! ... Consciousness is All ... !

Brigitte Arora

Consciousness is all there is! Consciousness is that which contains all there is! Even the 'contains' is within Consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere. Even the 'everywhere' is within Consciousness. Consciousness Itself has no within or without, no beginning and no ending because these are all innate attributes of Consciousness. All attributes of Consciousness are part and parcel of the powers that comprise Consciousness. There is nothing beyond Consciousness. Even the 'beyond' is within Consciousness!

Life does not contain Consciousness - Consciousness contains Life! All Life has consciousness because it is inside of Consciousness. Life is one of the many cells or points that are the infinite building blocks of Consciousness. Life and Consciousness are one and the same. Life is one of the expressions of Consciousness. However, these offshoots, these points of Life do not have the full powers of Consciousness.

Consciousness is a pulsating force of creative power. It 'contains' all powers and is a self-perpetuating energy force. This force pulsates in wave-like movements and as there is no shoreline, they follow each other into infinity. These pulsating waves are fluid and each wave merges, to varying degrees, into the outer fringes of the other. There are no boundary lines to define partitions between these waves; but there are limits to encroachments. These limits are set by the varying vibrational speeds of each wave. Each wave represents a realm of consciousness.

* * * * * * *

There are endless differing states of consciousness within Consciousness. These numberless states or degrees of consciousness are all different worlds. Each world or dimension containing its own unique forms of Life. Each one of these worlds is composed of a special intensity of force and influence, resulting in a differing effect and outcome on its Life forms. These distinct intensities are based on the influence of the vibrational speed that supports and sustains each particular realm of consciousness. Each realmís unique frequency creates the vibrational barriers, which exist between all of them.

There are innumerable realms of consciousness above and below our own normal lower self conscious realm. Many of these other planes of consciousness contain Life forces of which humans are unaware. They are either beyond our vision or we perceive them as not being conscious and having Life. How many of us view rocks as having consciousness? Nevertheless, rocks are Life forms; otherwise they would not be capable of growth and change.

Any state of consciousness we experience that is bound by the laws of duality, matter, space and time is a fishbowl! We are not only imprisoned within the fishbowl of our personal consciousness but we are also confined and bound by the collective consciousness of our national and ethnic cultures. It is very difficult to free our self from bondage to these hypnotic and controlling states. However, if our desire for liberation from bondage is strong enough, it can be done!

* * * * * * *

Self-Awareness is an important element that must be active and in full co-operation with our personal consciousness. A certain degree of Self-Awareness must be present in order to be a fully functioning and spiritually aware human being. Many humans have little or no Self-Awareness. They are like sleepwalkers, moving through life in a somnambulistic state. Their consciousness is crude, dark and contains little Light. These sleepwalkers are totally immersed in their lower self consciousness. They are wholly dominated by the promptings of their physical desires and in slavery to their ego and their Mind.

What exactly does it mean to be Self-Aware? To have Self-Awareness means that our awareness is focused on our inner Self. We are 'tuned in' to all our actions, all our thoughts and our emotions. It also means that we do not become 'lost' in our actions, thoughts and emotions but that we 'stay put' and focused as an objective observer behind our actions, thoughts and emotions. We our Self simply watch the personality and ego at work!

But there is one more element, which must be present in order to have Self-Awareness. Not only must we be focused and aware of the workings of our inner Self but we must also, at the same time, be focused and aware of the actions occurring in the external world. Self-Awareness is a two-way awareness! And, when in that state we are totally centered within the core of our Beingness and fully Alive!

Self-Awareness grows, always, right along with the level of our consciousness. We can only travel towards the Light-of-the-All-Consciousness through a gradual process of adaptation. This requires living thousands of lives with an ever increasing and widening Self-Awareness that we attain, as we move up the ladder of consciousness. Otherwise, we our Self-Awareness could never tolerate and survive the potent power of the Full-Light-of-All-Consciousness.

Animals have no Self-Awareness. They are not aware of themselves as individual Beings. They lack a sense of I-ness. Their consciousness is not an individual one; it is a part of a collective group consciousness, sometimes referred to as herd consciousness. Unlike the human animalís lower consciousness, the herd consciousness is in collaboration with the Light-of-Mother-Natureís-Instinct. Since animals do not yet have a developed mind, they are not controlled and corrupted by it as is the vast majority of humankind, operating in their lower self consciousness. Animals are totally under the uncontaminated influence of Nature. Some of the higher animals, like the great apes and the chimpanzees, are in the beginning stages of developing a mind and are forming a dim awareness of an I-ness.

Our pets, mainly dogs and cats, which live on a very intimate level with us, are in the process of shifting from a group consciousness to an individual consciousness. Through their close relationship with us, they are exposed to our vibrations and influences. This, plus interacting with us, will enable them to climb up the 'ladder of consciousness'. The more intimate their relationship with us, the more rapid their evolutionary shift will proceed from group consciousness to the lower self consciousness of man.

