! .. The Awakening of a New Race .. !

Brigitte Arora

... The Awakening of a New Race ...

The New Man Cosmic Man is already here! He began arriving centuries ago. We cannot pinpoint the exact time of His first arrival any more than we can say who the first of the modern Homo sapiens was or when he first arrived. Over great spans of time a few more Cosmic Men began to arrive. However, they were sparsely scattered throughout the world and didn't know each other. As the centuries passed, Cosmic Conscious Men began to arrive in increasing numbers but over all they were few in number. These humans were the first of a New Race of mankind: they were in fact a New Species of Man altogether.

Those belonging to the New Man almost always stood out in society. They were recognized as being different than others. Some deliberately kept a low profile and some removed themselves from society altogether. Most of those of the New Man hid their differentness from their fellow men. Many of them simply had no idea why they were born differently. If they suspected or knew, they chose not to reveal it, knowing full well that they would be met with derision and might even be persecuted and killed by the church for blasphemy or for being in league with the devil. Indeed, this is exactly what happened to some of them.

It appears that in the 19th century there was a radical increase in the number of Cosmic Conscious humans making their appearance. At first, a few began to go public but their presence was usually known only within their own local area. Then in the early 20th century the world at large began to hear about Cosmic Consciousness. It was said that human beings were as yet an unfinished species and still in a state of development. It became known that the evolution of consciousness was a fact; a fact that could be verified by Men and Women who either possessed the Cosmic Consciousness or by those persons who had been in their presence.

In the West, it was Richard Maurice Bucke MD, who first brought the state of Cosmic Consciousness to the attention of the public by writing a book called 'Cosmic Consciousness'. It was published in 1901 and became a bestseller. He wrote about the men and women who he thought had possessed Cosmic Consciousness down through the ages and also about those who exhibited it at his time. It was thought that he, too, possessed Cosmic Consciousness.
In the East, and just a few years after the publication of Dr. Bucke's book, it was Shri Aurobindo and then later his disciple, The Mother, who through their Integral Yoga began to teach and write about human evolution in consciousness. They went much deeper into the subject than did Dr. Bucke. They actually wrote about their own, still ongoing experiences regarding their evolution of consciousness. They described in great detail the how, why and what the old man must undergo in order to attain to Cosmic Consciousness. Their aim was to eventually transform their entire Being through a biological, intellectual and emotional transformation, thereby attaining to ever higher states of Consciousness.

Societies at large do not like those who are different and humanity has changed very little in spite of all the surface gloss. The brute still lurks beneath a very thin veneer of decency and morality. Humans almost always tend to be suspicious and often hostile to those who are different, even more so to those who they sense might be superior. There has always been, and still remains to this day, more suspicion and hostility directed towards females who are seen to be different from the norm of their society. The female always had more to lose by showing 'unwomanly' traits; repercussions followed swiftly and harshly. Therefore, it is unlikely that any females, who had experienced Self-Realization, would ever have revealed themselves to the public in the not too distant past.

In our contemporary era, those of the New Man are less hesitant to declare themselves than those of earlier ages. Now, they have the opportunity to declare their Self-Realization experience or other altered states of consciousness without having to reveal their identity, if they so wish. Today's advanced communication technology, especially the computer, have made this possible. Those of the New Man can now find and make contact with each other over the Internet, where they can share their experiences, receive validation, support and spread their knowledge to those looking for answers.

Earlier, the Hippy Era fostered a new openness in society toward anything considered spiritual. Once those from the Hippy Era entered the mainstream of society, it became quite fashionable and acceptable in some circles to discuss spiritual interests and experiences. Even those who thought New Age subjects kooky, at least no longer found them threatening and tolerated those who called themselves New Agers. Within this more open environment it became possible for those of the New Man to 'come out of the closet' without putting themselves in jeopardy.

* * * * * * *

It takes many years to digest all the changes brought about by the experience of Self-Realization and entry into the Cosmic Realm. Months and even years of periodical resting periods are required so that the biological, emotional and intellectual changes can filter through to the heart, the intellect and the body and be integrated within the existing Beingness of the lower self. These integration periods are crucial for attaining to a healthy balance. During these transition periods we are caught up in swirling treacherous waters and it is easy to lose our hold on everyday reality.

