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- Dream 02 -

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                               In this Dream
                   I meet my Friend Gideon and I ask...
             Gideon does Moses know what he is talking about?

                       - THIS IS WHAT GIDEON SAID -

                            Gerardus my Friend
               Moses is an Expert on Metaphysical Philosophy
         and it is up to you to determine whether or not he knows
                         what he is talking about.

                  You see Gerardus... what Moses told you
              and what you have written in your Dream Journal
                      could be two different things.

           For example... your Interpretation of what Moses said
                 about the Nature of the Physical Universe
                                might lean
           too much to the side... as if Matter does not exist.

              The Physical Universe... or the Matter Creation
                       is absolutely Real and Actual
                          while at the same Time
          it is also an Activity in The Creator's Consciousness.

                              In other words
              the Nature of the Physical is at least twofold.

              It is Consciousness acting or posing as Matter
                 as well as Consciousness or Mind as Such.

                             You see Gerardus
                       when we live in a Matter Body
                 we readily submit to the Physical Senses
      and experience the Matter Creation as a Matter Phenomena only.

                     For People like yourself however
       who know that Matter really is Consciousness or Cosmic Energy
                      there is the Tendency to reason
        that Matter does not really exist for all is Consciousness
              and therefore the Matter World is an Illusion.

                 This is not really the right thing to do!

                           The Physical Universe
             and all the Things and Beings that live within it
                      Matter as well as Consciousness
                                as well as
                 The Connection between these Two States.

                           The Physical Universe
                The Spectrum of Mind and Matter in Action.

                      Somewhere within this Spectrum
        is where you as a Human Being enter the Scene of Creation.

                              You as Gerardus
                     You as the Creative Consciousness
            have invested certain Aspects of Your Consciousness
     in order to experience and become aware of certain Modes of Life.

           These Modes in your Case... are the Human Existences
        you experience as Gerardus and as other People and Beings.

                   ! Matter then... is not an Illusion !

         ! The way Matter is seen or experienced is an Illusion !

              Matter then... is just as real as anything else
                            but since you know
             that Consciousness is acting or posing as Matter
                 you tend to say that Matter is not real!

                    That's where you make your mistake.

              Matter however... is absolutely Real and Actual
                         but what Matter really is
              is different than most People believe it to be.

                             The Matter World
                    Consciousness in the Form of Matter
            and Human Beings have learned to accept that Matter
                        has some kind of Solidity.

                             You see Gerardus
      the Physical Body and its Senses are created with the Intention
                         that all Physical Things
        are experienced as if Solidity is one of their Properties.

                              In other words
                     you live in an Illusionary World
                but what you experience is Real and Actual
              you have created yourself in a certain Fashion
                           for the sole Purpose
          of experiencing all Physical Things as Real and Actual.

                   Your Creation is a Tremendous Success
          you have accomplished exactly what you intended to do.

                   ! You intended to deceive yourself !

                 Since you succeeded in doing exactly that
                                 the Proof
                  that your Creation is Real and Actual.

              So... the Physical Universe is Real and Actual
                      but what you see or experience
                     a Construction of Cosmic Energies
                that appears to you as if it has Solidity.

       The very Experience of Solidity is the Proof of its Realness.

                       A similar example of Realness
           is the Manner in which your TV Pictures are produced.

        The Pictures on your Screen are absolutely Real and Actual
               the Manner in which the Pictures are produced
           is based on the Characteristics of Human Perception.

            The only way to produce Pictures on your TV Screen
                    by means of your Cathode Ray Tubes
              to literally paint your Pictures on your Screen
                                Dot by Dot.

                  Your Senses... Brain... and Human Mind
       are relatively slow in forming an Opinion about what is seen
               and this Characteristic is taken Advantage of
       when you paint your Pictures on your TV Screen Line for Line.

                   So... when you look at your Boob-Tube
                         you see a whole Picture.

       ! Not once however is there a whole Picture on your Screen !

           So... in order to make your Pictures Real and Actual
                    you utilize certain Characteristics
                             of the Human Eye
                 in order to produce the required Results.

             Physical Reality is produced in a similar Manner.

                     What you see is not really there
                and what is really there... you cannot see.

                So... the Reality of the Physical Universe
            is based on what Human Beings are able to perceive.

                              In other words
                       we all create our own Reality
               in order to feel at Home in our own Creation.

              Naturally... Reality is different for Everybody
           Human Beings are Creators with different Preferences.

                    We all participate in our Creation
             according to our own Nature and Personal Choices.

                                As you know
                        The Whole Physical Creation
            is the Creation of the Creators who live within it.

            In other words... all of Mankind all over the World
        are the combined Creative Force of the World they live in.

                   So... whatever shape the World is in
                           it is your own doing.

              Mankind... is the very Creator in Physical Form
        the World of Mankind in which He as a Human Creature lives.

                            Now... for a Moment
          let me get back to the Illusionary Nature of the World
             or rather to the Nature of the Physical Creation.

         The Physical Creation as you experience it at any Moment
                    is but a Finite Moment of Creation
                and as you know all Things that are Finite
       Come into Existence... Exist... and Disappear from Existence.

