Gerardus dreams     Moses speaks

- Dream 01 -

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                              In this Dream
                  I meet my Friend Moses and I ask him...
                          what do I need to know
                     in order to progress on my Path?

                        This is what Moses said...
                    please continue to dream and write
                and I will tell you what you need to know.

                            And here is Moses:

                       First of all... I say this...
               in my Discussions about Consciousness or Mind      
                  I'd like to avoid the following Words:        
             Part... Section... Piece... Spark... or Portion.    
                  Instead of these Words or similar ones         
                         I use the Word... Aspect.                
                ! I consider Consciousness or Mind as One !       

                            So... here we go...

             You are a Cosmic Being and your Name is Gerardus.

               You as Gerardus... live Life as a Human Being
        and your whole Life is actually a Sleep in which you dream.

              There are many People and Things in your Dream
      and all of them are Figments or Aspects of your Consciousness.

         Your Consciousness is The Consciousness of The Universe.

                        ! It is extremely playful !

          Since all People are Figments of your own Consciousness
                          it is of no importance
                  whether or not anybody agrees with you.

              Because you are the Creator of these Figments.

                            You are the Creator
                    all visible and invisible figments
                       Your Universal Consciousness.

                      All figments are living aspects
               of your own Universal Consciousness or Mind.

                    You are the only Creator or Dreamer
                              in the universe
       for all your dreams combined... equal the whole of creation.

                ! Therefore... Creation... is your Dream !

                            As Gerardus however
          you are only aware of the Dreams you dream as Gerardus.

                   At this Particular Moment of Creation
                              You as Gerardus
                  a Figment in your own Universal Dream.

                              You as Gerardus
                      are an Aspect of your own Dream
               as well as you are the Dreamer of the Dream.

         To be this one Aspect as Gerardus in your Universal Dream
                               is sufficient
                 to recognize Who or What you really are.

                       Naturally Who or What you are
                                is Equal to
               Who and What I am as a Figment in your Dream.

                 Your Dream is the same Dream as my Dream
                    that we are experiencing our Dream
                       from different Perspectives.

           These Perspectives are the Viewpoints You and I hold
                for the Sake of creating different Aspects
                       the combined Dream we dream.

           Your Viewpoint or Perspective is different than mine
                        for Diversity of Experience
                    the Prime Object of our Endeavour.

         We dream or create all this... because we love Ourselves
                     and the Universe... High and Low
                          is our Love expressed.

                        The Universe... or Creation
                               as our Dream
             is the Love Relationship we have with Ourselves.

                    ! Basically... We Are Self-Lovers !

            That's why we dream or create all kinds of Figments
                             who naturally are
                        nobody else but Ourselves.

            In other words... we dream because we like to dream
                 because it is the only way to experience
                         for all Beings and Things
        are Figments of our Consciousness all throughout Infinity.

                   Needless to say that We Are Infinite
                             and that Infinity
                       the Moment in which we dream.

                             It's all we need.

            ! Some of our Dreams take place in Time and Space !

          Time and Space... or the Plane of the Physical Universe
                         a specific Dream we dream
             and it is only one of the many Dreams we create.

       All specific Dreams we dream are specific Levels of Existence
           in which we have invested our Universal Consciousness
             by creating specific Magnetic Fields or Patterns
                  which create these Levels of Existence.

         These Levels or Planes are semi separated from each other
                 because all Magnetic Vibrational Patterns
                Levels of Kinship in Evolutionary Progress
                             or Dream Stages.

          Please take into account that there is but One Dreamer
                and that the Levels of Kinship in Evolution
                        but different Perspectives
               from which we look at our Dream or Creation.

              So... for the sake of Diversity and Experience
          we pretend to dream on different Levels of Progression.

                     This Pretentiousness is necessary
          in order to keep Creation interesting and entertaining.

            After all... we as the Infinite Creator and Dreamer
                    are the only Force in the Universe
               and our very Nature is the Nature of Dreaming
                       in order to amuse Ourselves.