All New Men have the same dangerous post Self-Realization journey in common. All are traveling a new path that will lead them ever further into unknown territory, into an ever expanding inner landscape and a more chaotic and ever changing outer one. It is a perilous journey, particularly so in the very beginning while He is in His infancy as a New Man. He is now on the level of an infant who must learn how to attain to a balance while walking on the edge of a sharp razor blade. He must learn how to reconcile living within two radically diverse worlds at the same time. Some manage to achieve this but many do not.

Only those, who manage to keep their feet firmly grounded on Mother Earth, can hope to ride out the post Realization storm. Many lose their footing and fly off into the starry heavens of fantasy, fall into fanaticism, fall prey to some follow me guru or into a maze of self-created lunacy. All the new qualities, which have been bestowed on the New Man, require time to become stable and fixed, especially with the changes occurring in the physical transformation arena. Only when He has gained his own footing, will He be able to find His own unique way for expressing His newfound talents and aspirations. He must do all this while He is learning how to integrate Himself back into the old lower self society.

For a long time to come, the New Man will fluctuate between His old consciousness His old habits and His old dualistic value system and the new holistic value system of His Higher Self. He will essentially be living in two worlds with one foot in matter and the other in the Transcendent. He must find a way to stabilize and come to terms with and reconcile these two fluctuating worlds. If He cannot find a balance, there is a good chance that He will not be able to integrate back into the old society, in a healthy way.
The New Man must come to understand what the purpose of Self-Realization is. He must also discover what to do with Its results: the new understandings achieved, an enhanced intellectual capacity, purified emotions, a value system that goes mainly against the norms of society and a physical body which is now undergoing a radical transformation. He also needs to find a purposeful outlet for the many latent talents that have now come to the forefront and beg to be used. The New Man intuitively knows that if the creative urge does not find an outlet, the excess energy will turn against Him and be just one more threat to His still fragile balance.

Many of those of the New Man feel compelled by compassion to let others know about their newfound knowledge and understanding about the human condition. They want others to know that the seed for Self-Realization is an inherent attribute within each human being and that It is everyone's birthright and that Self-Realization will eventually be experienced by almost everyone but only when their evolutionary time is ripe.

Getting this message of hope and deliverance out to others is not easy, as our matter-bound language cannot describe Transcendent experiences. The Transcendent can only be known through our own experience and understanding. Therefore we hesitate, as finding the right words to do so is an almost impossible task. At best, words can only point towards the direction of this new reality but never convey Its actual Beingness.

Self-Realization is an experience of an intensely intimate union an all encompassing and consecrated communion between our Beingness and that of our Mother Soul. It is an earth shattering moment in the history of each human being's evolution. This is why many never disclose their experience of Self-Realization and those who do usually do so only after many years have passed.

Most know that when they reveal their Rebirth and the glorious knowledge that came with It, they will be met with disbelief, be misunderstood or worse yet, others could use the Higher Knowledge that was revealed, for their own egoistic purposes. Jesus of Nazareth certainly knew of this danger when he said: 'not to cast pearls before swine'!

Many remained silent throughout their whole lifetime, disclosing to no one their life altering spiritual experience, which catapulted them into a Higher Reality a new life and a new understanding. Many left behind great works of art or literature that could not have been created by the normal consciousness of the old man. A few, who had not revealed themselves while alive, left behind cryptic messages or an actual accounting of their Self-Realization experience. Some founded religious organizations; others were declared saints; some became leaders of men; some fell from Grace; some became so repelled by society that they became hermits and some descended into madness.

All who have experienced Self-Realization and Cosmic Consciousness did so because they had involved themselves in an intense concentration of some act or thoughts. It was this focused concentration that eventually brought their Mind to a standstill and triggered their entry into Self-Realization.
All who were swept up into Self-Realization have through their experience acquired the same basic traits and understandings. They became consciously aware of and connected with their Higher Self. Each one was made aware that everything and everyone is connected in Oneness. All lost their fear of death for all had been shown that they are Immortal Beings. All acquired a Higher Value system. All were torn loose from the moorings of their old lower self conscious world and were changed forever; they would no longer feel themselves to be at home in their old world hence the phrase 'in this world but not of it'.

