The Reality
The Illusion of Time

Brigitte Arora

~  The Reality of the Illusion of Time  ~

The Journey of Life should be all about Now! Not yesterday, today or tomorrow but that very immediate and fast fleeting point called a nanosecond. It is that nanosecond that brings us into death and will take us back into life. The only real life is the life that occurs in that movement of a nanosecond while it flares through our consciousness and then disappears to become another bead in the necklace of time.

The flashing pinpoint of a nanosecond creates the moments that are the bedrock of our perceived idea of time. That flash of a nanosecond is all that we have and will ever have. All that lies outside of that immediate pulse of a nanosecond movement are dead zones. We are only alive within that one nanosecond movement of 'time'. Our very existence - our very life - rests on that immediate pulsating movement. It is also this unseen and unfelt fleeting pulsation, which gives us the potential for temporarily escaping from the Law of Time.

There is only one moment that matters. It is that immediate nanosecond movement which gives an opening to NOW. However, this NOW stands apart from the nanosecond and from any time frame. The Now stands alone!

It belongs neither to time nor to the timeless. The Now Itself is not the Realm of Nowness. Rather, It is a doorway behind the nanosecond pulse that takes us into the Realm of Nowness, where various realms of realities exist. The opposite side of the Now doorway takes us into our earth world, containing death and time.

Living in the NOW, even if only for a short duration, takes a leap of faith, for we will be in a let-go of all that we consider secure, safe and normal. However, if we want to experience our stay in Nowness to the fullest, we must do so without reservation or fear. Each pulsation of the nanosecond movement, which passes by, is dead and gone. It has receded into the past of yesterday. Actually, it does not pass by, it is always in the same place; it just seems to pass by because of our idea of time. Tomorrow, which is yet to come and for which we wait and plan, is only a possibility. There is no assurance for any of us that we will experience a next moment; though we all take it for granted that we will.

We humans need to feel and believe that there is a past, a today and a future. We need the memories of yesterday, the hopes of tomorrow and the challenges of today. This is only possible because our collective concept of time rests on a linear, horizontal plane. Therefore, our awareness can move to the left, which is yesterday to the right, which is tomorrow and be suspended between the two, when in today.

Today is also an illusion. We can only say that we have today when it has already culminated into a yesterday for each nanosecond movement that has slipped to the left of NOW is already the past of today. The NOW moment exists only in each immediate nanosecond of our today. Yet, we constantly waste and squander the precious pearls of time, which are produced by the nanosecond moment, by chasing a non-existent tomorrow that we can actually never possess.
We have a need to believe in the past of yesterday. How else could we live with just a blank void behind our today? Therefore, we create a mental solidity for yesterday by using it as a storage area for our memories; memories that can never come back to life again. They are the husks shed by our days lived and the ashes of all the by-gone events of our moments. Our memories have forever slipped out of the beads of time and are now only shadows of our remembrances echoes belonging to another time and another place. We all like to make occasional visits to these fields of sunshine and shadows where we can see the patterns of the footprints we have left behind.

* * * * * * *

The future is the hope and desire of tomorrow. Since tomorrow does not exist until we are already in today, we can never really be in the future, just as we can never be in the past. Tomorrow is only a possibility. It's a place created to store our hopes and desires until we are ready to realize them in our today. We humans have a need to remain rooted to a past and connected to a tomorrow. We are never satisfied to be only at home in today.

This is the concept of time, which has been constructed by our collective human mind. Therefore we cannot see beyond this dream world in which we temporarily exist. Time, duality and the Law of Karma are what support this illusionary, mind-produced earth journey with all its apparent solid forms of matter, including our physical body and our mind. This seeming solidity brings forms, order and a feeling of permanency to this chimera, which we call our earthly world.

Most of humanity, which functions within the lower self consciousness, could never understand the dream world within which we have our existence, nor would they wish to know the truth about the unreality of time and the dream which we call our earthly life. Very few would be able to cope with the explanations why yesterday is dead and gone tomorrow is only a possibility and today does not exist until it has metamorphosed from yesterday, and that only today provides the potential for a tomorrow.

It's perfectly all right that those, who feel no desire for further growth at this stage of their life, want to remain only within their lower self consciousness state. To realize the truth of the illusion of time is only of importance to those who yearn to free themselves from the confines of their lower self consciousness and this hunger for growth will persist until they do move forward on their evolutionary journey. We are always precisely where we are meant to be.
If we have seen a glimmer of truth in what has been presented so far, then we would have to acknowledge that the facts of yesterday, today and tomorrow are only a delusive will o'the wisp. We can never say that we are actually in any fixed given space of time. The moments of time are all part of one continuous speeding current. It is a flow that never lingers in one moment long enough where we could say that we are in a specific spot at any particular time.

* * * * * * *

What happens to our lower self consciousness when we do escape momentarily from time and how does it change our perception of time? When we are temporarily traveling out of time, our lower self consciousness will either recede into the background or else be totally annihilated. If it's been annihilated, we return to our normal state of consciousness and we will not remember much of what had occurred while in another realm. We might not even remember having gone into another state of consciousness at all.