                 Naturally... Dreaming... is... Creating.

            Creating... or Creation... is The Process of Change
               Undifferentiated or Unconscious Consciousness
                Differentiated or Conscious Consciousness.

         Conscious Consciousness is Individualized Consciousness.

            We call this Change... The Dance of Consciousness.

                      The Sole Purpose of this Dance
              - To Infinitely Entertain Ourselves Joyfully -

                         Infinite Joy is attained
                     when an Individual or Free Aspect
                        our Universal Consciousness
        has risen to the Level of Understanding that it is dreaming
                  and has fully awakened from the Dream.

                   At all times during the Dream however
             each Individual is the Totality of Consciousness
         since it experiences only one Perspective at any one time
                     it sees itself as but one Aspect.

          To Awaken or Break Away as a Free Aspect or Individual
                        from this limited Viewpoint
             the Evolutionary Process we all are subjected to.

                    An Individual who wishes to awaken
              is fully and directly assisted by the Totality.

       However... the Ability to Receive depends on the Individual.

                           The Totality as Such
             is not concerned about Individualities of Itself.

         The Totality as Such... knows... that all Individualities
                   are perfectly safe... and are capable
             of consciously returning to Itself as the Total.

                   There is no other place to go anyhow!

                             As an Individual
                    we have complete Freedom of Choice.

                Human Lives then... are chosen voluntarily
         and the Experiences that are encountered by Human Beings
                       are basically Human Creations
           for Human Beings create their own Realities or Views.

              Human Beings are Freewheeling Entities or Souls
                within the Universal Dance of Consciousness
      and have the Ability to create their own Individual Variations.

                 These Variations are not in Disagreement
                         with the Universal Dance.

              They form additional Enhancements and Scenarios
                     that enrich the Universal Dance.

        Naturally all Human Creations or Dances are Equal in Value
                     although some Dances or Realities
                might be preferred by some Individual Souls
         while others prefer other Environments or Circumstances.

               So... Diversity is the Result of Preference.

                        This does not mean however
        that a Mouse creates its habitat anymore than a Human Being
              because it is the very Universal Consciousness
                              - within them -
                 that creates its own Realities and Forms
                    in order to fulfill its own Dreams.

                       The Mouse and the Human Being
                are merely Witnesses of the Universal Dream
       for both have their own specific Experiences and Viewpoints.

       The inhabiting Human Consciousness or Potentially Free Aspect
                        The Universal Consciousness
                   that it is in control of its Destiny
         for it controls its own limited Variations and Interests.

                 Most often these Variations and Interests
            only distance or remove the Entity from its Source.

                             In other words...
              The Almighty Creator or Universal Consciousness
                    - can be temporarily put to sleep -
               within Freewheeling Entities or Human Beings.

           Eventually all Freewheeling Entities or Human Beings
                               will discover
                that all Wanderings and Self Determinations
                       are but Noises and Nuisances
                 to the Unification with their own Source.

       The Wanderings and the Fulfillments of Human Desires however
            the very Curriculum and Experiences that are needed
                 for the Individual to discover the Truth.

       So... Undifferentiated Consciousness in the Physical Universe
                          by means of Experiences
         becomes Differentiated... Individualized... or Conscious
                           in Progressive Stages
                from Rock to Plant to Animal to Human Being
                the very Experiences that are encountered.

       In other words... the Unconscious Creator slowly becomes Man
              by the Experiences of Man the Creator awakens.

      Eventually Man discovers that he is the Universal Consciousness
                    or the Creator in the first place.

                       Man in and by itself however
             is but a temporary Aspect of the Universal Dream
                         and the Existence of Man
                     the Activity of/in Consciousness
              by which the Creator recognizes itself as Man.

         Man as a Matter Being is the Investment of Consciousness
              in a certain Form... Condition... or Vibration.

              ! Man in and by itself however does not exist !