* * * * * * *

So, just what and who is this New Man who is now appearing in ever-greater numbers and at an ever accelerating pace? The realm of the New Man stands on the edge of the last frontier of duality and matter. His realm is the next to the last exit from the material world of duality, time and space. This realm is the borderland between matter and the Transcendent Realms and the last and highest abode for humankind while still having a vestige of the gross physical body; it is also the beginning of the end for man's journey within Mind.

The New Man will not have his Beingness somewhere up there or out there in some far off realm. He will continue to live and have His existence right here in the same world He has always been. It is His vastly Spiritualized Consciousness that has catapulted Him out of His old world, not physically but by altering His perception of it. The shift into a new frequency of vibrations, produced by the Higher Consciousness, has exiled him forever from His old foundation. Yet, He must continue to use it for His home base until He has found and secured His footing in another.

The New Man is an unfinished species in transition, and to a large degree still contains vestiges of the lower self conscious man within Himself. The New Man is now on His journey towards becoming Cosmic Man and until He finishes His transformation completely and has metamorphosed into Cosmic Man, He must continue to live and participate within the society of the lower self conscious man. As long as He is still enclosed in a gross physical body, He will remain bound to all the old laws of nature that govern the lower self man. The New Man stands at the beginning of the highest level of humankind within the realm of Mind.

He has now embarked in full Awareness on a voyage of transformation. His lower self intellectually, physically and emotionally must be used as fodder to metamorphose into a new body with higher and more refined emotions and an intellect that will function in an entirely different mode. He can do this only because He has gone beyond the vibratory level of His lower self consciousness.

The New Man is the infant of Cosmic Man. He will have to make his long journey into maturity just as all of life and all races had to do before Him. He is an entirely New Species of Homo sapiens and stands as far removed from the current consciousness of the lower self conscious man as Neanderthal stood from the apes. The New Man is a phoenix rising out of the ashes of His lower self conscious state. He is the caterpillar transmuting into a butterfly. The material of the old caterpillar body is being used to fashion a new body that will culminate into the form of Cosmic Man.

The New Man's body is in the process of becoming lighter than the current physical body with all its animal traits and instincts. He must now undergo not only a psychological transformation but also a biological one. The material of His old physical body will be used to fashion His new body; one which will be lighter and less dense than the heavy material body of the lower self conscious man.

This transforming body must slowly attune itself, stage by stage, in order to sustain the faster and finer vibrations of the Cosmic Realm. The old body can only stay within the Cosmic Realm for short periods, as it cannot tolerate for long the higher frequency level. This transformation to a new body is a slow process. With each stage attained there are fluctuations of vibrations, and each stage must become stabilized before moving on to the next.
In the beginning of the transformation, the Cosmic Consciousness almost always descends unexpectedly. A silent click in the head or a sudden jolt to our Awareness alerts us that It has descended and that the normal sense of our reality is in the process of changing. We continue to remain Aware of this fact as the Cosmic Consciousness continues to deepen and broaden while at the same time It begins steadily to overshadow the lower self consciousness.

The whole process brings about a gradual dimming of the old consciousness that is now being relegated to a miniscule secondary position, while the Cosmic Consciousness takes the lead role. The whole shift in consciousness is like suddenly finding our self out of the fishbowl and gradually being absorbed within the vastness of an ocean.

It is the dimmed and small keyhole awareness of the lower consciousness, which remains and keeps us aware that we are now under the influence and control of the Cosmic Consciousness and that our awareness is participating in both states of consciousness at the same time. This can be at first a startling experience especially when we are out in public and we realize that the broadening Cosmic Consciousness is beginning to take away our self-will.

The deeper we become immersed within the Cosmic Consciousness, the weaker our personal willpower becomes. When we suddenly find our self in a desireless state with even the-will-to-do gone, we are placed into a dangerous situation. Being fearless and desireless puts the physical body in a vulnerable position because even the will to survive is eliminated; all sense of protecting our self in any manner or for any reason has gone.