Through their interaction with us they begin to develop their mind, acquire more awareness and a sense of I-ness. These pets are in the same position as human toddlers, whose development needs to be encouraged and fostered. Like human children, they learn and develop through constant verbal and psychic communication with us and especially through love and affection!

Our pets will begin living within two states of overlapping consciousness. For any transmuting Life form this is always a difficult and confusing place to be. They are still part of a group consciousness. However, through personal interactions with us, this consciousness is starting to break down. Their upward degree of envelopment within the human lower self consciousness proceeds in direct relationship to the degree of break down of their group consciousness. When their newly growing consciousness has reached 'critical mass' a sudden evolutionary shift will occur. They will be able to leave their old animal kingdom and plant their roots firmly in the human kingdom.

There are many lower self conscious humans who still retain a connection to their animal group consciousness. This can be witnessed during mob violence, including violent and emotional outbreaks during sporting events. The old predatory animal consciousness can also be seen in action during the violence of a gang-rape attack, usually on a lone female. It is also exhibited in group harassment, which occurs routinely in schools and other institutions. And again, the victim is usually a lone individual.

These are all cowardly and mindless acts committed by those who are still functioning within the old collective herd consciousness. These 'civilized' males, and sometimes females, have reverted to their animal roots. Once they act from within the confines of the herd consciousness, they lose all sense of reason. At that stage, their thin coating of civilizationís veneer quickly falls to the wayside. Psychologically, when they are within the protection of the group consciousness, they feel themselves to be anonymous, safe, and all powerful.

* * * * * * *

No matter in what bodily and or psychic situation we might find our self, we our Self-Awareness are always in one or another state of consciousness! This means that even during a seeming absence of consciousness, while being in a coma or having gone 'unconscious' or being pronounced dead, our Self-Awareness has only shifted to another realm of consciousness! There is no other place to Be! Since all is Consciousness, how can we ever be out of Consciousness? There is no 'out'!

Full Self-Awareness enables us to be in two different states of consciousness at once. During such an experience the dominant consciousness would be the 'superior' consciousness and would be in full control of our Beingness. Being reduced in its power and importance, the 'lower consciousness' state would now be relegated to a subordinate and yielding position, behind the Higher Consciousness. We can never enter the realm of another consciousness through our own will. A third force must always come into play in order to produce a shift in consciousness.

Our Self-Awareness has now become a captive of the force of the Higher Consciousness. Our Self-Awareness will continue to function but we will have little power to interfere with the dominant consciousness. The force of the Higher Consciousness can be broken but only by a strong and highly concentrated will. Of course, this is only possible if the strength of will is still unbroken and functioning. A will can only function if our Self-Awareness is still within the terrestrial realm and still connected to the physical body.

At times, Life forms can temporarily travel from one realm to another. In order to enter another realm, all Life forms must first be able to break through the barrier that exists between their own realm and the 'adjoining' one. In order to break through this barrier, the composition of their consciousness must contain, to a certain degree, the same vibrational frequency as the 'alien' realm they hope to enter, provided they want to retain their Awareness-of-Self. Vibrational frequency is also the determining factor governing the duration of stay within another realm.

It is amazing how little we know about sleep. On the average, one third of our life is spent in sleep and we are lost to our Self! No one has been able to tell us where we are during sleep! Scientists tell us that sleep is needed in order to heal and re-energize our bodies. Even if we accept this, it still doesn't answer where our consciousness and our Self-Awareness are during sleep? It is astounding that, for one third of our lifetime, we are unaware of what we are doing or experiencing!

* * * * * * *

What role does consciousness and Self-Awareness play
during the time our body lies inert in 'sleep'?

What does 'sleep' really mean?
Is our physical body really sleeping?

* * * * * * *

If we are observant, there are indications regarding this mysterious segment of our lifetime. Sometimes, our body appears to be 'dead to the world' and hard to rouse; at other times it becomes alert in an instant. Waking to instantaneous alertness occurs when our Self-Awareness is returning to our body. During that split second of reconnection, we can often feel an internal jolt, as we, our Self-Awareness reactivate into the terrestrial consciousness.

In case our safety or the well being of our sleeping body is threatened, our Awareness returns to the body instantaneously. The return of our Self-Awareness, accompanied by rapid breathing, indicates, that we have been 'out' on a journey. This rapid and shallow breathing persists for only three or four breaths.

It is these few breaths that jolt us back into our normal terrestrial breathing cycle and anchor our Self-Awareness back into the body. In some states of consciousness, as for instance Cosmic Consciousness, we do not breathe - it would be more accurate to say that we are 'breathed'. Because we do not 'feel' any connection with our physical body, there is also no Awareness of inhaling or exhaling. Breathing is totally absent from our Self-Awareness. And all this is possible and can be experienced while walking about and functioning within our normal physical body in the midst of a crowd of people!

