Human Body
                   the Physical or the Visible Universe
            is seemingly separated from the Invisible Universe.

                  Actually... there is only One Universe!

               You however... because of your Sensory System
         think that there is a Visible and an Invisible Universe.

                 Well... naturally... for you there is...
                       but in actuality there isn't.

                 There is only One Unobstructed Universe!

                         It's like a Movie or Film
        there are thousands of Pictures but only one Movie or Film.

               Now... while we live in the Physical Universe
        we only see certain Pictures of the Unobstructed Universe.

             The Fabric of your Reality is woven in such a way
       that it allows you to see or experience certain Scenes only.

         You live in a special Section or Envelope of the Physical
              which is an Aspect of the Unobstructed Universe
         and this special Section is called the Physical Universe.

                            You see... Gerardus
                once we have become an experienced old Soul
       we can experience all Pictures or Realities of the Universe.

                   When we live in a Matter Form however
       our Sensory System limits us mainly to Physical Experiences.

                      However... Physical Experiences
      are automatically translated into Mental and Emotional Signals
                         of a Non Physical Nature
           but yet... we experience living in a Physical World.

              The Body and the Physical Universe you live in
       are a Synchronized System that curtail Unobstructed Reality.

                  In other Words... you're being fooled!

               It is as if you are watching a coloured Movie
           but all you see... are Things that are coloured Red.

           Well... naturally... you're missing most of the Show.

                        When you live in a Body...
           you're missing most of what goes on in the Universe.

                 You have become so used to it... however
          that when something happens... that you call Paranormal
                you act as if it does not exist or deny it.

                           Well now... Gerardus
                   just because you cannot understand it
            or think that your Universe is the only one around
                               does not mean
                    that there are no other Realities.

                            As a matter of Fact
          the Total Universe contains millions of your Universes.

                      For millions of your Universes
      are separated and synchronized by what I call the Time Factor.

         Well... as soon as you have command over this Time Factor
                           your Universe or Life
               becomes a million times as great or complex.

                         Living in a Physical Body
        limits you to the Restrictions of a specific Physical World
                    and the Limits it is contained by.

                  The Fabric of your Dream... so to speak
        is determined by the Limits of the small World you live in.

                      However... your Physical World
          is the Creation and Product of the Non-Physical World.

                  The World or Universe of Consciousness.

                      That's the Universe I live in.

         However... you live in the Unobstructed Universe as well
      but through Circumstances you are unable to see the Whole Show.

                     The Curtailment of Total Reality
               has many Advantages as well as Disadvantages.

                 It's like Grade One in Elementary School
         it curtails itself to the Books and Studies of Grade One.

              You... at this Moment... do something similar.

       However... Gerardus... this does not make you less than I am!

         You and I... are Equals... and we are very close Friends
                              on either side
                of the Invisible Curtain we now penetrate.

             You... as a matter of Fact... are my other Self!

                  However... for the Purpose of Learning
             how to penetrate the Illusive Fabric of the Dream
         you are now on that Side... while I stayed on this Side.

               You and I... have a Contract... so to speak.

          And as you now know... we're fulfilling it beautifully!

       Because you and I have a darn good Discussion... haven't we?

                     I said... well we sure have Nico
           but I still think that you have an Advantage over me.

                          You... as far as I know
           have a greater Clarity of Understanding on your Side.

             While I have to struggle with Human Limitations.

        Well... naturally Gerardus... I do have a great Advantage.

                However... I do not take Advantage of you!

             I never would... because I would only fool myself
                              for you are me.

                            You and I are One!

                 We are the One Universal Force or Creator
       we have only divided Ourselves into a Multitude of Creatures
                 in order to follow our Nature or Desire.

                      The Nature or Desire to create.

                    It is impossible to deny our Nature
           we are the very Universal Creator in Individual Form.

              The Universe with all its Variety and Diversity
                   is the Result of our Creative Nature.

                          We are IT... All of IT!

                     We are the Creator and Creation.

             We live as the Variety and Diversity of Creation
                 the Whole of Creation is our very Being.

      Naturally... we experience all the Creatures and Things we are
                         because we live as them.

                     The Creator lives as its Creation
     there is a direct Communication between the Creator and Creation
                     because there is only One Force.

                        The Religions in your World
      and the Immature Philosophy and Understanding of your Scholars
                  have generated Division after Division
       because they started out with Two or More in the first place.

             They started out with a Creator and its Creation
                   with some kind of Father and Son Team
        by some kind of Holy Ghost communicating between these two.

                                Before long
                    they believed in an Army of Saints
                             who somehow knew
                 how to interfere with this Heavenly Team.

              From there on in... thousands of Churches arose
          and the World of Mankind became more and more confused.

        Your World has reached the Level of Insanity at the Moment
             but notwithstanding your Multitudes of Religions
      you pretty well have agreed on worshiping the One Godly Force.

               This Godly Force or Power... you call Money!

                    Money has become your Power or God.

                      The World of Man as the Creator
            has created itself a False... but very powerful God
                        and all of you try to live
          within the Confinements or Budget of its Greedy Rules.