Before the New Man can leave the old world behind and become the matured Cosmic Man, He must have attained a fully transformed body. The higher vibrations needed to sustain the Cosmic form must be fully functioning. As long as they are not, the lower and denser vibrations of the physical body will continue to keep the body anchored to the world of matter. To make it possible for the New Man to permanently shed His fleshly abode of matter and make that final leap into the form of Cosmic Man, His new form must harmonize exactly with the vibrational frequency of the Cosmic Realm.

The New Man is a long time in the making. There are many stages and many levels that He must experience and pass through in order for the final transformation to occur. For it to be an integral transformation and not a lopsided one only, all of His three centers the physical, the intellectual and the emotional must be improved on simultaneously. All centers must pass through their own phases and levels, side by side with the other centers.

With each new level reached, there will occur periods of fluctuations and periods of adjustments while the new state tries to adapt itself and attains a permanent fixed position. There are also many resting periods when we do not appear to be moving forward at all. However, those are needed pauses. Time must be given so that the new stages of transformations, which have occurred, can be digested and become integrated within the old body and the old consciousness. The more new integrations occur, the less of the old body and the old consciousness remain.

The New Man is also a movement away from Mind. Mind belongs to matter and therefore cannot cross over into the Realm of Cosmic Consciousness. The old way of cogitating belongs to the lower self conscious world; the New Man will be endowed with Direct Knowing. This Direct Knowing is an instantaneous and holistic awareness and understanding of a situation because each situation contains all questions and all answers; unlike duality where all answers are either - or. Direct Knowing is different from intuition: intuition comes to us from without through the head, while Direct Knowing wells up from within us from our Essence.

The New Man will no longer have to think in order to do but will spontaneously be taken to where He must go and know all that needs to be done. All that He has need of will come to Him. He is now guided by the Flow-of-the-Divine-Consciousness, within which He is slowly beginning to have His awareness and entire Beingness. It is a slow learning process, as the Mind has to be trained to stay out of the way. To become more and more embraced by The Flow, we must learn to have complete trust and surrender fully to the Divine Embrace.

The New Man of the Higher Self is now connected through His awareness to His Soul. He will now be magnetically drawn to follow the values of His Higher Self, to follow the call of the Soul rather than the call of the world. The New Man has His face pointed upwards towards The Light and His Beingness will be automatically attracted towards all that is positive and life enhancing. All that lies within the darkness of ignorance will in equal degree repel Him.

The New Man is much further removed from the instinctive nature of His animal body than the lower self conscious man who is still almost entirely connected and controlled by the instincts and traits of his animal body. The old man has little control over himself and often prefers the negative powers of his dark side. He prefers to wallow in the darkness of his ego and his illusions. This will continue to take him ever further from his roots which are founded within the Divine Consciousness and from which he has distanced his awareness.

* * * * * * *

The New Man has now arrived in sufficient numbers. Soon His Higher Collective Consciousness will achieve critical mass. Then the New Man will usurp and replace the present order of the old world! The civilization of the old lower self conscious man, which now dominates, will cease to be! It will be replaced and gradually vanish into the gray mist of antiquity with all the other civilizations, which have come and gone before.

The old man's civilization is fast disintegrating due to a rotting foundation caused by his degenerate and life-destroying value systems. He thought himself to be above all laws, man-made and Divine. He took the road of least resistance. He began to favor that which was dark and negative towards all life forms, including his own. Moral values have disintegrated to such a degree that the brutish side of humanity has come to power.

Truth has been replaced with condoned deception and lies and sensitivity have been dethroned by coarseness. Honesty and integrity have lost their meaning while sleaze and corruption have infiltrated all societies around the globe. The old man lost all connection with his Divine roots and the Living-Light-of-Truth. That flame, which kindles the qualities of the heart and promotes the quest for wisdom, has almost all but gone out.