                              In other words
         all Things... Beings... Worlds... and Physical Universes
                       are but Temporary Phenomena.

                    All Things are subjected to change
            and all Things eventually become different Things.

          Physical Universes and all Things or Beings within them
                              exist in Times
                and all Times change into different Times.

              However... all Universes and Worlds also exist
                          in a Timeless Fashion.

                           This Timeless Fashion
        is the Fashion in which all Things exist in Consciousness.

                              In other words
            as soon as you are capable of traveling beyond Time
                  you will be able to visit or experience
       any World of your Choice... by going there in Consciousness.

                             You see Gerardus
        All Universes... all Worlds... all Beings... and all Things
                               and all Times
                 exist in Consciousness or Mind all ready.

                              In other words
                        there is really nothing New
              for all Things are Existing Phenomena all ready
           that when you visit certain Aspects of this Wholeness
                you can improvise or create new Variations
                 the all ready existing Phenomenal Worlds.

        Look at it as if the Whole of Creation is an Endless Book.

          You as the Reader of this Book can open it at any Page
      and start making Notes between the lines while you're reading.

                    The more Notes or Changes you make
             the more you change the Infinite Creative Process
         for all your Notes become an Aspect of the Endless Book.

     This Endless Book naturally covers Past... Present... and Future
           because the Book is the Infinite Record of Creation.

                        The Whole of Creation then
                 is a Forever Changing Infinite Phenomenon
        for all Things... Beings... and Creatures revise or create
               their own Individual and Collective Changes.

                 For all Things... Beings... and Creatures
                                  - are -
         The Very Creative Force some People call God the Creator.

                              So... basically
                   the Life you're living at the Present
         you could possibly have lived a thousand times all ready
                           but this time around
            you included this dream and write this Composition.

                     While during all other Lifetimes
          you would rather have been fishing instead of writing.

             I feel that you understand what I'm talking about
                but naturally you can only verify all this
         when you have fully awakened from your Dream as Gerardus.

                             Now you might ask
           if all Physical Universes and Worlds all ready exist
                            where are they all?

                         The Answer is very simple
        for all Universes and Worlds are at exactly the same Place
                          as yours is right now!

                         All Universes and Worlds
         and all the Things... Beings... and Creatures within them
             consist of Cosmic Energy... Consciousness or Mind
                 with different Frequencies or Time Zones.

               The Times these Universes and Worlds exist in
                          determine the Time Zone
            and the Area you call Space in which it all happens
                            your Consciousness.

                        The Physical Universe then
                and all Space that seemingly holds all this
             is actually your Consciousness or Mind in Action.

           Your Consciousness or Mind is the Space that contains
                     All Infinite Universes and Worlds
         and their Intermingling Relationships in all Time Zones.

        The Physical Universe and World you are able to experience
                            at this very Moment
            lies within the same Time Zone as your Bodily Being
        is in synchronism with your Senses and Human Consciousness
                       and therefore it seems to you
       that this is the only Manifestation of the Universe and World
                               in Existence.

         ! However... there are Myriads more that you don't see !

                               So... indeed
       there are Worlds within Worlds and Universes within Universes
                  and all of them slide within the other
                      for all are devoid of Solidity.

               Naturally... the whole Thing is Mind boggling
       it is as simple as mixing your Honey or Sugar with your Tea.

                     The Tea... the Honey or the Sugar
                                 are mixed
                         with hot Water as easily
          as your Present World is sliding into all other Worlds.

                           And besides Gerardus
         is not Water a Mixture of all kinds of other Ingredients
                            in the first place?

              And what happens after you have drank your Tea?

        Do not all the Ingredients change into something else again
             all of it really was Cosmic Energy to start with?

                   Could it be that all Physical Things
                  Trapped Consciousness or Cosmic Energy
        that is released again... whenever the Lessons are learned?

                Is not your Consciousness trapped in a Body
                     until it has learned its Lessons?

                 Could one of these Lessons be to discover
             why you only see your Present Universe and World
       while all other Infinite Universes and Worlds are Invisible?

                Well... as I have said before... this is so
            because the World you live in from Moment to Moment
     is synchronized with the Human Perception from Moment to Moment.

               You... and your Environment... so to speak...
                     move through Time in Synchronism
         because Time is the Synchronizer of all Things Physical.

              What you see... and what you are... Physically
                      lies within the same Time Zone.

                        Once in a while however...
                some Time Zones have over-lapping Harmonics
       and you might experience Realities from different Time Zones.

            So... a Loch Ness Monster... an Ogopogo or whatever
                    are real Happenings or Experiences.

      This happens because Time Zones temporarily partially coincide.

                        So... don't be afraid of it
              because in no time it will all disappear again.

                      Now... the Area you call Space
             is filled with all kinds of Universes and Worlds
                         and are Invisible to you
            because all of them belong to a different Time Zone
                         or Frequency Modulation.

                 Yet... all of them are as Real and Actual
         as the Physical Universe or World you live in right now.