However, if we do retain our lower self conscious awareness, which will be in a passive and watching state, and at the same time remain Aware that we are also experiencing and having our Being within a Super-Consciousness State, then when that symbiotic melting has occurred, we will remember our sojourn within a Higher Realm. We will remember because our lower self consciousness, even though it had been relegated to the background, still retained a passive awareness of all that occurred while there. This enabled us to retain the experience and bring it back down within the lower self conscious life.

Yet, any escape into a Super-Consciousness Realm is only a temporary opening, which reveals and gives a taste of a Higher Reality. Our stay there can only be of a short duration as our matter-bound physical body cannot tolerate for too long the finer, subtler and more intense vibrations of which Super-Conscious Realms are composed. No matter where our lower self consciousness may roam, as long as we remain tied to a physical body we will remain a captive of time and matter.

Provided we have retained our lower self consciousness during our stay in a Super-Conscious Realm, we come to realize that time is alterable, that it is not fixed and that the speed of time is a subjective experience. We will also come to understand that our earth time, which appears so real, is only an illusion constructed by mankind's collective consciousness; and so is that unnoticed and unfelt nanosecond.
It is only when we slip between the gaps, created by the moments of the beads of time, and touch that pulsating nanosecond that there occurs the possibility to move through the doorway into NOW. Once we have touched and fused with NOW, we will have escaped time and entered the Realms of Higher Realities. We will now have left behind the awareness and sensations of our physical body; yet, since we are still bound to it, we are only able to stay out of time for a short period.

We will become aware that we are an Immortal Being while within Transcendent Realms where time, space and matter do not exist. While there, we can live an entire- altered-reality lifetime within just a few seconds or minutes of earth time. After we have returned to time, we will be left with the realization that while we were living within that altered reality, it was markedly more real and more concrete than the lower self consciousness reality we experience and exist in on earth.

However, even that one immediate, pulsating nanosecond movement upon which our earthly existence rests, is an evolutionary dead zone for us until we become consciously Aware that there is more to us than just our lower self. To be Aware of our own Beingness means that we have to be become aware of our own consciousness at work. In order to do this, we must be able to be both the Watcher and the watched at the same time. It is only then that we are truly alive in the fullest sense and it is only then that we are able to live in full awareness of the entirety of our Beingness. It is possible to achieve all this but only while on the illusory firm footing on the soil of Mother Earth.

Once we are able to attain that more Aware, focused and holistic Consciousness of our Higher Self and have achieved that dual awareness of the Watcher and the watched, then it becomes possible to enter the Divine Flow right here, within the midst of our normal daily life.

* * * * * * *

Entering the Divine Flow is a spontaneous happening and usually occurs when we are in a state of mindlessness, which means no roof brain chatter the mind is stilled. It is a time when we are totally at ease and in complete harmony with whatever we are doing and often this is also overlaid with a feeling of complete satisfaction. It is normally during such a state that we will suddenly become alert to the fact that the atmosphere around us has changed and that stillness has enveloped us. The first time that this extraordinary state of tranquility occurs, the shock will make us stop and pause. All thinking stops as the Divine Flow sustains us in the reality of Its embrace. We are now in a heightened but calm state of sensing. We are hardly Aware of our body; it has lost its heaviness.

When we are within the Divine Flow, we still remain fully Aware within our lower self consciousness. We will suddenly realize and even physically feel that we have been enveloped in a mantle of serenity and peace and overlaying all is a gentle caress of sweetness and joy. It is like that occasional happiness feeling we get 'that all is right with the world' but this enveloping caress is all encompassing and it filters through to the very cells of our body. Our cells literally hum with wholeness and well-being.

While we are flowing within the Divine Flow, we feel that we're in touch with our entire Beingness. In fact, we are now that Beingness we feel whole and centered. We are no longer conscious of the external movement of the moments of time. All those ticking moments have coalesced together and became a continuous and uninterrupted flow of Nowness. The Divine Flow is a unity of timelessness and time interwoven; It is a reality that borders both the world of matter and the Transcendent Realms. The Divine Flow is the last outpost for physical man, as we know him.

When within the Divine Flow, we have our existence within two consciousnesses two differing vibratory realms that have fused together. We are participating within two different movements of 'reality' at once. The Divine Flow carries us along effortlessly. The Flow is felt both as an internal and an external current and it feels as if we are inside of It. We become aware of the fact that the Flow-of-the-Current does not move along a linear horizontal line, as does external time, which is felt as something that is happening apart and outside of us. In contrast, The Current is felt as an all-pervading, living presence, which surrounds us from the inside out.