The old man's unbridled aggression, his need for conquest and for dominance over others, his lust for money and material possessions and the male's desire to suppress and enslave the female are leading to this civilization's downfall. Governments have been and continue to be so corrupt that they no longer serve the public but operate only to protect and secure their own power base and influence. Multinational corporations are weaving a network of corruption and greed around the globe and are the power brokers behind corrupt governments.

Recent civilizations used and took everything without obeying the limits of common sense and decency and gave little in return and present society continues this cycle. The old man's idea that he could and still can plunder, control and misuse all the bounties of nature for his own use was and is ignorance and arrogance at its highest. He knows the destruction he is reaping but greed is overcoming all the principles that make up an enlightened civilization.

The chaos and destruction, which is now afflicting the entire globe and is accelerating day by day, is breaking up all the old systems of our present societies. This is the warning that the advent of the dawn of the new world order is soon to come. The going out of the old order and the coming in of the new will be heralded by apocalyptic events that we already find ourselves experiencing.

The old man is now in the last phases of his destruction of the animal kingdom. He has already eradicated a large percentage of plant life, has fouled the air we breathe, polluted the waters we drink and the food we eat. He has used and abused all the other creatures that share this planet with us including his fellow human beings. He has come to the end of his reign and is now in the process of becoming the newest aborigine, who will eventually slip away into oblivion, following in the footsteps of all other extinct civilizations.
The only remedy for stopping the complete destruction of our planet and all life upon it is to replace this run-amok and misguided race with a spiritual one. The answer is the New Man, who will create and usher in an enlightened civilization. He will build it on a foundation where emphasis is placed on personal freedom and on the least amount of interference from any type of governance. He will have reverence for and protect all life forms and strive to live in harmony with His surroundings. His values will place quality above quantity and relationships above material gain.

He will have no need for politicians and self-serving governments that want only to wield power and control over their populations. His consciousness is self-regulating and independent and He will make every effort to always strive to do what is righteous and just, not only for Himself but for all others.

He will have no need for priests and their church induced dogmas. His civilization will be based on values and goals that are healing, life enhancing and have their roots in spiritual values. Each human being will have the freedom to discover His own unique spiritual path and through His own aspirations will forge a personal relationship with the Divine Consciousness.

* * * * * * *

?  Who is Cosmic Man  ?

Cosmic Man stands at the last frontier of what is known as the human race. He is the matured outcome of the New Man and of all Homo sapiens since the beginning of the evolutionary journey of mankind.

Cosmic Man is the pinnacle of human evolution within matter! Through a long history of mutation He has acquired a new consciousness and a new form. He is now liberated from a physical body and therefore also freed from physical emotions and a physical intellect. His is a consciousness that is composed entirely of Love, Compassion and Wisdom.

He is now permanently anchored within Cosmic Consciousness and his abode lies in the Transcendent. He has transcended the world of matter, space, time and duality. He has moved beyond the boundary of all that belongs to Mind. He is a lone wanderer, who has made a long and arduous journey, and is now only a step away from merging with the Light of the Eternal Home. He no longer has access to the world of matter with his transformed body.

This new body is that of a gliding, floating ethereal porous form with just a miniscule amount of the old vibration of material matter left, so that those he chooses to reveal himself to can still see his form. When he finally departs to enter the Infinity of the Transcendent, this veil of a body shall drop away. He is then freed from all forms.

Cosmic Man can still be called Man as He still retains a temporary and voluntary link to humankind. He has gone beyond matter but He is still there just behind the cellular barrier that divides matter from the Transcendent. He can still see and observe the inhabitants of the old world who now appear as if they were robotic puppets in a gray and joyless state of unawareness. It is a compassionate link that keeps him temporarily bound to His old roots; something is still holding him there before he moves on.

Seeing the pain and suffering in the old world makes him pause. He wants to reach out, to enfold all of them in unconditional love, to let them know that everything will be all right, that all pain and suffering is for a benign and greater purpose and that everything is just as it needs to be.

Do not fear, do not despair; for some day, too, you will understand the purpose for the hardships and joys of your journey!

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.
The religion that is based on experience, which refuses dogma.

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.
(Albert Einstein)

* * * * * * *