                   You have created yourself a Monster!

          You're in an awful pickle... so to speak... aren't you?

                 Well... yes I said... I think we are Nico
                                  but yet
                   as far as I understand the Situation
       we have to experience our Creation in order to learn from it.

          So... I really don't see anything wrong with our World.

                There could have been a million other Ways
                         we could have gone wrong!

             As a matter of Fact... as soon as we get it right
                   we've outgrown the World we live in.

                I see this World as a School for Creators.

                            Do you agree Nico?

            Well... most certainly Gerardus... most certainly.

                     I was only leading you on a bit.

                     I'm very glad that you understand
           why there is nothing wrong with the World of Mankind.

       One Way... is as Good or Bad as any other Way... so to speak.

                            However... Gerardus
               suppose it was up to you to improve the World
                            what would you do?

                               Well... Nico
           actually I ought to be the one to ask the Questions.

               However... since you're indeed coming through
                        as an old Friend and Buddy
            I feel comfortable enough to answer your Question.

        Well... if it was up to me to improve the World of Mankind
                               first of all
               I would want to improve their Relationships.

                            In order to do that
          they have to be united by means of a Common Challenge.

     This Common Challenge is the simple Challenge of Bodily Survival.

                   Their only Chance to accomplish this
                    by drastically... I say drastically
                the Pollution Levels of their Way of Life.

                  This simple Challenge... as I called it
                      not really that simple at all.

                        It is a Gigantic Challenge!

         However... whether this Challenge is either Big or Small
                         it has to be accomplished
                             for if it is not
             practically all Life will vanish from the Planet.

                     Well... how would I go about it?

                  First of all... in some way or another
           I would hit them awfully hard in their Pocket Books.

                  That's the only Thing they understand!

           So... the Money Market or Monopoly has to be cracked.

       And by cracked... I mean... that it should totally collapse.

          This would create a Situation of Enormous Unemployment
                  because all Factories would shut down.

                 This would lessen Pollution considerably.

             Unemployment... naturally means that most People
                      would not drive to work anymore
                and the Pollution Level would reduce again.

                     In order to feed themselves then
          a Tremendous Network of Volunteer Movements would arise
                  and their Relationships would improve.

         They would be forced to see Eye to Eye on a Worldly Scale
                      and the most Cooperative People
                  would have the best Chance of Survival.

                  Naturally... the Production of Services
                        that need to be maintained
           like Water... Food... Power... Telephone... and Radio
      will have to be accomplished with a Minimum Level of Pollution.

            This Process of Change would have a Tremendous Toll
                 and Billions of People will not survive.

                           The World of Mankind
                will go into a State of Shock more or less
       the Sheer Immensity of the Changes will frustrate the Masses.

              There will be Chaos and Rampage in the Streets
                    and many People will self destruct.

                             All these Changes
               would reduce the Pollution Level drastically
          and in the long Run the World as a Whole will be saved.

             The Processes of Change are all ready in progress
                          and as a Matter of Fact
                  I really would not have to do anything.

                 All Preliminaries are all ready in Place
                               doing nothing
               is the best Solution... as far as I can see.

           The Money Market could collapse any Day... any Time.

                     In Addition to all these Changes
        there still are the Changes in the Climate of Planet Earth.

                            All Future Changes
            will prove to be too much for Mankind to cope with
                         and in one Way or Another
     The World eventually will enter into a New Age of Understanding.

                          It seems as if Somebody
                 all ready took care of what has to happen
          in order to correct the Devastating Situation on Earth.

                God... so to speak... took Care of Things.

                        The Whole System of Mankind
         has many built in Automatic Self Destructive Ingredients
                      and whatever we do or don't do
           Things will work out for the better in the long Run.

        Possibly... our Older Sky Brothers will visit Planet Earth
                            and if we let them
            they will be able to help Mankind back on its Feet.

                          So... what would I do?

         I would try to cut down on Pollution as much as possible
                             and for the Rest
              I would do the same Thing God does... Nothing!

           I would witness it... while I have my Dream Sessions
                     Whoever wants to enter my Dream.

                  What do you think about my Answer Nico?

            Well... Gerardus... I don't think about your Answer
                   because I all ready know the Answer.

             Remember... I live in the Future as well as now.

                    I have no Problems with your Answer
               for I know what will happen... more or less.

                           I say... more or less
              because I cannot predict the Future accurately
      because the Future is determined by every new Thought and Deed
                    Mankind in General has or commits.

              I only know the Tendencies of what will happen.

           The Changes that will take place in the World of Man
                                in general
                     agree with what you have told me.

        However... what really will happen... is up to all of You!

                         One Thing is for certain
                  Mankind will overcome its Difficulties.

           However... the whole Transition will be very painful.

                       One thing is for sure though
      Mankind is a Forever Species on the Face of the Earth for now.

                               I say for now
       because the Earth is not going to exist forever as you know.

                       But it will exist long enough
                to support all of you on your Journey Home.

            In the mean time I might be there myself sometimes.

              I have not made up my Mind yet... on that one.

