Transformational Psychology

Brigitte Arora

What is Transformational Psychology?
It is a method for inner self-examination. A practice by which we can begin to cleanse our psyche and our body of all that is keeping us from leading a spiritually meaningful and fulfilling life. This cleansing process will begin a transformation of our present lower self consciousness into the consciousness of our Higher Self. This Higher Self Consciousness is the next stage in our spiritual evolution.

It is through this inner self-examination of our psyche, that we gain a new and broader understanding of who we, this lower self conscious human-animal really is. Through this process of inner self discovery, we gain a new understanding not only of our self but also of the world around us. We can also gain knowledge of some of the higher states of consciousness that exist and, that we can gain access to by our increasing Awareness. An ever increasing Awareness that is brought about by our transformation into a Higher State of Consciousness.

From our growing understanding, we learn what actions are necessary in order to transcend our lower self consciousness a consciousness that presently keeps us confined within a fishbowl of darkness and ignorance. This fishbowl, is a world in which we have only a dim awareness and where our reality is only that of a somnambulistic and robotic existence. I say existence and not life, because we do not know what it means to be fully alive and living to the fullest of our capabilities. In order for us to understand this world and the others with us in it, we must first be able to understand our self who we are and why we are.

It is only after we begin to have an understanding of the Being that we really are, that the possibility of escaping the fishbowl exists. And once we begin to discover who we are, we will also discover the purpose of our journey in this world of duality, time and illusion. Only then, will the desire to free our self from our confinement in the fishbowl begin to grow into a hunger that cannot be denied. This hunger will stir us into taking whatever actions are necessary to make our escape from the dark limitations of our present existence possible. There is only one way we can escape and that is by transcending our lower self consciousness by evolving into a Higher one. This lower self consciousness who we believe ourselves to be, is only a temporary, mortal personality composed of ego and mind. This is not who we really are!

So, how can the lower self consciousness be transcended?
By Awakening and becoming Aware of the glory that is us-in-the-making!

At this present time in our evolution we have no idea who, what, and why we really are, nor do we understand the purpose for having been born into a physical body. we are much more than our personality and the roles that we are "playing" on the stage of this life. We do not recognize that we are an unfinished Being in the making. We do not know that we have the potential to become an autonomous Immortal Being of Light and Love... nor do we know that the transformation needed to make this possible, can only be made while in this physical body. This is why our life here, in this world, is so important. We embark on this journey of discovery and transformation in order to Awaken and, to become aware of the magnificence of our potential.

All of us have the potential to move up the ladder of Consciousness and to widen our Awareness but only a few choose to do so. The fear of the unknown, the fear of change, and the fear of personal repercussions from those we know, keep most of us rooted within our comfort-zones: even if our existence is meaningless, full of misery and strife. Most of us move up the ladder of Consciousness automatically and very slowly, throughout many centuries and many life times.

But our spiritual evolution can be accelerated through the methods used and practiced by Transformational Psychology. Spiritual growth and the attainment of a Higher Consciousness and more Awareness, can be accomplished in a much shorter period. However, this can only occur, if we are willing to work on breaking down our old programming physically, emotionally and intellectually. We have to conquer our fear of venturing into our inner world in order to discover and examine the many selves that lurk within us. We are all a house divided, because there is no Master present. We are all just a conglomerate of many selves, all competing for being 'top dog' and running the show!

It is only after having surrendered all that we thought we were, that we will be able to discover who we actually are. And, this can only happen after we have discovered who the Master of our House is. And we do this by uncovering which one of our selves is actually our authentic self. And in order to do this, we must be able to surrender our ego and our will and to follow the call of our Higher Self. Who and what is the lower self and the Higher Self?

During our stay in this material world, we are composed of three separate components: a lower self, a Higher Self and the immortal spark of the Divine. It is this immortal spark of the Divine within us that 'lives' us. This Divine spark is our essence our Immortality. And, this Immortality that we are, is our Soul, to which we return after each lifetime.

This lower self conscious Homo sapient human-animal being that we presently find ourselves acting out on the stage of life in duality, is only a temporary personality composed of an ego and a mind in a physical body. Our lower self conscious awareness is totally oblivious to anything outside of our fishbowl existence. The lower self conscious being that we are, is under the control of the laws of the physical body. We are in slavery to this human-animal body and all its animal traits and instincts. And, until our lower self consciousness is Awakened into the Awareness that there exists another Self, a Higher Self, to which we are connected we will remain confined and bound to our lower self animal consciousness.