         You as the Dreaming Creator or as dreaming Consciousness
                    only exists as an activity in Mind.

           So... the Experiences in Consciousness of the Creator
                     in its Dream that it is Gerardus
           is the only Activity that is Real and Actual in Mind
                       as far as you are concerned.

                    Your Human Life then... as Gerardus
          is the Activity of the Universal Consciousness or Mind
          you are the Dreaming Universal Consciousness your Way!

         So... You as Gerardus... are the Universal Consciousness
                    experiencing that you are Gerardus
             while Gerardus as a Matter Being does not exist!

                   The very Idea or Dream of the Creator
                       of being either This or That
        apparently takes off on its own as a Co-Creator or Dreamer
                    within the Universal Consciousness.

                              You as Gerardus
                     - as a temporary separate Dream -
        are an additional Expansion or Aspect of the Universal Mind
                          and you seemingly live
                   within a specific Plane of Existence.

           All Planes are Aspects of the Universal Consciousness
            the Physical Universe is only one of these Planes.

                   The Actuality of Human Existence then
                    is a specific Aspect or Investment
                       The Universal Consciousness.

                 All Life in the Physical Plane therefore
                                is a Dream
            that seems to take place in a Physical Environment
                 but is really a Process in Consciousness.

                          ! YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS !

              So... your Life is lived in Mind... your Mind.

                             From this follows
            that Matter is a Process or Form of Consciousness.

                      Matter or the Physical Universe
              is an Investment or Vibration of Consciousness
                     that acts and performs as Matter.

               In other words... the Universal Consciousness
                 forms and inhabits the Physical Universe
                     is temporarily imprisoned there.

            The Universal Consciousness has made an Investment
                       into a Medium that is Itself
      but temporarily assumes that it is a different Form or Reality.

             The Universal Consciousness is temporarily asleep
                    within its own Creation of Matter.

                           You as Gerardus then
                        The Universal Consciousness
         and live in a specific Environment or Plane of Existence.

         You are the Universal Creator asleep in your own Creation
                and each Lifetime is an Experience in Mind.

                    ! The World is your Consciousness !

                              And I... Moses
                      speak to you... while you write
          in the hope that you will awaken to your own Greatness.

       At this Point... Moses stopped his Conversation for a Moment
                           and then He asked...
                  do you understand what I'm telling you?

                         His Question startled me
                    and I just didn't know what to say.

                           Finally... I said...
                  can't you tell from the way I'm writing
                          that I understand you?

                 He chuckled a bit... and then he said...
                                 yes I do
          but I thought that I should give your Readers a break.

           I asked him... how do you know that there are Readers
                       if there is not even a Book?

                   He chuckled even louder and answered
              since I live beyond the Plane of Time and Space
                  I know what will happen in your Future.

           I replied... well Moses... if you know all that much
                        and possibly can do as much
                 why don't you talk to my Readers directly
           and save me the trouble of typing out all our Chatter
                          and getting it on Line?

           Moses said... our Discussions as I call them Gerardus
                             are not Chatter.

                   In my humble Opinion... we are having
        A Very Sophisticated Metaphysical Interchange of Knowledge
                    that is not necessarily appreciated
                          by Everybody on Earth.

           In other words... you are very privileged to listen.

            I said... that any Figment of my own Consciousness
                 couldn't possibly make me feel privileged
                         since I was its Creator.

                       I realize that... Moses said
           but the Dreams you are writing about are my Teachings
                      and they are worth more to you
                than you could possibly realize right now.

         I said... Moses why do you trouble yourself to teach me?

                 And Moses answered... because I love you!

                          His Answer surprised me
                    and the Shock of it ended my Dream.

                Naturally... Moses vanished in the Process
                   and my Composition ended right there.

                      I felt uneasy about it however
                 because I had been too casual in the End.

                    I felt as if I had offended Moses.

                 I tried and tried to enter my Dream again
           but it was hopeless... I could not even fall asleep.

                              * * * * * * *
                                 * * * *

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