                          Living in a Body again
                                  for me
                 is like lowering myself into a Snake Pit.

                         To be born is Dangerous.

         You never know exactly how Things are going to work out.

       Only when you are a Full Fledged Master with a Degree in Love
                   do you know what will happen to you.

            Masters... are the Master Creators of the Universe.

     They all create their own Scenario and enter into it like a Pro.

                      They are born into a Human Body
               and know exactly what has to be accomplished.

                                It's called
                      being born... The Virgin Birth.

                 There are even Masters who come to Earth
            by manifesting a Human Body... without being born.

                       They mysteriously come and go
          just in order to help Mankind whenever they are needed.

                     And just in case you want to know
                         I cannot do this as yet.

           Anyway... is there anything else you want to discuss?

            Yes there is Nico... I wonder if you could comment
                        on the Nuclear Experiments
              that Scientists are conducting at the Present.

                           Some Scientists claim
          that they have generated Nuclear Energy in a test tube.

             Other Scientists say... that this is Impossible.

                         What's the Story on this?

          Well... Gerardus... Nuclear Energy is not my Specialty
                but I will endeavour to answer your Query.

                         First of all... Gerardus
           a new kind of Energy is desperately needed on Earth.

       So... anybody working towards that Goal has to be commended.

                      Then... it has to be understood
              that all Physical Laws on Earth are established
       by the Habits... Attitudes... and Belief Systems of Mankind.

                             You are the Law!

          That's why some People can walk over a Bed of hot Coals
                          and do not get burned.

                  While Others can eat Poison like Candy
                              and never die.

     So... for the same Reason... if there are Scientists who believe
            that you can obtain Nuclear Power from a Test tube
                                they will!

                          It's as simple as that!

      And if there are Scientists who believe that this is Impossible
                    it will be impossible... for them!

                      That's my Answer in a Nutshell.

                    You see... Gerardus... as you know
               Mankind is the Creator in Human Form or Body.

            So... if you make up your Mind to create something
      all you really have to do is persist in believing that you can
                and one way or another it will come about.

                          This could mean however
           that you might have to do a hell of a lot of Research
                in order to improvise on the Existing Laws.

              So... by understanding that you are the Creator
                      Existing Laws will be extended
                           in order to introduce
         New and Unknown Characteristics or Properties of Matter.

                      Matter is a Medium of Creation
            and Nothing is Impossible for the Almighty Creator.

                           Many Scientists know
             that they are Participators in their Experiments.

                      ! They are not just Observers !

              They are Participating Creators or Co-Creators
      and they have Influence over the Outcome of their Experiments.

      So... as a Matter of Fact they create what they want to achieve
                 they are investigating and experimenting.

         I did not say... that all this is easy... remember that.

                    I say... that Anything is possible.

             However... if you start with a Negative Attitude
                           nothing is possible.

                 You see... what is an Atom or a Molecule?

           It is the Creator's Consciousness... in Matter Form.

       You are this Creator... and it is your Consciousness in Form.

                So... if you need a new Form or Combination
                     create it... simply... create it!

        As you know Gerardus... Physical Reality... or any Reality
                    is not Something that is Absolute.

                         All Patterns or Vibrations
                      Cosmic Energy or Consciousness
           as Realities or Scenes we call the World or the Moon.

          Theoretically... we could change the World or the Moon
                           into Puffs of Smoke.

                      Nothing is set... so to speak!

        All Realities are Pliable or Malleable like Smoke or Water.

                   So... Realities take on the Sceneries
                               - necessary -
                in order to obey the Laws of Consciousness.

                   The Characteristics of Consciousness
             the Creator or the Scientist to change Creation.

                         If this could not be done
      Creation would never have been established in the first place.

           Only because Consciousness is a Chaos of Loose Energy
                                so to speak
            can it be influenced to change and become Reality.

                        This Chaos of Loose Energy
               is known by your Scientists as Quantum Foam.

       So... what is the Essence of Physical Reality we call Matter?

              Matter is the Compact Energy of Consciousness.

                     It is the Creator in Matter Form!

         It's Consciousness caught or trapped in its own Desires.

                        The Creator's Consciousness
              becomes what it thinks about... or contemplates
                       Consciously or Unconsciously.

          ! The Creator's Thoughts... and its Beingness are One !

              There is only One Thing in the Whole Universe.

                    ! This One Thing is Consciousness !

                           Which naturally means
                         God is Man and Man is God
                            THERE IS ONLY GOD.

                             Well... Gerardus
           I'm very glad that you allowed me to enter your Dream
                                and I hope
                 that you will awaken as fresh as a Daisy.

                        After all... my Dear Friend
            aren't we all Universal Flowers in the first place?

         Before I knew it... I was fully awake and looking around.

                I didn't even have a Chance to thank Nico.

                       Dreaming is a funny Business.

               Well... maybe I'll meet him again some Dream.

        Nico felt loose... but warm... and not as precise as Moses.

                     You are my other Self... he said.

             Well... he felt like it... spontaneous and happy.

                I bet you that he is good at telling Jokes.

                             I like him a lot!

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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