We remain unaware of this Higher Self that is always with us because we have our Beingness within It's Consciousness. Therefore, IT knows us better then we know our own self. IT is closer to us than then we are to our own Awareness. Some intuitively call the Higher Self their guardian angel and they are right, it is! Our Higher Self is much more than we are Aware of! Once we become tuned in to our Higher Self's presence, we will understand that we are always connected, because we are a part of IT. It is only when we loose our Awareness with our Higher Self, that we feel disconnected and alone. But in reality, we are never alone because IT is always with us and hears and responds to every call that we send out to IT.

This Higher Self Consciousness, is the next stage in our evolutionary growth. The Higher Self is both mortal and immortal, for it has access to the realm of the lower self and to the transcendent realms of our Soul. The Higher Self is in pursuit of acquiring more and more growth of essence, which it does through the senses and actions of its intermediary, the personality. It is only after we, of the lower self consciousness, become fully Aware off and connected with our Higher Self, that we are able in full Awareness, to actively participate in our own transformation towards permanently becoming this Higher Self.

Why do we need a game to play?
We all need to find a game worth playing; for without an aim-game that makes us feel like getting up with enthusiasm or a purpose each morning, there can be no creative or useful life to be had. Without a game worth playing we cannot experience an authentic life only a meaningless, bleak and robotic existence. This is a life of accidie a life of utter boredom, flat, joyless and without any hope that there will come a changed and brighter tomorrow. This is the only type of life that millions of our fellow human beings ever experience. Everyone plays a game; knowingly or unknowingly. Most of us have been cast from the time of our birth into a particular game; a game that contains the aims for our life. Most of us never recognize that we are playing a game because we believe that the many roles we play, are actually who we are. Therefore, most of us never have a reason to stop to examine our life.

It is only when we can no longer find any meaning to our life or we are overcome with suffering or a persistent yearning for 'a something' that we cannot define, that we take the time to pause and question our life. And, it is this pause, that gives us the opportunity for changing the direction of our life by choosing a new game to play. But, it is only after having fully Awakened to our fishbowl existence, that we are able to wisely choose a new game to play. The game we choose, defines the aim of our aspirations and spiritual maturity. However, for most of us, it is not be necessary or even desirable to change our present life-game; but any game can be altered for the better. And this is what Transformational Psychology can do for us.

Through an intense and truthful examination of our inner self, we uncover the illusions and falsehoods that we harbor and that keep us from leading a more productive and happier life. As we become more Aware of who we really are, we will begin to see the people in our life from a new vantage point. We will now be able to understand them better and to realize why we have the type of relationships with them that we do.

Through our transformation, a new and wider Awareness and understanding will develop. We will discover a new meaning in all that we do and this will greatly increase the quality of our daily life. As we spiritually mature we develop a more positive and perceptive outlook. We are more sensitive with our responses as we carry out our responsibilities to others. We have also come to understand that we have a responsibility towards fulfilling the needs that we our self have. Love and peace will more readily come to us, once we understand why our life is the way it is and why our relationships are as they are. We will be able to accept more easily what we cannot change and be more daring in changing what we can. What type of games are there?

There are two types of games: -- Object Games and Meta Games.
Object games are played strictly for acquiring the things of this world; wealth, fame, power, control over others. For many, life's aim is simply to get as much out of this material life by consuming as much as possible.

Meta games are played for Awakening to other realities, for spiritual enlightenment, for knowledge, creating artistic works and for attaining salvation.

The most difficult of all the games to play is the Master Game*. It is played by few, for it demands all that a person has to give. It is played mainly in one's inner world. The aim of the Master Game is to Awaken and uncover all the powers that are normally hidden and locked up within our inner Self.

Playing the Master Game reveals that almost all people exist and live their entire lives in a sleeping state from which few ever escape. But, that there does exist the possibility to escape from this 'waking-sleep' because our ordinary lower self consciousness is not the highest level of consciousness obtainable to us.

Some of the more common games that people play.
The misery and suffering game. The wealth game, the fame and prestige game, the glory game. The most common of all is the householder game. To eat and to be merry, to procreate and raise a family, that is the aim of the majority of people. These games come instinctively to Mankind and so require little effort to play.