We remain aware of our physical body and also that our old external world is continuing on as usual. We are aware that there is a complete silence in our head; no thoughts are happening, they have been stilled. Whatever we know comes through an Immediate Knowing and not from thoughts. We also become aware that whatever we find our self doing, we do effortlessly and with smooth bodily movements. Our body feels light, almost weightless and we have no care in the world; peacefulness and gentle joyfulness reign within our Being.
There is also a feeling present that we have become insulated and are being shielded from whatever external events are occurring, not only bodily but also emotionally. Moreover, there also comes the realization that we would calmly and fearlessly accept any calamity that might occur, even if that might be our own impending death. External events have lost their impact and their importance. Now, we observe all external events from an objective position. Now, we find our self at the boundary of Cosmic Consciousness.

* * * * * * *

What keeps us asleep and unaware of our Higher Self and unaware of the who, why and what regarding the entirety of our Beingness? What is it that helps to foster the illusion that time is real and fixed and that the only reality is the one that we experience on earth? Why is it that we have so little control over our life and why is it that we so often go in the opposite directions of where we had intended to go or what we had intended to do?

For almost the entire span of our existence on earth, we move about in a cataleptic state, sound asleep to who and what we really are. We exist as a mechanical personality that is composed of bundles of habits and automatic reflexes and lives a robotic life of unawareness in a deep somnambulistic state. We all have several self-created robots within us and they present a main obstacle in our Awakening. Until we learn to recognize them, we will remain unaware of how and when they control us.

Until we Awake to our self, we will remain unaware that we are a many-layered Being, still in transition and with a tremendous capacity for evolutionary growth. The normal lower self consciousness, within which most of us exist, keeps us quite unaware that beyond our robotic state there exists within the wholeness of our Beingness not only a lower self of which the ego is a part but also a Higher Self.

Most of us are in complete ignorance about our potential to transmute into a New Species of Man; one who lives within the Realm of Cosmic Consciousness. However, before we can begin to move forward on our journey to eventually reach that state, we must become Aware of our robotic sleep. We do that by attaining to ever more awareness about who we really are, by digging deep down into the morass of all the nooks and crannies of our self. We must be willing to take a good look around and then change what is keeping us tied to our lower self consciousness. Only through shocks, and there will be many, can new spaces appear from which change can occur. There is one more way to Awaken but that way is rare; it is by the sudden descent of Grace.

The other problem we must deal with and overcome is our ego, which is a part of our sleeping state. The ego always thinks itself to be Awake, in control and in the know of everything. Most of us are controlled to varying degrees by our egos and many are totally under its control. In order for us to Awaken, our ego must be brought to heel and be subjugated to our will. The ego cannot be eliminated. It is needed but it must be trained to obey rather than lead.

This is not an easy task. The ego will fight to retain its domination over its human host. The ego will do everything possible: lie, cheat, steal and murder or cast illusions into the mind of its human in order to stay in control. The ego knows that it cannot exist beyond the confines of the lower self consciousness. It is an integral part of that consciousness. It was given birth there and it will meet its death there.
To learn how to Awaken to our self is a long process but until we do, we will be unable to escape from being just a machine and a slave to our ego and the robots within. As such, we will never be able to experience that immediate nanosecond movement upon which all our evolutionary potentials and our immortality rest. Both, the robots and the ego must be recognized and ferreted out. The ego must become a servant to its human master and our robots must be eliminated before we can progress any further on our evolutionary journey.

* * * * * * *

We can prove that time does not exist by proving that yesterday, today and tomorrow do not really exist. If we break down the movements of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we will always come back to only one conclusion: these seeming separate movements of time are really only one movement. These three seeming movements of yesterday, today and tomorrow always emanate out of one and the same movement and this is the flash created by the nanosecond. These three seeming separate movements of time always arise and then culminate back into that one original flash. It is through this flashing atom that our dream world of time and duality is produced. It is only that atomic nanosecond flash which contains Life. It is the only genuine reality that penetrates this dreamed world; all else is only the illusory result of our collective human mind!

* * * * * * *

Asking our self where tomorrow comes from and we have to conclude that it comes out of the movement of today. Asking our self where today comes from and we have to conclude that it comes out of the movement of yesterday. Asking our self where these movements originated from and we have to conclude that all these seemingly many movements are really only one movement. That movement is the flash of the nanosecond. That is the one and only original movement that has Reality! It is the Eternal Movement! Some call this movement the Divine Consciousness, The Creator, Allah and some call it God!

* * * * * * *

Time begins for us when we are met by that first nanosecond movement as we come through the gateway of NOW from beyond time and space. It is time that brings us into death and it is death that takes us out of time. It is death that shepherds our return through the gateway of NOW and returns us to our Eternal Life.

Higher Realms have no time and no movement and therefore they are static meaning without change. This is why we come to earth. Existence here gives us the opportunity to experience life through the senses of a physical body, and through the new lessons learned we will continue to advance on our evolutionary journey.

This is why this illusionary dream world is of immense importance for humanity and for all life found on earth. Just because it is an illusion does not take away from its importance and we should never reject or denigrate our existence here in any way. It is a gift given to us and we must take the opportunity to 'live' our temporary stay here to the fullest.
The Secret for health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. Life can only take place in the present moment. If we lose the present moment, we lose life.
Gautama Buddha

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