I am healthy... I am good
                             and I behave just like I Should

                 I am the Creator of Life to be
                       in Modes of Mind from Light that's Me

                 For by my Thoughts from deep within
                        I create the Self... the Mental Twin

                 So in my Forms in Space and Time
                              I am both Self and God Sublime

                 And not one Force that is to be
                           can ever change the God that's Me

                 For my Eternal Living Light
                        directs my Being... directs my Sight

                 Upon the Path that's yet unknown
                                 to be sojourned by me Alone

                 In carrying forth this Matter Cross
                               that I create by Mental Dross

                 Until the time this Conscious me
                          surrenders to the Twin that's Free

                 To find that I the Self and All
                            are Cosmic Light beyond Enthrall

                 While all my Forms in Beingness
                         were but the Modes of Consciousness

                 They're States of Mind that so appeal
                       but Dreams of Life... not really Real.