Then there are those who have no aim-game at all. It is better to play any game than to have no game at all. For without a game, there is no aim and no direction to one's life. Aimlessness can only lead to spiritual regression and the waste of one's precious lifetime in the body.

How can Transformational Psychology transform your life? Through the practice of Transformational Psychology you begin to take your first Aware steps in your own spiritual transformation by becoming more self-aware. Your self-awareness grows through an intense in-depth exploration and examination of your inner Self. This inner self is not just your surface personality, it is your essence, which is the core of who you really are.

Another practice used for achieving more Self-awareness is learning how to focus your awareness not only on the outer actions that are occurring around you, but at the same time, directing your awareness on your inner self. Through this two-way, aware attention, you will activate your Watcher. This Watcher is an objective, detached Observer who simply views all your actions, emotions, thoughts and responses without making any judgments. The Watcher is also Aware of the motivations behind all you do. This Objective Observer is your Higher Self. By this two-way self-awareness, you become keenly alert to the actions of your ego and its 'hidden' motives and agendas.

The ability to become self-aware, is acquired through a constant observation of your thoughts and actions. It takes time and practice to develop. A sharper and more finely tuned sense of self-awareness will attract the Light of your Higher Self. A Light that will penetrate deep into all the dark corners of your ignorance; revealing all your egoistic desires, animals traits and illusions. Once revealed, they can now be examined and dealt with till they loose their power over you.

Through this cleansing process of your psyche your emotions, your intellect and your physical body activated by practicing Transformational Psychology, you will begin to transcend your lower consciousness by moving further into the consciousness of your Higher Self. As you do, you gain a new perspective of yourself, those around you and of life in general. This cleansing process is accelerated each time you make a choice between your old lower self values and the values of your Higher Self. Whenever you choose a Higher value over a lower one, especially when aware that this will create difficulties for you, you decrease the power of your ego driven personality and speed up your transformation.

In order to attain to ever more Awareness of your Higher Self, you must become an actively engaged participant in your own transformation. Mother Nature has taken you automatically to this present point on your evolutionary journey. But, She will not aid you in going beyond Her laws. She will take you no further, because it is not in her interest to do so. Her only aim is the propagation of the species, not your spiritual growth or enlightenment.

In order to advance on your journey, you must have the heart and determination of a warrior, for you must struggle to overcome Mother Natures' power. She will fight you by activating and bringing to the surface, all the influences of your animal instincts and traits that are still lodged in your physical body and your psyche. You must become a spiritual warrior with a strong aspiration to free your self from your animal heritage. It will be a long and fierce battle.
Through he practice of Transformational Psychology you will embark on a new path. A path that is vertical, taking you higher up on the ladder of evolution, upwards into the transcendent realms; beyond the laws of Mother Nature. By moving vertically you will begin to disconnect from the horizontal path of time, duality and matter, that is the producer and support of your lower self consciousness. This vertical course will aid in your transformation, a transformation that will eventually transmute you into an entirely new species. Through a gradual disintegration of your lower self consciousness and a deepening connection with your Higher Self, you will experience a rebirth into a new and Higher state of consciousness. This Higher Self Conscious state is preordained as the next step in your spiritual evolution. It is your birthright.

You will be transformed from a person who is a slave to the laws of your ego and conditioned/programmed personality of your fishbowl reality. You will evolve into a new Being, one who is inner directed by the guidance and calls of your Higher Self. It is now, through the awareness of your inner life your essence that your aims, aspirations and actions originate and not from your robotic, egoistic outer self personality.

It is not 'up there' or 'out there' that our transformation is to be accomplished It is right here, in the physical, in this worldly arena, that the transformation must be done. We must be willing to give up our own will and surrender to the promptings and calls of our Higher Self. Only when our Higher Self knows that we are willing to do whatever is necessary to free ourselves, will IT send us the circumstances we need, in order to keep us moving on the Path to our eventual Glory ... Our Higher self will be guiding and watching over us in each breath that we take.

I hope that this broad overview of Transformational Psychology has brought some clarification about what it is and what it can do for you. The practice of TP has the potential to alter your life drastically for the better. Either by showing you how to change and improve your present aim game or to help you in finding a new game to play.

Will now ask you to contemplate these 2 questions.
First question: Who is this I that I think myself to Be?     Second question: Who is asking?

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*The Master Game is a term coined by Robert S. De Ropp.
He wrote the book 'The Master Game'.