                       However... all of them exist
             and all of them are Aspects of your Consciousness
                     for all Things are Consciousness.

                     So... your Consciousness or Mind
              contains Myriads of other Universes and Worlds
       and all of them are waiting for you to be experienced or seen
                you get your Consciousness fully Awakened.

                      All of them are Real and Actual
                for your Consciousness is Real and Actual.

                 And all of them are in Constant Revision
          for People create new things and Thoughts continually.

                Naturally... in some of these other Worlds
     your Soul incarnated as well and these Personalities of your Soul
                    are confused about your Existence.

            Since I... Gideon... am able to travel to any World
         I hope that these People are as good a Dreamer as you are
               that will give me a Chance to enlighten them.

                 So... your empty Space... in other words
           contains an Unlimited Amount of so called Solidities
                       for all Universes and Worlds
       are Aspects of the Physical Creation all throughout Infinity.

                Now... besides all this so called Solidity
       there are still all the Invisible Universes to contend with.

                      Well... my Dear Friend Gerardus
     as you can see... the Whole Thing is beyond Human Understanding.

                                 Or is it?

         Well... let's see whether we could find a known example.

            Your FM or TV broadcasting Signals are Modulations
                                 of or on
                   a certain Frequency Band or Spectrum.

          The underlying Frequency Band you tune your receiver to
             is modulated by the Signals that are broadcasted
                 by the Station that you want to receive.

     So... Sounds or Pictures are broadcasted via certain Signal Bands
                  that your Receiver is able to pick up.

               Well... as soon as your Receiver is turned on
                  and tuned to the Proper Frequency Band
             you should be able to enjoy your favourite Show.

                         So... all you really need
               is a healthy Receiver and a reasonable Signal
         and your favourite Show will be a Pleasure to experience.

       As you know hundreds of Stations are broadcasted into the Air
                       transmitted via only one wire
                 and all you do is tune to the right one.

                       Well... in Metaphysical Terms
            the same Things happen with the Body and the Soul.

             The Body is the Receiver tuned to the one Station
      and this Station or your Soul is the Broadcaster of the Signal.

               Naturally... the more you fine tune your Body
     the more your Soul can make it Dance to the Tune of its Godness.

                   The Example naturally is kept simple
              because we do not want to confuse your Readers.

                    Anyway Gerardus... that's about it.

       Your Soul... or your Christ Self as you might want to call it
         is the Broadcaster as well as the Creator of the Receiver
                             and both of them
             are dancing the Physical Dance of being Gerardus.

                         ! Dreaming and Writing !

                     While you... just the way you are
                                  - are -
               The Very Soul or Christ Self in Physical Form
          for the Importance of being Physical for the Soul Self
        not left up to some silly Puppet or Mechanical Instrument.

             ! You are the very Christ... my Friend Gerardus !

             To understand... or awaken to this Grandiose Fact
            what you have been working on for a very long time.

           It is the most Astounding Revelation to be discovered
      by the Personality in any Lifetime or Sojourn in the Physical.

                       Incarnation after Incarnation
         your very Soul has been engaged in the Physical Creation
                     in order to prepare a Human Body
       capable to become your Soul or Christ Self in Physical Form.

                      Millions and millions of Years
             have past in the Physical World of Time and Space
                        and finally you... Gerardus
                have an Inkling of the Magnificent Efforts
         it took you to express your SELF in your Matter Creation.

                    However... don't think for a Moment
              that your Task has been completed or fulfilled.

                        ! Much is yet to be done !

            Because... you see... you only know about all this.

                  To put all this in Actual Manifestation
              that's an entirely different matter altogether.

                              In other words
                you know now... Who or What you really are
                      and what's left to be mastered
           will be learned and enjoyed in your Future Endeavours
                     Your Splendid Physical Creation.

              In other Words Gerardus... you're on your Way.

                Your Soul... or your Christ Self... however
       is able to travel to any point within any Time Zone instantly
            so your Soul experiences all Lives simultaneously.

                              In other Words
          your Soul or Christ Self is an accomplished Cosmic Fact
      it is the Initiator of its Incarnations in the Physical World.

                        It is the Creator of them.

                 The Third Dimension is the Seeding Ground
          which the Soul Seed Gerardus germinates and experiences
                            the Physical World
                         the Soul or Christ Self.

         You as Gerardus are your very Christ Self in Matter Form.

                    The Soul or the Christ Self as Such
                      is a Higher Dimensional Force.

                         So... you are this Force
            in the Third... as well as in the Higher Dimensions.

                         You are Multi-Dimensional
          and truly live in a Myriad of Time Zones simultaneously
                  and you will be able to experience this
                       as soon as you have attained
                 The Multi-Dimensional Levels of Awareness
                         your Soul or Christ Self.

                 This... is what Life is truly all about.

            It's a lot more than owning and driving a nice Car.

                             Well... Gerardus
                   I notice that you are extremely tired
            and therefore I suggest that you wake up and rest.

                             So long for now.

                        I teach because I love you.

                   I am your Friend and Teacher Gideon.

                               * * * * * * *
                                  * * * *

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