Consciousness remains with the body at all times, including sleep. Consciousness is the life and the sustainer of the physical body. It is not consciousness but our Self-Awareness, our sense of I-ness, which leaves the body. During sleep it migrates from the body and roams in the transcendent firmaments. A shifting of our Self-Awareness, away from outer reality, can also happen during our waking state. We lose touch with the outer reality when our Self-Awareness disconnects and enters into daydreams or into deep contemplations.

Even during sleep, there are times when we can become fully Awake and Self-Aware. This is the case when we abruptly come to a super alert Awareness-of-Self and find that we are watching or participating in the drama of a waking-dream or vision. This is followed by a quick after-shock when we realize that we are Awake; yet at the same time we are lying in our bed sound asleep!

We find our Self as an objective observer, watching a very dramatic event unfolding in our vision. As we watch this drama, we receive yet another shock. We suddenly realize that the actor, within the drama, is also our Self! The actor in the drama might not even be of the same gender we are or have our physical appearance. Yet, we know with absolute certainty that this character is also our Self. We do not know this through physical identity but through Direct Knowing.

These dream-visions are in vivid colors, intensely lucid and always highly symbolic. And, there is always the recognition that we are receiving a message. These visions have an intense reality and more substance than our life in the terrestrial world. Even after many years have passed, these visions remain vivid, with every detail clearly etched into our Beingness.

While immersed in these dream-visions, we are never emotionally moved in any way, no matter how menacing the situation or how horrible the events are, which are occurring to our 'other Self'. We always observe these dream-visions in an objective state as a Watcher only; even though we know our Self to be very intimately connected to this other Self. We can actually feel the other Self's subjectivity, through Its actions and movements, and can hear the other Self's thoughts as a silent voice, which seems lodged directly within our own Awareness.

We are definitely aware that this is a one-way communication. The actor, our other Self, never appears to be aware of being watched. This is a reliable indication that we, the objective Watcher, are of a Higher Consciousness than the observed actor in the dream-vision. The Higher Consciousness is always able to look 'down' into a lower realm of consciousness and understand the 'lower'. However, the lower consciousness can never 'see' or understand those of a Higher Consciousness.

All our waking-dreams and visions point to the fact that our Self-Awareness is not bound to only one realm of consciousness. This can be verified by the fact that during sleep, we our Self-Awareness are at liberty to move freely from one state of consciousness to another state. Yet, while moving freely through the Transcendent spaces of Infinity and terrestrial worlds, our Self-Awareness always retains its roots firmly anchored within Consciousness. We are all celestial travelers, who roam the endless outer spaces of the Cosmos while our bodies sleep.

* * * * * * *

When we lose Awareness due to the shock of some trauma, we become temporarily disconnected from our normal state of consciousness. However, during such an occurrence, we will retain our Self-Awareness. Once our Self-Awareness has returned and reconnected with our terrestrial consciousness and body, we might not always remember that we had been disconnected and 'gone' and had been 'alive and well' while we had been 'out-of-time' in some holding-station'.

It is necessary for those, who lose connection with their normal state of consciousness, to have their Self-Awareness transferred to a temporary 'holding-station', which is another realm of consciousness. Our Self-Awareness can never be disconnected from Consciousness. We cannot go off into nothingness or find our self nowhere. That would be impossible as there is only Consciousness! The stay in a holding-station is necessary in order to give our Self-Awareness a 'home' while we wait for the unfolding of terrestrial events and for instructions to go back 'down' or not.

While our Self-Awareness is in a 'holding-station', our physical body and psyche have a chance to recuperate from the shock caused by traumas. When an irreversible and permanent disconnection with our normal consciousness occurs, as in the case of 'death', our old consciousness is obliterated. It will drop away like a 'silent sigh in the night'. And we our Self-Awareness will immediately find our Self back in the Consciousness of our Eternal Home.

There is another point in time when we, forever, lose all connection to our old state of consciousness. This occurs, when we arrive at the summit of our spiritual evolution. When reaching this pinnacle, the shroud of the old state of consciousness will instantaneously drop away. And then, like a caterpillar shedding its caterpillarness and transforming into a butterfly, our modern animal-human race of Homo sapiens will have reached its final goal.

It will have left all traces of its physical animal bodies, animal traits and its old state of consciousness behind. It has reached the end of its journey on the Road-to-Glory. It has arrived fully transformed into a new race a Spiritualized, Super-Self-Aware race of Cosmic Conscious Beings!

* * * * * * *

Authorís note: Words will never be able to describe what Consciousness is. Words cannot describe the indescribable. We could stretch our attempts ad nauseam to define what Consciousness is and, in the process, only become lost in a semantic maze of our own making. Words can serve only to take us further and further away from THAT.

But, words are all that can be offered to those who are seeking to understand. Words can give a taste. Words can point the way. However, it is only through our own direct experience of Consciousness, that we can find understanding. And that can only be found within our Self.

* * * * * * *